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The Third Circuit has already ruled in a separate challenge that these ballots can be counted. It is pure fantasy to think that a lower court judge is going to throw them out.

Republicans are showing their anti-democracy colors at every level of government. #CountEveryVote
The most likely scenario is that the federal court dismisses this claim. They will not throw out these votes over a state court.

In American democracy, the equal protection remedy should not be throwing out votes- it should be forcing Westmoreland not to trash people's votes.
Here is a thread on the background of Judge Bibas' opinion in the Third Circuit. The district court is just not going to throw out these votes when a higher court has already ruled they were legally counted.
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Thread: two years ago today, GA was alone & battling to #CountEveryVote. All the organizers, volunteers, & campaign staff hadn’t slept in months, but we were still fighting, alone.

Gov. Nathan Deal, who watched an election get stolen, called a special election during this time
He called the special election supposedly to help GA’s farmers after their crops and fields were destroyed by Hurricane Michael, but we knew it was truly to parade Kemp around so he could look like governor-elect despite who knows how many ballots were left uncounted.
So after having enough, someone Georgia’s bravest and hardest working organizers like Mary Hooks led a protest inside the GA Capitol.

Georgia Capitol police surrounded them because they were simply chanting #CountEveryVote.
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A Philly goodbye to the last coterie of Trump supporters outside of the Convention Center, where an old Trump speech is being played.
Arch street 🔈
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1/ I see dead voters? Not quite. 🤔

As the ballot count drags on, a series of unfounded narratives have proliferated on social media platforms. A recent viral allegation about dead or implausibly old voters in battleground states has gained traction.
2/ These posts typically share screenshots of Secretary of State voter rolls side-by-side with the birthdate of the alleged voter to prove that their vote was counted, despite the improbability that a voter could still be alive if they were born well-over a century ago. Image
3/ Despite both the @MichSoS and @PAStateDept refuting these claims, it has permeated throughout partisan circles as the President’s team files lawsuits in PA, GA, MI, NV to challenge the counting of ballots they allege belong to deceased voters.

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There have been a lot of bad takes about New York State Senate races, so we’re setting the record straight.

1) THERE ARE NO FINAL COUNTS. A record number of people voted by mail, and none of these votes have been counted yet. #CountEveryVote Image
2) For now, it seems the Democrats will maintain a significant majority in the NY Senate, overcoming deeply gerrymandered districts DESIGNED to elect Republicans, and yet Republicans are trying to spin this as their victory. Check out the district map of SD 22: Image
3) In fact, while the mail-in votes still need to be counted, it appears that Democrats in the NY Senate will have at least the second-largest ever majority in modern history. Image
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🧵At the ROV 2018-2020. Thank you to the thousands behind our #PeopleBeforePolitics movement!

We outperformed Biden in a R+12 seat by inspiring first-time voters & crossover voters.

While #CA50 votes remain to be counted, I have faith in the ROV & will respect the final result.
🧵We outperformed some frontline seats despite their being better financed and more favorable Dem vs GOP registration.

We withstood relentless attacks on my heritage from a three-headed opponent: Issa, Trump, and Hunter Sr.
🧵And yet, despite these efforts, we miraculously held our own against The Leader of the Free World, the richest former member of Congress, & the 40-year Hunter Dynasty.

This race remains close because of you, supporters who volunteered their labor and love, days and nights.
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Want to understand provisional ballots in Georgia before any misinformation takes hold? Let’s talk about the facts with these votes and how the counties will evaluate all of them and count any remaining votes.
Under Georgia law, provisional ballots are those that require additional research before they can be counted. Many, if not most, of these ballots ultimately will be lawfully counted in Georgia at the federal level.
There are any number of reasons that a voter may be required to cast a provisional ballot in Georgia, rather than a regular ballot. For this election, I expect to see them fall into five main categories.
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He set up his con months ago: Voter Mail Fraud. There has never been any evidence to support this. But it was his hill to die on. He railed against it. He implored his cult members to vote in person. He told the different GOP state legislatures around the country,
"Don't you DARE let them count mail in votes early!" even during a pandemic. He got his echo chamber anchors on Fox and OANN and talk radio to repeat his lies. He even prematurely forced a new Supreme Court Justice onto the court breaking all norms and decorum ...
that close to an election, and had his rubber stampers in the US Senate go along with it, like they did during impeachment when they wouldn't even call witnesses. All so he could hopefully use "his" Supreme Court (think about how terrifying that is) to invalidate those votes ...
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1/3 UPDATE (2:30am ET): PA SOS ballot totals haven't updated since my 12am ET post, but # of uncounted ballots has decreased. This could reflect:
1. Vote totals haven't uploaded
2. The status of ballots is lagging and are now catching up

#ElectionResults2020 #CountEveryVote
2/3 While I suspect it is #1, without knowing for sure I don't want to publish misleading or inaccurate model results.

