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#CovidIsntOver And #Covid harms you even when it doesn't kill you! I know a 40-year-old who was an athlete when she got #Covid but now she has hypertension & cardiac anomalies. I know a 15-year-old who has been fighting to stay alive for 3 years. She's still on tube feeding.
#CovidIsntOver I got Lupus from #Covid. I know someone who had a stroke from #Covid & someone who became diabetic b/c #Covid damaged his pancreas. I know someone who got #Covid when she was pregnant so her unborn died in utero. People are confused after #Covid and a million died.
#CovidIsntOver so #WearAMask, you bitches! #Covid harms you even when it doesn't kill you! Even mild or asymptomatic cases of #Covid cause #LossOfGrayMatter! #Covid is a bioweapon designed to leave survivors half-dead and twice as stupid! Explains #MAGA!…
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Soooo, when are we suing #publichealth bodies for all the shoddy guidelines theyve been spouting that directly go against an abundance of evidence?

#COVIDIsAirborne #WearAMask #CovidIsNotOver
I can forgive errors at the beginning of the pandemic, but we're years into this now.
Imo public health should
😷provide free FFP3 masks + education on face fitting & face fit centres

💨ventilate public buildings/transport, mandating companies to do the same, & supporting the public eg free hepa filters

📈test & track

🤒provide proper support for those off sick
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The Nov 18 @COVID_19_Canada Canadian COVID Index and associated data are now live.

HIGH: NB, NL, North, QC, SK

All regions improving or stable.

@COVID_19_Canada The index scores correspond to the percent excess all-cause mortality due to COVID we expect.

For example, we expect ~6% excess mortality for the week ending Nov 18 in Canada.
@COVID_19_Canada The annual average % excess all-cause mortality for the epidemic to date in Canada is 7% (after adjusting for any excess deaths attributable to accidents, suicie, toxic drugs and heat dome).

That's about 21K untimely (extra) deaths/year. From QC data it looks like most is COVID.
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Reality check:

1. You can catch Covid multiple times.
2. Reinfections are common, not rare.
3. Breakthrough infections are common.
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Before Twitter dies RT this 🧵


Remember the Emily Oster "LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY" in @TheAtlantic

I said there was going to be a bad study.

Well, BABIES under 6 mo old were hospitalized more than 65 to 74-year-olds!!!

This is what was hidden by the CDC Image
This was released on Nov 11th but if you look at the report they ended it in August.

Omicron was not mild for babies, and this was held til after the election. The @CDCDirector knew

This is why the #GBD wanted forgiveness and Oster's group…
All this talk about RSV and they left off many of these babies also had COVID.

I am so freaking mad.

This age group can't get vaccinated. Every reinfection they get will damage them more according to other studies.

They really just gave #LC to Gen Alpha
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⬇️❗️ Updated my 1-page flyer on #Covid ❗️

This has been on my office door for months. My workplace doesn't require masks, & many of my (highly educated) colleagues aren't Covid-aware, like most ppl

Linking files in 🧵 if anyone wants a copy!

#CovidIsNotOver image capture of 1-page fly...
Here's the GoogleDoc file for the 1-page information flyer on #COVID19…
Here's the DOCX file for the 1-page information flyer on #COVID19…
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I spent yesterday & last night in the ER. I've been sick for 2 weeks with - RAT & PCR.
Though my Covid test was negative, they said I may have one of the new strains not showing up on tests. 6 diff docs who treated me last night said they'd seen lots of this happening recently.
Haven't left my home in weeks.
My partner was most likely asymptomatic & gave it to me after attending an outdoor event.
He masked & quarantined in another part of the house. It wasn't enough.
After virtual consult, was advised to hang up & dial 911 to be rushed to ER. My partner took me but was unable to stay with me.
I struggled navigating my manual WC due to L sided weakness. Even as a stroke patient w worsened ongoing symptoms, I had to wait 3 hrs for triage.
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28 #LongCovid patients with neurological symptoms
PET brain scan
Result: ALL showed hypometabolism in multiple brain areas.
This is what it looks like
(blue areas are areas of hypometabolism) Image
2/ Brain hypometabolism is reduced uptake of glucose (used by the brain for energy) and is most commonly seen in neurodegenerative diseases.
3/patients were not hospitalised with Covid. Eg ‘mild’

