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A debilitating stutter. Burying a wife and two children. Brain aneurysms that nearly killed him. Two failed runs for president.

Joe Biden’s biography is a litany of trials, which served as the centerpiece of the character study that was the #DNC2020…
The comparison with President Trump, Democrats say, is stark.

By placing so much emphasis on biography, Biden has taken up a tradition that has been at the center of presidential campaigning from the start.

@markzbarabak reports:…
@markzbarabak Making empathy central to his campaign, Joe Biden is seeking a contrast with President Trump.… Image
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The original #MarchOnWashington was held to end segregation.What will be the intended goal of today's march?If the speakers follow the lead of those at #DNC2020, every problem facing Black America will be attributed to institutional & systemic racism. 1/4
There will be silence about the horrendous violence that is sweeping our cities. Not a single speaker will be able to identify the steps to be taken to end racism & how it would improve the condition of those living in these killing fields. 2/
The message that will come from the stage to low-income Blacks is: "You are exempt from any personal responsibility for being agents of your own uplift. You must wait for white Americans to accede to the demands of the elites to be freed of your self-destruction." 3/
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Here is Lara Trump talking about how great the Trump administration has been for women. This is the root of the deeply-ingrained structural problem of sexism. All men benefit from the ways our culture enforces sexist norms. Of course, we also see women uphold sexist institutions.
I understand from experience that the reality for many women is that to get ahead, especially in a conservative political arena, you have to turn your back on women to run with the boys—the ones with the keys to the club. They think it's the only way to the top.
When women align themselves with men in power, sometimes they do that to benefit from a system that would otherwise keep them out. Then they get to hold power and say they earned what they have, without having to do anything to actually support opportunities for other women.
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Violent Crime - Which Was Ignored at the #DNC2020 - And Still Being Ignored - Now One of the Most Important Issues For Voters # via @rustyweiss74
“In fact, they pushed their radical anti-police agenda even further to the extreme.

One panelist at the DNC called to abolish the police . More than that, they called for a complete end to law enforcement – from the police, to ICE, to prisons in general.
‘We’re talking about abolishing the police . We’re talking about abolishing ICE. We’re talking about abolishing prisons,’ they proudly proclaimed.

Meanwhile, @JoeBiden has said he would ‘absolutely’ divert funds from police because some have ‘become the enemy.’”
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I reach out and shared what I learned because it is important for people to know about this so-called Government. I don't need a bullsh*t psyop to expose this system. What I shared is available to the public. The important part of our history most of us are not aware what...
...happened after the international war of 1861 (so-called civil war) I tweeted many the reconstruction act of 1867 that USURPED by Military force our republican form of governments of the 10 southern states during peace time and replace by military officers to pretend to...
...ratify the 14th Amendment that created a system that's not lawful! You keep voting for the same system that is designed to violate your rights. I keep sharing this, but some people are hard headed. I know half the people here don't give a shit to read the knowledgeI share.
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The RNC convention kicks off tonight with speeches from Charlie Kirk - a teacher - a coffee shop owner from Montana - and now Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. #RNCConvention2020
RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: “if you watched the DNC last week you probably noticed the Democrats spent a lot of time saying how much they hate our president,” says there was not enough focus on policy.
This roll call is so fast I want to see more of their backgrounds and hear more from them!! #RNCConvention2020
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118 Films Directed by Black Folks in Response to the Criterion Collection

