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What if @bcndp @CDCofBC are approaching this pandemic all wrong?

Drs Henry & Gustafson say fear of “stigma” is the reason for not releasing data.

Boom. There it is. The underlying driving force behind many #Covid19BC decisions.

But does it have to be this way?

A thread:
Attaching stigma to an illness is a social construct. That means we have control over whether we do that or not.

There are many illnesses, even communicable ones, that have no stigma attached. Flu, colds, chicken pox, measles.

No one is “at fault” for catching/spreading.
We also have illnesses where stigma *has* been attached. The HIV virus comes to mind. And that stigma proved to be damaging in so many ways. It’s taken many years of activism to reduce the stigma there.

How is it that public health has not learned from that experience?
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Amy Tan: in BC we should be keeping an eye on the variants, actually doing the genome sequencing, not just assuming (as we are) that everyone has a variant. Which variant, what's the severity, does it lead to death, what's the attack rate in households. To be precautionary..
Dr. Tan: But also, as we reopen, we need to ensure that we are still taking care of the people who've continually been disproportionately affected, and protect their workplaces, we are going to keep exposing people and the virus will keep spreading like wildfire..
Dr. Tan: I treated recent immigrants, recent refugees, & they all had to work in the first wave and were frightened. They did not feel protected by their employers or by society. We must not lose sight of this. We're not safe until we're all safe, that's what #Covid19 teaches us
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I'm going to live-tweet tonight's panel, "Charting the Strategic Path Out of COVID-19: A Public Panel Discussion," sponsored by @SFU_Science & moderated by @a_longhurst. It seems to be sold out but I believe the video will be available later. #covid19BC…
The hashtags for tonight's panel will be
and #COVIDisAirborne, #bcpoli and #cdnpoli where applicable.
"Charting the Strategic Path Out of COVID-19: A Public Panel Discussion"…
One of the topics tonight will be an "elimination" strategy to #Covid19 which is aggressive suppression of transmission (#CovidZero) like NZ. This isn't eradication but strong policy. Vs the mitigation approach we see in BC/Canada. #COVID19BC
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NEW - There are 841 new cases of COVID-19, including six epi-linked cases, for a total of 127,889 cases in British Columbia. #bcpoli
There are 8,009 active cases of COVID-19 in the province, with 11,657 people under public health monitoring as a result of identified exposure to known cases. A further 118,057 people who tested positive have recovered. #bcpoli
NEW - Hospitalizations are going up again in BC.
There are 515 individuals are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, 171 of whom are in intensive care. #bcpoli
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ER pediatrician/epidemiologist to me, when I asked about long-term effects on children of catching #Covid19 & if they were seeing anything in the ER: "So far what we are seeing is the occasional case of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MISC)... cont'd
..Pediatric ER doc: "What I suspect is that in 40 years, we will see that hearts are wearing out earlier than expected and all those kids with what was believed to be mild or asymptomatic Covid actually suffered heart damage...." cc #COVID19BC
.."There is some evidence of this from MRI studies of athletes post COVID. I don’t think Covid is an illness anyone should take lightly at any age."…
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Remember I mentioned this doc after his bizarre performance in the aerosols debate? "Top Canadian WHO adviser under fire after downplaying airborne threat of #COVID19: Dr. Conly says N95 masks cause 'harms,' focus should be on physical distancing"… #cdnpoli
..Well, there is an interesting exclusive out today that also mentions Dr. Conly, links him to the Great Barrington Declaration (a herd immunity strategy), and describes WHO cronyism & anti-lockdown funding… #abpoli #covid19bc
