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VIRAL LOAD & MASKS. New study— hospitalized patients w/ greater viral load have HIGHER risk of #COVID19 death.

📌We know MASKS lower your viral load if you do somehow get infected.

📌Thus, together means: MASKS => ⬇️ VIRAL LOAD => ⬇️DEATH RISK

Thread🧵… Image
2) This study also implies that testing companies should also report viral load (Ct values - lower Ct being higher viral load). It could be more informative.

And currently Ct values of 40 (low viral load) are some say is too high.…
3) “Tests with thresholds so high may detect not just live virus but also genetic fragments, leftovers from infection that pose no particular risk — akin to finding a hair in a room long after a person has left, Dr. Mina said.”
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Sometime today or tomorrow, the US will pass the 200k death mark for COVID since this began earlier this year. Yesterday, I noticed that SC had more deaths than NC despite being less than half the size. So I did some research.
I looked at cases per 100k residents and deaths per 100k residents so that everything is adjusted for population size.

NC has 1771 cases per 100k residents and 29 deaths per 100k residents.

Virginia has 1587 cases per 100k residents and 33 deaths per 100k residents.
Georgia has 2782 cases per 100k residents and 60 deaths per 100k residents.

Florida has 3100 cases per 100k residents and 59 deaths per 100k residents.

Alabama has 2844 cases per 100k residents and 48 deaths per 100 residents.
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If you’re wondering what has happened over the last few weeks in terms of the #COVID19 response and the rise in cases, all you need to do is look at the #PandemicTimeline to understand why we're here.

Also, if you want to wait for the TL;DR, at least enjoy the GIFs.

Unlike some threats, both natural and intentional that happen in an instant and then leave us trying to cope, a #pandemic is a phenomenon that lasts for months. And with each day comes new challenges to the one thing that keeps us calm, trust in those who guide us. 2/20
Normally, when people feel they have little control over their personal exposure, they trust certain authorities. Health leaders use communication to not only calm the public but also demonstrate unity in their message and spark resilience in a community. 3/20
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How children can #WearAMask😷 properly.

Read more about children & masks in relation to #COVID19
How to wear a fabric mask 😷 safely during #COVID19?

😷 Masks during #COVID19: Who should wear them, when and how

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Y'day I watched in horror as this motley crew were herded through Dublin city centre. Their shepherds, a malevolent gang of fascists and conspiracy theorists. They screamed & boo-ed at me as I stood outside Trinity College, the university I graduated from as a medical doctor.
I returned from working abroad at the start of Covid-19 lockdown. I felt I was answering the call of home. I could help and I dropped everything to come back and support our already strained HSE.
I felt some sense of pride returning to the country I love, my home, to do my bit and join in the national effort against Covid-19. I have cared for Covid-19 patients. I have watched and rejoiced as they recovered. I have also grieved when they died, surrounded by strangers.
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[A THREAD] What I learnt and appreciate from Namjoon as #BTS leader:

1️⃣ Humility.

“I think my contribution to this is very small. It’s really the #BTSARMY, the other members here, all our staff, the songwriters, media”

#NamjoonDay #RM @BTS_twt
2️⃣ Positivity.

“I believe that with the bad, there’s always the good - though that could take a long time.”
[#BTS Namjoon on #COVID19 pandemic]

#NamjoonDay #RM
3️⃣ Teamwork = Trust & respect

#NamjoonDay #RM
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🚨BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump admitted he *knew in FEBRUARY* that the #coronavirus was dangerous, airborne, highly contagious and "more deadly than even your strenuous flus,” adding that it was ~5 times "more deadly" than the flu.

‼️"I wanted to always play it down," Trump told Bob Woodward on March 19.

As a consequence, over 6,000,000 Americans have been infected with #coronavirus and nearly 200,000 are DEAD.🤬

#TrumpVirus #COVID19
I began warning about this #coronavirus in JANUARY. If, instead of LYING about the threat, Trump had acted decisively in early February with a #lockdown and a consistent message to #WearAMask, social distance and wash hands, MANY THOUSANDS of American lives could have been saved.
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"Eight months into the #COVID19 pandemic, we understand that people are tired and yearn to get on with their lives. We understand that countries want to get their societies and economies going again. "-@DrTedros
"That’s what WHO wants too. Stay-at-home orders & other restrictions are something that some countries felt they needed to do to take pressure off their health systems. But they have taken a heavy toll on livelihoods, economies & mental health."-@DrTedros #COVID19
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Trump: Day 1,314 (THREAD)
-5,999,579 Cases of COVID-19 in US
-US CV19 Death Toll Rises to 183,639
-Forced CDC to Change Test Guidance
-Ex-OANN Reporter Gets Sr. FDA Post
-US Troops Injured by Russian Forces
-Pence Touts Police Amidst Protests
-Calls for Drug Tests Before Debates
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There appears to be a lot of confusion between #ISOLATION and #QUARANTINE.

