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<<THREAD>> . Trump spun his corrupt "missiles for dirt" deal as a corruption test for Ukraine's new administration, according to the newly released text messages. The spin didn't work on Trump's acting ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor. /1 #corruption #FridayMotivation
Trump and his envoys framed their demand as an investigation into Ukrainian involvement in the 2016 U.S. elections, a reference to Bill Barr's 'origins' probe and not the real 2016 corruption: a Russian-engineered interference campaign to benefit Trump. /2 #Ukrainegate #Corrupt
Giuliani has made millions of dollars lobbying on behalf of Ukrainians and couldn't even clear security to become Trump's secretary of state, yet he was still dictating terms to U.S. state department officials. /3 #corrupt #UkraineAffair
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To all the Left & Right wingers. You are clueless how evil this system really is. You all divided & distracted as planned.
Since most of you are so eager to maintain your bondage at the ballot box in 2020. The public fool system & I will include private schools & Universities didn't teach us the intent of the14th Amendment & why it was rejected.

Below is the drafter of the infamous Amendment. 👇

Here's what the drafter of the infamous 14th Amendment stated:

"In the first place, we ask that they will agree to certain changes in the Constitution of the United States; and, to begin with, we want them to unit with us in broadening...
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We also know planes did not take down the world trade center buildings #NeverForget911 🧬
Major University Study Finds "Fire Did Not Bring Down Tower 7 On 9/11"…
#QAnon #FridayMotivation #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
3,160 Architects & Engineers who are calling for a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Center
#NeverForget 😢

#NeverForget911 #WorldTradeCenter #911neverforget #911Attacks #911Anniversary #September11 #NeverForgetAmerica
I will #Neverforget #September11 in NYC- by 3pm all you could see was darkness, smoke, dust and paper😢
It's time for the truth to be told
The New Pearl Harbor - Best 911 Documentary

#NeverForget911 #911neverforget #911Attacks #911Anniversary #September11
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#FridayMotivation #Marriage

I sometimes get comments asking me when I’m going to marry my partner. This is a personal decision that I don’t *need* to answer, but I’m happy to share part of our logic/reasoning.

It will be a few years. And there are a few specific reasons.
I want to see my partner get out of debt before we marry.

That’s important to me and she’s agreed.

The second piece is that want her to have a small nest egg that is completely hers.

Power dynamics in marriage are important to me. And changing them in a positive direction.
Not that I ever would—but if I ever went off the rails and became toxic or abusive—I want her to have “walk-away” power with me.

Especially as a woman with a disability—I want her to have a few months savings that I don’t control and that aren’t part of our shared assets.
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Michael Gerson: Many evangelicals are fearful that courts and government regulators will increasingly treat their moral and religious convictions as varieties of bigotry.

Narrator: That's because they are bigotry.……

Michael Gerson: Such a cramped view of pluralism amounts to the establishment of secularism.

Narrator: Here we see the respectable evangelical in his natural habitat, arguing a radical presuppositionalist point, but doing so in language that seems imminently reasonable.
Michael Gerson: [This] would undermine the long-standing cooperation of government and religious institutions in tasks such... placing children in adoptive homes, caring for the sick and educating the young.

Narrator. This would allow women and LGBTQ folks not to be abused.
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#FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation

It's Friday. Let's have some fun and get to know our foes in this Rogue Government's Cabinet a little better.

First up, the PM & aspiring dictator, selected by 0.13% of the population, but who hasn't yet faced a GE as PM - something he considered an #AffrontToDemocracy when Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair.

Johnson: the poster-boy of the #BrexitCoup.

#StopTheCoup #BrexitIsNoJoke
Not officially in Cabinet, unelected bureaucrat & grand vizier Dominic Cummings nevertheless sets the agenda, calls the shots & yanks BJ's strings.

Cameron once called him a 'career psychopath'. He is in contempt of parliament & appears to be amoral. #StopTheCoup #BrexitIsNoJoke
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I have spent half my morning fighting for a heart medication I have been on since I was 22 because chronically ill people are expected to do battle with insurance companies and #BigPharma every day so CEOs can spend their summers in the Hamptons.
Fix this, America.
Pharmacuetical companies should not be allowed to jack up prices on drugs that have been around for decades and/or create fake scarcity just to pad their top executives' incomes.

Do not delude yourselves that this money is going to R & D-- it's not.
We aren't getting new and better drugs, we are getting renaming of old established drugs. This bait and switch is killing sick people.

