13 December #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

We're Sticking with J.E. Dyers, Wherever She Leads Us!

Yesterday, I thought I'd pick up at paragraphs 13 & 14 of her article, but I realize, we must recommence with 10 - 12 shown here.
2) We dive in again with paragraph 12:

"And the evidence of tampering, the basis for suspicion and the need for forensic audits, are convincing. This isn’t about a few votes cast by the deceased.
3) "It’s about unconstitutional rules-changing in swing states days before the general election, which facilitated the lawless admission of thousands of “mail-in” ballots after statutory deadlines
4) " – ballots that in multiple cases were delivered by non-official vehicles in the dead of night, and for the processing of which civic monitors were excluded, often under contumely and threats."
5) We've got to list out the points in that one paragraph:

1) Evidence of tampering
2) The need for forensic audits
3) This isn’t about a few votes cast by the deceased
4) It’s about unconstitutional rules-changing in swing states days before the general election

5) The lawless admission of thousands of “mail-in” ballots after statutory deadlines
6) Ballots that in multiple cases were delivered by non-official vehicles in the dead of night
7) The processing of which civic monitors were excluded, often under contumely and threats.
7) Contumely is such a wonderful word. I sort of knew it, but had to look it up. Harsh and haughty, condescending language. That's the attitude they employ while destroying our Constitution and stealing our election. Check this word out: contumacious. Stubbornly disobedient.
8) Now we're back up to paragraphs 13 & 14. I'll let you read them for yourself this time, but we'll talk about them here. The evidence is breathtaking, J.E. tells us. Wasn't @SidneyPowell1's word "stupendous?" Jaws are dropping, she says.
9) Well, have to both quote and number, here: "This is the main effort because it addresses the foundational threat: a direct attack, via election fraud, on the “social contract” and the compact of government between man and the state."

A foundational threat.

1) A direct attack
2) Via election fraud
3) On the “social contract” and
4) The compact of government between man and the state

Let's discuss some Twitter tactics on this point.
11) Listen to this profound and powerful statement:

"I believe there was a direct attack via election fraud on the social contract and the compact of government between man and the state."

It is a declaration of judgment. It is where you stand, if you say so.
12) When making such a pronouncement, you want to be able to define your terms for everyone.

1) Attack via election fraud
2) On the social contract
3) The compact of government between man and state

Can you take those three points and discuss them in your own words?
13) Who remembers reading Shakespeare in high school? Do you remember how at first it's all awkward and stilted, stiff and difficult? Then, as the story kicks in and you start to get the plot and the characters, it becomes an all-night page turner?
14) I feel like I'm just catching J.E.'s cadence and message in paragraphs 15 - 17. It's starting to gel for me now.

Listen to the phrase: "a claim of surpassing moral compulsion."

"People are not to be governed by lies, bad faith, and criminal law-breaking."
15) We turn tactical. Various states challenging "irregularities" in courts. These are, per J.E.'s nomenclature, "supporting efforts." The states must fight at law to establish the crimes at least in the public mind, if not to win at law. The courts are unlikely to abide by law.
16) Paragraphs 18 & 19 are explicitly and exclusively tactical. Here they are. You'll see that the ever amazing @SidneyPowell1's work rises high, here.
17) The key statement here is that the supporting effort is the one through the courts. If I'm reading her rightly, J.E. does not expect court cases to bring this home for us. But, we'll have to follow her out very carefully to ascertain her real expectation.
18) We remain intensely tactical here, but a glimmer of where we're going is hinted at. Note especially how foreign actors and especially Dominion and Smartmatic are called out.
19) Here's an interesting phrase: "helping to prevent improper certification of an Electoral College vote." So there's a legal path, and a path to the Electoral College itself. Both are required.

20) And now we go dramatic. Seriously. Here are paragraphs 23 - 25. These are the kill shots of the entire article.
21) Here us a complex sentence to break down: "This is the greatest crisis for America since the impossibility was borne in on us of eliminating slavery with a stately-paced timeline of increment and compromise."

