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A short #Soros thread: 1-13

@DNC financier and self-admitted #Nazi collaborator.

“Clearly I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world but I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020 or even sooner.”
2) In an 1998 interview with “Sixty Minutes” Steve Kroft asked #Soros about his time as a #Nazi collaborator:

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

SOROS: Yes. Yes.
3) KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from your fellow Jews, friends and neighbors.

#SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes.
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#Trump admin, #GOP: Please stop lying. We have the receipts.

Trump cult: Please stop citing Christian values as you support this cruelty. You make a mockery of the religion you claim to fervently follow. You know dang well this isn't how Jesus wanted us to treat each other.
As one who attended Catholic grade school all 6 years, I had the Bible and Jesus' words drilled into my brain. What the zealot "Christians" are espousing as religious values on people who are "different" than you - immigrants, LGBTQ, etc. - is a far departure from The Word.
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This is what the El Nino 2019 forecasts. Silica MN has seen more below average temps since November 2018 than what's normal.…
Never mind the Rockefeller descended POS Gerald Clark had this across the lake which houses a private server that ALL my communications are routed to 1st ping, and at least 2 low orbiting satellite's above either side if my home

with the ground of my property full of fiber optic cable (phone company) which does contribute to weather conditions exclusive to me & my property with video to prove it. More snow for one on the west side of the cable. This cable is mounted to a 4×4 in front & center of my home
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THREAD: Trying to make sense of the breaking news on #MuellerProbe: @BuzzFeedNews report broke significant news implicating #Trump directly in possible crimes: "statements" from sources fall into 2 categories: 1) lying to Congress; 2) knowledge of Cohen work on #TrumpTowerMoscow
#MuellerTeam, in an highly unusual move, put out a statement saying "specific statements" in the @BuzzFeedNews story were "On perjury:directed #MichaelCohen to lie to Senate; On trip to #Russia during election,not accurate"
The "statements" in @BuzzFeedNews story on #TrumpTowerMoscow: On #Trump told Cohen to "make it happen"; had 10 face-2-face mtgs abt it w Trump; Cohen gave detailed updates to Ivanka & Don Jr, who said they weren't really involved; Lawyers close to admin helped Cohen w testimony
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1. #Patriots! Our online battle is against the #MSM - they own the #Sheep.

This BS #FakeNews is written by the same criminals running the #Cabal to sway the #Sheeple opinion against #TheWall - while protecting their own criminal #Trafficking interests.…
2. The #Cabal has failed to mention critical words like #SovereignCountry #ConstitutionalRepublic & #BorderSecurity.

Last chance #Patriots to fight for real #AmericaValues & #AmericanFreedom. Our war is against them, #WeWill not let them divide us!

#PassTheTorch #MAGA #QAnon
3. WE MUST GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET US... #KillTheCabal! Please share this new #Tag

Notice how #Buzzfeed uses the URL name to mock @realDonaldTrump:

The Bias is #BeyondBelief. We must #TakeBackAmerica before it's too late.

