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#NEW: Omicron's newest subvariants are already here and spreading fast, with their ability to bypass antibodies from both vaccines and prior infection, says new data from BC + experts.

What it means for our healthcare system this summer:
“We are all incredibly worried that there will be more morbidity and mortality," said ER physician Dr. Jeff Unger.

Last week, Saanich Peninsula Hospital asked Island Health to shut down the ER overnight, to redirect staff to their busiest hours.

Island Health said no.
With public health measures all but gone & waning immunity from 3rd doses, BA.4 and BA.5 are expected soon become dominant in BC.

A new study shows that the more times you get reinfected with COVID-19, the higher your risk of death, hospitalization, and long COVID.

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I had a chance to go to this @VSOrchestra Orpheum Theatre built after the Spanish Flu to be *pandemic proof* and WOW. This ventilating system is FULLY OPERATIONAL. Huge crowd 1/n Image
@VSOrchestra And under the seats there were these mushroom shaped objects...Fresh air from pipes provided a very gentle stream of air & note these air intakes were protected by the mushroom design. the stem emitted air, the umbrella part protected it 2/n ImageImage
@VSOrchestra The air rose above the seats to the porous false ceiling above to vent all that air out! This was built in 1927 & it has better ventilation than most modern buildings #PandemicProof architecture 3/n Image
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COVID-in-wastewater for BC Lower Mainland, to 4-June-2022. 🪡
Red line at zero level added to emphasize that relatively high levels persist in wastewater, discordant with the low level of officially reported cases. (1/n)
#covid19bc Image
The graph is dominated by the Jan-Dec peak, which effectively and conveniently scales down the current persistent high levels. The eye tends not to catch that the levels post-peak are much higher than the levels before. (2/n) Image
The description in the text seems determined to ignore these persistent high levels, and appears to focus on shorter-term bumps and noise in order to use the word “decreased”… (3/n) Image
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Alarming/worrisome trend in BC, Canada.
New cases are 1/20 of the Jan/Feb peak.
👉Yet avg daily deaths are near that peak
👉The 14% unvax now represent new low of only 7% of daily deaths
👉The 51% triple vax are 76% of daily deaths, a new high
🤦‍♂️Media is silent.
1/4 #covid19bc
2/4 Despite new cases at 1/20 those in February, daily deaths are back up to the February highs of the Omicron wave, around 11 per day.
BC media and Bonnie Henry have gone to a quiet, weekly reporting only now. They no longer point out the vaccination status of the deceased.
3/4 Unvaccinated are 14% of the population (unchanged in months), but the vaccinated have hit a new high of 93% of daily deaths. Shouldn't the vaccinated be more protected from dying? And the numbers only go up every week.
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Let’s talk about union advocacy & politics.

How much does the government party-in-power affect unions? Turns out, a lot.
Case in point, Ontario Fed of Labour vs. BC Fed of Labour, on #COVID19. @OFLabour @bcfed

Worker safety ought to be forefront. Let’s see…

A thread🧵
2/ Ontario Fed of Labour has researched & advocated for #COVIDisAirborne policies for workers for 2 years now.

Check out their website. Posted in early June, 2021!

“Follow the science. Enforce the law. Protect workers.”
First words? #COVIDisAirborne!!…
3/ More from @OFLabour on #COVIDisAirborne safety:

06/21“But it’s not about, ‘We told you so’. It’s about, we told you to protect workers from potential airborne transmission of COVID-19. Why haven’t you listened to so many voices, including the labour movement for over a yr?”
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Today I asked @adriandix about this story. @brish_ti writes “it is impossible to figure out how the virus is affecting hospitalizations in real time.” 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
People on Vancouver Island are already dealing with a severe family doctor shortage, hours long waits for walk-in clinics, and now hospitals are considering renting hotel rooms for rehabilitation patients. 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
I asked the Minister - can he assure people that they won’t be turned away when they are in need of health care? As a mother and a daughter, it is frightening to think my loved ones might not get the care they need. 3/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
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#NEW: Internal email shared with @CapitalDailyVic shows #yyj hospitals are too full to accept patients and are considering emergency steps like renting hotel rooms.

Healthcare workers say #COVID19 hospitalizations on the rise + surgeries being postponed…
@CapitalDailyVic “I am writing to let you all know that we are facing an extreme overcensus situation at all of our acute care sites,” reads the email which was sent to staff at Victoria General Hospital, and shared with @zoeducklow

According to ER physician Dr. Jeff Unger, all 3 ERs (RJH, VGH, Saan Pen) were full on Sunday and RJH was on ambulance diversion for a part of the night.

