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#Breaking: Just in - clashes between teachers and Bolivarian National Police trying to cross in #Colombia to prevent teachers from bringing in humanitarian aid Colombia into #Venezuela from the centres of aid stockpiles in #Cúcuta.
#Update: Teachers and drivers came to the border of #Colombia near the town of #Cúcuta to demand the entry of humanitarian aid in #Venezuela. On the way, 15 teachers and 6 drivers were detained by police officers.
#Update: Around 200 Teachers at the border of #Colombia near the town of #Cúcuta over in #Venezuela are protesting peacefully and marching, demanding the entry of humanitarian aid into the country.
Read 3 tweets On the 6 February 2019 #BBCNews reported that the #Venezuelan military, under the orders of #Maduro blocked the Tienditas bridge on the border with #Colombia to humanitarian aid. The bridge was completed in 2016 was blocked by #Colombia and never opened!
Bridge building was concluded in early 2016, but due to the crisis between Venezuela and Colombia in 2015 the bridge has not been officially opened.
Interestingly the #Wikipedia reference to the bridge was edited on the 7th February 2019. Mentions of the bridge never opening were deleted. The original Wikipedia entry referenced this article
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This is the @USAID aid stuck at the border of #Colombia and #Venezuela - the US says the aid will provide emergency food at medicine for the ppl of Venezuela. Today, it sits inside a warehouse.
Colombian police help to lay out all the food that will be put into food kids. The food kits are enough for over 5,000 Venezuelans for 10 days #Venezuela
This is Lester Toledo. He represents @jguaido - standing in front of the aid- he urged #Venezuela’s military to turn against @NicolasMaduro and allow the aid to come into the country to help not just everyone but the military and their families too
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Good morning from the #Colombia - #Venezuela border. Here on this footbridge 50,000 Venezuelans cross the bride everyday for things like food and medical supplies and can see them holding carts and empty suitcases to fill with whatever they buy....
The situation is so dire many of these Venezuelans - waiting in line here for breakfast - are sleeping in the streets of Colombia....some families are squatting in a nearby open football field, sleeping on the dirt at night. #Venezuela
The soup kitchen serves more than 3,000 meals for breakfast (which consists of a roll of bread and cup of milk) and feeds 5,000 Venezuelans for lunch. Families here say food is so scarce in #Venezuela they had no other choice but to leave
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By @FrPinillos
Guterrez Secretary General of the UN affirms that by decision of the majority of the UN Assembly & its Security Council can only recognize Nicolás Maduro as legitimate president of Venezuela
How should be
📢📢Video Extremely important📹. ‼️I advise everyone to watch this video‼️.🧐
👉🏼It explains very well the attempted coup in Venezuela by the US do not start now, it started a few years ago👈🏼😲😠😡🤬
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.@USAfricaCommand Gen Thomas Waldhauser & @Southcom Adm Craig Faller about to testify before the #SASC

Lawmakers already asking about growing influence of #Russia #China in their regions, as well as need to keep the pressure up on terrorism
"Overall US strategic interests in #Africa are very clear" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser "Prevent the undermining of our alliances or destabilization of African nations,counter violent extremist organizations,decrease the potential for Africa to become a failed continent"
"Persistent pressure on #alShabaab #ISIS & #alQaida associated groups remains necessary to prevent this destabilization" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser
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#Breaking: The Military police force of #Venezuela is now blocking an new bridge border crossing! Now outside of the city of #Tachira near #Colombia and the city close by #Bogota. @ELINTNews
#Update: I am told this is the "Bolivarian National Guard" or BNG who have blocked the "Puente Binacional Tienditas" bridge between #Venezuela and #Colombia.
#Breaking: From an video posted today shows the "Bolivarian National Guard" and the National police arguing in the city of #Ureña, #Venezuela next to the #Colombian border. While local residents screaming let the foreign aid pass while blocking the streets with bikes.
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#Breaking: Some Military Troop movement in San Antonio Del Táchira, in #Venezuela close to the #Colombia border. According to information, the government of President Maduro gave orders to bar any foreign humanitarian aid entering in the country.
#Update: Some more footages of Military Troops and vehicles movement in San Antonio Del Táchira, in #Venezuela close to the #Colombia border. Ready to block every foreign humanitarian aid entering in the country.
#Breaking: The "Puente Simon Bolivar" what bridges and borders #Venezuela with #Colombia has been reportedly being closed down by military, a Journalist confirms on the scene. To block every foreign humanitarian aid entering in the country.
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Solved: This video claiming to show US Marines over Cúcuta is FALSE. This video is not even filmed in Cúcuta, it’s filmed in Bogotá
#Colombia #Venezuela
This video is filmed on Calle 6 in Bogotá, Colombia.
Some additional information: I think it’s highly likely this video was filmed in July 2017. And this may have been a practice flyby for the 20th July Independence Day celebration
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Update on #Venezuela

