It's a disgrace how our politicians treat our farmers.

In COVID, our farmers were on the frontlines, making sure we don't go hungry, at the risk of their lives. And today, we are unwilling to even hear them out - and are tear gassing them!

SHAME on us for not standing by them.
Why have we become a country that's scared of merely listening to/having a dialogue with our own citizens? Isn't that what leadership means? Isn't that the job of a government in a democracy that is supposed to be 'of, for, by' the people?

Why is our response ALWAYS aggression?
If the very bills meant to address or solve the problems of a group of citizens, are being opposed vociferously by those very citizens, then who is the bill for?

And if the government believes its bill is misunderstood, why is it opposed to peaceful talks with its stakeholders?
There's no good reason why the people who are literally responsible for food on our table should be treated so horrifically, by being subjected to water cannons, tear gas and barricades by the police.

In a country built on 'Jai Jawaan, Jai Kissan', there is ZERO excuse for this.
Unsurprisingly, ANY TIME the cause of any underprivileged/marginalised community comes up, from migrant labourers to farmers, our unfailingly pliable media gaslights them by implying they don't know what they are doing, while sitting in AC studios and spreading disinformation.
The media communication is clear: anyone without power or money cannot and should not be allowed to raise their voices, and if they do, they should instantly be labelled misguided and uneducated at the very least, and anti-national terrorists at what is now the new gold standard.
So it is now up to us - the citizens - to lend our voices to our farmers, and supporting their right to be heard, to have their issues being listened to and discussed, and to be allowed to live and work with dignity on their terms, instead of those set by rich private companies.
I urge everyone to read up on the 2020 Farmer Bills, understand their issues, share videos and pictures of the peaceful protests that the media refuses to do, and to stand in solidarity with our farmers, because we are a country built on the blood, sweat and toil of their labour.
Some links:

Why Are Farmers Protesting? by @scoopwhoopnews:

Farm Bill 2020 Explained by Amit Sengupta:

Or videos by @dhruv_rathee @Memeghnad @TheDeshBhakt:

PS. The Delhi Police today tried to get permission to turn 9 stadiums into jails for our *farmers*. The Delhi govt thankfully denied them by pointing out that they are not 'criminals'.

But in the eyes of our politicians, ANY CITIZEN with a voice and a conscience is a criminal.

• • •

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3/ Typically set in place by media, politicians and provocateurs, it uses social media algorithms, echo chambers, our dire need for social validation plus FOMO and peer-pressure to its advantage, to get us to be angry about things that were designed for exactly that reaction.
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