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16.01/ There are some really promising signs. It's a good feeling that increasing the number of voters - without even knowing how they voted - is good for the Democrats. It's good for democracy and the "Democrat" party. Funny that
16.02/ A reminder that huge crowds - and 40% of the vote - is also what Hoover inspired in 1932.
16.03/ Florida is a true toss-up because it's Florida and it's designed to be a god-awful mess. But I have a good feeling about Texas (and Georgia). A gooooooooooooood feeling about Texas
16.04/ More votes (moar votes?) is more democracy is more Democracy. Go Michigan!
16.05/ Signs everywhere, even in Ohio (which, like Florida, I don't have high hopes for) that the voter suppression tactics are backfiring.

The RedHats are telegraphing their punches; telling us what they fear. They're flailing. Drowning.

16.06/ I too like the satisfaction of the voting machine on election day. My family, since I was a child, has made voting a secular sacred ritual.

This does suggest we can see another D jump on election day returns. Good.

16.07/ If Biden wins w/a Dem senate majority, we must zap filibuster b/c that majority will have some pretty conservative DINOs & getting 51 of them will be a tall task. It won't look 'bipartisan' b/c the GOP is fascist & thus useless, but it *will* be by historical standards.
16.08/ I'm happy to have both the TLP and the Far Left as allies b/c the only way to repudiate fascism is for right & left to join forces

When we restore democracy we'll go back to our respective corners. But for now, it's onto Berlin to smash the Axis

16.09/ Polls aren't votes, yes, but VOTES are votes. And look at these numbers of votes in the can
16.10/ It was a nonsense case anyway, but 2020 is a terrible year & we can never know. But good:
16.11/ Yyyyyyyyyyyup. I even gave a sermon last year as a scholar-in-residence in Toronto on this exact topic. The bad apples means that the problem has gone on so long that the whole group is tainted. It's science.

16.12/ Trump's (ym'sh) endgame of flailing around, causing chaos, sowing dissent is "icing the kicker"

In the NFL, when Team1 is about to kick the game winning field goal, the impotent team calls a TO b/c it's all they have left. It's often pathetic.

16.13/ In response to a query of best movie car-chases. Off the cuff, though, so now I will think harder. I'm saving these topics now for when things calm down (b'ezrat Hashem!)

16.14/ Trump (ym'sh) and the GOP are terrorists, like their spiritual forebears in the KKK.

But it's not well thought out. In 16.12 I described the GOP endgame as icing the kicker, here I describe it more as Wile E. Coyote. It's a mess and stupid.

16.15/ Just published thread about the future and what I'm hoping to see from the election. We have a chance to really make our country what we've always wanted to be. A place of justice, equality, and finally compassion & even wisdom
16.16/ The double-haters went hard for Trump (ym'sh), which is why the polls 'missed' the shift to the RedHats after the Comey travesty. In 2020 they're breaking hard against the incumbent. Good
16.17/ I remember feeling, after Access-H'wood, relief that we'd dodged a bullet & we'd have 4 normal years. I remember even more the utter cold dread when I saw PA fall

It was worse than I felt on 9/11 or when I was in Israel when scuds were coming at me. We can save our future
16.18/ My feeling, reading the publicly available material, is that Cook's point here plus the potential for massive turnout in TX & GA could make 2020 feel like 2016 in reverse with flipped states going the good-guys' way. Please God.

16.19/ Thank God. I wasn't worried worried worried, but I was worried, just because 2020 is a stygian nightmare
16.19b/ All of these futile, flailing attempts to destroy democracy by the GOP reminds me of this scene from Never Say Never Again (RIP Sean Connery). Bond is the good guys, the GOP are the ones flaccidly shooting blocked nukes
16.20/ Oh man, I miss him. Obama here roasting the GA GOP senators
16.22/ So many masks off. When the dust clears and Trump (ym'sh) is BE"H humiliated, the cowards who feared his presumed magic touch will quickly switch to saying he was poison. New insect overlords and all. Cowards cower to the majority.
16.23a/ The only thing that keeps America from the map below - which polling plus high turnout makes possible - is the Fox/Facebook affect. Suppression attempts were counteracted by early voting & the bad courts can be cowed by overwhelming numbers… Image
16.23b/ This is a prayer map. I'm asking Hakadosh Barukh Hu to open the eyes of the Facebook-Brainwashed masses to how horrible their golden calf has been. I begged Hashem at Yom Kippur Neila that the deaths weren't forcing repentance. The Tochecha punishment wasn't persuasive
16.23c/ So if punishment wasn't working, out of compassion I begged for revelation: for the horrors of the real world, the truth about their false idol shown. And if even then they would still cling to the false idol, then they could be fully condemned