National Bolivarian Policeman orders his men to stand down and not repress today’s protest in Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela.
Feb 2 Lara, #Venezula
More footage of police standing down & allowing people continue their peaceful demonstration.

My take:
Maduro's end is very near.
Feb 2 - #Venezuela
Images of massive anti-Maduro rallies calling for change & supporting Interim President Juan Guaido.
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#Breaking: Unconfirmed - Highest general in #Venezuela says: "90 percent of the army is against acting active President #Maduro. He has airplanes ready to flee they say.
#Update: Also hundreds of Thousands of protestors are on foot across the country in #Venezuela right now to protest against the brutal regime of #Maduro. Picture Credit: @ThomasVLinge
#Update: Video of thousands of protestors marching to bring an end to the #Maduro regime in the city of #Acarigua Video Credit: @ThomasVLinge
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Pinging away on the ground at Bogota, Colombia

🇺🇸 US Air Force
C17 Globemaster
95-0107 RCH347
Dover AFB > Colombia 👇
Back out from Bogota #Colombia

🇺🇸 USAF C17 95-0107 RCH347
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1. The Truth About Nicaragua
The CIA's Dirty War in Nicaragua
2.The Truth About Nicaragua
Violent Coup Fails in Nicaragua, US Continues Regime Change Efforts
3.The Truth About Nicaragua
Sanctions Backfire: US Is Being Left Behind
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🇺🇸@StateDept #Brazil 🇧🇷 #Colombia 🇨🇴
Travel to Brazil and Colombia, Dec. 31, 2018 -Jan. 2, 2019… (from @StateDept)
Secretary Pompeo's Meeting With Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo… (from @StateDept)
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As we count down to 2019, we’re taking a moment to look back and celebrate all we accomplished in 2018. It was a year of moments and momentum. (Thread)
Our #FishForever coastal fisheries program completed a revelatory deep dive into 5 years-worth of data from 41 sites comprising +250 communities in 3 countries. The good news is Fish Forever is working to stem the tide of coastal overfishing...
#FishForever had helped:
Increase fish biomass inside and outside of no-take reserves,
Empower communities and build social resilience;
Establish legal and functioning management bodies;
Fully protect 67,000 acres of coastal ocean waters;
Make progress delivering on UN #SDGs.
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1/ 🗣️
Aquí va un hilo en vivo sobre mis frases preferidas de las III Jornadas Internacionales de @LA_Rednetwork

Here a live-thread about 🔝phrases/ideas from today's III @LA_Rednetwork anual meeting

#sepsis #PICSyndrome
#PedsICU #MeetingLARed18 @juancajara78 @rjabornisky

Arriving at @PeluffoGiguens and we look at the board the invitation
Llegamos Fundación y vemos la cartelera

With @Nmtvd preparing connections

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Hello, I am Edna Matta. I was born in #Ibague, known as #Colombia’s #CityofMusic. A beautiful place near snow-covered volcanos (Ruiz, Santa Isabel and Tolima), large expanses of paramo forest, lakes and streams where a diverse array of animal and plant species coexist
My story starts with #powerful, #strong #women in my #family. I was the third of 4 children and my mom #firstMentor had to raise us practically alone, since my father had to work in a different city, 20h away by car
My mom is a very #strong #woman that taught me #values, to #workhard and to be #self-sufficient #StrongWomen #StrongFamily
@IWS_Network #VoicesIWS /1
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Fell behind on #1001November because I was living life.

