14 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

It's The Waiting That's The Hardest Part

You're going to hear the the Electoral College has voted Joe Biden POTUS 46 today. That Trump's attack against the sanctity of a democratic election has failed. But I will still patiently wait.
2) Why will I patiently wait? First, because I know the power, reach, and corruption of the lying liars who are still working feverishly to steal a landslide election away from us. We The People of America chose @realDonaldTrump as our President. It was a landslide.
3) As all the media outlets tell you we're all done, Notorious Joe is POTUS 46, don't believe them yet. In all the analysis I've seen, the only date that matters is the inauguration. Between now and then, I await guidance from @GenFlynn and @realDonaldTrump.
4) Many of my friends, such as my wonderful brother @JonStancik, keep asking me for action as opposed to study or analysis. I'm going to offer a soft form of guidance on that point right now.


Beat the drum and beat it loud.
5) Words matter. Truth matters. We know that this election is in process of being stolen before our very eyes. We know that. We don't have to guess. We know. So let us speak.

Words Are Actions

Use your words. This election is being stolen. We shall NOT let that happen.
6) People are slow. They can't take in too much information at once. Don't get fancy. Let's all focus on a single point.


I don't know if that's the best hashtag. I do know it is the point to express. Dominion is the means by which this election is being stolen.
7) Now let's go deeper. I don't imagine we can persuade many over this point. But we need to be clear. You CAN hack a nation. You CAN subvert its every institution. You CAN create the lie that becomes the truth. And we are the marks the lie is targeted toward.
8) Study is action too. Please, stop thinking of study as if it had nothing to do with fighting power. Remember:

Knowledge => Action
Certain Knowledge => Unstoppable Action

We will finish up on J.E. Dyer's article today. The analytical foundation she gives us matters.
9) Here are J.E.'s points:

1) There is a Main Effort

"The point is to engage the American people. The point is to get the state legislatures to hear evidence in a format that brings them before their constituents, and confront the evidence publicly.
10) The Main Effort's main point is..

"The point is to face the nation, in the forums that matter, with the reality of what just happened."

You want action? Action is to shout, and shout out loud. You know this election is being stolen. Shout everywhere, and shout out loud.
11) Here are J.E.'s first two points:

1) The Main Effort - State Legislatures
2) The Visible Supporting Effort - The Courts

"The supporting effort we have seen so far, as alert readers may guess, is the approach through the courts."
12) The courts are so corrupt that we cannot expect to win at law. American law has fallen. We are no longer a legal state. That's why it is merely a "supporting effort" to be at law. It's sole purpose to establish question of theft, where we know theft occurred.
13) J.E.'s 3rd point...

1) The Main Effort - State Legislatures
2) The Visible Supporting Effort - The Courts
3) The Key Support Effort

The U.S. government has been making use of tools to gather intelligence on conditions that pose an obvious threat to U.S. national security.
14) There is no greater threat to our national security than a President who's victory was stolen, and paid for by our greatest enemy. This is the rallying point. We must NEVER allow such a travesty to occur.
15) With that we have now completed our J.E. Dyer's work. Her article demands, as you've noticed, many reading to extract its full value. She helps us through the waiting period while Trump and team execute their strategy. It was good study.
I'm ready to go brew my 2nd pot of coffee for the morning, and will be back in a bit to finish up...
16) To complete our meditation today, I'd like to turn to ancient Japan, and the Samurai. It is argued by many that the Japanese Longsword called a Katana is the greatest sword in all of history. I don't make that case, as my own swords are European. But it's a good case.
17) When it comes to the culture of the warrior, and its code, the Samurai version called Bushido is one of the greatest ever documented. Every warrior of every nation should study it.