These are two distinct and crucial public health measures required to prevent the spread of #COVID19.

However, they are triggered by different things and the guidance differs for both... Here's why 1/n
Firstly a few important definitions
#ISOLATION (or self-isolation) is used for people with confirmed/suspected COVID-19.

#QUARANTINE (or restricted movements) is used for people who were potentially exposed to the virus, via a close contact or travel, but who are NOT sick.
The current Irish guidance recommends that you can end #ISOLATION If your test comes back negative (e.g. if you had symptoms).

If your test is positive, you can only end #ISOLATION if:
No fever for 5 days and
14 days since first developed symptoms.…
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A 🧵 about the times I thought #Covid19 might have been trying to finish me off. At the time I played them down a bit - because I didn’t want folk to worry/panic. But now we’re through the worst, it’s worth candid sharing, to highlight that #LongCovid is not worth the risk. 1/
First was in Week 3/4 and it was about the lungs. One night just being unable to breathe, having to sleep prone, and it passing my mind (not as anxiety, just as pragmatism really) that I might not wake up. Obviously I did, so that was good. 2/
Second was Week 7
I think, and the first of a number of Covid-heart events. Resting pulse was 120 with palpitations - was sent to A&E. ECG fine (usual Covid story). Bit scary. But we now know (think) it’s just inflammation presenting as cardiac events. Didn’t know it then 😬 3/
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Arrivati a quasi un anno di contagi , abbiamo già i primi pezzi, seppur non completi, per scrivere il futuro capitolo su #SARSCoV2 nei libri di Microbiologia e Malattie Infettive. Ma ci manca un paragrafo importante oltre ad una vera Terapia eradicante,

Il Follow-Up. | Thread ~
Si dovranno definire delle precise linee guida che riguardino tempi di visita e diagnosi precoce di eventuali effetti cronici post-Infezione. Il motivo per cui non vogliamo il #COVIDー19 non è perché è bello spaventare le persone, è davvero perché non lo conosciamo.
È importante l’asintomatico. Ci è noto oggi che l’asintomatico è in grado di contagiare e può allo stesso modo acquisire anomalie ancora oggetto di studio. Questo non accorgendosi di essere contagiato non potrà essere inserito in tempi brevi in un percorso di Follow-Up preventivo
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Covering the bar shutdowns happening in Tuscaloosa— and being greeted by some very rude students. Getting flicked off. People screaming “stupid b*tch” and “f*ck Walt Maddox” at us. We’re on the sidewalk. In a public space. Just doing our jobs.
Unsure why these students decided to direct their anger at us. We don’t work for the mayor. We don’t work for the bars. We are just covering a story.
Another student yelled at us, “thanks for shutting us down news people.” For the record, I don’t have that authority.
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You may have heard about the massive number of COVID-19 tests being run as colleges try to bring students back to campus. These “rapid” antigen tests provide results in 15 min, but how does that work and is it as good as the RT-PCR test? A #SciCommSunday thread.
Let’s start by taking a look at the structure of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – that’s the virus that causes COVID-19. The virus has an outer shell made up of different proteins and that surrounds a molecule called RNA.
The RNA molecule carries all of the instructions needed to make the proteins, and that is how a virus can hijack the machinery of your cells to make more copies of itself and cause an infection to spread throughout your body.
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After 6 months of #lockdown and #lab shutdown I spent a full day 9 am-8 pm in lab doing experiments! New #grad students in #lifesciences: There is always light 💡 and #fluorescent images at the end of the tunnel! Filing a #patent on my #invention from #phd work soon @OrganOnAChip
This is an Organ on a Chip platform that enables mimicking #tissues and #organs in a high throughput manner! The main focus will be towards developing #mucosal organs with tissue resident #immune cells and lining #epithelial cells for #testing #COVID19 treatments #covidvaccines
I recently gave a talk at #oooc2020 organized by @GVNlab at @Columbia. In the talk I demonstrated the #ease of fabrication, #functionality, and #modularity of this platform.
We’re open to #collaborate with interested #researchers! Interested to learn more:
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Trump: Day 1,306 (THREAD)
-5,655,328 Cases of COVID-19 in US
-US CV19 Death Toll Rises to 175,040
-Wants Credit for 20,000 Addt'l Deaths
-Slams New Zealand Over 9 CV Cases
-16% of FHA Mortgages Delinquent
-DeJoy is Suspending USPS Changes
-Senate Intel Details Russian Collusion Image
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I have a 3 & 6 year old registered in a @TCDSB school, the 1st ON board to mandate masks for kids Jk to Gr 3. The pushback on this by parents is mond-boggling so a thread on why I am very supportive of this decision. #SafeSeptemberON #TCDSB
Unfortunately @Sflecce has not given the boards resources to allow for small cohorts with 2m distancing in well ventilated areas. If we had that, masks would not be needed. But instead what we face is 32 people enclosed in a small room 5 days a week.
Anyone who thinks this is remotely safe without masks with this virus either has not been paying attention or expects other people to work in conditions they would never put themselves in.
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1/15 A thread on how #disinformation and doubt takes a toll on public trust, an example from just this morning.