16.23d/ But I begged for the deaths & destruction to end. Right before Neila I heard a prominent member of my shul joke that the pandemic could end right after the election. My mind erupted in explosive anger & I saw my compassion being tested.
16.23e/ Which I presumed was a good lesson: how angry I felt was a mirror of what I would attribute to HKBH against the Chosen People who threw of the yoke of the mitzvot of compassion, lovingkindness & spiritual modesty

What would I do with my fury?
16.23f/ Turn the fury into love by asking for a chance to save them all through revelation and truth. I dearly hope I was persuasive. I'm not a gadol ha-Dor, but I think on Yom Kippur every Jew should assume we actually are responsible for the fate of the world.
16.23g/ So I acted as the defense attorney for my people, and by extension the world. If things go well, we can flip AZ (stunning to imagine), NC and the deep red GA & TX. That would humiliate the detestable cowards of the GOP & embolden those who cower at the RedHats
16.23h/ This was the bargain I made as defense attorney on the 10th of Tishrei after hearing a FoxNews/FB stooge bleat that the pandemic was a tantamount to a political hoax (rachmana l'atzlan!)

A peaceful revelation. A gentle humiliation. A mirror to their soiled sinful selves
16.23i/ It really could happen. We can really get 400+ EV. And if the GOP tries to suppress & throw out votes, we will take to the streets. They will know the power of the people. Because power is people. And unlike Yonah HaNavi we can care about lives *by* loving truth
16.24/ More voters is better for democracy and better for Democrats. 2016, like 2000, went terribly for democracy because of apathy & indifference. Not happening now. We can smash the fascists today. Heads high!
16.25/ While the "entropy of any isolated system always increases" in physics, in sociology I find it takes active destruction to make a society ruinous. One quick way of saving people is get rid of the bad actors. There are many of them but more of us.…
16.26/ Even if there's a big blue wave & we retake the WH & Senate, hold onto the House, get state houses (see below) etc. Even if we win big, it can't replace what we lost

IMO the Book of Job has a cartoonish ending. It's too simple for deep souls.

16.27/ Yeah, this is a fun journey. Bravo!
16.28/ We all have PTSD from '16

Why? Because we anti-RedHats are motivated by compassion, empathy, concern for others & society. We're traumatized because of our *virtue*

Be unashamed in your fear

But it's rational & reasonable to have hope

16.29a/ Quick #parsha point: In my teaching, God wasn't angry at Sarah for laughing but angry at Avraham for not telling Sarah that she was promised to give birth at 90. Her incredulity was a sign that Avraham's skepticism in 17:17-18 prevented him from telling Sarah
16.29b/ This is why, IMO, Avraham and not Sarah needed the test of the #Akeida (as well as the expulsion of Yishmael) because Sarah understood the future was from the two of them while Avraham hadn't yet learned Sarah's centrality

Sarah didn't need as many tests as Avraham did.
16.30/ IMO without the pandemic Biden's lead would be even larger because we could all be in the streets constantly, huge crowds, to protest the lawlessness of the GOP. We could go door-to-door getting out the vote!

See here for support:…
16.31a/ Almost to the day, one year ago, my wife took me along on a business trip to #Vienna. Last night's tragedy hits hard; I feel like I was just on those streets. It's an amazing city, but the history showed me how difficult it is to be in the Diaspora Rabbi Dr. Joshua Cypess (me...
16.31b/ I understand why modern Zionism (Herzl) began in Vienna. No matter what Jews did, they were never accepted - nor safe - in many lands. And as a Zionist I empathize with all refugees & oppose all societies that demonize minorities. Sending strength & healing to #Wien
16.31c/ And, not to stray too far from being a brash American tourist, I need to show a picture of the wiener schnitzel I ordered from Alef-Alef. $20 and it covered the plate! I also went to museums, don't worry. But I ate like a king. Two plates of wiener schnit...
16.32/ Twitter, show me the perfect description of most academic work in History & social science:
16.33/ I've said this many times as the first of the Four Comforts in my pinned thread: the Trump (ym'sh) administration campaign is incompetent

One reason is, in true fascist fashion, they steal so much that they can't even *pay* for help.