The mean interval from symptom onset was 16 months
75% were women

hypometabolism clusters were associated with a higher number of symptoms at the time of the initial infection.
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Year round constant #Covid infections is NOT NORMAL. What are they doing to the children? #Covid is clearing the pharmacy shelves of drugs. We KNOW that #Covid causes organ damage, yet our governments continue to give the wrong health advice and fail to mitigate schools.… Why are we not protecting the population from a virus that can damage the heart and other organs?
‘Lasting lung damage’ seen in children with #LongCovid.…
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My husband & I flew from Nice to London today. As someone who is CEV under current "you do you" conditions where less than 5% masked, I watch & analyse everything to keep myself as safe as possible. Some things today though made me feel VERY unsafe. I'll summarise these below 1/
I was in row 11. Row 12 was an emergency exit. As a T1D, I'm unable to sit there for safety reasons. The law prevents me as in a situation I may need to remove the exit, I may be physically unable to as my body reacts to stress & adrenaline. Totally understandable 2/
Today in row 12, the emergency exit, all 4 passengers were continually coughing, catching their breath, 2 looked physically unwell & 1 was holding himself up as he left the aircraft dragging himself along holding onto walls walking along the terminal. I suspect they had Covid 3/
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So the kids at our local high school are now referring to “Homecoming fever,” a cough/fever that is hitting tons of the student body since the dance on Saturday.

I’m so tired of perpetual sickness. I know you are too.

#GetBoosted & 😷 & #WashYourHands

#Pandemic #HoCoMD
Update: hearing from LOTS more parents on another platform that their kids have fever & cough post #Hoco2022. Sev have tested + for #Influenza A. If your kids aged 6m & up haven’t had a #FluShot, get it done. We don’t need more home/school/work disruption. 😷 + #WashHands.
Update #2: Posted about this in a high school parent group text as well, & now everyone I know is texting me this morning that their kid also tested pos for influenza A. There are prescription meds to both treat & prevent (if exposed) flu, so see a dr. #HoCoMD #Homecoming
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“Back to Normal” can’t happen. We are here. Now. We can’t wish away #COVID. We must change. We must adapt. I can’t wish away my #cancer. I have to change. I have to adapt. To survive. I had to let surgeons cut my skull open twice. I’ve made major lifestyle changes. Huge career 1/
Changes. I’ve had to look my mortality square in the eyes. It’s terrifying. You know what’s not painful? A mask. You know what is painful? 2 plates, 4 pins, and 55 staples. Twice.Ouch.For.Real. What is being asked of us is so minor. My parents and grand parents lived in times 2/
Of war. Of a draft. Of being sent to their death on foreign soil. We got called to sit on our couches. We got called to wear a mask. And we have more than a million dead. This is appallingly shameful. How selfish can we be? Is this difficult? Yes. Do we all want this to 3/
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It took my legs a few minutes to warm up this morning, but glad to report that long morning walks remain easy, in contrast to later in the day. #Totnes is waking up beautifully ☀️
5 miles walked this morning, with no adverse effects. Then strimmed & mowed a lawn. Great to not be worried about my heart and lungs as I got a real workout from the gardening. However, I'm mindful of the warnings of some with #LongCovid that I should continue to pace myself.
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This trend of #COVID19 followed soon after by #rhinovirus or #enterovirus (& we have it in our 🏠 , test-confirmed) is 👎👎. The 🫁 are taking a beating. Beware, especially folks w/ #asthma & other lung diseases. Masks on. 👀 recent CDC alert:…. #MedTwitter
If you are age 12+, it’s been at least 2 mos since your last dose of #COVID19 #vaccine or any # of #booster dose, & you haven’t gotten your updated #Omicron bivalent #boostershot, get it! Likewise anyone 6m old & up who hasn’t had a #FluShot this fall, go get one. Same day is👌.
There is unfortunately no vaccine vs #rhinovirus or #enterovirus. For that, our best bet is to improve air quality (open windows if possible, Corsi-Rosenthal boxes, etc), #MaskUp, & try to get those around us to #WearAMask too. Really concerned for folks with #asthma etc like us.
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/2 "All large-scale vaccinations will close on December 31, 2022."
Health bosses thanked staff and volunteers who have "worked tirelessly" at the centres to protect communities.
Norfolk and Waveney ICS is working with Cambridgeshire Community Services, which ran the centres,
/3 to help staff who worked at the centres get alternative #Employment .
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And for the albeists out there, ‘vulnerble’ includes YOU. You are mistaken to believe being young, fit or healthily will protect you from the harms of #SARSCoV2. Covid doesn’t discriminate. #CovidisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #WearAMask😷
Mild Covid cardiovascular damage: A large-scale study of 150k people showed even a mild case of COVID-19 can substantially increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular problems - some 20 types in all - for at least a year after diagnosis..
.. For example, the study found those recovered from COVID-19 were 52% more likely to have a stroke and 72% more likely to experience heart failure compared to a control group.
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Twitter fam - I don’t often do this, but I want to speak to something that’s been blowing up my radar lately. Over the span of mere hours, I’ve either been involved in or witnessed three instances of friends discouraging friends re exercising caution. #CovidIsNotOver
A friend invited me to participate in a social activity, and when I expressed my regrets they flippantly responded that covid was no longer a reason to not get together and that I “didn’t get the memo”. #TakeCare
While waiting for the subway, I overheard this convo -
Persons 1&2 (unmasked): Why are you wearing a mask?
Person 3 (masked): *short explanation*
Persons 1&2: (somewhat derisively) Oh my god, we never wear masks on transit anymore!
Person 3: *removes mask* #WearAMask
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All right