But getting back on track...

Here's 3003 words for anyone looking to visit #Colombia.

I'm talking:

- Cost of Living
- Language Barrier
- Safety
- Nightlife
- Dating

Check it:

Pretty pumped, as I channeled my inner @SCHM7DT and properly used a:

"You must be smokin' dicks."

In this here article.
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1-There is a connection between the super cheap gasoline that's been sold in Venezuela for decades and the cocaine industry that's a major pillar of the economy of Colombia. And it seems that finally the government of Venezuela is at least trying to get a handle on it.>
2-Gasoline is a necessary ingredient in turning the Coca leaf into cocaine. Now this predates the rise of President Chavez. It's been a serious political problem for Venezuela's government both old regime and new. You see gasoline that's cheaper than water it's hard to keep it>
Inside one country. And so an estimated 1/3 of Venezuela's petroleum that's refined into gasoline has been getting smuggled into Colombia. Of course given that the gasoline is almost free in Venezuela it comes into Columbia pretty cheap. This is probably why Columbia can export
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141. A la hora del montoneo fashionista jashtaguero, resulta que todos son fulanita o fulanito; hasta el perro son. Pero cuando toca revisar el nivel de responsabilidad personal en el crimen de la #PederastiaEclesiástica, no hay quien se apunte con el #TodosSomosCómplices
143. #Bergoglio da consejos de qué hacer con un hijo homosexual; sin embargo este "Padre espiritual" está atiborrado de hijos espirituales homosexuales -curas-, a los que les solapa sus abusos en contra de seminaristas:

Todo está claro en el enlace del tuit 135 de este hilo.
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El @TSJ_Legitimo no es el primer tribunal que opera desde el exilio,ni el único poder que lo hace. Quizás no sea lo común en el SXXI pero sí que lo fue en el SXX.

La condena a @NicolasMaduro ayer no solo asienta bases legales sino que otorga ventajas geopolíticas

Varios países de la región han hospedado no solo a magistrados (individuos) sino a la institución ( @TSJ_Legitimo ) permitiéndola que opere incluso en sedes de congreso, ello implica un reconocimiento a su legitimidad, labor y por ende decisión.
La condena @NicolasMaduro que solo influye los delitos financieros;es decir que aún faltan los delitos civiles y políticos cuya culpabilidad es más fácil dictaminar teniendo un informe de la @OEA_oficial donde se comprueba su responsabilidad comisión de 7 Crímenes lesa humanidad
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#Colombia responsible for assassination attempt against him, declares #Venezeula President @NicolasMaduro.
Some of the perpetrators of the attack have been captured, according to @NicolasMaduro.
#Venezeula President @NicolasMaduro says he saw something explode in front of him.
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Anexo (85) #Nicaragua #Mayo #2018
Francisco Uriel Molina, franciscano, adepto de la Teología de Liberación (#jesuita) es miembro de la "comisión de la verdad" para "investigar" muertes de manifestaciones.

Los nicaragüenses serán engañados, esa comisión no defiende la verdad.
Anexo (86) #Colombia Gustavo #Petro dice "esto pasa por estudiar teología".

Y se refiere a cuando estudiaba TEOLOGÍA de la LIBERACIÓN (invento #jesuita) en el colegio La Salle de Zipaquirá, cerca de Bogotá.

Detrás de un comunista o guerrillero hay casi siempre un #jesuita
Anexo (87) #Bilderberg2018
Por primera vez en 66 años de creación de #Bilderberg ,fue invitado el Secretario de Estado del Vaticano, el cardenal Pietro Parolin.

Esto ocurre precisamente cuando los #jesuitas sostienen el poder en la "Santa Sede".
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Thread. Assorted #indictments and sentences. May 21, 2018 and May 22, 2018
1. Grosse Pointe Park Man Sentenced on Fraud Scheme Involving Distribution of Infectious Human Remains…
2. Alleged Mafia Soldier Pleads Guilty to Attempted Tax Evasion
#cosanostra @caponelives…
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