16.34/ What I said 2 years ago still holds true for today. All the work everyone is doing, calling people to get them to vote, waiting hours on line, donating after-tax income to help candidates, it's direct democracy, and it's exhausting

16.35/ As I say below, any elected republican who wants to avoid getting the collaborator treatment will need proof positive that they endorsed Biden-Harris. Not even 'voted for' will help. Endorsed aka worked against Trump (ym'sh)

16.36/ From @DKElections, the timetable of ballot closing times Image
16.37/ I remember 4 yrs ago hearing Carville say he didn't like the numbers coming out of Michigan. That was when I knew the barbarians had stormed the gates. This is a goooood sign
16.38/ I have a goooooooood feeling about this too
16.39/ This is the Red Mirage we were warned about. No reason to panic.

The same mass media that crippled Clinton is dancing to Trump's (ym"sh) fiddle yet again.

It would have been *great* to see Florida flip quickly, sure. But this was expected. Good night, going to bed.
16.40/ Good morning. Still in the Red Mirage. I was quite upset at many news outlets who told us what to expect (1) Red at first Blue later b/c of lagging vote count & (2) DJT would claim victory illegitimately... and then ignored all of that.

16.41a/ I too am highly disappointed that this didn't end 2008 style with an easy night. The country is broken & filled with propaganda (Facebook is the big diff., IMO, of 2008 & now)

If, after the votes are counted, we win the White House but not the Senate, we are still OK
16.41b/ We need one investigatory arm with regulatory bite in 2021. We need either the DOJ or the full Congress to fix the country. Biden's DOJ can expose the crimes of #MoscowMitch & the GOP

See @Teri_Kanefield for how battles are slow but can be won.…
16.42a/ See below: Operation Market Garden, seen in the film "A Bridge Too Far" is when the Allies tried to end WW2 with a bold sweep that would take us from France to Germany in one fell swoop. It failed. Oh, but it would have been great if it worked
16.42b/ We failed, it was one bridge too far, and that led to the long hard winter of the Battle of the Bulge, which included N*zis infiltrating our troops dressed as Americans. It took much longer to beat the Axis. At horrific cost we beat the fascists…
16.42c/ Again, if we have the House & White House (and I'm not giving up on the Senate until we #CountEveryVote) we can start chipping away at the fascists the same way they ate into us from 2010 until now.

I do so wish it had ended last night decisively. I craved God's mercy.
16.42d/ But in the face of mass suppression, foreign influence & cyber-war (hello Facebook, our universal enemy), an inability to congregate because of an uncontrolled plague, we are on track to still win.

But sadly it will a hard winter's war ahead.…
16.43/ Until the polling industry gets their act together, and they promised me they did with the 2018 results, I'm going to be pretty upset at that entire project (that and TV ads, gevalt)

Still #CountEveryVote. We have *no* idea what to conclude yet.
16.44/ Again, I'm not drawing any conclusions about "what America is" until we #CountEveryVote. Please.

But I also think we can see the effects of the cyber-war; a majority prefers the Democratic policies. We must break through their fog.

16.45a/ I'm keeping to my self-promise to make absolutely no assumptions about what 'worked' or didn't in 2020 because voting ended 12h ago & the votes won't finish being counted for many days

We. Do. Not. Know. Enough. #CountEveryVote
16.45b/ However, as I said below, even with a Blue Wave Sweep, we'd still not break the back of fascism without exposure of all the crimes of the GOP, of the judicial noms, of Russia, of Facebook

We must expose the truth! Do that, we can win more in 22

16.46/ A reminder from the All-Pro Daniel Dale: we knew this Red Mirage was coming as well as the GOP tactic to destroy democracy & retain power by fiat with misinformation

16.47/ My brother reminded me that today is the 17th of Cheshvan, the day the Flood of Noah began. Wouldn't it be nice, on the parsha of the destruction of the cities of inhumanity, on the date of the flood, that we can get rid of this cruel bigot?…
16.48a/ BTW, I really try to remember how I felt in 2018. It looked bad when we didn't get TX/FL, but we did win some red state senate seats and governorships. And by the end of the counting, we had a major lead in the House.
16.48b/ Right now feels the same way, except there's more incentive from the bad guys to demoralize us.

