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1/Thread abt #Grenell lawsuit against @OliviaTroye.

Today we (#TomCraig, @TMCv63, @fhhfirm) were scheduled to depose fmr Acting @ODNIgov & US Amb to Germany #RickGrenell as part of his defamation lawsuit against our GOP client #Troye.

We were there. He did not show.
2/Background info abt #Grenell’s litigation, which was filed almost year ago, can be found in this previous thread:

3/After weeks of failed attempts to negotiate mutual date, which is what professionals do, we properly issued Notice of Deposition on May 30 for today. Even though #Grenell is Plaintiff & chose VA as his venue, he does not wish to travel from CA for his deposition.
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Nikki Haley may be an admirable person. People who know here seem to like her. But there's absolutely nothing interesting about her politics or her ideology. It's all the same shit that plagued the GOP forever: neocon foreign policy, pro-corporate Reaganomics. She's Jeb Bush.
You could replace Nikki Haley with a zillion other Republicans - Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, etc. etc. - and not notice anything different in terms of politics and ideology.

This has always been one of her biggest fans:

This is true for most #NeverTrumpers. They claimed all along their only problem was with Trump, they are still Republicans who just want a normal Republican.

But now all their popularity, book sales, funders depend on Dems so they can't endorse Haley:

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Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at how some of the long shot Senate races which there had been some minor buzz about ended up going.

In Missouri, there was hope that a beer fortune heiress billionaire might be competitive. She wasn't.
In Indiana, there were a couple of polls showing Tom McDermott might be competitive. He wasn't.

(again, this isn't a reflection on the candidates themselves, just about the state they ran in).
In Louisiana, there was some controversy on the Democratic side about whether to back a "safer" moderate candidate (Mixon) or one more to the left on issues (Chambers). It didn't matter--Kennedy ended up getting nearly twice as many votes as both of them *combined*.
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1/Liz Cheney for House Speaker?…
2/Gaetz just gave the Dems a #milliondollaridea. He floated making Trump the next @SpeakerPelosi if the GOP takes back the majority. However, I heard the Dems had an alternative plan if the GOP wins by 1 or 2 reps. Because some @GOP may not want Trump to be their next Speaker,
3/Dems may rally behind @RepLizCheney & with the assist of 1 or 2 #neverTrumpers (i.e. @RepNewhouse), unify & make her the 3rd in line to the Presidency. After all, if Gaetz puts up Trump & the Dems all agree to back Cheney, the possibility of a few GOP reps voting for her is
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'It was masterful and shamed me that I did not make the distinction between Trump's character and his virtues, the former being deeply flawed, the latter being almost perfect.

I need to man up in my defense of the former President's virtues.'…
Full text:

"I recently wrote a column about why I believed Trump should not run in 2024.

I was wrong.

I allowed my distaste for Trump’s personality to override his virtues, which are considerable.
Some people want Trump without his vices.

I was among them -- until yesterday, when I watched and listened to Tom Klingenstein’s speech titled “Trump’s virtues.”
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13 January 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

The Will To Honor Vs The Will To Surrender

@KateScopelliti keeps me honest, and strong. I am not automatically, not even naturally either. As we draw nearer the 20th, I find my will flags, my strength weakens. Not so with Kate.
2) For instance, I never heard of Mike Adams or his daily podcast before yesterday. I laughed when I heard him say he was doing this everyday through, likely, the 24th, due to Trump's emergency order for DC. I laugh again, forgetting my new no links policy, I tried and failed.
3) The moment I hit "Tweet" with Mike's link, Twitter disallowed me to post. They had the most polite message that something went wrong, but don't fret, let's try again. No kidding. I instantly deleted the link. He's at natural news dot com.
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15 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis


When I did just a bit of quick research, it appears that @ScottFishman is the creator of the hashtag. If right, he got it trending MASSIVELY in less than 12 hours. Talk about striking a chord!

2) For four years now, I have regretted NOT saving an article I came across. It was about a meeting #NeverTrumpers who were scheming how to pull the delegates away from Trump after he won the Republican nod. There was just an amazing quote...
3) It went something like this:

Who is this guy? He's got no connections, no one important backs him, every part of our support based doesn't know or like him, I mean, the only thing he's got are votes!

I should have tried something like this:

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Trump biographers—including me—and many Washington journalists are telling America that (a) Trump will never stop his coup attempt, (b) there's no bottom to what he's willing to do, therefore (c) there's no final "victory" over Trump we can celebrate.