18) Our work today centers around a strange term with a strange history. The term is "misogi." If you ask a modern Japanese person (I have) what this word means, if they know it at all they'll give you something about punishment. Seriously.
19) In the culture of modern business in Japan, failure is not allowed. When it occurs, it must be punished. Have you ever heard of "window men?" Their job is to show up on time. Sit at a desk. Look out the window all day till time to leave. Come back tomorrow and repeat.
20) This is called misogi, now. The tie to its ancient meaning is simply that of cleansing. After a failure, if you can return and work again, you have to have been cleansed of whatever caused the failure. But, this is almost the opposite meaning of the ancient one.
21) The ancient meaning comes from the practice of sharpening your sword, in the morning, before sunrise, the day of the impending battle. In general, it referred simply to the literal act of sharpening your sword.
22) When a master sword maker finishes his sword, it is delivered with an edge so fine it can easily cut through paper but so strong it can go against steel. In each and every encounter, the edge is blunted. Physics decree that. Thus, the sword must be re-sharpened.
23) Picture your left leg, knee up, with your torso leaning perfectly upon it. Your right leg is bent, with your right ankle ensconced behind your left foot's heel. You have a sequence of sharpening stones in front of you, from coarse to fine.
24) Wherever your blade took the greatest damage, you must use the coarse stone to correct the nicks and breaks. As you do, you must be so careful to NOT cause more damage than you're repairing. You seek smooth calm in every motion.
25) You hold your sword in both hands, bladed end facing away from you. You don't use your hands and arms so much as your well-planted torso, in a slow rocking motion. Can you hear the swishing sound of blade on stone? It's a type of oval motion in each direction.
26) As damage is gently ground away, you switch from coarse to finer stones, always with gentle love and care. No rush. No hurry or scurry. Perfect focus as if nothing else in the world matters, as, truly, nothing else in the world matters.
27) To delve this ritual, we must remember a couple of bedrock principles of the Samurai. One was:

The Sword Is The Soul Of The Samurai

This was no mere analogy for them. They believed in their swords, as living beings, spirits, the hand of the gods.
28) This tied to something called:

The Life Giving Sword

Think of that. A evil man is coming to slay your family. Using your sword, one with your sword, you slay him. You have saved the lives of your family. Your sword was life giving.
29) Consider the power to take and give life. What is that if not divine; the very instrument of - as the Japanese believed - the gods. I must give you a bit more personal context.
30) As long as I live, I will never forget the moment I purchased my first true, sharp sword. The very first thing I felt, with all my body and soul, was that it is impossible to lift this weapon up, and not know you have danger in your hands. It awakens something in the soul.
31) The second principle of the ancient Samurai was a bit more complex, believe it or not.

It Is Not The Sharp Sword, But Rather The Sharp Soul That Defeats The Enemy

While the sword is the soul of the Samurai, it is also, at the same time, but an extension of his own soul.
32) Consider, in the real world of combat, bad things happen. A sword is broken, or worse, lost. You must be able to face your enemy empty handed. Imagine that you capture your enemy's sword and slay him with it. It was not your sharp sword but rather his that killed him.
33) The key to the principle is simply that there can be no separation between warrior and weapon. Be it his strong hands and arms, or his perfect sword, no matter. The warrior is, himself, the ultimate weapon. And that requires spiritual preparation.
34) What must it take to be ready to die or kill in the coming battle? How does one prepare oneself for such? Never having been in combat, I do NOT claim to know. I report what I have studied. However, I do have my own personal application.
35) I have been a self-employed business coach since 1987. I must prepare myself for work every day, and on any day that my preparation is weak, I fail. I have two different forms of preparation required. One is to serve, and the other is to sell. I must do both, each day.
36) These many decades since I learned about the Samurai and their practice of misogi in the early morning hours before the day of battle, I have struggled to engage the practice for myself. I claim no mastery, but I am also not inexperienced in it.
37) We must add a final concept that swordsmanship teaches us. If you choose to attack, you must not imagine that one strike will end the fight. Rather, your first strike's purpose is to cause a defensive reaction in your enemy. Every reaction creates an opening.
38) Then, you must not imagine that the first opening will offer you the kill strike. The vast majority of openings, especially early ones, are easily closed off. This is not the path to victory. Rather, your 2nd strike must be designed to widen the next opening.
39) You can think of an opening as a thing physical motion. His sword vs yours, etc. Or you may think of it in terms of time. How long will it take for his sword to close off the opening where you may strike with yours? Wide openings are both. Distant and requiring much time.
40) This is the discipline of methodical swordsmanship. You see, with every strike you too create your own openings. Note:

There is NO SUCH thing as an Openings-Free Strike

As every strike causes you to commit to a motion in one direction, the other side of your body is open.
41) So your risk taking must be controlled, but of course, the very definition of combat is the acceptance of risk. So, you take your risks as you must, minimizing them as you can. In all, you wait and wait and wait. You wait for an indication of a possible weakness of guard.
42) You test your enemy's responsive time and opportunistic capability. Does he see your strike coming and adapt, taking your opening as his opportunity? That is a dangerous enemy. You step back and recalibrate. You wait again.
43) You've made an excellent first strike. Your enemy's sword is far from closing his opening. You're so tempted to commit to the kill strike. You wisely control yourself. You never give all to a false opening, even if it's not actually false, as you cannot yet know. You wait.
44) There's a kind of opening that holds death within. In this opening it is beyond physics or spirit to cover. There is a sweet sadness in the moment. Victory is sure, but you don't hate your enemy. You must slay him and you do, without hesitating. But you think of his son also.
45) Before I complete this excursion into sword combat, I must identify my actual weapon in engagement. It is a rubber sword that is as close to perfectly safe as possible. When we skirmish, we do so with safety as our highest objective. I know, ironic, right?
46) Now you must let me brag a bit. Younger, more athletic, more well-trained and well-practiced men than I have often "fell" to my fighting, not because I'm so good at it. My advantage is I am able to enter the moment hypothetically, as if we had sharp swords, lives on the line.
47) If I have one thing I think I am actually good it, it is waiting.

Have you made the connection yet? Do you see where I'm heading?
48) Friends, I don't know what the election's outcome will be. I know it was a landslide. I know that the China-paid Democrats and all their corrupt associates from media to judiciary will stop at nothing to steal this election. And, for all I know, they may succeed.
49) I do not predict that. I believe in @realDonaldTrump. I believe he has a strategy, the tactics, and the soul-hardened readiness to claim the victory that is his, and that America so desperately needs and so richly deserves. If I'm to make a call, that's it.
50) But true discipline is not built on hope or prediction. True discipline is simply to show up, ready for what may come. As the Samurai was sharpening his sword before battle, he did not know if he would die or kill that day. He had to be ready for either.
51) You might have gathered that this is not the first time I've taught the misogi lesson. I teach it to all my clients about their own daily practice of business. There are 2 more points I always make. The 1st comes from the native American battle cry: This Is A Good Day To Die.
52) The 2nd comes from a great Klingon warrior named Gowron. When challenged to the death for right of leadership, and after killing his challenger, he was warned that one day he would die. Not missing a beat he said, "That's true, but not today."
53) In future meditations, we'll walk through all the steps that led from being loyal colonists faithful to our crown, to furious revolutionaries declaring our independence upon the world stage, the first such colony to ever break ties with its parent nation.
54) It was not our punch drunk, rum-fueled fury that won us our revolution. It was the inexorable logic of Britain's tyrannies, and our sober assessment of the crown's and parliament's wrong doing. There's no way to call it less than a decade's transformation.
55) We can wait out these weeks for @GenFlynn and @realDonaldTrump to guide us. When they do, we'll act. Between now and then, we wait, friends. Ready and prepared, patient with fierce confidence...today is a good day to die. But not today.
Thread ends at #55.

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The Theory Of The Case


2) My most important point is, again, that YOU can read it. You can study and comprehend its every point. Law is for ALL of us, not for the elite few.
3) I apologize that you might have to look at my Twitter feed to see the work I've been doing on the legal brief. As I so often do, I start out with the conclusion. There are 16 pages left from introduction through middle, that I haven't commented upon, yet.
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Reading The Brief

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3) A luxurious reading is what I'm going to do, and will report back to you on that reading tomorrow. For now, I offer just one quote:

"The Bill of Complaint Alleges that the Defendant States Unconstitutionally Abolished Critical Safeguards Against Fraud in Voting by Mail."
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