I like the criticism of Conly and his ilk for their 'narrow medical approach,' since the pandemic has exposed that certain elements of the medical profession do not have a grasp of aerosol physics
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THIS IS TODAY. 5 pm. Hear from the Chief of the First Nation fighting #SiteC in BC Supreme Court, Chief Roland Willson of West Moberly FN @dunnezaman, as well as geotechnical expert on #SiteC's unsafety & more. Please join! #bcpoli #Covid19BC #cdnpoli #theDamTruth #UNDRIP
@dunnezaman ..I'll try to live tweet parts of this webinar. If you would like to donate to West Moberly's court challenge to the #SiteC dam, the link is here. #bcpoli
@dunnezaman ..Up first is Chief Roland Willson @dunnezaman of West Moberly First Nations.
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Health Minister Adrian Dix is going now. Says BC is down to 30,000 doses of Moderna. Says BC is up to date on Pfizer. Says yesterday was a record day for immunizations in the province. #bcpoli
Dix says province wide the critical care capacity for base beds is at 80.5%. #bcpoli
On school data being before variants took hold and transmissibility, Dr. Henry says variants were part of the equation around Fraser Health review. Says province did high testing during variant exposures and did not see increased transmission. #bcpoli
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NEW - There are 1,168 new cases of COVID-19 in BC, for a total of 114,870 cases in British Columbia. The 7 day average is at 1,126. #bcpoli
NEW - A record high 397 people are in hospital in BC with COVID-19. There are 120 people in intensive care. #bcpoli
There are 9,821 active cases of COVID-19 in the province, with 16,304 people under public health monitoring as a result of identified exposure to known cases. A further 103,360 people who tested positive have recovered. #bcpoli
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NEW - There are 873 new cases of COVID-19, for a total of 113,702 cases in British Columbia. Due to a delay in the Public Health Reporting Data Warehouse (PHRDW) lab system, these numbers are preliminary and may be adjusted once confirmed with PHRDW data. #bcpoli
There are 9,756 active cases of COVID-19 in the province, with 16,290 people under public health monitoring as a result of identified exposure to known cases. A further 102,268 people who tested positive have recovered. #bcpoli
NEW - There are 377 individuals currently hospitalized with COVID-19, 116 of whom are in intensive care. #bcpoli
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Health Minister Adrian Dix scrumming in Victoria now. Starts with a good afternoon. Then realizes it is actually the morning and say good morning. #bcpoli
First question on whether the province will explain which communities are in a hot spot and will get vaccine. Dix says the primary approach continues to be the age based approach. #bcpoli
Dix says BC is encouraging everyone 55+ to register for vaccine. Says some of the Moderna/Pfizer will be used for hot spots. Says Howe Sound had one of the highest levels of transmission. "This is the most effective way to distribute vaccine." #bcpoli
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We haven’t been dealt a bad hand. What we did was loosen restrictions despite rising variant cases, allow out-of-province travel, stall in-school mask mandates, & did not enforce orders or tailor the message. The 3rd wave is the outcome of that inaction.1/ #bcpoli #COVID19 #bced
Neither the methods nor the messaging is working. It cannot only be up to individuals to deal with this crisis. We need coordinated response from gov’t that shows they are taking threat of COVID & #LongCovid seriously for healthcare workers and people. 2/ #COVID19 #bcpoli
As #VariantsOfConcern rise, modelling predicts they will become the majority of cases in our immediate future. Some modelling predicts they currently make up 40% of cases in BC. #Ontario is at >60%. Instead of bracing for impact, let’s mitigate it now. 3/ #COVID19 #bcpoli #bced
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1. Updated numbers from #COVID19BC situation report (…) 🧵