No one wants a chronic illness. It can derail your life. The additional stress of fighting for care is a crime against humanity, pure & simple.
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1. “In God We Trust” should never have been our national motto and was only able to become so because of an early Cold War consensus around promoting religion in the public square in order to combat “godless Communism.”…

#FridayMotivation #EmptyThePews
2. While many promoters of this idea of a religious America meant for it to be to some degree inclusive--see popular Cold War notions like "Tri-Faith America" (Protestants, Catholics, Jews) and "Judeo-Christian"--it was always exclusive of unbelievers and many others.
3. In addition, the early Cold War moment, partly thanks to the uptick in apocalyptic thinking due to the advent of nuclear weapons, allowed radical right-wing Christians to come back into the mainstream of American life as scholars like Angela Lahr and Jonathan Herzog have shown
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Konon, arti tahi lalat itu berbeda-beda. Tergantung dimana letaknya. Sebagian orang percaya bahwa tahi lalat mewakili watak, karakter, dan bahkan peruntungan seseorang.

Umumnya, tahi lalat sudah menempel sejak lahir (bawaan bayi).

Meski ada juga yang muncul ketika seseorang telah dewasa. Titik hitam ini dalam Bahasa Jawa disebut sebagai andeng-andeng

Nah, berikut adalah beberapa arti tahi lalat, berdasarkan letaknya menurut Primbon Jawa:

#BudayaNusantara #FridayMotivation
Kepala sebelah kanan, artinya banyak rejeki dan mampu mencapai segala cita-cita

Kepala sebelah kiri, artinya tidak berkemauan dan kerap terlibat sengketa

Ubun-ubun, artinya kurang dapat dipercaya dan kurang jujur pula

#FridayThoughts #Kejawen
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Wow @netflix blaming @realDonaldTrump on #TheHack calling his campaign #ProjectAlamo and using #CambridgeAnalytica as a Back up source. FUNNY #QANON & #ANONS have proof #TheGreatAwakening you democratic fools and obama losers
Second part of video up above.. wtf. These guys are jerks!! #GOOGLE screwed us over. Look what they did to @Project_Veritas and there posts. Crying #democracy @POTUS you better deal with these losers. Brain washing the younger gen
Part 3 of this video. This is the most pathetic thing to rile up #Americans and #AntifaTerrorists and all haters!!! #Q do something thanks
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[LL]>paper trail>special entry

[Natalia Veselnitskaya]>Manafort

FISA warrant issued / approved>Manafort


FISA warrant issued / approved>Papadopoulos


FISA warrant issued / approved>Page

FISA warrant issued / approved>FLYNN







[SEC 702]…


P talks to X

X talks to Y

Y talks to Z
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Elizabeth Warren has received $35,352 from Health Insurance & HMO's and $165,313 from Pharmaceutical and health products as of 2018. #MedicareForAll #ThursdayThoughts
Warren: "I would've accepted a VP offer from Hillary Clinton" #FridayMotivation #NeverWarren
Elizabeth Warren "eliminating 100% of student debt could widen the racial wealth gap" #WTAF #StudentDebt #NotMeUs…
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Trump was elected with the support of roughly 1/4 of all eligible voters (almost half of all eligible voters didn't even vote that year.)

If we really want change, we have to get involved & help others see the importance of voting. We must expand the vote.
#FridayFeeling 1/7
.@swingleft has focused in past elections on key swing districts to flip them #redtoblue

Now they're focusing on 11 states to win the Senate, the White House, & #redistricting for Democrats.

We can all help whether we're in those states or not. 2/7…
We can help

After the Supreme Court refused to rule on state gerrymandering cases, we have to flip state legislatures blue to get fair maps. Grassroots is focusing in these key 9 states. Help from anywhere. #EndGerrymandering #FridayFeeling #BlueWave 3/7
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QDrops July 2019

Hope you all had a fantastic long holiday weekend however it’s

time to get back to work. #EpsteinArrested over the weekend, as

he entered the country, and appeared in court today.





🇺🇸 July 8, 2019 🇺🇸

Welcome Back Q: Edition

Timing is everything and it’s time for Q to return to the public eye.

Welcome back Q! Nice to see you!

Buckle up Buttercups... it’s stormy out there.





The whole #Epstein #EpstienIsland #PizzaGate #PedoGate are

very very real. It’s definitely a YUGE 🕳 🐇 but this is not a


#ThesePeopleAreSick and #TickTock their time is up!





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#ReleaseTheSnyderCut I'm not the only one in my family who wants to see Zack Snyder's #JusticeLeague from @WarnerMediaGrp @ATT @DCComics. Joss Whedon's version that studio executives demanded is not the right vision & doesn't do justice to the collaborators & fans. #DCcomics
My wife, my boys (5 & 7), & of course me! are huge #DCcomics fans. We LOVED Snyder's vision & development of the characters & stories. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, & Justice League were our dreams come true, or would have been. Please #ReleaseTheSnyderCut & #BringZackBack.
Even the success of #WonderWoman and #Aquaman are due to the perfect casting and spectacular vision of @ZackSnyder. The depth and authenticity and humanity of the characters, all of them, were refreshing and inspiring. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of #JusticeLeague and let us enjoy it!
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Happy 5th of July!

My #FridayMotivation is to remind all #Resisters how important STATE elections will be in 2019 & 2020.