I don't want my hopes for an easy victory - like I had in 2018 - to work against me.
16.48c/ My hope was built on compassion for the people who are suffering & I really hoped God would help us get rid of these terrible people. I won't criticize myself for having hope in fellow human beings or having hope that justice and compassion would win
16.48d/ But the election is still going on. The votes have not been counted. #CountEveryVote

And never be ashamed by being compassionate. Never let these fascists convince you that you're weak for caring about people.
16.49/ Like we were warned, the sabotaging of the mails was intended to create the result we see below: disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people.

I do trust Biden-Harris to sharpen up their quiver of lawyers. #CountEveryVote

16.49b/ I really don't want to diminish the feeling of anguish & terror that many of us have right now. What we feel was the cruel goal of the RedHats

But I do see that we were told this would happen: late vote counting, USPS hiding ballots, a Red Mirage

But, yes, it's hard
16.50a/ I'm a systems thinker, it's why I ultimately went into anthro & sociology instead of psychology. 2020 is close b/c of a weaponization of misinformation that hid the truth from millions of people. Reveal the reality, crush the cyber-propaganda, and things look different
16.50b/ We must hold the GOP accountable for their treason & theft. We must break up Facebook and do something about FoxNews. We must use every tool available to un-brainwash a population.

Look at Parker's analysis:
16.50c/ Too many people vote for the GOP because they think their policies are the OPPOSITE of what they actually are. That's because of the destructive media bubbles & the internet news sewer.

It's a systematic problem; like racism, like poverty
16.51/ I'm going to be small-bore for just one moment. While there's so much that needs to be repaired: racial justice, the environment, the pandemic, economic inequality, health care...

So many of us just need to have one decent night's sleep.
16.52/ If Biden does win (and he just gave a speech that really sounded like it'll happen) & if the Dems don't retake the Senate (who knows?), we need to seriously think about dividing up some big states into smaller ones. California, of course. But aloso, PA into 3? OH? FL?
16.53/ I am absolutely not talking about the race being called in Blue's favor until it actually is, but if it does, I have many things to say that will cheer me up about what can get done in a divided government. (Same rule for not talking about what I feared most under DJT)
16.54/ If Nevada puts Biden over the edge, just like in the West Wing, then I'm going to never stop talking about it

16.56/ Thank God for Black voters. If things continue in this direction, they seem to have saved democracy... again (and if Biden loses, rachmana l'atzlan, it's not because of them, but because of white men)
16.57/ Sweet music. Sweet sweet music. I would've been through the roof with 400, of course, but my 13yr old said a few months ago: "all we need is 271, Dad" (my boy is a student of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin)

Flipping back the blue wall is enough for us
16.58/ More good signs that the #RedMirage is breaking for the #BlueShift: when Trump (ym'sh) starts suing to stop counting ballots, they know they're about to lose.
16.60/ Puerto Ricans have voted for statehood! Let's let them in! #PuertoRicoDecide…
16.61/ I'm turning on notices for Wasserman. I waiting for the magic phrase. When he calls PA for anti-fascism we can rejoice

16.62/ Not declaring victory yet, but if it does happen, I think this piece of art should say what we need to say:
16.63/ People who really should know better underestimate the severity of his mental and physical decline. In general, the lack of dynamic thinking - seeing how a system moves through time based on projected facts - hampers these glorified stenographers

16.64/ 2022/2024 will not be the same election as 2020, not only because of COVID, but because the Democrats need to pursue brutal investigations against the treason, corruption, mass negligent homicide etc of the GOP. So many national security people are chomping at the bit!
16.65/ I'm going to try to get some sleep. I have confidence we will know soon enough if Biden-Harris won. If that happens, I will go nuts. We all should celebrate like it's VE Day. #BidenHarris2020
16.66/ One last thing, see @gregolear's column: the Moscow traitors in the GOP, senators who sold out our country for rubles, must be our way to get some Senate seats and paint the whole GOP as national security hypocrites & crooks…
16.68/ Even if Kelly Loeffler wins her runoff, it'll be hard to be a Senator when she's in an orange jumpsuit from insider trading and profiting off a pandemic. That the corrupt Billy Barr DOJ didn't prosecute, doesn't mean a Biden DOJ (Please God!) won't. Guilty as sin.
16.69/ Are the different states just being extra polite, and saying:

AZ: "After you"
PA: "Oh no, I couldn't, after *you*"
GA: "Oh, please, you first"
NV: "Whoa, I have such a hangover and fell asleep, what day is it?"
16.70/ #MoscowMitch has one tool: take hostages. Even besides the fact that Biden (Please God!) can just appoint acting-secretaries, based on the Trump (ym'sh) rules, his one trick has limited uses when we know that he just shoots the hostages

16.71/ Made the same joke this morning, but Dr. Marshall says it better
16.72/ Me, on the GOP/Dem split in the vote & my identity

Bad: White men overwhelmingly supported Trump (ym'sh)
Glad: Ah, but Jews supported Democrats 7 to 1!
Bad: And Orthodox Jewish men?
Me: Uh....
16.73/ Not sure if I sent this yet, but it's amazing. Awesome visual presentation of data, for the win!

16.74/ For those with the long-knives out for the coalition to defeat fascism, i.e. the far-left going against @ProjectLincoln, there's a lot of evidence of ticket splitting: voting for Biden on top & a GOP senator below (see Maine). For now, that seems to be a TLP effect.
16.76/ Oh, Kellyanne, do you have a well-worked out escape plan? Argentina? The moon? You've spent so much time in your dream-world that you have lost sight of the factual evidence damning you
16.77/ Honestly, I'm glad to hear there were international monitors observing the election. It's so embarrassing that we have had goon presidents like George W & Trump (ym'sh) but my national shame is earned: we're on the brink of fascism

16.78/ Pollyannaish hope: if Biden wins GA (BE"H) & the Senate hangs by a thread, maybe the GOP will need to pass COVID relief in order to win those 2 seats in a 'blue' state
16.79/ While they're counting - because this was the GOP plan all along, to string out the outcome so they could try to steal it, like they were hamburgler - it makes sense that this is the longest Tuesday ever given that March 2020 is the longest month ever (day 200 now?)
16.80c/ Some more, the first about the need for our own Nuremberg trials, and we do actually have a Nuremberg PA.

For real: if we don't hold trials and expose the crimes of the GOP, we're in real trouble and this battle will be for naught
16.80d/ We not only need to add DC/PR as states, but chop up California into the 13 original colony bite-sized pieces. Yeah, Montana & the Dakotas are clear Senate gamers, but Rhode Island & Delaware are silly states too.
16.80e/ This was brilliant: @AlexandraErin disabuses us of the superhero idea of one knockout punch ends the battle; rather, we need to keep fighting. @SFKissinger described it as "You win by getting up as many times as they knock you down" Then this:
16.81/ Waiting for the vote tallies from PA/GA/NV/AZ makes me feel like my ancestors Sarah & Abraham: in tents! #SorryBadPun #ButSeriouslyIAmTense
16.82a/ Yes, it's terrible that so many people voted twice for a fascist rapist white-supremacist con-man criminal & his whole enabling party. But I emphasize often: America was attacked via cyber-war, aided by a massive disinformation campaign through Facebook & Youtube
16.82b/ An entire political party from top to bottom aided this propaganda attack on America; entire industries - news media and especially Big Tech - went along with the cyber war.

We have NO IDEA what Americans would have done or chosen without that effect
16.82c/ There are certainly enough Americans who knew the reality & were happy to support it. Toxic masculinity & the crisis of the lost-boys, the white majority staring down the face of their increasing irrelevance etc. is too big to dismiss, and I won't. Too much authentic evil
16.82d/ But there's much more evidence that the voters had no idea what the GOP actually stood for. The maskless goofuses who slurp their guns at night for fear of a Black nation coming for their power yet think viruses don't exist aren't all who support the GOP
16.83e/ There's a lot of evidence to show that voters don't know that the GOP stands for utter depraved evil. Trump (ym'sh) got away with obscene lies - e.g. pre-existing conditions protection - because he was never held accountable!

