1/ Introducing my new series: INSIDE THE EVENT HORIZON with @MimesisCapital


Why is One Bitcoin Worth $18,000?
2/ $330,000,000,000 (330 BILLION DOLLARS)

That’s the total current value stored on the Bitcoin network, and it is likely undervalued by 200x-1000x (or more).
3/ In 2009, not a single Bitcoin existed. Today, over 18 Million of them exist and each one is worth $18,000 (18.5 million x 18,000 = 330 Billion Dollars of Value).

How is this possible?
4/ $18,000 is roughly the “market” price of a Bitcoin. This does not mean that everyone views Bitcoin equally. Some people see Bitcoin as being worth nothing, some people see Bitcoin as being worth around $18,000, and some people see a single Bitcoin being worth $10,000,000+.
5/ All value is subjective to each person throughout the world. Each person has the opportunity to buy, sell, hold, or do nothing with Bitcoin everyday they wake up, whether they are consciously thinking about it or not.
6/ Some people say Bitcoin is money, Bitcoin is digital gold, or Bitcoin is currency, but no single comparison fits Bitcoin perfectly.

Bitcoin is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s unique characteristics make it unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.
7/ Bitcoin is the ultimate SAVINGS TOOL. It’s what you use to save your wealth for the future.

Unlike other savings tools, like gold, dollars, euros, stocks, or bonds, Bitcoin is the superior tool for preserving your wealth without counterparty risk for the long run.
8/ More and more people are beginning to understand this idea, and it makes for a reasonable explanation of why the price of Bitcoin tends to keep going up, violently, over and over again.
9/ This is just the beginning of what Bitcoin will become.

Since Bitcoin is the ultimate SAVINGS TOOL, it simply has NO price top. Even at full adoption, it makes sense to use Bitcoin as a SAVINGS TOOL.
10/ It is highly possible that we have no idea how valuable a single Bitcoin will be worth.

It is my guess that even the most bullish price targets are wrong by orders of magnitude.
11/ If you want to read the full report on why #Bitcoin is worth $18,000, then checkout this medium post from @MimesisCapital.

In next week's report, I will go MUCH further inside the event horizon. Reply or DM specific topics you’d like me to research.


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11 Nov

Let me quickly explain why this threat is HIGHLY overestimated and why it is NOT possible or even reasonable.

$1,000,000+ #Bitcoin is nearly inevitable.
2/ First, if someone is presenting this argument, they've conceded that Bitcoin is the world's most valuable monetary good ever discovered.

They understand that Bitcoin will become so incredibly valuable that it may threaten government itself.
3/ Many reference that private gold ownership was banned in the US in 1933.

BUT, people forget that the reason private gold ownership was banned is because the USD was redeemable for a fixed amount of gold. They needed to break the peg to expand credit (to stimulate).
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5 Nov
As we enter #Bitcoin's next parabolic bull run from $3,000 to $1,000,000 and beyond, I'm compiling a thread (below) of all major Twitter threads written to help YOU understand what is happening.
Bitcoin is NOT a bubble. It's the world's best form of money.

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25 Oct
1/ It's intuitive for smart people to see Bitcoin as a ponzi/bubble at first.


Because MONETARY VALUE is DEPENDENT on OTHER HUMANS. If you are trapped on a island alone, monetary goods (dollars, gold, bitcoin) serve no use for you.
2/ However, a fishing pole is valuable whether you're alone or not.

Like most goods, it isn't dependent on other humans to be useful.

It's a tool that will help you obtain food whether you're alone or with billions of other people.
3/ But just because Bitcoin's value is DEPENDENT on OTHER HUMANS doesn't mean it's simply a ponzi based on a "collective hallucination".
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27 Feb
1/ The Bitcoin stock to flow model by @100trillionUSD describes that the price of bitcoin can mostly be explained by its ever increasing SCARCITY.

Today I will explain how this is rational.

$1+ Million Bitcoin is inevitable.
2/ Bitcoin is a good. A toothbrush is also a good. Certain properties make some goods better than other goods for specific use cases. A toothbrush needs to have an appropriate size, a secure handle, and soft bristles (if you plan on using it to brush your teeth).
3/ Certain goods are well suited for brushing teeth (like a toothbrush), and some goods are well suited for being used as money.

Goods that are well suited to be used as money have the following properties: durable, divisible, transactable, fungible, portable, and SCARCE.
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12 Apr 19
1/ This thread will explain why Bitcoin will become the first world currency worth ≈ $98 Million USD per Bitcoin (in today’s dollars).

Timeline: 1-2 Decades
2/ What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is software that transfers value using a currency protected from unexpected inflation without relying on your government or bank.
3/ In short, Bitcoin is the best and final form of money ever created.
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21 Feb 19
1/ If you have a net worth over $1 Million and own 0 Bitcoin, you need to read this.
2/ Bitcoin is the next and final evolution of money. It will usher in a new economic paradigm that will fundamentally disrupt the existing fiat banking system.
3/ Bitcoin has a radical built in incentive mechanism. It's called scarcity. Almost nothing in life is absolutely scarce other than loved ones, fine art and Bitcoin.
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