Hawan/ Yagna - An Ancient Indian mind management technique

- Many misunderstand hawan is done for full filling their wish but it's not
-it's a therapeutic sacrifice and season your mental and physical energy levels
- It's a basis of the modern age stress relief aroma therapy
Key needs of ancient Indian Yagna were

- Rare herbs
- Rare dried roots and aromatic flowers
- Pure Ghee
- Rare firewood / Samith
-Hawan is a process in which special herbs are offered in the fire of medicinal woods ignited in a specially designed fire pit
-Due to high temperature of fire, the vapours of these oils from herbs enter into the central nervous system through nasal route
-As per modern science and ancient texts on medicine, nasal drug delivery systems are the best for the diseases related to brain and head

-Maha mrtyunjay mantra enlightens that aroma does gives rise to good health (sughandhim puushtivardhanam
-In Yajurveda, Hawan is said to be the Naabhi (nucleus) of the the entire world. Just like Naabhi is the most important place in the Human body, so is the role of Yagya in this world.
-“Pra Yajnamanmaa Vrijanam Tiraate” (Rigveda 7–61–4)
Means performing sacred Yajna solves all problems of life.
-“One’s intellect is purified with the Yajna” (Rigveda 3–32–12)
-Yagnya renews brain cells, revitalizes the skin, purifies the blood.
-The aromatic substances during Yagnya get diffused in the air and offer protection to human life against harmful organisms.
-The fumigation of specific object in the Yagna — fire is a scientific method of subtilisation of matter into energy and elaborate its potential and positive effects in the surrounding air.
-The electromagnetic waves generated thereby help in transmitting at cosmic level, the desired sonic signals ‘stored’ in the Mantras, which are chanted during the process of sacrificing the special materials in the fire
As per ancient sages by doing yagya,
-Sattva guna increases which is symbolized by cleanliness, peace,, purity of mind and clarity in thoughts

-Yagnya is also glorified as “Yajóoaya Sarvakamdhuk” meaning, “Yagya is the source of fulfilling all desires”
This means your mind becomes undesirable to worldly desire

At end of Yagna, All 5 sensory organs get pure like having hit a reset button
-Yagna develop a state of gratitudeness, grace and total surrender.
- Feel the sensations of the divine fire penetrating inside your body and mind and removing the stuck and negative vibrations.
-One have to be silent and reach a state of transcendental meditation to get aware of what is happening inside and outside of your body while doing and completing the Yagna
-Proper Yagna will remove all road blocks and ensure the seeker attain peace, prosperity and success
-After doing Yagna , many people have seen a dramatic shift in their consciousness level and mental wellbeing
-Yagna is a supreme and highly revered technique to guide people from the trap of ignorance and bring them on the path of Devotion, Awareness & Enlightenment

-That's why most of sages were associating themselves with Yagna mode of worship

• • •

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- Soaking Ginger will relieve any pain or fatigueness

-Soaking Sabja seeds will aid weight loss and will minimize pot belly Image
Ayurveda specifies pot based on mud source has distinct medicinal value

our ancestors cherished pot made from

-River Mud
-Lake Mud
-Mountain Sand
-Forest Terrain
-Dessert Source
-Pond Mud
- Fertile Land
-Termite Mud Image
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