15 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis


When I did just a bit of quick research, it appears that @ScottFishman is the creator of the hashtag. If right, he got it trending MASSIVELY in less than 12 hours. Talk about striking a chord!

2) For four years now, I have regretted NOT saving an article I came across. It was about a meeting #NeverTrumpers who were scheming how to pull the delegates away from Trump after he won the Republican nod. There was just an amazing quote...
3) It went something like this:

Who is this guy? He's got no connections, no one important backs him, every part of our support based doesn't know or like him, I mean, the only thing he's got are votes!

I should have tried something like this:

4) As you know, hashtags have to be tested. You have to find what resonates, and you have to find the right concept and presentation. They obviously don't all succeed, so I don't know if that one is a good one or not.

I do know that #BidenWillNeverBePresident rocks!
5) I'm impressed that is has 5 words, too. I thought you really had to limit yourself to 3 words, but this disproves that, and I love that! Again, GO @ScottFishman!

I just like saying it:

6) In the rest of today's thread we're going to do our best to triangulate hashtag tactics on J.E. Dyer's (@OptimisticCon) strategic map. Here's the article again, and consider its title...we haven't seen the key supporting effort yet. Hmm.

7) As her article has sunk in, this question of supporting efforts absolutely as opposed to the main effort has continued to resonate for me. I keep hearing those thought lines in my head, reverberating. And today I have a proposition to offer in that light.
8) Part of the challenge in following J. E.'s work is the set of breakdowns it gives us. Look again:

* Main Effort vs Supporting Efforts


* One Supporting Effort vs Other Supporting Efforts


* A Hierarchy of a Key Supporting Effort Above The Others

That's a lot!
9) If you count it out, that six analytical elements, each dynamically in fluid motion, and each of which sets up multiple permutation paths. Yes, friends, we're in the caves here. Whew. But we can do this!
10) Our work today focuses solely on finding the most important supporting effort, and I put forward that it is right here, not only in social media, but here at Twitter specifically. I think the clue is in the word "support." Who can support @POTUS better than we? No one!
11) Let's take J. E.'s terms back to 2016. The main effort was the campaign itself, and we might add the Get Out The Vote efforts specifically, getting people to the polls. Trump on TV campaigning, and his rallies have to be analyzed. Then we can come back to us, here in 2020.
Sadly, I have to leave you dangling for now, as I have to go pay some bills with some coaching work in my day job. I will be back this afternoon. See you then...
12) There comes a moment when reality overtakes analysis. Today was that day for me. There is also a tremendous analytical benefit to NOT be in the mix of what's happening. I was in the mix, today. And work too...
13) I'll end for now by throwing a nod to some incredible patriot heroes, each in their own way. If you don't know them, correct this deficiency!


• • •

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You see where we left off yesterday. We dive in there, and then follow the rest of Dyer's article, today. Slowly, slowly, we do our work.
2) If you're like me, you need to know the source and read it in full. To that end, here is the article. Be ready to stretch your mind. You'll be required to parse strategy from tactics, and how each relates to the other.

3) "This is the main effort because it addresses the foundational threat: a direct attack, via election fraud, on the “social contract” and the compact of government between man and the state."

It is on me. It is on you. It is on us to declare our non-surrender.
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