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Be alert next 10 days #FalseFlag
FF attempts may be carried out in attempt to change narrative (neg optics).
High possibility of ‘multiple day’ coverage event forcing pause on news.
See something > Say something.

@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGA
In the past, what was the punishment re: a TRAITOR?

Anti-lynching bill was passed in the Senate yesterday
DS traitors think it will prevent death by hanging?
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGA
Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting?
☑️Insurance Plan to remove @Potus
☑️You have more than you know…
@GenFlynn #QAnon #MAGA #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGA
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Here's the interview

I'm sick to my stomach.. :(
Even though he is bad guy but death???
No you won't Traitor
You know How Traitors pay for Crimes right @BetoORourke...
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1. Don't worry about remembering teachers' names. Call all female teachers "love" and all male teachers "son", regardless of their age.
#amwriting #ChildrensBooks @Soc_of_Authors @Booktrust
2. As well as asking for "ice-cold beer instead of that lukewarm water", ask for a bucket in case you "need to go" during your event.
#amwriting #ChildrensBooks @Soc_of_Authors @Booktrust
3. If a laptop's been provided, pull out all the wires and stick it in your holdall before the event starts.
#amwriting #ChildrensBooks @Soc_of_Authors @Booktrust
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While the right is busy clutching pearls and gnashing teeth about Rashida Tlaib's use of the word motherfucker, I have one word for you. #fridayfeeling #fridaymotivation #impeachtheMF
Here's the entire compilation of Trump swearing up a fucking storm.

If you are offended by Rashida Tlaib's colorful language but not Trump's, your problem might not be the language.

#fridayfeeling #fridaymotivation
As I was saying...

Nancy Pelosi: Rashida Tlaib’s Impeachment Comment ‘Nothing Worse Than the President Has Said’

#Fridayfeeling #fridaymotivation #fridaythoughts…
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IT BEGAN NOT by tapping enemy insurgents’ phones or capturing their emails, but by #FollowingTheMoney

Cache of 328 NS…

Aug. 15 2018, 13:00 p.m.

The Intercept's largest-ever SIDtoday release, with 328 documents

When the #NSA discovered that #Iran may have been buying computer chips from the #UnitedStates routing them through a U.S. ally
Potentially supplying them to detonate #bombs against U.S. forces in Iraq & #Afghanistan
It credited so-called economic intelligence with the find.
The solution wasn't a death blow delivered by the #military but rather a new regulation on the export of certain #technologies via the #CommerceDepartment which the #NSA said would end up “saving #American & coalition lives.”

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U.S. should get out of the Wars, & Stop Recruiting, Arming, Funding, & Training Terrorists.
So called War on Terror" is a Giant Scam for the Military Industrial Complex.

Arms smuggling to terrorists in #Syria & #Benghazi attack…
Secretary of Defense
So what are the real reasons the US and UK governments started the War in Syria?
A: To Recruit more Terrorists, Turn #Syria Into a #FailedState (see Libya) & Destabilize the Middle East…

Secretary of Defense
The War in Syria was started by the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar arming terrorist proxies - it wasn't a "spontaneous uprising".

Watch this informative video:
The Real Origins of the Syrian War

Secretary of Defense
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1. On a related note, the #Exvangelical community absolutely won the battle for public visibility when it comes to yesterday's #GC2Summit at Wheaton College, a PR stunt through which evangelicals hoped to retain control of the narrative regarding abuse. #ChurchToo #EmptyThePews
2. Just look at all the coverage that has quoted @emilyjoypoetry and/or @juleswoodson11 and included the #Exvangelical criticism of Ed Stetzer's event, where evangelicals strove to be appear to be taking abuse seriously while holding onto abusive patriarchal, anti-queer theology.
3. Here are several examples, and my understanding is that more coverage favorable to the #Exvangelical take on the #GC2Summit is on the way. Stetzer, Moore, Lucado and company have failed to control the story. This is huge.……
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On Jeopardy the other night, the final question was, How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the Tomb of the Unknowns? ------ All three missed it ---

This is really an awesome sight to watch if you've never had the chance Very fascinating.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

1. How many steps does the guard take during his
walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why?

21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the
highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary.
2. How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin
hisreturn walk and why?

21 seconds for the same reason as answer number 1

3. Why are his gloves wet?

His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle.
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#RIP #STANLEE. What a great president you would have made. I am sure you would never lock up thousands of children, taking them from their families, or tear gas them, or shoot them with rubber bullets. I am sure you would never authorize lethal force against children, sleep well
Always connect
to all that is life
Feel to your core
love moving the world
Consuming Depression
Absent Connection
Connect your soul
Let yourself go
Love & acceptance
Future of existence
Become a Hero
Love, Laugh, Grow
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0) Based on my quote this morning.

‘Id rather be wrong and think than be right and not’

Im going to challenge my self to produce at least 1 original quote everyday for 100 days. This will be that thread. If you feel I’m plagiarizing let me know.

#Motivation #Quotes
1) Don’t ask me what I know, ask me what I don’t.

2) There’s no wrong question, only wrong answers.

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Yesterday Marco Rubio tweeted video footage from an "Independent" candidate which claimed FL election officials violated the chain of custody for ballots.

This is being circulated as "proof" that elections in FL are rigged.

Let's dig a little deeper. (THREAD) 1 #FridayFeeling
Canova claims the video shows ballots being transported in private vehicles & transferred to rental trucks, which violates Broward County's chain of custody rules. 2 #ballots #MidtermsElections2018
The video SHOWS people in orange vests loading bags & boxes into a rental truck and possibly private vehicles.