The #DenialMachine's #Trollers make it hard for the average person to tell fact from fiction and to #ListenToExperts.

Phil is an example of someone who's gotten lost.
2/15 Look at the pic of Phil's reply to my comment on his post in Trudeau's thread: there's a lot to unpack.

First, notice the wording: he accuses me of "fear-mongering" on climate change.

More replies to Phil here from other people on his ignorance:
3/15 Phil's misplaced confidence in his own opinion (on #COVID19 and #ClimateChange both) is a result of fear.

He doesn't know who to trust and doesn't have the education/experience to decide logically.

So he's looking for sources that match his opinion that All Is Well, sadly.
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You’ve heard that it’s important to #WearAMask. That’s true – masks save lives. But, you might not have heard that some masks are better than others. And, new research shows that some masks might even be counterproductive. Wondering how masks work and why this matters? A thread.
So, how do masks offer protection? You can think of a mask as a filter, and the smaller the holes in the filter, the fewer things can pass through. But, the coronavirus is tiny – it has a diameter of 125 nanometers, or nm for short. Here’s a picture of it under a microscope. Image
How small is that? Look at piece of your hair – it has a width of about 50-100 microns. 1 micron is equal to 1000 nanometers. That means that you would have to line up 400-800 virus particles to span the miniscule width of one of your hairs. That’s small.
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Trump: Day 1,303 (THREAD)
-5,529,789 Cases of COVID-19 in US
-US CV19 Death Toll Rises to 172,606
-CDC's Chief of Staff & Deputy Resign
-Continued Attacks on Mail-In Voting
-Says US 'Doing Very Well Right Now'
-Day 291 at a Trump-owned Golf Club
-Day 390 at a Trump-owned Property
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Year 2035
Will our kids be proud of us?

Jahr 2035
Werden unsere Kinder stolz auf uns sein?


1/most likely 9999
@remindmetweets in 15 years Image
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Follow this detailed guide to safely put on a mask. Every step is crucial for ensuring protection!

Visit… to learn more.

#COVID19 #WearAMask Image
1/ Evidence Behind:

Our graphic is based on this helpful source by @N95Decon “Surgical Masks: Guidance for the Public.”, June 24, 2020.….

#Science #WearAMask
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1) Surveillance

All houses in Chennai are surveiled on a 'DAILY' basis for ILI ( Influenza like Ilness) Symptoms.

Gate meeting for the Survey Staff at 7.30 am & previous day's work is audited to see any ILI's were missed.
Also given fresh instructions for the day.
Each survey worker covers 100 to 150 houses daily.
Infra Red Thermometers are used universally by all survey staff & helps in picking up mild fevers.

Now Pulse Oxymeters are also given to most staff to help in early identification of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness.
"Early Identification helps in better clinical outcome and also prevents further spread." - This is reiterated every day during the gate meeting and senior officials are deputed to each ward to motivate the staff and to improve the fever survey.
This video is from Zone 14.
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#COVID19 Los Respetables hemos grabado este video que contiene 70 mensajes y vínculos a otros tantos estudios científicos que demuestran la eficacia e importancia de utilizar mascarilla:
Los citamos todos en este hilo 👇
#WearAMask #WorldMaskWeek
#COVID19 1) “El uso de mascarillas durante la pandemia de COVID-19” Lofti et al., August 3, 2020, The Lancet:…
#COVID19 2) “Visualizar la efectividad de las mascarillas en la obstrucción de los flujos respiratorios” Verma et al., June 30 2020, Phys Fluids:…
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