News has reached the front. There are new #SecondCivilWarLetters. The final battle is on and victory against President Trump’s “War on Intelligence” is near. Read on.

General Biden:

President Trump has run out of corners to round in his “War on intelligence”. The fires of contagion have encircled his wagon full of lies and there appears to be no escape. He lost the battle of COVID without even trying to win. Surrender!

General Harris:

President Trump’s “War on Intelligence” is nearing it’s end. It appears that both the President’s Secret Healthcare Plan and his cargo of bombshell revelations were both lost in the mail. They have run out of ammunition. Victory is near

General Biden:

The President’s “War on Intelligence” appears to be coming to a merciful conclusion. Women young and old are exchanging red caps for blue. Without the leadership of women, the remaining forces are shooting each other. Victory is near!

General Biden:

President Trump soldiers on in his “War on Intelligence”. He continues to hold Jim Jones style rallies where they exchange the contagion and recite the same old tired mantras. I hear they may stop paying troops because of a lack of funds.

General Biden:

It’s been a tough campaign for President Trump in his War on Intelligence. His “round corners” strategy doesn’t appear to be working. People are dropping like flies faster than the President can make up excuses for retreating to his fortress of racist rhetoric.
General Harris:

The strangest thing occurred in Omaha the other night. After rallying his Troops, President Trump left them to fend for themselves on a 3 mile trek to their cars in freezing temperatures? Could this be the new Trump bootcamp exercise?

The battle against science continues..
Trump’s Michigan militia, the glory days before lock up...

• • •

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12 Sep
In the last 7 days, the number of deaths from Covid-19 in

The US: 5105
Canada: 22

Even adjusting for population differences by multiplying Canada’s number 9x it would only be 198.

Nobody in Canada needed Bob Woodward to tell them Americans were being lied to by Trump.
It is what it is because of Trump.
25x more deaths seems like a pretty heavy price to pay to keep a piece of cloth off your face and be able to attend large events.
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20 Aug
He wrote an illegal 130,000 check to keep a porn star quiet and got caught. Image
And he lied through his teeth about knowing anything about the payments and got caught doing that too.
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17 Jul
I wonder if that’s why Toronto had 41 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday and Miami had 3,000. Why is it that the people who talk the most about liberty are the same people who insist that you think the way they do? Good public health practices are VERY liberating.
P.S. I notice the right wing blog didn’t have any quotes from clergy. That’s because they all support the decision to ban communion. Crazy as it may seem, priests aren’t anxious to kill their parishioners.
P.S. communion hasn’t been banned, it’s been modified to take into account social distancing.…
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17 May
My favorite part:

“All those adults that you used to think were in charge and knew what they were doing? Turns out that they don’t have all the answers. A lot of them aren’t even asking the right questions.”

Bingo! They are WAY off the right questions.

Here’s a hint: the right question isn’t “How can I make a pandemic profitable for my friends and family?”
The right kind of questions are “How do I protect the people who are most likely to be hospitalized by this virus?” And “How can we develop mass testing technologies that allow for the testing of everyone so that, the next time, there won’t be a pandemic?”
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18 Apr
They don’t say #MattGaetzIsATool for nothing. The US is #41 in the world in testing per capita, which is the only measure that matters. As for your “President God”, he is the worst crisis manager ever. Nobody could have screwed this up more.
Go to this list (which is updated more frequently than even Johns Hopkins) and sort by the last column “tests per million population” in descending order. The US is currently #42 and dropping.
Deaths per million population the US is currently #13 and will probably hit the top #10 in the near future and could hit #1 eventually, depending how badly the reopening is handled.
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11 Apr
We don’t have a vaccine.
We don’t know how long immunity lasts if you have antibodies.
There is no effective treatment.
Social distancing can’t last forever.

So maybe the right solution is to focus on building a defense against the worst case and providing it to the vulnerable.
In the worst case, you have:
A dysregulated immune system & Cytokine storm
Poor antioxidant status
High viral load
Low vitamin A, D & Potassium if you develop ARDS
The virus infects your lower lungs by way of the ACE2 protein
There are existing drugs, vitamins and natural products that can address many of these issues, especially if you address the potential problem before the person gets infected.
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