Each Friday, AB MDs receive an email from the AHS CMO.

It’s fantastic. It keeps us informed (if we choose to read it).

There are some concerning features to today’s email.

Read on:
This = significant number of the province’s MDs are experiencing long covid. In addition to the ill-advised med school class size reductions in the ‘90s AND no preparation at all for the retirement of baby boomers AND no insight into how many MDs are reducing their hours …
Well. It’s bad news.

Recall, it’s not just docs who are getting old. (Maybe this is why governments everywhere allowed our elderly to die instead of implementing solid changes to protect them from covid19?) Increased age = increased need for MDs.

Now, look here:

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I’m more cautious than @Bob_Wachter when it comes to #WearAMask indoors (basically always w/ ppl from outside my 🏡 except briefly when I have to eat). I share his🧵 because this approach is sound: choose deliberately knowing current trends & weighing risk vs benefits. I differ…
On one point: I don’t agree that “the tools now exist” means everyone has the tools. We know that #COVID19 treatments are being underutilized in low-income & minoritized groups. We know that the high-quality N95 😷 that Dr. Wachter concedes are tough to wear all day every day…
Are what is needed to optimally protect workers in high-risk settings (think public mass transit workers, etc). Each time any one of us chooses not to #WearAMask & risks getting infected, we make it more necessary for others to wear N95 level masks to stay safe from us.
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2 Minutes Madness movie
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Sat at @UHSFT which supposedly has a mask mandate
5 HCPs without masks
5 HCPs with masks under chins
12 patients without masks
3 patients with masks inside out
2 patients waiting until seen by doc to put mask on
4 patients with only cloth masks
0 (ZERO!) signs to wear a mask
This is so far from good enough! I do not feel safe and I don't feel comfortable ever coming back. This is a healthcare setting, where is the science?! Do better.
@BHR_PALS @dgurdasani1 @JujuliaGrace @EnemyInAState
#WearAMask #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
Luckily for me there's a fan on, which is blowing air from those walking past without masks on straight in my direction. HOW is this a healthcare facility. Makes actual Russian Roulette seem comparatively safe.
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#Appalling that schools still have no Hepa air purifiers after two years. #Covid We are all at risk of #Longcovid reinfections. The risk increases with each reinfection. Here are some studies/articles on why we all should protect ourselves. #WearAMask
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A short thread on:

🦠 Covid transmission
😷 How best to protect yourself
💉 Vaccine limitations
⚠️ Warning on infection harms

(A) Covid is airborne 🦠 This means, infectious particles are carried in the air we breathe.

Please take time to watch the short (1 min) video below 👇🏼
(B) Although hand washing helps spread infection and is a good thing to do, it does not clean the air.

Given #COVIDisAirborne, the best way to protect yourself from (re)infection is to wear a good-fitting, high-grade #FFP2, or preferably #FFP3, mask 😷
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These idiots are now following and retweeting "Dr" Paul Alexander - who openly challenges Dr Tam to... I dunno, it sounded like a street fight to me.

Let's take a really quick look at who this asshole is:…

#CovidIsNotOver #GetVaccinated #WearAMask

In late March 2020, Alexander was hired by Michael Caputo as his scientific advisor. Caputo was a strategist and lobbyist for the Trump administration.

Alexander & Caputo came under scrutiny for their months-long efforts to exert control over the public messaging of scientists and health officials regarding the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Their job? Make the scientists say what Trump wanted them to say.
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