That consequence-less environment must end
16.83f/ If and when we can finally have the truth of the GOP made clear - we need to smash Facebook/Fox/Sinclair to do so - then we'll be able to ratchet down the blind polarization.

Make Fascists Pariahs Again!
16.84/ We must make #MoscowMitch feel the heat for his tactics. He believes he's won. That can't continue too much longer if the Democrats know what they're doing (I'm GenX, I remember when Dems played hardball, cf. Tip O'Neil)
16.85/ @Rschooley (like so many professional writers) says it better than I have:

16.86/ If you had told me that in the week following the #Steelers beating BAL on the road to remain undefeated & gearing up to face DAL & their Z-string QB corps, that I wouldn't even be paying attention to the team, I would've laughed. But 2020 man. Gevalt
16.87a/ Occasionally, instead of reading twitter, I thought of listening to cable news for the results. Wow, what a mistake. They sell fear for ad space. They draw it out, keep us in suspense, just to keep us watching. So much filler isn't empty calories, it's active damage
16.87b/ It also reminds me of the Simpsons where Homer calls the NFL betting line & it's super slow "C'mon c'mon! Don't you realize this is costing me money!"

Yeah, man. Cable news knows their Fear For Money (online: fear for clicks) works!
16.88/ I'm a BIG fan of ruthlessness in the pursuit of justice. I remember when Dems played hardball. The demographic shifts, the culture of Reagan its hatred of government plus veneration of cruelty, made it harder to get to our goals. That must end, now
16.89/ Hearing about PA offices closing for a breather, I'm getting intimate knowledge of counties in NV & GA, AZ looking blue then red then blue. Can't they just say "we'll release the tallies at 5pm, go back to work"

I'm feeling like Chevy in "Spies Like Us":
16.90/ Bingo!

First of all people who should know better but have every financial incentive to act dumb are calling the election 'close' because the votes haven't been counted yet!

I dislike their bad faith but also the insult to my intelligence.

16.91/ They're going to keep counting and then declare a winner on Friday night, right? Over Shabbas... so I won't know and live in suspense over an entire day. Why? Because 2020, that's why.

16.92/ I was in college in 1994 so I can be excused for not knowing that the awesome Sesame Street had a satire of Trump (ym'sh) called Donald Grump until today... WHOA.

CTW's contribution to America deserves infinite blessings…
16.93/ Seriously, I hereby declare (that's the lingo, right) a moratorium on Hot Takes about What This Election Means until the actual data comes in! While I decry the fear mongers on cable news, the magazine-news equivalent seems to be "This (4% of the data) tells us I'm right!"
16.94/ @RalstonReports do amazing work & I'm getting to know the counties pretty well (at least for this week). 6 EV may feel like nothing when the full total comes in, but that's why seeing how this plays out in real time is important. 6 will be nice rn

16.95/ From the Very Long Yesterday (and connected to my thread on why, right now, we're in the midst of a 3rd Civil War)
16.96a/ Who knows which way Arizona will shake out, eventually, but I want on the record that FoxNews calling it helped me get to sleep Thursday night. All the fearmongering ghouls in the media (& twitter) credulously reported the Red Mirage as real.

16.96b/ So odds are that FoxNews will be wrong, as usual, about everything (don't @ me, they were Lord Haw Haw on all cylinders, even the 'hard news' goobs), so AZ could flip back red. But the temporary lie helped me when I needed it. Uh oh, that's a great metaphor for something
16.98/ I like this idea: let Trump (ym'sh) imagine he can run again in 2024 - despite the ample proof he'll be incapacitated by dementia or incarcerated (with dementia) - as a way of getting him to concede

16.99/ Just realized what this current agony reminds me of: the night when McCain voted to save the ACA!

It was an agonizing wait, looking for clues & I felt a community with everyone else sharing the moment together over twitter & then we were saved

16.100a/ I have no idea how it turns out, I'm feeling good that Biden will win, but I have long been afraid of what the Trump Crime Family exit strategy was going to be. This is just part one.
16.100b/ Luckily, it seems that my predictions of the GOP cutting him loose once he loses, look accurate. They see the results of the election and think - with the Senate - they can continue to destroy & steal.