I hope America will listen.
Donald Trump is a profoundly damaged mind. Everyone close to him who gets escape velocity from his madness says so. Friends. Employees. Family members. Trump's pathologies make him an ongoing danger to America that Biden's DOJ and intelligence officials *cannot afford* to ignore.
Too many journalists wrote pieces tonight calling the SCOTUS decision in the Texas lawsuit a "fatal blow" to Trump's coup. Listen—the coup was never going to succeed and Biden was always going to be sworn in. The question is what the country will look like when (and after) he is.
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1. Esse texto de 2018 da escritora independente americana, Becky Risher, é atemporal para descrever a hipocrisia e maldade esquerdista e por que Trump deve ganhar:

"Meus amigos esquerdistas (bem como muitos ardentes #NeverTrumpers) constantemente me perguntam
2. "se eu não estou incomodada pela falta de decoro de Donald Trump. Eles me perguntam se eu não considero que os “tweets” dele estão “abaixo da dignidade do gabinete”. Aqui está a minha resposta: Nós de Direita tentamos dignidade. Não poderia ter havido um homem de mais quieta
3. "dignidade que George W. Bush, enquanto ele sofria as mentiras mais ultrajantes e ódios politicamente motivados que minaram sua presidência. Nós tentamos cordialidade. Poderia existir qualquer outro ser humano neste planeta que tão desesperadamente valorizou a “cordialidade”
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On the same day Breonna Taylor's killers went free, the president said he wouldn't accept a peaceful transition of power.

American authoritarianism is exhausting, violent, and confusing. To bring some clarity to the chaos, I'm compiling trusted writing on the subject here:
Forgive me for starting with my own writing -- I just happen to know what I'm talking about. I've been writing on the subject of American authoritarianism and democratic decline from various angles for years. The work has all held up.
I founded a nonprofit with the mission of helping Americans adapt to the new reality of American authoritarianism, by chipping away at the ignorance American exceptionalism, and pushing us to resist and oppose in productive ways. This is our early work:
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Fascinating to see news of Trump saying something treated as a big deal when it's recorded on audiotape, privately, to one person...

...but when it's publicly to millions we have to both-sides it.

It's the implied intent to keep it secret that renders it "interesting".
When Trump says something publicly, his good intent is assumed:

"He's playing down COVID-19 to reassure people."

He says the same thing privately and the assumption is:

"He played down COVID-19 for political reasons."

Media assumptions are bad in both cases.
Then, of course, there's the question of why Trump wanted to calm people about a coronavirus that CALLED FOR public action in response...

...but showed no interest in calming people about bogus caravans of immigrants that called for NO public action.
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24 August 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Analysis

Our 5 Questions + Why? Part 3 of 5

Who SHOULD win?

When you ask most people who they will vote for, and then ask them who should win, the answer repeats. The interesting thing is that it doesn't always repeat.
2) Why might that be? Our process of selection, the two major parties we have, their primaries, etc., it's all a very long way from ideal. I can easily imagine a very different system. Let me show you. For example, let's still keep our two major parties, yes?
3) But, imagine that the process takes a year or more, and begins with an unlimited ballot. You can write in any name you want, and no names are on specific offer. This would give rise to leaders recognized as such. Picture we do this by state until just 1 leader has a majority.
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1) #2020Election F.U.D.

We've always been gaslit by FakeNews every election year. This year is no different & worse.

FEAR: Demonrats will steal the election😱

UNCERTAINTY: Can Silent Majority win?🤔

DOUBT: Joe out-polls Trump👀

Let's explore a bit…🧐👇
2) #2008Election

To look ahead, we need to look back. 2008 is a good frame of reference to start with. #HopeAndChange 1st black, yada, yada.

Impressive, but pales in comparison to Reagan's #MorningInAmerica landslide.

NoName threw the race by backstabbing Sarah Palin🙄👇
3) #2012Election

2012 is also a good reference.

The trill is gone. #Obamacare... Shovel ready jobs that weren't… #OccupyWallStreet (#OWS)...

Simply put , Middle America didn't care for fundamentally changing America.

And RINO @PierrEDelectO threw the race…😡👇
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According to @brianstelter’s and @ananavarro, the opinions of others, even if their own family members = fact.
Under their same theory, then it’s true @brianstelter (Tater) isn’t a journalist, but a hack and a shill, stunningly oblivious to hypocrisy & can’t distinguish between facts/opinions, or truth/lies. His obsession with Fox & Trump is a bandaid to cover his numerous insecurities
Also under that same theory, @ananavarro was never a Republican and has whored herself out to the liberal media/politicians in exchange for any real principles she may have once had. She also has a love/hate relationship with food and spanx.
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This is the fate of all #NeverTrumpers... @ProjectLincoln @TheRickWilson @gtconway3d @MittRomney @JohnKasich


Progressive Pundit Torches Kasich: 'We Don't Want Him Either.'…
.@pbolyard: “Look, I have no problem with those on the right who can’t find it in their hearts or consciences to support President Trump. I struggle with it too.
But it’s an entirely different thing to throw one’s support to a candidate and a party whose views are completely antithetical to everything you’ve professed to believe... your entire political career. It’s neither principled nor sensible to support that which you claim to hate.”
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My grandpa enlisted at 17. He spent his life on a ship & planted my family in a Navy town, Virginia Beach. He told me Republicans were better on military issues, so at 15 I became a Republican. I was told the racism & homophobia of certain GOP elements were just fringe because... grandpa was thinking from a Navy perspective, where you treat everyone in a uniform with respect. The GOP nominated McCain when I was in middle school, Romney when I was in high school. Both good & decent men- I didn't get why Dems called these Republicans evil.
After 2012, the GOP attempted reform. I embraced marriage equality, a smart social safety net, climate change, racial justice- and believed the GOP would catch up. In 2015, as a college student, I was #NeverTrump from the outset. I watched with horror as Trump's influence grew.
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Steve Calabresi: "This tweet [for delaying election] is fascistic & is itself grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment & removal."