A nurse at RJH tells us surgeries are being postponed because there are too many COVID patients in surgical units.
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Our "Covid Doesn't Take Breaks, Neither Can We" Briefing #14 begins shortly! Please join @Protect_BC's livestream at the link below; no registration required.

We will livetweet the briefing here; please follow along & send in your Q for our experts. #bcpoli
Welcome to our 14th briefing! We are joined today by @Protect_BC's @DrFiliatrault and @DrBrendaHardie, and @UCalgary researcher and biologist @GosiaGasperoPhD. If you have Qs for them at any point in the briefing, please tweet them at us. #Covid19BC #bcpoli #CovidIsntOver
@Protect_BC is a grassroots group of healthcare professionals, doctors, teachers and other experts that shares its expertise with the province of BC. Image
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Live tweet 🧵: UBC CPD Covid-19 Update #10: Expert Q&A (For healthcare professionals): April 6, 2022
Panelist: Dr. Reka Gustafson, Dr. Mark Lysyshyn, Dr. Manish Sadarangani, Dr. Birinder Narang, Dr. Jennifer Grant, Dr. Jolanta Piszczek
RG: sig porportion of those admitted during Omicron wave are in 'with covid', not 'for covid'
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In what was their final #COVID19 briefing for the foreseeable future our PHO and government have failed to educate British Columbians on the risks of #LongCOVID, of the airborne spread of this virus, and of the benefits of well-fitting & high-quality masks. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
This is a failure to provide essential information to the public, at a time when this government has transferred all responsibility to individuals to try to keep themselves and others safe from #COVID19 infection. 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
In P.E.I & Quebec mask mandates have been extended until the end of the month in order to manage rising cases. It’s clear that the B.A.2 variant has taken over in BC, and yet we continue to act as though we're somehow going to avoid the impacts we’re seeing elsewhere. 3/ #bcpoli
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Today I asked Premier @jjhorgan what, in a pandemic, his government owes to the people and those who live with them who are medically vulnerable or immunocompromised? The Minister of Health answered instead. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC #COVID19
I ask this because @humanrights4bc sent a letter to the PHO arguing that the mask mandate should remain.

The letter states, “Lifting the mask mandate will do disproportionate harm to those who are already marginalized”. 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC…
.@jjhorgan has tasked his gov't with tackling systemic discrimination – it is in the mandate letter of the Minister of Health.
And yet, our Human Rights Commissioner said that the sudden removal of the mask mandate will have profound effects on vulnerable people in BC. 3/ #bpcoli
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Wow—had to check a few times to make sure this was legit.

BC's human rights commissioner has released a letter sent to Dr. Bonnie Henry, urging her to reconsider lifting the mask mandate. #covid19bc @CapitalDailyVic…
"That people dislike wearing masks is not a compelling argument when weighed against the rights of others to life, security of the person, and equal participation in social and economic life," commissioner @KasariGovender wrote to Dr. Henry.
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The @VSOrchestra Orpheum was built in 1927, shortly after the last worldwide pandemic ...."One of the most up-to-date ventilating systems on the continent was installed...Air was brought from the outside and blown through a series of water sprays or screens...1/2 #covid19bc
@VSOrchestra ..."heated to any desired degree, then forced through a system of ducts which distributed it to every part of the building hrough hundreds of small pipes which opened beneath the seats...2/n
@VSOrchestra ..."A complete change of air took place every three minutes, and with the aid of these huge air-washers, clean, dust-free air of even temperature was ensured at all times.” 3/n #orpheum #covid19bc
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It has been a long 2 years for British Columbians. Many people are eager for the pandemic to be over, and others are still anxious about opening up. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
I am deeply concerned that without a plan for the future and clear information on why we’re making decisions, removing these measures will create more confusion, allow for greater transmission of COVID, and risk distrust in government. 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
Learning to live with this virus should not mean pretending it is over; it should mean that we keep simple, universal basic protections in places where they keep us safe and provide a predictable plan that we can work towards and anticipate. 3/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
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% Positivity by Vaccine Status & Health Authority up to Feb 6 (MSP public funded tests)
VCH #Covid19BC
% Positivity by Vaccine Status & Health Authority up to Feb 6 (MSP public funded tests)
Fraser Health #Covid19BC
% Positivity by Vaccine Status & Health Authority up to Feb 6 (MSP public funded tests)
Interior Health #Covid19BC
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"Knowledge is Power - So Why is BC Hiding #COVID19 Data?" - this discussion starts at noon today, featuring
& @Protect_BC's @kerricoombs. We will be live-tweeting it - follow along here.

