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Pro Tip: When mowing the lawn, beware of ant/termite-disintegrated stumps beneath the surface. Image
The aftermath. Possible sprain. How’s your holiday weekend going? Gah. Image
Update: After a couple of hours, a couple of ice pack sessions and a couple of Motrin, doing much better. Will wear a brace and keep an eye on it the next day or two. Thanks everyone.
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Violence in our communities was never mentioned at the #DemConvention because Democrats simply did NOT want to go there.

Yesterday, Joe Biden was forced to talk about violence in the streets because the American people are FORCING him to go there.…
Biden is reluctantly emerging from his basement to confront this issue because Americans -- and what they see taking place on the streets of our nation -- are afraid to come out of theirs.
When it comes to law and order and violence on our streets President @realDonaldTrump has been consistent on this issue from the start.
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I've been checking the main terms, accounts and hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the conventions and it seems like @GOP was more successful than @TheDemocrats in getting online engagements throughout its convention - Analysis via @crowdtangle ImageImageImageImage
DNC and #DemConvention were used 3.4 million times between 17-21 August. By contrast, RNC and #RNC2020 were used 4.6 million times from 24-28 August. Of course they might have been used both in positive and negative lights, but we're only guaging net engagements ImageImage
Here, I'm comparing the tweets and engagements of @TeamTrump vs @TeamJoe plus @JoeBiden vs @realDonaldTrump from 17-28 August. Again, there's no comparison. The Trump campaign wins easily. Now President Trump has one the biggest Twitter accounts, so the second result was expected ImageImage
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“Biden leads Trump 50% to 44% among likely voters following the RNC vs. a lead of 52% to 42% before it began.

Trump cut into Biden’s lead among suburbanites and grew his support among white voters, though he worsened his standing with voters of color.”…
Disclaimer: This is just one poll. Wait a week to see if others show similar findings.
Biden got 0 bounce from the #DemConvention.

Why?  His policies – he refuses to talk specifics out of fear he'll offend the center or left.  That gives Trump the opportunity to attack and define. 

If Biden remains silent, he will keep losing support.…
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If you watched the #RNC2020 this week, you might be wondering which claims were legit. 💡TIP💡: Organizations like @PolitiFact and @factcheckdotorg are great for separating fact from fiction during and after conventions. Here are some of the fact-checks that stood out to us:
Patricia McCloskey falsely suggested that @JoeBiden is trying to destroy the suburbs. In actuality, Biden’s plan is to bring back the Obama Administration’s fair housing rule that @realDonaldTrump overturned.…
FYI: Obama’s fair housing rule didn’t mandate low-income housing or rezoning. It just established a more structured reporting process to address fair housing issues in communities.…
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Wondering what happened at the #DemConvention? During political conventions, speakers make claims about candidates’ records and platforms. To determine what’s legit, read coverage from fact-checking groups like @APFactCheck and @factcheckdotorg. Here’s a thread of some examples:
There was speculation that @JoeBiden pre-recorded his speech, but that speculation was false. @USATODAY proved that he delivered it live.… Image
@BernieSanders inaccurately claimed that raising the federal minimum wage to $15 would give 40 million workers a pay raise. @USCBO projects that it would only increase the wages of 17 million people.…
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🧵THREAD: Last week's #DemConvention featured Hollywood performers & politicians.

The #RNC2020 is taking a different approach & highlighting normal people who've experienced how effective President Trump's policies are.

Meet the Americans making the case for #FourMoreYears. 🇺🇸
Dr. G.E. Ghali is a health care professional & was hospitalized with coronavirus.

He shared how the President's prompt coronavirus response has paved the way for therapeutics & record-speed vaccine development.

"Donald Trump truly moved mountains to save lives" Image
Tanya Weinreis is business owner in Montana.

She shared how President Trump's Paycheck Protection Program allowed her to keep paying her employees during the coronavirus shutdowns.

"We need a champion like our president, President Donald Trump, now more than ever." Image
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#GOPConvention roll call nothing like #DemConvention, where delegates were virtual from their home states, often highlighting scenic views & products, like #calamari.

Democrats won the roll call [and they should keep doing it that way]

#2020Elections #2020Election
Oh my gosh, the Maryland delegate just stumbled & said Maryland was home to two of the greatest "segregationists" & then corrected himself ... & said "abolitionists."


Um, well, there's a lot to unpack there.

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My God I'm just looking at the "Great Reset"

They wanted to implement it 5 years ago Jul 31, 2015
They never thought Hillary would lose


‘Build Back Better’💥
"Shape the Future"

New Opportunity came June 3 2020 #COVID19

We are in "The Great Reset" 💥
There is only one person standing between US🇺🇸 and
"The Great Reset" 💥 President Donald J Trump

Joe Biden is the "Swamp" who will carry on what Obama started - GLOBALIZATION - we will lose our Sovereignty…
by leohohmann @leohohmann
"The Great Reset"💥

They wanted to implement it 5 years ago Jul 31, 2015
They never thought Hillary would lose

Build Back Better💥
Professor Klaus Schwab

WEF chairman hopes forum will help push "reset" button on world economy
Jul 31, 2015
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I've been trying to come up with a tweet that explains why I think the progressive agenda is the right one for the nation but also explains why I think Joe Biden is right to reach out to those who will never embrace that agenda.

Both things are true for me.

We must create a nation that values each of its people in all the ways that progressives have laid out.

We don't need, and can't allow, the continuance of the icurrent 'make the rich even richer' philosophy that is killing us as a nation.