#MAGA #Trump #DoItQ

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I LOVE how everyone on @CNN and @MSNBC is questioning @BuzzFeedNews reporters’ sources.
Meantime, Rupert-rag formerly known as @WSJ and @FoxNews just keep spewing their #Trump #statemedia lies and we just take those in stride.
Guiliani virtually came out and LIED saying “I never said there was no collusion,” when there is VIDEO of him saying there was. One rule for them another for Buzzfeed apparently. @JasonLeopold and @a_cormier_ are #AmericanHeroes!
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🤬Who's running this show anyway, #MAGA #ArtOfTheDeal #Trump⁉️Seems like the underhanded🐍are just slithering under the radar, not undetected either❗Put a🛑to this manipulative defiance running rampant👊Makes a mockery out of this Presidency & Fed Govt UR ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS👌
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Another Wake Up Call and Warning for America - A 50 Count Thread on the Deep Shades of Truth in the Age of Trump
1/50 Enough is enough. The State of the Union in the US is a staged shut (down) show of disunion, disunity & the defrauding of America w/ multiple power plays going on in public & behind the scenes - w/ real consequences.
2/ Now time to consider debilitating cut bait & switch controlled ‘chaos’ charade, driven by questionable allegiances, spin doctoring, dissembling, conflicting loyalties & playing out of high stakes rigged poker game of soap opera drama chicken thrones while crying Chicken Little
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This is no longer about #TheWall The #Democrats saddled up and rode into Blanco Canyon with no Plan B. Nancy casually threw a $1 bill over her shoulder & cackled as she rode off. The Dems in the House followed suit. #Trump just smiled. Now there is a Standoff.
2/ Neither side will budge. The Democrats placed themselves exactly where they DO NOT WANT TO BE: in a corner with no way out without looking like fools. Their lame attempt to keep him from making yet another campaign promise is showing America how churlish & childish they are.
3/ #Trump has figured sixteen ways from Sunday how #TheWall can be done. But this isn’t about a Wall. The Democrats think they have found the Achilles heel so he will lose in 2020. “No wall, no Trump.” But they forgot the American people.
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This is a bombshell. @TheAtlantic calls for #Trump impeachment. Because he has waged, "an attack on the very foundations of America’s constitutional democracy."

"#Impeachment is a process, not an outcome, a rule-bound procedure..."

MORE [thread of 9]…
"...for investigating a president, considering evidence, formulating charges, and deciding whether to continue on to trial."
"By denying the debate its proper outlet, #Congress has succeeded only in intensifying its pressures."
"And by declining to tackle the question head-on, it has deprived itself of its primary means of reining in the chief executive."
"Congress can’t outsource its responsibilities to federal prosecutors. No one knows when #Mueller’s report will arrive, what form..."
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I've said it before and I will say it again: @realDonaldTrump is not a legitimate president. His presidency is built on lies and fraud.…
Trump reportedly directed Michael Cohen and Eric Trump to keep Stormy Daniels quiet…
The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election…
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🇺🇸 United 808 Beijing > Washington

🇰🇵 North Korean general, Kim Yong-chol on board, heading to the States to meet with Trump & Pompeo.

#NorthKorea #Trump #Pompeo
🇰🇵🇺🇸 Kim Yong-chol's flight to the USA -

35,000ft heading over Russian airspace.

Only another ~4500 miles to go. 😴
🇰🇵 NK general heading to the USA - Estimated position, 35,000ft heading over the East Siberian Sea. ~3500 miles to go.
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1.Article II Section 3 of the Constitution

He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.
2.The President is NOT REQUIRED to deliver a speech, every president since Woodrow Wilson, with exception of Herbert Hoover has made at least one State of the Union report as a speech delivered before a joint session of Congress. Before that time as a written report.
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Anon Shares Memory: 11.11.18 Anons tracking #AF1 returning from #Paris noticed irregular patterns being displaying & got a little worried.

This was posted on this on 8Chan/qresearch & got a one reply crumb saying, "A little busy…trying to get on approach for AF1". #QAnon #MAGA
An Anon replied & said "what are you doing talking to us!"

The 2nd pic is a tweet received during the flight, Anon mentioned it was awesome to watch/be part of this.

Basically, knowing they were being tracked #Trump/Q made a hat tip to #JFKJr's memory.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #QArmy
I for one can't wait to see how this ends. ✊🇺🇸

#GreatAwakening #AmericaFirst
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"Unfortunately, Trump didn't reach the level of Abraham Lincoln & didn't drive the US to civil war. That's sad. Hopefully, he'll become Herbert Hoover and at least drive them into a Great Depression."

- Andrey Sidorov
Head of Dept of World Politics
Moscow State University
I think #Putin was holding out hope that his Divider In Chief puppet could lead us into a Civil War. They're a bit disappointed, but now hope that the #TrumpShutdown will destroy the American economy. #Mitch seems to be giving Putin a hand.