2837 #B117 (vs 3122 predicted), new Rt is still 1.6.
872 #P1 (vs 879 predicted), new Rt is 3.2.

2. The estimated Rt values for P1 have been consistent for three weeks now.
3. New numbers from today fit beautifully an exponential growth curve
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1. #COVID19BC cases continue to rise to unprecedented levels 🧵
2. The rise is on most age levels, except the older demographics, a sign that the vaccines are working! (And that we are not vaccinating fast enough)
3. Particularly concerning is the rise in the school-aged demographic in Vancouver Coastal (note that the y-axes are different)
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NEW - There are 1068 new cases of COVID-19 in BC. For a total of 105,129 total cases. #bcpoli
492 of the new cases are in Fraser Health. #bcpoli
NEW - There have been 3 new COVID deaths in BC, for a total of 1,489 deaths. There are 328 people in hospital, of which 96 are in ICU. #bcpoli
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For us to feel “we’re in this together” we need leadership that brings us together, shows respect & trust for people, & is willing to acknowledge mistakes are inevitable, but that they can be corrected. Humility, compassion, and empathy are needed right now. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
With rising case numbers and variants, and after yesterday’s press conference that left many feeling deeply frustrated. There are many actions @bcndp could take to build trust - but it largely comes down to transparency... 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC #bced
Share with the public all studies that are informing decisions made by the PHO and gov't. If there are studies being rejected, explain why. It’s not enough to tell the public what decisions are being made - show the evidence for making those decisions. 3/ #bcpoli #COVID19 #bced
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BREAKING: Dr. Richard Stanwick, Chief Medical Health Officer for Island Health, says the number of #COVID19 variants on Vancouver Island, currently 13 total (0 active), could "double or triple" in the next couple of weeks as there are a number of presumptive cases. #COVID19BC
Dr. Stanwick says the presumptive variant cases being investigated are from Islanders who travelled recently to areas where there are a high percentage of variant cases. Cases from all over the Island are being investigated as variants by the @CDCofBC.
As of today, there have been a total of 13 confirmed cases of a #COVID19 variant of concern on Vancouver Island. 11 were B117 (UK) and there was one case each of B1351 (SA) and P1 (Brazil) variants. None of those cases are currently active and infectious. #COVID19BC
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It's been 4 days since we had detailed case data for #COVID19 on Vancouver Island, and the results are not good. 142 new cases since Friday and the averages for Central and South Island are up to 18-19 a day. 12 in hospital (1 ICU). One death.… #COVID19BC Chart showing new cases of COVID-19 on Vancouver Island for
In total British Columbia saw a total of 2,518 new cases of #COVID19 over the past three days. Vancouver Costal Health, which has seen outbreaks of the Brazil P1 variant, now has the highest rate of cases per 100,000 residents. Interior and Island are also increasing. #COVID19BC Chart showing rate of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 resi
Unfortunately, when I emailed the Ministry of Health to ask for a total of variants in each health region, they were unable to answer and directed me to the @CDCofBC. So I can't tell you how many variants are in each health region, just that there are 413 currently active in BC.
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B.C. health officials provide #COVID19 update #bcpoli…
Horgan begins the press conference first to speak about the "senseless North Shore violence... I cannot express my sorrow for the people involved."
Now onto COVID-19: Premier Horgan says there have been a number of challenges: cases are "unacceptably high.” Percentage of positive tests up about 50 per cent in some regions. Ages 20-39 ARE putting the rest of us at risk “do not blow this for the rest of us”
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The weekend is over now so the government will finally get around to addressing the 908 new cases of #COVID19 reported on Friday. Moved up to 1 p.m. and Premier @jjhorgan will join @adriandix and Dr. Bonnie Henry. You can watch live here: #covid19bc
Not sure if this is related to the press conference in BC today, but it does throw a wrench into BC’s plan to immunize frontline workers with the AstraZeneca vaccine.
And here is the link for the federal government's press conference on the new NACI guidelines for AstraZeneca that should be starting shortly.
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I am incredibly worried about BC’s spiking #COVID19 rates - and honestly confused by the mixed messaging we are getting from the BC government. It feels as though we are just watching the cases rise instead of rising to the fight. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC #bced
We gave up on bending the curve, then we gave up on flattening the curve. Now we seem to be giving up as the case numbers spike. There are immediate steps this government could take to get us back on track /2 #bcpoli #COVID19
Increase testing, resume daily briefings, provide case numbers on weekends. Answer every question being asked by the press, with multiple follow ups. It doesn’t always have to be Dr Henry & Minister Dix - but have officials who can answer questions every day /3 #bcpoli #COVID19
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You hear Brazil is getting hit hard by a Covid-19 variant? Not in Maxaranguape, in northeast Brazil that adopted #Ivermectin. Down to zero deaths, zero cases. The city bought 15,000 Ivermectin tablets. #covid #winning
👆👆Next time someone tells you we need another journal publication for #ivermectin or randomized blind study, keep pointing to this 🔥REAL. LIVING. PROOF🔥

Don't dishonor a patient in a trial who could LIVE by taking Ivermectin instead of a placebo.

Global Expert Panel 3/18: Image
👆👆And the rest of Brazil? Free #ivermectin for this city: Sorocaba, Brazil, March 20: “It is a recommendation from the Ministry of Health & some cities have adopted early treatment, managing to reduce the number of patients in hospitals ”, he explains. 👉 Image
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For #Covid19 nerds: This is the paper that virologist @c_drosten was talking about in his recent podcast. "Development of potency, breadth and resilience to viral escape mutations in SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies"… #covid19bc
Summary/conclusion from friend who works in health: "some new studies that suggest there are only a few easy escapes for the virus and after this round it will be harder. That’s because after 6 months the antibody response is broader and more varied and adapted..." cont'd
..." - except in a few key places where antibody response seems to set early and these appear to be highly salient epitopes for the immune system. So they are the obvious places for viral adaptation which is why we are seeing convergent evolution (in variants)..."
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THREAD: Dr. Bonnie Henry released the latest epidemiological modeling for B.C. Here's some key takeaways. #bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cityofpg @PGMatters
Here's B.C.'s vaccination update. A total of 343,381 doses have been administered. One dose = 256,443. Second dose is 86,938. Just 6 per cent of residents have been vaccinated. #bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cityofpg @PGMatters
You can see B.C.'s seven-day moving average from January 2020 to March 8, 2021. Up, down and up again. #bcpoli #COVIDBC #COVID19BC #COVID19 #bced #cityofpg @PGMatters
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