The radical right agenda calls for limiting and controlling people through hate and fear and a promise to return to a past that never was.

The radical left agenda calls for giving people the freedom and the security to actually decide on the nation's path to the future.

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Politico Playbook calls the #DemConvention a "technical success"

I'm wondering if we watched the same convention...

THREAD 👇 Image
Nancy Pelosi awkwardly starts speaking before DNC finishes their introduction
Kamala Harris tries to get back on DNC AAPI Caucus meeting call, interrupts and confuses speaker
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The convention in the bubble. Some highlights. #Demconvention
You heard the battle plan for combatting COVID.…
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Fox News is praising Biden. Bret Baier said that it is the best he’s seen him on the stump & Chris Wallace said Biden blew a hole in Trump’s narrative about Biden’s abilities.

Wallace said Trump is now going to have to run against a candidate, not a caricature.

Fox News' Dana Perino said that Biden hit a home run and gave the best speech of his life.

So far, every single person on Fox, including Brit Hume
and Karl Rove, praised the speech. Rove said if he was a Republican strategist, they'd be worried.

I know it sounds unbelievable, so here are the clips (1/2).
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Joe Biden accepts 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination in Wilmington, DE: "While I'll be a Democratic candidate, I will be an American President." #DemConvention
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Joe Biden is formally accepting the Democratic Party's nomination for president at the #DemConvention.

We're annotating his remarks live with analysis and fact checks.

Follow along 👇
Joe Biden: "History has delivered us to one of the most difficult moments America’s ever faced. Four, four historic crises. All at the same time. A perfect storm." Image
Joe Biden slammed President Trump for continuing his administration's fight against the Affordable Care Act. Image
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The endless Ted Kennedy cameos are perfect. He was truly the conscience of the party. #DemConvention
The driver of their movement.
Though he himself would deny it under questioning.
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A live tweet #teamrhetoric analysis of @JoeBiden #DemConvention speech: 1/x #DemConvention2020
The biographical video was well done 2/x
Biden voice at start seems empty, in an open space. He jumps into the bright line of the election - dark and light. He has some teleprompter reading issues. And his pauses and hands work well 3/x
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Está por empezar el discurso de Biden en la #DemConvention.

En directo aquí:
Dos veces antes había buscado ser candidato, pero la oportunidad de Biden llega a los 77 años y hasta ahora las posibilidades le sonríen. Va más de 8 pts arriba de Trump en el promedio de encuestas y tiene 72 % de probabilidades de ser electo presidente.
El hombre que ha sido criticado por sus traspiés orales y sus olvidos y confusiones, habló en vivo y lanzó con fluidez, innumerables ataques contra el hombre que ocupa el puesto al que él aspira.
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Fala agora o ex-prefeito de Nova York e o nono homem mais rico do mundo pela lista da Forbes de 2019.

Questiona aos empresários: “você contrataria novamente alguém que faliu a sua empresa? Se a sua resposta for “não”, por qual razão você daria a Trump mais 4 anos?” Image
Michael Bloomberg foi surpreendido duas vezes por uma mosca em seu discurso. #DemConvention ImageImage
Donald Trump, em seu Twitter, respondeu ao discurso de Michael Bloomberg.

"Antes de entrar na política, ele dizia coisas POSITIVAS sobre mim", disse o presidente.

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As the #DemConvention reaches out to religious voters think on this:t in 2018 nonreligious voters were 17% of the electorate, up 55% since 2006. Voters who don't go church is surging, from 18 percent in 2014 to 27 percent in 2018, another big jump of 50%.…
The electorate’s trend away from religion is going to continue and probably accelerate. This is a growing and untapped reservoir of political power.

Nonreligious Americans are among the most excited and generous volunteers and activists:…
But tonight, I've heard one mention of nonreligious Americans. In all the amazing diversity the #DemConvention is showing, one mention.

Only one, for the biggest or one of the biggest demographics supporting the Dem party.…
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watching @cspan tonight so I don't miss the MUSIC! #DemConvention
SARAH COOPER!!!! @sarahcpr
This conversation with those that were “voted off the island” is really something. Gives me so much hope. It is the America of unity, not division. #DemocraticNationalConvention
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Watch live: Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is speaking now at the #DemConvention.
Keisha Lance Bottoms was an early Joe Biden endorser and played a key role in the post-debate cleanup in Miami when Kamala Harris ambushed him over his record on race, notes reporter @MarcACaputo.

More #DemConvention live analysis:
Keisha Lance Bottoms is a true Joe Biden loyalist, says editor @PoliticoCharlie. The first big city mayor to endorse Biden, she served as a campaign trail surrogate and defended him on national TV after some gaffes and campaign miscues.

Live analysis:
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1) War criminals and militarists supporting Biden in the 2020 election: A thread.
2) John Negroponte. Former DNI, oversaw vast expansion of NSA spying. Former US ambassador to Iraq. US Ambassador to Honduras from 1981-1985, overseeing US support for the contras' vicious war of disappearances, torture and mass killings against the Sandinistas.
3) Colin Powell, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. At the United Nations, provided the case for the Bush administration, consisting of lies, to launch a war that killed hundreds of thousands of people.
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MY PRESIDENTS 🇺🇸 #DemConvention Image
Natalie Maines was right. #DemConvention
Whitney Houston’s performance of the National Anthem will always be the best but I am making room in my heart for this version by the Chicks. #DemConvention
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