Thousands of Uighur children left without parents as their mothers or fathers were enslaved in Chinese concentration camps, prison, and other detention facilities, according to evidence from government documents in Xinjiang. #China #OpDeathEaters…
The number of children in Xinjiang who live in "boarding" facilities grew by over 380,000 between 2017 and 2019, from about 500,000 to just below 900,000. #China #OpDeathEaters
250,000 of the region’s nearly 3m Uyghurs under the age of 15 have had one or both parents enslaved in concentration camps. #China #OpDeathEaters…
#China is rapidly expanding and transforming primary schools and pre-kindergartens into "boarding" facilities. Infants only a few months old have been placed in them. In Xinjiang, the floor-space of student dormitories in boarding schools grew by more than 30%. #OpDeathEaters
When Uyghur girls grow old enough to wed (legal age 20 in #China), they are sold off or forced by officials into marrying (being rape, labour, and child production slaves) for Han men. Often under threat of torture or internment. #OpDeathEaters…

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8 Oct
#Colombia authorities arrested members of a network that trafficked women from Colombia to China and forced them into rape slavery.

Traffickers preyed upon poor and vulnerable women and girls; lured them with jobs as models in China. #OpDeathEaters…
Seven accused traffickers were arrested and charged with luring and exploiting at least 30 victims and enslaving them for rape trafficking in nightclubs in the city of Guangdong, #China. #Colombia #OpDeathEaters…
Among arrested were 5 women, who arranged transport of victims who were flown via Madrid, #Spain & Amsterdam, #Netherlands before reaching Beijing, #China. Victims were “held against their will”[..]“Their passports & personal documents were taken away.” #Colombia #OpDeathEaters
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6 Oct
A possible boom in child trafficking in India during the Coronavirus lockdown. #OpDeathEaters…
In India, a child goes missing every 8 minutes. Many are trafficked as part of a nationwide trade where millions end up in slave labour or as rape slaves. #OpDeathEaters
Traffickers earn up to $300 per child, the child trafficking trade in India is lucrative and—despite some efforts by the government to fight it—thriving across the country. [from video] #OpDeathEaters
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19 Sep
#Argentina: Criminalizing abortion forces women & girls to seek illegal abortions; many are performed unsafely.

Every year 2,500 babies are born to children under the age of 15 who are forced to give birth. #OpDeathEaters

#ElSalvador: Women & girls forced to birth, due to total ban on abortion, even in cases of rape, incest, a deformed fetus, or life is in danger.

100 children, as young as 10, forced to give birth after being raped during #Covid19 lockdown. #OpDeathEaters…
#ElSalvador: More than 140 women (many rape victims) have been charged under the total ban on abortion, even in cases of miscarriages, since 1998, incarcerated for up to 35 years in some of the world's most notorious prisons. #OpDeathEaters…
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15 Sep
A huge factor contributing to the growth of Q is the surreal media denial of the massive global industry of child rape and trafficking. Q disinfo fills social media but child rape apologia & child trafficking denialism fill corporate media. #opDeathEaters…
Child rape apologia uses phrases like:
'child sexuality'
the child 'seduced / master-minded / manipulated'
'overprotective parents'
loving relationships between children and their rapists
historical acceptance of child rape
child rape as a 'sexual orientation'
Child trafficking denialism uses phrases like:
'obsession' 'hoax' 'conspiracy' 'salacious' 'private life'
'satanic panic'
'moral hysteria'
'anti-semitic blood libel'
'abusers are all in the home/family'
destroyed lives of the falsely accused
'false memory syndrome'
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12 Sep
Children cannot make informed decisions to take part in age-inappropriate roles and no one else should have the right to make those decisions for them either. In Cuties, the message (against child exploitation) was negated by the method (using child exploitation). #opDeathEaters
This dialogue needs to extend far beyond one broadcaster or film. While we strongly disagree with the use of children in Cuties, it is also harmful to use 20-30 year olds depicting wildly unrealistic adult fantasies of teenage sex lives as so much of Hollywood does.#opDeathEaters
Cuties is an accurate depiction of the world children are growing up in and if the movie is unacceptable (it is) so is real life. Similar content is uploaded to Tiktok, Youtube. Instagram every day. To condemn the depiction and not the origin looks like deflection. #opDeathEaters
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4 Sep
People are enslaved for a variety of reasons, from ritual killings to organ harvesting, from labour to militia fodder and from rape to baby production.

China is a global leader in trafficking for both organ harvesting and baby production. #opDeathEaters
China has 30-40 million more men than women. As women as a commodity are exported to the wealthiest areas, the greatest shortages of women are in the most rural parts of China. 30-40 million surplus men are a source of great concern for the CCP, ever-terrified of domestic unrest.
A dowry for a bride in China starts at around US$20,000, leading to a lucrative opportunity for those trafficking women from vulnerable areas of Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, North Korea, Cambodia and increasingly, other vulnerable regions. #opDeathEaters…
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