As #Putin & #Trump stuff his treason down our throats so that no amount of cognitive dissonance will allow us to pretend that we're still a free country ...

Eventually, we must ...
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3rd & >>> Newest Thread >>> #JFKJrLives

Adding info, clues, pics, videos & proofs daily!
Showing JFK Jr, #CarolynBessetteKennedy & her sister #LaurenBessette are all alive!

Keep checking for updates:)

God Bless u in Jesus' name:)

Happy Hunting!
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Look at this tweet by @grantstern - I didn't undestand it firstly, so I searched and see the result.

In an interview with @ArutzSheva_En, Arzu #Aliyeva revealed behind-the-scene of Leyla Aliyeva's divorce from Emin Agalarov @eminofficial . Arzu says Leyla told her Emin is an agent having secret connections with Americans. Leyla said Emin is a harm to reputation of her family.
This report was immediately removed from @ArutzSheva_En but published the interview. also deleted the interview but here is the cached page:
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@afbranco Because people today have a short attention span / are flat lazy we will highlight some excerpts from #JulianMcall's article on Linkdin regarding comments by Mayor #MarshallKamena of #Livermore #California RT @DunbarJoseph #QAnon @Reinebow23 @StevenRCorey1 @CarrionSoul @Ange6H777
@afbranco @DunbarJoseph @Reinebow23 @StevenRCorey1 @CarrionSoul @Ange6H777 First of all this is not an attack on #obama/#hillaryclinton: Their actions stand for themselves. Whilst #cnn constantly hammers President #Trump with unverified stories/comments etc they give absolutely no accountability to barry or the hag RT #QAnon @StevenRCorey1 @CarrionSoul
@afbranco @DunbarJoseph @Reinebow23 @StevenRCorey1 @CarrionSoul @Ange6H777 The comment regarding @POTUS are things such as: undignified, no decorum, no statesmanship'. To this we say so f'n what. We're sure #Venezuelas's #Maduro was a smooth talker to his citizens before the election and now they live in a #socialism nightmare RT #QAnon @CarrionSoul
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This thread is attributable to the work of @EmmaLBriant. Focusing on the work of Cambridge Analytica / SCL Group and its impact on elections.

A specialist in "political communication and propaganda particularly in relation to international conflicts"
"As an expert in propaganda, I conducted interviews with key figures at SCL, Cambridge Analytica and Leave .EU for research projects on the #Trump and #Brexit campaigns long before the data scandal was made public." - Dr Briant…
This is a great video which provides lots of detail about SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica, the founding methodology and history of psychographic targeting developed by SCL Defence.

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The map of Syria
Turkish President #Erdogan will meet with his Russian counterpart on January 23 to discuss the future of the Syrian east and the city of Manbij. This comes after a telephone conversation between Erdogan and #Trump before yesterday.1/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia
With the scrutiny of the Turkish, American, Kurdish and Russian military movements in the Syrian east and its surroundings, it is now possible to develop a scenario that will be closest to what will be the map of the Syrian East.2/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia #Iran #Israel
In a secret visit to #Ankara a few days ago, a Syrian delegation led by Ahmed al-#Jarba, a leader of a military group of Arabs supported by the International Coalition and #Washington, arrived from the areas of #SDF.3/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia #Iran #Israel
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#Trump-"#JohnKennedy, Brilliant Guy, Very Deceiving (alive/stage death/fool cabal)

"Thot talking OTHER #JohnK
(#JFKJrLives/point behind=Q Post,"TRUTH IS BEHIND U")."

"I looked at John Kennedy & said I'm gonna get killed 4 this 1..We DIDN'T get Killed, did we John?!"
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Remember it's all a smear
Again on @TuckerCarlson last night 1.14.19 Tucker lays out how #MSM RUNS OFF THE WRITTEN SCRIPT.
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