The number of counted ballots has gone down by 44K since 11pm, but only 10K ballots have been reported. If it is #1, then it is likely that Biden leads Trump.
3/3 However, if it is #2, then Biden's forecasted margin of victory is slightly smaller (~80K). However, until the SOS Posts more data, I cannot confidently say.

Regardless, it still looks like good news for #BidenHarris2020
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#StopTheSteal vs

#CountEveryLegalVote vs

#CountRealVotes (my creation)

Which hashtag and slogan is the best persuasion play to convince middle America?

Which slogan will convince your average Joe that the election is being stolen, he has been violated and he needs to act?

Pros- Appeals to those who think the vote is being stolen & riles up the base

Cons - Doesn't say how to stop the steal. Middle America is not convinced there is a steal. You need to convince people there was a steal before they'll try to help you stop it...
#StopTheSteal is extremely partisan.

Do you think that a bunch of Trump supporters wearing MAGA outfits chanting Stop The Steal will convince anyone that a wrong is happening. You might as well scream "Lock her up".

You need to appeal to those outside of your echo chamber.
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I was at the TCF Center in Detroit yesterday as a non-partisan poll challenger. The woman in the maroon shirt with the black mask was one of the GOP challengers I monitored. At one point, she yelled that a ballot needed to be thrown out because it “looked sticky.” Another time
She demanded that the poll workers stop what they were doing and backup all computers in case of power outage or tornado(?). Just baseless, bad faith challenges to slow the process. And after Trump filed his lawsuit and MI was called for Biden, the GOP strategy shifted to
Challenge every single ballot. I know this because I overheard their organizers pass on the new message. They didnt even pretend to have a reason for doing so, just repeated “I challenge this ballot; I challenge that ballot” over and over again as the poll workers tried to count.
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If you appreciate Pennsylvania delivering Trump a historic defeat, please support the people-powered grassroots organizations that made a plan to win and have been working their asses off for four years to bring it home.

Organizations (with links) in thread:
Lancaster Stands Up. @lancstandsup

The original Stands Up! We started 10 days after Trump won in 2016, with an emergency community meeting of 300 Lancaster residents. We've been in the streets and on the doors for four solid years.

Donate here:
Reclaim Philadelphia. @reclaimphila

A crew of Bernie 2016 staffers decided to dig in and build big. They've won some incredible uphill races since then, including this year winning it for @NikilSaval and @rick4westphilly

Donate here:…
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UPDATE (10:30pm ET): @SenBobCasey is on CNN saying that @JoeBiden should win #Pennsylvania2020 by ~100K votes. This is consistent with my forecasting models, which are showing a 93K vote margin for #BidenHarris2020 once mail-in ballots have been counted.

FACT CHECK: @SenBobCasey stated that Biden is winning ~80% of mail-in ballots in Lehigh County. @JoeBiden has won 77.8% of mail-in ballots in Lehigh, so I'm calling this one true.

#CNNElection #PennsylvaniaForBiden
The predicted winning margin for #BidenHarris2020 in #Pennsylvania has been pretty stable for the past 8 hours.

#ElectionResults2020 #Election2020 #CountEveryVote
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The dynamics of the Alaska Senate race at this hour remain in a state of flux. With approximately 44.6 percent of the ballots not yet counted, we believe we will win once every vote has been counted in the state.
*TOTAL number of votes COUNTED: 190,872*
—Election Day: 154,604
—Early vote before Oct. 30: 36,268
*What remains UNCOUNTED: 153,423*
—Mail-in ballots: 116,730 (and growing)
—Early vote between Oct. 30 - Nov. 3: 16,963
—Questioned Ballots (Estimation): 20,000
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Holy smokes. Georgia is under 4,000 separating them and most of the ballots still out are in big blue areas.
2,441,904 for Biden to 2,445,539 for Trump in Georgia right now, with some 6k coming in from red counties but two to three TIMES that coming in from blue zones.