(This is a living list. Feel free to debate inclusions in the replies. That's how it was born.)
Lastly, @letterboxd is amazing. Everyone who likes movies and television should try it.
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Biden: “We’re going to do more than praise our essential workers. We’re going to pay them.” #DNC2020
#USElection2020 kicks off - get ready to hear: I’m the candidate for essential workers
Economists say there are 4 key reasons why #EssentialWorkers are paid so poorly (by @_cingraham)…
Tens of thousands of immigrant laborers have enabled one Florida construction boom after another. Asked to work through the pandemic, they’re now among the hardest-hit communities in the hard-hit state.… (by @ksieff)
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Obama had Biden putting in WORK prepping for this performance. #DNC2020
But seriously, brava to everyone involved in prepping this. Brava. #DNC2020
He even landed "Build Back Better" #DNC2020
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This is an exceptional deployment of @johnlegend and @common (and @ava)'s "Glory." #DNC2020
A socially distanced Black choir. #DNC2020
Additional tip: This is a very good song to run to.
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I will be watching #DNC2020 on CNN until the first commercial and then will switch to C-Span.
That was so moving and sad... and yet hopeful.
I genuinely appreciate that I don’t have a snarky comment to make every two seconds like I do every time the current POTUS speaks more than 5 words.
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On to night four, the FINALE of the Democratic National Convention. We’ve been following closely and fact-checking major speeches from prominent politicians. Here’s a little recap:
Before the “live and pre-recorded” events were first broadcast on Monday night, Senior Correspondent @loujacobson wrote a wistful piece for @TB_Times about what we lose when conventions aren't held in person.
We fact-checked emcee Eva Longoria Bastón, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Michelle Obama and others the first night: Image
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Hey y'all! I am ALL IN for the #BidenHarris ticket and that means fundraising! Look out for me posting opportunities to support through upcoming events or you can just drop a few coins using this link:…
Feel free to use the OTHER box. Every $ counts!
Tonight VP #JoeBiden will accept the nomination and close out the #DemocraticConvention. On Friday for just $10 you can be the 1st to celebrate with Joe & Jill Biden AND #KamalaHarris & Doug Emhoff. Sign up here ⬇️ #BidenHarris2020 #BidenHarris #DNC2020…
Ashley Biden and #PeteButtigieg (Mayor Pete!) are teaming up for a special Arkansas Virtual Reception on Monday, August 24, 2020 at 5:30PM CDT/ 6:30PM EDT. Sign up for the event here ⬇️ 💛🐝…
If you cannot attend you can still contribute through this link. ImageImage
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Alright, let's crowdsource the list of the films by Black directors that should be in the Criterion Collection. I'll publish a summary list at some point in the future (I have a bit of experience with this.)…
Note that this took 13 hours less a full work day and live tweeting the #DNC2020.
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Today's readings are available here:…
First reading from Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley. #DNC2020 #DemConvention #DNCConvention Image
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He wrote an illegal 130,000 check to keep a porn star quiet and got caught. Image
And he lied through his teeth about knowing anything about the payments and got caught doing that too.
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Who are all of the silent people sitting socially distanced in the hall where Kamala is speaking? #DNC2020
Ooh, please don't do the Bill Clinton thumb shake.
So weird listening to a speech like this without any live response. This must be what it's like when pols practice their speeches in the bathroom mirror.
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So, at the #DNC2020, @kerrywashington said "black people were considered three-fifths of a human being." #FactCheck: False. Slaves — not named as such in the Constitution — were counted as 3/5 for proportional representation. #DemConvention 1/3
This was a defeat for Southern slave states like Virginia, which wanted masters to have more political power and count slaves as 1 person for proportional representation. 3/5 was a compromise. This is a deceptive talking point. 2/3
Finally, free black people were counted as a full person for representation. While slavery was a heinous evil that the Founders made compromises to limit but did not expunge, people only muddy the waters with @kerrywashington's false claim. 3/3
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We'll be live tweeting the #DemConvention again tonight to provide updates on immigration policy commentary.

And to see @KamalaHarris, of course. #DemocraticConvention #HadEnoughTrump
.@kerrywashington: "If we are going to undo the damage that has been done, if we are going to finally realize the dream, we the people have to get involved." #DemConvention #DemocraticConvention #DNC2020 Image
Estella: "Every day that passes, you deport more moms and dads and take them away from kids like me." #DemConvention #DemocraticConvention #Immigration Image
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Last night at the #DemocraticConvention, @SenSchumer made a commitment to advancing immigration policy if Democrats take the Senate this November. #DemConvention #DNC2020 #Immigration
.@AOC gave a short and powerful speech last night about combatting hate in our country and rebuilding a better immigration system that turns away from the violence and xenophobia of the past. #DemConvention #DemocraticConvention
Last night Khizr Khan made a powerful statement about the attack at Charlottesville three years ago and Donald Trump's dangerous support of white supremacists. #DemConvention #DemocraticConvention #DNCConvention
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Here's your briefing for Colin Powell's speech at the #DNC2020 tonight.…
Here's your preview for Colin Powell's speech at the #DNC2020 tonight.

"We all have blood on our hands," said Cindy Sheehan. "Some of us are covered in blood, and Colin Powell is one of those people."

She called Powell’s endorsement of action in Iraq "the final nail in my son’s coffin."…
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My work has taken me to all 50 states - seeing these sites and landscapes reminds me of the beauty of the land, and the remarkable people I've met in every single state. #DNC2020
My husband keeps asking me, "Been there?" And I say, "See that Hyatt? I stayed right there."
Also: "A church where I spoke is right across the street from where those people are standing."
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And... @SenSchumer becomes the first person at the #DNC2020 who mentioned the Supreme Court.

Schumer was also pretty much the first one who mentioned the pesky necessity to win back the Senate IF WE WANT TO ACTUALLY PASS ANY LAWS OVER THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!
Sorry, I’m kind of a stickler for how the presidency is a constitutionally limited office and that electing an executive without backing that up with a governing coalition and courts it’s not *really* enough to fix anything.
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In case you missed last night's #DemocraticConvention, check out our thread of clips we highlighted earlier. We'll be live-tweeting again tonight about any commentary on #immigration policy from the speakers. #DemConvention #DNC2020
If this is the future of the Democratic Party, the future of #Immigration policy is looking bright.

#DemocraticConvention #DemConvention #DNC2020 Image
.@SallyQYates: "I was fired for refusing to defend Donald Trump's shameful and unlawful Muslim travel ban."

#DemocraticConvention #DemConvention #DNC2020 Image
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