#2ndAmericanRevolution Its time to form Militia. Recruit your Mayor, Sheriff, County Commissioner and get them to deputize the entire Militia. The Theft of the presidency is such a great crime that it an be remedied only by citizens' arrest by an armed Militia using #2A solution
In a national and constitutional crisis, the law of subsidiarity prevails, namely, that as soon as any of these call up or deputize Militia, the #2ndAmericanRevolution has officially begun and the People can exercise all power as the sovereign power in the USA to restore Justice.
There is manifestly a Citizens' Arrest warrant out for:
1) Every State official who signed a Dominion Voting Machine deal
2) Every State official involved in counting, certifying a fraudulent tally
3) Every journalist and party official who says a steal is legitimate
4) Every official who says that Biden is the president-elect, since this is tantamount to conspiracy after the fact in #'s 1, 2, and 3.
5) All Democrat Party leadership in the National Committee and in every State and local area, to be arrested and held for questioning or pending indictment.
6) All employees of Dominion etc involved in the fraudulent electronic tallies
7) All suspected of counterfeiting ballots
8) Any Mayor, Town official, Police, Troopers, county or State official, who is opposed to the arrest of nn. 1-8 or of raising the #2A Militia to solve this problem, because all who are involved in opposing the only constitutional solution must be presumed to be CONSPIRATORS.

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16 Dec
Vice President @Mike_Pence has the constitutional discretion to prevent the Electoral Fraud by simply NOT calling for a tallying of the votes of disputed states. As president of the joint Session which tallies the votes, no one has any authority to oppose him in this.
When the State's name is called, he must simply pass over it by remanding it to the end. But at the end, he should call for a vote to confirm the tally without the objectionable states. The vote will fail, then he can order the session adjourned, to prevent election of #ChinaJoe
This will force the matter to the Supreme Court, as the Dems will seek the Court's order to tally the votes, which will give Pence, Texas and every other Patriotic State and State Delegation GROUNDS to be heard at SCOTUS
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11 Dec
Ohio's Amicus Brief in the Texas vs WI, MI, PA & GA suit int he Supreme Court, wants that the Federal government not tell us how to eat Thanksgiving Dinner so that Biden might be elected and tell us how to eat Thanksgiving Dinner. -- We think that Yoast is a Marxist Schill.
However the Sophistry is so patent in Ohio's brief that it actually will tilt the Supreme Court to act and uphold the sovereignty of State Legislatures to intervene in the apportionment of electors when popular voting mechanisms fail due to non leg actors
The General Principle being, that the Legislatures since they are sovereign in their right to apportionment of electors, they can INTERVENE AT ANY TIME to adjudicate disputes in the process of electing when any cause arises for such a dispute
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10 Dec
The irony of the present Constitutional Crisis, is that, if civil war breaks out, the South yet may have its chance to RISE again and take vengeance on the North!
The New Reconstruction policy should be that Dems in blue states be deprived of right to vote for 25 years and be subjected to employing Christians in all leadership positions who are opposed to Globalism. Globalists imprisoned, assets confiscated for cost of occupation 😆
In other words, the Democrats aim to lose the Second Civil War too if they dare to start one.🤣🤣🤣
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10 Dec
The USA is now officially in a full blown CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS, with 17 states joining TEXAS in suing


in the Supreme Court of the United States
This has just become arguably one of the most important U.S. Supreme Court cases in history.
The Case submitted by Texas asks that the 4 states either not be allowed to field Electors on the basis of their faulty tallies or allow their legislators to appoint electors on the basis of a forensically audited recount, otherwise to remand the election to the House of Reps
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8 Dec
#Christian #Patriots who love #America and oppose the #marxist #takeover of our Country. -- We need to start forming leaders to defend the USA. Plan CONFERENCES in January on the day of the Inauguration. Explain how to defend America by whatever means are just! ACTION! >>
Here is a summary of talking points for your conferences
1. Christ is our King, and we owe him everything, esp gratitude for America
2. We must show it by loyalty + service even unto the risk of everything.
3. True liberty is liberty to be Christian.
4. Marxism is opposed to this
5. We must recognize the Masonic tactic of diverting our loyalty to Christ to their projects.
6. Instead we must insist on Christ and Christian civilization, which is not Judeo-Christian, but Christian.
7. Must recognize that America has been infiltrated by those who hate Christ.
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