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From the 1930 epic "The Big Dog House," which I regard as the Citizen Kane of talking dog prison melodramas. During the 1930s Pete Smith produced a whole series of "barkies" for MGM featuring trained dogs, often parodying hit movies of the time.…
Today's kickoff is a nice Allard-influenced hot rod, a 1932 Ford roadster, channeled, sectioned grille, Duval windshield, and the 2 intakes popping up through hood suggest hopped up flathead. Bozeman probably had a few of these in 1952.
*Behind it are a 1951 Ford woody and a 1949-51 Chevy.

**Sidney Allard was sort of the precursor of Carroll Shelby, a Brit who built sports cars with American V8s (Ford/Mercury flatheads, OHV Cadillacs, and Chrysler Hemis) starting in 1946-7. One finished #3 at LeMans.
A fantastic pic, and I've been pondering and pondering the very unusual cowl. The closest I can conjure is a circa 1920 Stanley coupe, though not certain. If so this is my first Stanley Steamer ID request.
And if not, this definitely is: Grandpa almost certainly had the fastest car on his block with his ca. 1914 Stanley 606 roadster, although it took a bit of time to get the boiler up to steam.
In the early 20th Century there was a pitched battle over whether steam, electric, or gasoline would be the automotive standard. Steam certainly had a speed advantage, setting the world land speed record at 127 mph in 1906; that record for steam cars lasted 103 years.
*The reason gasoline won had nothing to do with the nefarious oil trusts, it was because you could transport and store gasoline out in the middle of nowhere, and refuel quickly.
This post-Pearl Harbor swabby looks ready for action, rocking some Ray-Ban Aviators as a 1939 Chevy coupe approaches.
This smilin' Cornhusker is leaning on a 1935 Ford 3/4 or 1 ton pickup.
You are correct sir, a 1941-46 International K3 or K4 flatbed, looks set up for hauling livestock. (unlike cars, trucks were continually made through WW2 and were titled as 1943-45 vehicles)
Looks like a fanciful "what if" custom cyclecar powered by a relatively new BMW motorcycle engine.

"Cyclecars" were small open cars mostly powered by air-cooled motorcycle engines and were quite popular in pre-war UK and Europe. The iconic example is the Morgan 3 wheeler, powered by a front mounted JAP (for J.A. Prestwich) V twin.
Yessir, what you have there is a 1949 or 50 Dodge Coronet or Wayfarer.
A Chihuahua-sized circa 1933 Austin 7 roadster.
Re the previous junkpile ID, first clue was the engine. Plug spacing and manifold told me Dodge flathead 6; bumper narrowed it down to 1949-50 lower priced model.
Another forlorn mid-century Dodge in the woods, this one a 1948-50 panel truck.
Foreground car is a 1940 Chevy; regarding the background I'm afraid you are astray, as not all split grille cars are Pontiac. That one is a 1937-38 Buick.
Neat photo, and reminds me of my farmer grandpa telling me about going to Friday raffle night in town. Bottom right car is 1932 Ford sedan; 1st row is all Ford: 39-40 coupe, 37 pickup, 30 Fordor, and 34 Tudor.
Awwww. The two-tone paint on the 1956 Ford Fairlane behind Lil' Mom seems to match the Utah Rockies in the background.
The Clo-Po-Po kept a wary eye out for speeders in a 1946-47 (I assume 1947) Ford with Appleton spotlights. In the background, a 1937-38 Chevy.
The crew is piled on a 1940-41 Ford 3/4+ ton truck; on right is 1941 Ford 3/4+ ton (side trim on hood helps narrow to 1941).
1956 Plymouth Savoy. I dig how the hood letters have been reduced to "MO." Reminds me of how mini-truck guys used to blank out their Toyota tailgates to say "TOY" or "YO"
Terrific picture, and pending opinions from my Euro car friends I will say a circa 1924 Fiat 501 touring car. And it looks like rear tire has a flat-via.
Brand spankin' new 1917 Ford Model T roadster, and Lil' Grandpa in his patriotic WW1 doughboy uniform. I have a similar photo of my 5 year old dad in his tot-size WW2 uniform, and I still have that uniform.

Your other grandpa was from the Chevy side of the family, and looks like he's having the time of his life atop the hood of a 1927 Chevy Capitol.
That's because what you're looking at here is not a stock vehicle, it's a "speedster" style stripped down Ford Model T. Likely started out a 1907-14 brass era roadster.
Yet another Mopar in the woods, this one a 1946-48 Chrysler or DeSoto. Suicide rear door cars were very common until 1950.
Dandy photo of a 1947 Pontiac at the Pure station.
Even a fuzzy picture can't obscure the unmistakable lines of a 1959 Ford Galaxie convertible.
You can tell your friend Dave says it's a 1933 Plymouth sedan.
Sorry folks, that's all the time I have today. Back tomorrow for more adventures in car identificatin'. Excelsior!

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