We're going to go slow on this one.
22) Take each of the 4 parts and mull them in your mind:

1) This is the greatest crisis for America
2) Since the impossibility was borne in on us
3) of eliminating slavery with a
4) stately-paced timeline of increment and compromise
23) Every one of our founders knew the pure evil of slavery was precisely that. Yet, there was no practical way to bring both slaveholding states and free states together by 1789. Facing a hostile world, unification was the higher charge than that of true liberty.
24) The decades marching up to the Civil War were filled with grim foreboding. Everyone seemed to know the conflict would break out soon. Through the war what arose was crystal clarity that all slaves must be freed. It took 650,000,00 American deaths to effect this.
25) With miles to go before we sleep, I'm going to end today's work there. J.E. tells us this is the worst crisis we've faced as a nation since our Civil War, which was very uncivil. As a people, we must stare down this monstrosity with all the strength and goodness we have.
Thread ends at #25.

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15 Dec
15 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis


When I did just a bit of quick research, it appears that @ScottFishman is the creator of the hashtag. If right, he got it trending MASSIVELY in less than 12 hours. Talk about striking a chord!

2) For four years now, I have regretted NOT saving an article I came across. It was about a meeting #NeverTrumpers who were scheming how to pull the delegates away from Trump after he won the Republican nod. There was just an amazing quote...
3) It went something like this:

Who is this guy? He's got no connections, no one important backs him, every part of our support based doesn't know or like him, I mean, the only thing he's got are votes!

I should have tried something like this:

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14 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

It's The Waiting That's The Hardest Part

You're going to hear the the Electoral College has voted Joe Biden POTUS 46 today. That Trump's attack against the sanctity of a democratic election has failed. But I will still patiently wait.
2) Why will I patiently wait? First, because I know the power, reach, and corruption of the lying liars who are still working feverishly to steal a landslide election away from us. We The People of America chose @realDonaldTrump as our President. It was a landslide.
3) As all the media outlets tell you we're all done, Notorious Joe is POTUS 46, don't believe them yet. In all the analysis I've seen, the only date that matters is the inauguration. Between now and then, I await guidance from @GenFlynn and @realDonaldTrump.
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12 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

Into The Breach Again

You see where we left off yesterday. We dive in there, and then follow the rest of Dyer's article, today. Slowly, slowly, we do our work.
2) If you're like me, you need to know the source and read it in full. To that end, here is the article. Be ready to stretch your mind. You'll be required to parse strategy from tactics, and how each relates to the other.

3) "This is the main effort because it addresses the foundational threat: a direct attack, via election fraud, on the “social contract” and the compact of government between man and the state."

It is on me. It is on you. It is on us to declare our non-surrender.
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11 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

The Theory Of The Case


2) My most important point is, again, that YOU can read it. You can study and comprehend its every point. Law is for ALL of us, not for the elite few.
3) I apologize that you might have to look at my Twitter feed to see the work I've been doing on the legal brief. As I so often do, I start out with the conclusion. There are 16 pages left from introduction through middle, that I haven't commented upon, yet.
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10 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #Overturn

Reading The Brief

My great friend @shestokas has recommended that we all need to read the brief of the case to overturn the election due to fraud, and he's right!
2) Here is the document, and it is an excellent read. I hope you'll find or steal the time to read every word, slowly and luxuriously.

3) A luxurious reading is what I'm going to do, and will report back to you on that reading tomorrow. For now, I offer just one quote:

"The Bill of Complaint Alleges that the Defendant States Unconstitutionally Abolished Critical Safeguards Against Fraud in Voting by Mail."
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9 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #PardonFlynnNow

The Question Has Always Been Innocence

What makes an innocent man plead guilty? There is a lie in America. The lie is that Judges, Courts, Prosecutors are honest. They prosecute for Justice, we're told. They do not.
2) I certainly did not know how to interpret Obama's attack against Flynn on November 10, 2016. I also had no idea how to deal with the transition itself. All of us who gave everything we had to the campaign had no clue what to do with victory. We hadn't thought about it.
3) Not that we hadn't thought about victory. It was our every thought for months and months. We thought about nothing else. Inside that nothing else was what to do with victory once we had it. Not a clue. Not a thought. Certainly, I didn't.
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