In 2019, 4 sates have state legislative elections: LA, MS, VA, & NJ;

Three states have elections for Governor: LA, MS, & KY.

The composition of state governments is vital. In many states, state legislatures will redraw voting districts after the 2020 census. Governor’s will need to sign off on those districts.
State governments also pass legislation that will either protect or restrict our rights. They are our first line of defense against Trumpism. It is vital to GOTV and support Democratic candidates in these states in 2019.
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Let me do a thread on Job Search

Good Morning!!!!!
Perfect your resume

Before you apply to a job, you need to spruce up your resume. This document is your key to getting a company to notice you, so it needs to shine.
But here’s something not a lot of job applicants realize: 95 percent of Multinational companies employ computer software — not people — to review resumes.
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1. Iran releases video of their shooting down the United States' RQ-4A, the $180 Million dollar unmanned drone which was patrolling the straights to keep commercial shipping lanes safe from attack.
2. The Pentagon had hours earlier shown a map indicating that the drone was shot down in international waters.
3. Notice that the Iranian video has falsely centered the white circle, not around where the drone was shot down: Screen shot from Iranian video (1., above).
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This morning, the Feds in New York arrested a 22 yr old man who is suspected of planning to detonate explosives in Times Square. He's made comments referencing Jihad, alQuaida, ISIS. They aren't gone, kids. Far from it. #FridayMotivation…
2-"Alam had been closely monitored by authorities; an undercover helped track him. He had allegedly spoken of wanting to get or use a suicide bomb vest and talked of hand grenades and explosives, as well as potential attacks on politicians in New York City and Washington, D.C.,
3-"before coming around to wanting to shoot up Times Square, the senior law enforcement official said..There is no imminent threat to Times Square but law enforcement was taking the alleged threats by this lone actor seriously, the officials said.
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Some updated reporting re the SEVERAL things that happened in Michael Flynn's case yesterday. Beginning with his firing of his legal team, indicating that Flynn might be considering backing out of his gov't deal. #FridayFeeling #TREASON…
2-"Flynn’s case took several unexpected twists on Thursday as it inches toward closure. First, his longtime lawyers notified the presiding federal judge that their client had fired them and hired new attorneys. That move set off a raft of speculation in legal and political
3-"circles that Flynn is considering backing out of his plea deal with the government in a play for a presidential pardon. Also on Thursday, federal prosecutors released the audio recording of a November 2017 voicemail left by John Dowd, Trump’s personal attorney at the time,
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FBI 302 @GenFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️released
Flynn fires legal team
Will Joe diGenova be representing him?👀
We knew this day would come
We knew people would need a guide
We all have a part to play
We knew FLYNN would be challenged
Part of the plan?
@POTUS #QAnon #DDay75thAnniversary
FBI investigators admit @GenFlynn did not lie @GreggJarrett @LouDobbs
Did the Deep State threaten his son?
General Flynn is going to expose the entire DS Mueller Hoax
You attack those you fear the most
Nothing can stop what is coming
@POTUS #QAnon #FridayMotivation
Biggest leak in US History: Who leaked @GenFlynn☎️
FBI investigated McCabe in 2017 for an alleged unauthorized leak
Comey And McCabe Are 'Dirty Cops' @DevinNunes
We the people want answers @TheJusticeDept #ClearFlynnNow

@POTUS #QAnon #FridayMotivation
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Nader was Partying at Exclusive Island Resort w/ Bill Clinton
Epstein Island dungeon-beneath the temple #EpsteinIsland
This one case has the ability to bring down the (many) rich & powerful people.
Those who scream the loudest….…
#QAnon @GenFlynn @POTUS
#HumaAbedin connection to Nikki Hilton > Rothchild >Soros
Excellent thread @JoanofAmerica
U.S. State Department Tied To Child Trafficking Operation With Epstein
One of Epstein’s aircraft was linked to the trafficking of underage girls is owned and operated by the U.S. State Department.
Excellent Article👇…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #SundayMorning
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I walked into a hotel and after going through the menu, I ordered some food. After about 20 mins a group of guys and ladies walked in & ordered theirs. To my dismay, these folks got served first. I watched as they began to eat & laugh heartily. #FridayMotivation @Gidi_Traffic
I even overheard one of them bragging about how connected he is to everyone in the hotel and I felt mocked. I decided to leave. Unable to take it anymore, I called the waiter. He calmly told me: #FridayMotivation @Gidi_Traffic
"yours is a special order, being prepared by the chief chef himself. Their orders were prepared hurriedly by students on attachment because the top chefs are busy with yours Sir. That's why they were served first. #FridayMotivation @Gidi_Traffic
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"You cannot give self-government to anybody. He has got to earn it for himself. You can give him the chance to obtain self-government, but he himself out of his own heart must do the governing. He must govern himself. That is what it means.
That is what self-government means. . . . There must be control. There must be mastery, somewhere, and if there is no self- control and self-mastery, the control and the mastery will ultimately be imposed from without."
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