THREAD ON VACCINE DISTRIBUTION AND STATES: Lots still to be determined, but worth knowing that states are mapping out planning which falls into 4 categories. 1/
1)Demand: This is tricky. I think polling showing high reluctance is likely to change with vaccine and new Admin. Local and national influencers will be key for tailored engagement. But general population not until summer so have to set expectations of timing as well. 2/
2)Allocation: High priority groups are easy though no definitive fed guidelines yet -- health care/medical; critical infrastructure/teachers/supply chain; over 65; high risk; general population; children (?; some trials with 12-18yos now). States will have some leeway. 3/
Allocation (continued): states are segmenting those populations now so that when supply increases, fed distribution will align (unlike H1N1, this will NOT be a population based distribution). 4/
3)Distribution: Global logistics, inventory management, and then the last mile for vaccine and supporting needs (syringes, dry ice, needles). Defense Production Act comes into play; get industry moving 1/20/20. National Guard/military good for bulk, building mass vax clinics 5/
Distribution (continued): etc. Not so good on last mile. Public health focus on rural and underserved areas which will be harder. Hope is new guidelines for vaccine administration costs coverage for non-medical personnel (volunteers, etc) to administer shots after training. 6/
4)Verification: global and national cards (yes, we will carry or have verification proof). Big fan of carrots and sticks approach here, making things prohibitive (air travel) without vaccination. Employers key: condition employment on verification. Unions too. 7/
That's what I know. All doable. Just complex. Such happy news about vaccines. We can be happy. But until then (for general population think mid-2021), #wearamask #CancelThanksgiving and everything else to help our health workers and our communities.
Have a good Sunday. 8/8

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17 Nov
THREAD ON REPUBLICAN GOVS AND NEW MASKING RULES: Last night, Iowa's Kim Reynolds became another Rep. Gov to go from "never" to "now" masking rules since Biden won. Rep. Iowa, N. Dakota, W. Virginia, Utah, etc. recently changed course to mandatory mask mandates. Some thoughts 1/
It is not too late. Never too late. The desire to blame or think it is too little is not productive. From the beginning, without national guidance, it was govs who would have to lead the masking mandate during this Articles of Confederation response. 2/…
In our push to get masking and social distancing requirements one state at at time, the single major determinative factor was not the scope of infection, but the Governor's party affiliation. Data proved it. On the "one damn state at a time" effort⬇️.
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2 Nov
THREAD: Today is activation day in public safety for Election Day. None of this is normal; most of it planned for. All good (enuf) so far. An incident does not make a war. Below thread I explained last week. Here is what you should expect for this one. 1/
Activations have stated of all major emergency operations centers, fusion centers and National Guard (if not done already). All that means is that we are prepositioning folks, no leave allowed, begin public presence, and get ready to ratchet up. 2/
Intel is not screaming trouble leading up to 11/3, Trump's language not particularly different than usual crap. Interesting silence in many areas which is good (some intel from white supremacist groups suggests they are standing down due to public safety positioning) 3/
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31 Oct
Pro-tip: As public safety sets up command posts, National Guard deploys, cities board up, Walmart hides ammunition (!), language like this from Trump is what intel folks will be looking at and hoping more for. 1/
It's all madness, yes. But Trump is a master of language, of inciting without saying so. So, it will be interesting to see if this new language -- a man musing that he is better off leaving -- is repeated throughout weekend. It lowers the temperature 2/
and creates a narrative he can live with (and that's all that matters to him, right?). He still is using language of incitement, but it is tempered by the "drive away" stuff. His cabinet with access to means -- Barr, Wolf, Esper -- seem absent. So that's what to look for. 3/
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25 Oct
Thread on preparing for potential local violence on Election Day. The purpose of this is to tell you all what to expect in days ahead; sometimes we are not transparent enough on planning and preparedness and what it looks like. This may be long. But hopefully helpful. 1/
There are three domestic based threats for in person voting on November 3rd: vote suppression, the pandemic, and threats or fears of violence (which is intended to suppress). Then there are foreign threats. All a headache and mess, yes. Each different in terms of preparation.2/
I realize how little those in public safety or public officials (or those who advise them) are disclosing the basic planning efforts going on. That's a shame because it is leading to unnecessary panic or may lead to panic when the plans are put in place. 3/
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22 Oct
Be aware of the "perception hack:" an intrusion that is "intended to leave the impression that foreign powers have greater access to the voting system than they really do."
@julianbarnes @SangerNYT @nicoleperlroth 1/
As described here, these aren't terribly sophisticated or likely disruptive attacks but they are the the "mess with our heads" aspect of information warfare.

It may be the penetration is not solely of state and local election systems but may include other critical infrastructure, such as an electrical grid. This is "voting infrastructure" and the intell community had warned of this in 11/09 as described:

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21 Oct
". . . it was screams."

How does this happen logistically? How did they operationally screw up like this? An immoral policy, yes. But implementation was also beyond excuse because an easy data fix could have solved the inevitable issue of reunification. A brief history. 1/
Customs and Border Protection at DHS documents unlawful immigrants in a database. It has different screens depending on status of detainee. One such screen was "unaccompanied minor" so an agent could put in data about those (mostly teen boys) who showed up WITHOUT A PARENT! 2/
There was no screen for separated families b/c it wasn't done, so the children were inputed as unaccompanied minors. See where this is going? That meant that there was no data entry for who the parent was, their status, identifiers, country of origin, etc., of the child/baby. 3/
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