Given that the Milburn report could potentially be announced tomorrow, it feels like a good time to refocus on #SiteC. We know all the many arguments against this dam, but the thing is, all but one of them are moot.

The site's geology makes the dam unsafe, period.
#bcpoli 1/x
..Yes, other arguments against #SiteC are good:
* violation of Indigenous & treaty rights
* more than double the cost of greener alternatives
* vast loss of agricultural land in midst of food insecurity
* extreme environmental damage
* high hydro rates will slow decarbonization..
* what we now know of the massive GHG climate impact of dams.

But the problem with making any & all of these arguments against #SiteC - & each of them should have disqualified this dam - is that using them almost implies the dam is even safely completable. It's not.
This is why I've foregrounded #SiteC's geology from the beginning & you'll notice Peace region residents do too, because they're all too familiar with local geology. "Solid ground" isn't.

Yes, #SiteC cost is a big issue. But why? Because instability keeps skyrocketing the cost.
..Everything comes back to the geology of the Peace River Valley. It's why #SiteC was rejected many times in the past. Now as predicted we have unsafe & costly instability, movement, & cracks everywhere.

The Milburn review doesn't appear to be set up to confront this. #bcpoli
Which leads to the final point: all evidence points to coverup. The secretiveness, total lack of transparency, the extreme difficulty that the top #SiteC investigative journalists Ben Parfitt & Sarah Cox have had trying to gain info from Hydro & govt.. Coverup of what? Geotech.
..We know that BC Hydro & the @jjhorgan govt hid bad geotechnical news from us for over 18 months. You don't hide good news. & I don't expect the Milburn report to contain the independent expert engineering analysis that an open letter by experts demanded:…
@jjhorgan ..To sum up:

Geotechnical instability is the issue that makes all other arguments against #SiteC moot. Building a dam there has horrific impacts. But you can't actually build a dam there. Trying is what will double our hydro bills. And this govt is engaging in coverup. #bcpoli
@jjhorgan PS It's widely believed by some top figures that Horgan & Ralston have the Milburn report. Horgan promised it would be delivered late Nov/early Dec. If it's late, why? But we know nothing about the review: not even its terms of reference, nor if its report will be made public.
@jjhorgan .We must demand that
1. the Milburn report be made fully public, &
2. if Milburn did not use entirely independent expert engineers, that proper geotech review must still be done.
@jjhorgan (250) 387-1715
So, poll:
Will Friday Dec 18 be Take Out the #SiteC Trash Friday, or will Horgan wait until after Christmas to announce he has the Milburn report (after which he'll announce yet again he's greenlighting the dam)? Haven't got wind of a press conference for tomorrow but who knows
Well, in this wildly unscientific poll with only 16 respondents, most people don't think we'll hear anything about the Milburn report from Horgan and Ralston on #SiteC today. It's only 9 am on a potential Take Out the Trash Friday though.
..Well, it's after 5 & we had no #SiteC news today. We hear govt says it won't have the Milburn report til early next week.
Now looks as if we won't see the report (if at all) until early 2021, & then a decision comes after that. Relieved not to have to jump into action late Fri.

• • •

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17 Dec
BREAKING: A former CEO of BC Hydro CEO & a veteran dam engineer say the BC government has failed in its oversight role. "Why #SiteC Construction Should Stop Today" by Marc Eliesen & Ken Farquharson #bcpoli…
.."Unfortunately, this important government responsibility [dam safety] has rarely been mentioned as #SiteC has careened from one set of problems to another." - former BC Hydro CEO Marc Eliesen #bcpoli
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15 Dec
Quick #SiteC update:
1. It is widely reported that @jjhorgan has the Milburn #SiteC report but hasn't told the public. Release the unredacted report now; it's ours.
2. The current #bcpoli Leg session ends Thursday. It would be classic Horgan to make a statement late Friday..
3. There have been a number of signs that the BC govt, various #SiteC boosters like Marc Jaccard, and Fed Minister of Environment @JonathanWNV are gearing up to produce reasons to pass #SiteC (ignoring its geotechnical instability)... #bcpoli
4. A study recently out of Alberta (odd timing) looks at #SiteC economics & concludes it's only worthwhile to go ahead if it feeds electricity to Alberta under certain conditions (which can't be met). It ignores the fact that greener, cheaper alternatives to #SiteC exist..
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14 Dec
There's something really illogical about the school = mental health link. If going to school with other children is necessary for mental health, why is home schooling legal, for instance? Friend: "The obvious answer is it depends on the kid, but then the argument collapses."
Friend: "Some parents are literally thinking 'Brianna and Brendan and Madison and Kai are going to fall behind'... Behind all the other kids falling behind at the same time."
Then you get denial that kids, who tend to be asymptomatic with Covid, can be serious transmitters because parents are pushed into wishfully believing the best because there’s no plan B for childcare, whether personally or socially. But ICYMI:…
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7 Dec
Sources are passing on a lot of concerning information about #COVID19BC management at #SiteC and in Fort St John. This much smoke usually means fire. I'm just going to pass it along in the hope that we can finally get some official response... 1/x
..1. Word is that workers who put themselves into "self-isolation" at #SiteC are NOT automatically tested. (This is a Q many have asked over the past 9 months - What is self isolation & are all workers tested?) I asked sources why. Same answer every time: "No test = no outbreak."
2. Frontline cleaning and other staff are moving freely between shifts at #SiteC, various Fort St John-area schools, and Peace Villa (which is the LTC attached to the FSJ Hospital, which has had #covid19BC cases). There have been cases & exposures at all 3 places.
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6 Dec
New #SiteC photos today. Engineer & informed locals keep pointing out to me that we should not see this much white turbulence visible at the river diversion tunnel exits when we're not at high flow time of year (spring freshet). Why is turbulence bad?.. #bcpoli Turbulence in water exiting river diversion tunnels (right)
As I pointed out in an earlier thread on this issue, turbulence just means the river diversion tunnels are too small for the flow. We know that the tunnels have been lined with thick concrete sections, but let's remember they sit inside a weak shale bank.
I'm chatting with an engineer and a hydro construction expert right now (welcome to pandemic Saturday night!). They are independently pointing out that this turbulence looks wrong; if tunnels were properly designed for this river we would see smooth or "laminar" flow.
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5 Dec
"LNG Canada workers complained about unsafe conditions prior to COVID-19 outbreak" @TorontoStar
Sounds like #SiteC too, based on employee reviews...… #covid19bc #bcpoli @BruceRalston @jjhorgan
@TorontoStar @BruceRalston @jjhorgan ."The outbreak at #LNGCanada started on Nov. 19 & there are now 54 cases. In the months leading up to the outbreak, workers raised concerns about #COVID19BC cleaning procedures in common areas, rooms & work spaces, prompting inspections by WorkSafe BC on Aug 28 & Oct 19." #bcpoli
@TorontoStar @BruceRalston @jjhorgan ..Get this: "The documents also reveal that a WorkSafe BC inspection of the #SiteC work camp’s sewage treatment facility in northeast BC on March 19 found the facility did not have a plan to sufficiently protect workers from pathogens, body fluids, human waste, mould & COVID-19."
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