This is going to be wild.
Whoa. Mail-ins from a RED county that came in just now broke for Biden, not Trump.
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And then a couple #gritty s joined the #counteveryvote party in Philly
Head on over to @CBSPhilly to see photos I captured from the Count Every Vote day, and the two Gritty's dancing. This picture is when they first saw each other.… Image
Photos from Count Every Vote Rally on my blog PhillyChitChat today -…
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Fash faces thread, here's who's otg in Philly trying to fuck up democracy #otgphilly #CountEveryVote
Jovi Val being extra in the corner
These chuds
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Count Every Vote / Every Vote Counts: A Story About Commitment to Fairness and Democracy

This is a story about my friend @LongoriaTx, Harris County's new Elections Administrator, & her runoff election in 2019 for Houston City Council against the incumbent.
Runoff election night, as we watch returns, the race tightens. At the evening's end, Longoria is losing by 12 votes to the incumbent council member. It's time for provisional ballots to be reviewed and cured if possible. We don't know which way those ballots will break.
After much 'that's not how we do it usually, but okay if you wanna,' Longoria & the incumbent's campaigns get a list of 558 names of people who voted provisionally. The list is lacking in key info, like which "John Smith" in District H is the one who voted a provisional ballot.
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Rebuilt my PA Forecasting model using updated county-level data from PA SOS.

Model forecasts that Biden could win by 185K votes once all of the still-to-be-counted ballots are counted.

#Election2020 #CountEveryVote #Pennsylvania
Here's what three different approaches suggest potential outcomes in #pennsylvania. There are more uncounted ballots in counties where registered Democrats have a big number advantage than in counties where GOP voters have any advantage.

Looks good for Biden.

What a difference 45 minutes makes. My forecasted margin of victory for Joe Biden in #pennsylvania went down by about 30%, but he's still projected to win by 94K votes. Models are also starting to triangulate.

Come on Joe!

#Election2020 #CountEveryVote
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Hi everybody! Checking in again while we #CountEveryVote with more good news to tide you over. You ready? Here we go.
.@JoeBiden is winning the popular vote by more than 4 million votes. He received more votes than any candidate in history and all signs point to victory if we're patient and #CountEveryVote. We have work ahead, but make no mistake, this is the clear choice we were looking for.
Georgia just last year seemed almost unreachable. But thanks to @StaceyAbrams and @fairfightaction, it's ready to flip #blue! The race is tighter by the minute, with many votes left to be counted sourced to Fulton County aka John Lewis' district. All eyes on #GA!
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#UPDATE on #Pennsylvania: Trump's edge is being winnowed down. There are now only 142k votes between Biden and Trump. Trump still leads BUT the mail-ins are leaning more than 80% Biden, so we are on board for him to take #PA. More data to come from the SoS late today.
My latest data is that the near #Philly suburbs are trending Biden. These trended Trump in 2016 among white voters.
There will be a #CountEveryVote rally in #Philly this afternoon AND a #STOPTHECOUNT rally.
Also, Trump is working to stop the count in #PA. That may slow counting but won't end it. Right now Biden is over 80% in #Philly. Hillary had 85% in 2016 and we know there were many more votes this year because of mail-in ballots. About 8% more. So that would give Biden 8% more.
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💥 Sorry, Mitch, but the Senate isn’t yours yet.

Right now, the Dems and GOP have 48 Senators each. Still to go:

🏛 Runoff for Reverend Raphael Warnock against Loeffler, January 5
🏛 Only 56% of the votes have been counted in #Alaska for Dr. Al Gross
🏛 #NorthCarolina has not been called yet although Tillis has a lead over Cal Cunningham
🏛 #Georgia has not been called yet although David Perdue is leading Jon Ossoff

🏛 And as many people have also pointed out, likely winner Kamala Harris as VP will be President of the Senate and will break any ties.
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Hundreds in the streets leaving Nubian square heading downtown. #CountEveryVote #StopTrump
Lots of youth out tonight at the @SunriseBoston Socialist Alternative march #CountEveryVote
“America was never great! / Abolish the police state!” #CountEveryVote
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1/ Accurate counting of ballots takes time. Depending on state protocols, and how close the results are, this process often takes multiple days. Claims that delays in any way indicate fraud are patently false. 🧵⤵️
2/ We’ve seen these false claims spread across platforms–incl. Facebook, Twitter and reddit. These claims invoke delays in large, close states (PA, WI, MI and GA) claiming without merit that pauses in counting or counting on the day after the election is evidence of fraud. Image
3/ Multiple sources, including the AP, confirmed before the election that delayed results would be expected and normal. They cite the large number of mail-in and absentee ballots, which take longer to count, as the primary reason.…
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