The speaker CLAIMS election workers are loading provisional ballots into a rental truck & private vehicles.

You can't see what's in the bags & boxes. 3 #FactOfTheDay
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View-Master: it sold over one billion reels across the world, but it's based on Victorian technology. How did one simple gadget get to be so popular?

This is the View-Master story...
Stereographs are cards with two nearly identical photographs mounted side by side. Viewed through a binocular device they give an illusion of depth. By 1858 the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company had published over 100,000 of them.
Sawyer's Photo Finishing Service began in 1919 in Portland, Oregon. By 1936 they had teamed up with William Gruber, who had been experimenting with stereoscope photography using the new Kodachrome colour film.
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Imagine if @elizabethjdias and the @nytimes were willing to face this truth, or at least to listen to those of us making the case.

#Exvangelical #EmptyThePews #FridayMotivation #Resist
Also, hey, you know what's better than a handful of completely not representative profiles of young evangelicals? Data, that's what. Just sayin'.

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QDrops for November 1, 2018

#TickTock the clock ⏰ is running out but not quite yet...

First we gotta VOTE then it’s GAME on! Stand Strong!

Stand United! Attacks are coming. Be sure to check the

4 a.m. talking points for MSM.

BRING IT!!!!!!!



Do not let them DIVIDE you.



Your vote matters!

Re_read drops re: Polls…📁
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Abigail Spanberger (@SpanbergerVA07) in #VA07 brought the 🔥🔥🔥 to Dave Brat, called him out on many things including his support for the fiscally irresponsible tax bill.

Really, watch this. She's incredible.
#FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation
Holy crap, he really said this.

Dave Brat to inmates: ‘You think you’re having a hard time — I’ve got $5 million in negative ads.’ #saturdaymorning #amjoy Vote @SpanbergerVA07 #VA07…
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Left says White Republican men are "Evil"
1)Abolished Slavery?
2)Introduced 19thA giving women voice?
3)Fought KKK that was established, owned & operated by Democrats?
4)Fought DEMs for 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Republican MEN its Our Duty to Protect & Defend 🇺🇸
TODAY is the LAST day to register to vote in Idaho, North Carolina, New York & Oklahoma! Tomorrow (10/13) is the last day to register to vote in Delaware! It is VERY easy to register. Simply go to Vote.GOP

People who Think Freely like @Kanyewest understand the Truth even when threatened they will expose Lies the democrats TRY to sell you in your schools, Mainstream Media, TV shows, & every ave they can to "Manipulate" YOU
STOP Indoctrination & Defend OUR #2A
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(Makes note to ask @lynnstahl7 to make a new t-shirt saying "Impolite Arrogant Woman" on the front and "blah blah blah" on the back.)

John Kelly Called Elizabeth Warren An "Impolite Arrogant Woman" In An Email… via @jasonleopold #WeAreTheMob
I was joking about the t-shirt but y'all weren't kidding!

So, @lynnstahl7 whipped these up right quick.

All proceeds go toward @BlueWaveCS🌊 final 20-day push to get Dems elected. #WeAreTheMob #ImpoliteArrogantWoman #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation

.@lynnstahl7 has designed not only @BlueWaveCS' website, but all of the "mob" gear you need to go out and protest the GOP's #CultureOfCorruption, too.
They aren't going to just give us the house back, y'all. We're going to have to #TakeItBack. #WeAreTHEMob…
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Is that a threat? Because that sure sounds like a threat.

Please report and block @FreedomGetuSome for threats of violence against peaceful protesters exercising their first amendment rights.

BTW: women have been protesting in the South for generations. #WeAreTHEMob
Aww, he deleted it. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

The internet is forever, @FreedomGetuSome!

#WeAreTheMob your president warned you about.

Our next mob meeting is at the polls on November 6.
#FridayFeeling #fridaymotivation #TakeItBack
Not sure if you've heard, but we already had a "race war" in the south.

You lost.

Still, you display your confederate flag. Might as well be a white flag of surrender.

I feel sorry for you, but I'm too busy feeling sorry for them.
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If you haven't laughed yet today, here's a video of President Trump walking up the stairs to Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. While this isn't grounds for the #25thAmendment, it does fit the pattern of Trump just being a fucking idiot.
@ManInTheHoody can you confirm, CGI or shit related stickiness? and can you put this to music, please?
And I added it here because fuck it.

⚡️ “"Who am I? Why am I here?" #25thAmendmentNow” by @AynRandPaulRyan…
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Yes, this is my pinned tweet and my motivation for joining twitter October 2016..
#SaturdayMotivation ❤️🇺🇸🌹courtesy @realDonaldTrump and @Solmemes1
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“You cannot sit back and wait for a savior. You can't opt out because you don't feel sufficiently inspired by this or that particular candidate. This is not a rock concert. This is not Coachella. We don't need a messiah." - President Obama #BarackObama
“When you vote, you’ve got the power to make sure white nationalists don’t feel emboldened to march, with their hoods on or hoods off, in Charlottesville.” President Obama #fridayfeeling #fridaymotivation #TakeItBack #BarackObama
"Do not complain. Don't hashtag. Don't get anxious. Don't retreat. Don't binge on whatever it is you're binging on. Don't lose yourself in ironic detachment. Don't put your head in the sand. Don't boo. Vote. Vote." President Obama #BarackObama #TakeItBack #FridayFeeling
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New #QAnon Thread


These people are stupid.
Their attempts will FAIL.

#QArmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #FridayFeeIing #FridayMotivation @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Responses from the board to Q post 2105 regarding the fake chat logs Posobiec falsely reported about in an attempt to discredit #QAnon. #FAIL

#QArmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #FridayFeeling @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
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