I think they're wrong, but I'm happy they're putting the gun down
16.100c/ If the institutional GOP is happy to rest on their big piles of stolen money & power and let Trump (ym'sh) twist in the wind - based on their #Literalist inability to understand cause and effect - then I'm OK with that, as long as there's no hot war
16.100d/ Because things definitely can get worse over the next 2 months, but that can be quelled if the GOP is high on their own supply and thinks they actually won this round.

It'll be poetic justice that their hubris gives us what we need. Please God. Please
16.101/ This gives me the same vibe when I have to grade papers.

"OK, that was 2 hours, how many do I have left?

16.102/ The fascists have been with us in America forever. The periods of equality and liberty have actually been brief and give us an illusory luxury that we were always that way. For every FDR or Great Society there were decades of depravity

16.103/ Ah, so I see 'jump to conclusions about what the 2020 election means before the votes have finished being counted' is something actual politicians are doing on internal calls.

Le sigh
16.104a/ The GOP seems to be naturally adept at fascism and making disinformation campaigns. Forcing the vote counting to wait until after Tuesday has created a false narrative that democracy is broken. They planned this agony; they want it.
16.104b/ Our democracy doesn't have to be this broken. This is all from Ronald Reagan's Revolution, pushed along by Gingrich and his merry fascists.

This could have been final on Tuesday, but the GOP *wants* it to break down. It's how they win. It's the only way they *can* win.
16.105/ That's a big 10-4, Dr. Bitecofer. Social science needs to lead the way in analyzing this
16.106/ The good news: it appears that both Senate seats in Georgia will go to run-off, we can still take control of the Senate!

Bad news: That means the 2020 election will continue until 2021!
16.107/ Asking @Redistrict to say the magic words - "I've seen enough" - even though he's told us he won't do it - but still begging him to do it, is the humor that's gotten me through this day.
16.108/ Evidently, Trump (ym'sh) didn't show up to 'work' today (he hides when he's feeling intense narcissistic injury, see @TheRealHoarse) prompting reporters to ask where he is. I'm trying to pour water on that goofy plan

16.109/ I think I figured out why people are waiting on Nevada while I'm waiting for PA
16.110/ Evidently the Trump (ym'sh) advisors are having a sad about the fact that they gonna be beat like the rented mules they were for the institutional GOP
16.111/ 5:15. Oh please, for the love of God, please call PA

16.113/ OMG Georgia would be amazing to pick up
16.115/ Wow. That's finishing strong for the sloppy spray-tanned oaf
16.115b/ BTW, his whole lame-brain plan to force the counting of the votes until after Tuesday was all for this speech tonight. So he could claim fraud and monkey-shines and have his followers rise up.

That's it. And as far as I can see, it's a lead balloon. God I hate him.
16.116/ Great thread by @JohnJHarwood chronicling the falling vote count in Pennsylvania. As far as I've been able to glean, when Biden takes the lead, the networks will call it and call the election.

16.117/ Mitch's threats are stupid. For the GA run-offs, the Dem candidates message should be: Mitch has pledged to stop everything Biden and Pelosi will do. That means no COVID relief, no unemployment, nothing. Vote for me and the Senate flips and we can actually fix things.
16.120/ This... this is bad. They better call the election soon so this threat can be taken very seriously
16.121/ Dude, are you serious? Every other red-state Democrat promised us they could win and got destroyed by 20 points. Collins, Lindsey, the whole lot are going back to DC. I'd loooove for you to win, but please level with us
16.122/ Even if we don't get GA in the end, or the senate seats, Stacy Abrams should be able to write her own ticket in the (BE"H) Biden admin., right? AG? Sure. Defense, great. My favorite for now is DHS so she can reduce it back to it's 20th century components
16.123/ IMO this is what real teshuva looks like. He's been working to dismantle the party he helped build too.
16.125/ This is the content I'm here for
16.126/ I do so love a perfect metaphor. This is one of those
16.127/ It is fun to see political newbies (like my kids) find out the difference between Democratic & GOP counties in terms of how long it takes to count votes (even in a normal year)

It'll be like:
Nosescratch Co. = 17 votes
Metropolis Co. = 1,000,006
16.128/ So, basically, she should wear a cape

16.130/ I've got to go to sleep. But... they could call GA around midnight?

2020 stinks so much that it even makes something awesome - defeating Trump - into yet another existential nightmare of waiting and dread

• • •

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