If he & Barr don't disavow, impeach both.

Better late than never, but...

A thread on timing & moral courage
2/ We need to reckon with who stood up for the rule of law, often at personal cost.

And who conveniently shifted w/ the polls.

The true #NeverTrumpers, some of my heroes:
@AVindman Yovanovich, etc.
You know who you are. Thank you.
3/ Never forget which conservatives fought Trump before Covid19...

And which conservatives waited until Trump plummeted in the polls to abandon a dead pipeline to power.

Trump's tweet was nothing compared to Russia/Ukraine/Child Cages.
But its timing was a lot more convenient.
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I was one of 6 resident fellows at @harvardiop in fall of 2016. Two of them were Republicans. Both #NeverTrumpers (at that time). I'm so proud of one of them today. @ddkochel helped get rid of #WhiteNationalist @SteveKingIA last night. /1 Image
The other joined our #RacistInChief @realDonaldTrump's @USDOJ shortly after kissing us all goodbye at Harvard. I'm trying to hold on to my sense of her humanity back then, but I will never forgive @whignewtons for proudly working for an obvious racist. /2
Oh, and she strongly defended DOJ while it launched a war against my trans brothers and sisters, and jailed children and babies after ripping them from their parents at the border.

It pains me to write all this, but holding it in hurts even worse. WHITE SILENCE=DEATH /end Image
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Yes, it is. The Democratic Party is the party of globalization and social welfare. That’s what all the Dem economists talk about the need to address offshoring with a stronger social safety net.
Progressives often cry out ‘Pelosi is acting like a Republican’ or something. This just shows how captured they really are. No, she’s acting like a Democrat. You’re the outlier. It’s not your party.
Here @perrybaconjr is 100% correct. The Democratic Party coalition is run by #NeverTrumpers, who basically never really disagrees with Dem elites on much except the worth of being on the Bush family Christmas card list.…
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My Leftist friends (as well as many ardent #NeverTrumpers) constantly ask me if I'm not bothered by Donald Trump's lack of decorum. They ask if I don't think his tweets are "beneath the dignity of the office."

Here's my answer:
We Right-thinking people have tried dignity -- There could not have been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatreds that undermined his presidency.
We tried statesmanship -- Could there be another human being on this earth who so desperately prized "collegiality" as John McCain?

We tried propriety has there been a nicer human being ever than Mitt Romney?
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1. Why is Bernie popular among Dem voters but not Dem elites? Studying monopolies in different markets has give me a new perspective on the Democratic Party. Because the Democrats, as it turns out, are a concentrated market. Here's how it works.
2. The Democratic Party at a national level is just two formal things. It organizes a platform and it organizes a convention to pick a Presidential nominee. But informally the Democrats are a market where the products are different policies. And elites control distribution.
3. The gatekeeping over distribution is a set of institutions like nonprofits, philanthropies, unions, and most important, TV media. The New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN are an informal cartel that organizes which ideas are legitimate.
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1. Many of us in politics, depending on age, have seen these tensions for 5, 15, 25, 35 years. But we have been stymied because the broad historical narrative elite types know is wrong, written without banks and corporate power. It's why I wrote Goliath.
2. Let's take a problem very few think about on the left. The collapse of military effectiveness/capacity because Bill Clinton consolidated defense contractors. Who opposed that? Turns out in 1996 it was... Congressman @BernieSanders.…
@BernieSanders 3. Mass layoffs in the 1990s from Clinton's policies re: defense contractor monopolies induced enormous anger from white men and their families whose lives were destroyed. Huge political impacts with consolidation in agri-business, banking, media, tech. And yet...
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Read this piece and explain how this condescending presentation telling an elected leader he can’t follow through on his agenda is anything but outrageous.…
“ He demanded an explanation for why the United States hadn’t won in Afghanistan yet, now 16 years after the nation began fighting there in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.”

How is this anything but reasonable?
“That phrase... disgusted not only the military leaders at the table but also those uniform sitting along the back wall... They all were sworn to obey their commander in chief’s commands, and here he was calling the war they had been fighting a loser war.“

So he wasn’t polite?
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1. Why are #NeverTrumper so frustrating? Turns out GOP politics mirrors Dems politics almost exactly. In the 1990s/2000s, Clinton and Bush reacted to the end of the Cold War with a fascinating experiment. They sought to break business and finance from control of the state.
2. They placed authority in the Fed, deregulated banks, enacted NAFTA/the WTO, and regulated banks via bailouts of Mexico and East Asia. Locking it in was the opening to China. A perfect libertarian machine, global utopia. No rules on capital flows, no party to complain to.
3. Here's James Carville: "I used to think that if there was reincarnation, I wanted to come back as the president or the pope or as a .400 baseball hitter. But now I would like to come back as the bond market. You can intimidate everybody."

That's it right there.
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