If you have Qs for the panelists, tweet them to us!
@brish_ti @seanmholman @kerricoombs Starting now! @kerricoombs from @Protect_BC is introducing our panel on BC Covid data opacity, with special guests reporter @brish_ti and U of Victoria journalism prof @seanmholman #bcpoli

If you have Qs for the panel, you can tweet them at us.
@kerricoombs is talking about BC having been forced to admit, early on when challenged by SARS Inquiry head Mario Possamai, that it had been hiding data. @seanmholman now talking of the damage to democracy & trust in govt when information is withheld - incl conspiracy theories.
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1/🧵Important Thread

For those working in unsafe conditions, this thread highlights which sections of the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act may apply to your situation. You can highlight them in an unsafe work claim. It’s BC specific but may apply elsewhere. #bced #bcpoli
2/ BCCDC creates guidance for employers, and employers can choose which aspects of the guidance they want to use in their safety plan.

Guidance is not law, it’s a suggestion.

The OHS Act is law and it TRUMPS any BC CDC guidance. Important distinction.

#bced #bcpoli #cdnpoli
3/ The PHO must also follow the principles in the OHS Act when creating orders, as must @WorkSafeBC when ruling on unsafe work claims.

Act clearly states that ALL work must be carried out without undue risk of occupational disease to ANY person. OHS Act prevails. #bced #bcpoli
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1/ BC: "Ensuring Balance in Easing Restrictions"

Today BC outlined their approach to phased re-opening.

Starting tomorrow night with removing capacity restrictions at 11:59 PM & reviewing masks/vaccine card in the next 1-2 months.

2/ Principles Driving Next Steps

Focusing on:

Response: Immunization, self management, protecting those most at risk

Recovery: Rescind restrictions + adopt sustainable strategies

Readiness: Prepare for ongoing waves & troughs

"Shifting to Sustainable"
3/ Goals & Tools

Goals: Minimize deaths/serious illness, protect system, minimize societal disruption

Tools: Endemic Management (that's essentially what the list is) including: vaccines, surveillance, individual driven decisions, managing high-risk out breaks & treatment
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1/ Reopening: #COVID19BC

Loosening of restrictions are expected to be announced today.

Sure to be some backlash from those who are not ready.

Let's look at the UK, where they removed many restrictions on January 15th. (~ 1 month ago)

Declines across the board.

2/ UK Patients admitted to hospital.

Daily numbers of patients admitted to hospital (Don't think this distinguishes from the "for" or "with")

7 day average was ~2000/day 1 month ago, decreased to ~1300/day (Feb 8th)

Lowest since Pre-Christmas.
3/ UK Hospital Census

Daily count of confirmed COVID-19 patients in hospital.

Was ~19,500 1 month ago, latest numbers ~12,000.
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Today I asked Premier @jjhorgan and Minister @AdrianDix if they acknowledge that #COVID19 is an airborne virus. The Premier did not stand to answer.

Minister Dix said this gov’t follows the “science” but not once said the words “COVID-19 is airborne”. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
We need to restore that crucial confidence in public health guidance and democracy. To do that, governments must be able to acknowledge mistakes and be willing to improve. 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19 #COVID19BC
Patients, healthcare workers, teachers, and others are not being provided a critical tool to protect themselves against an airborne virus: an N95 mask. Nurses have filed a human rights complaint for being denied access to N95s their workplace. 3/ #bcpoli…
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LIVE: Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix provide an update on COVID-19 in B.C. #covid19bc…
Health Minister Adrian Dix acknowledges it's been two years since the first COVID-19 case was found in B.C.

“It’s certainly been a long two years," he says.
Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry: We are here today in a very different place than two years ago. Remembering where we have been and what we have come through can help us put where we are today into perspective.
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There were 367 #COVID19 hospitalizations in B.C. over the weekend, and the 7-day average is falling, but on Jan. 17 the @CDCofBC changed its guidance to only test "hospitalized individuals of any age when a positive result would impact treatment or care."… Chart shows daily COVID-19 hospitalizations in B.C. and a se
@CDCofBC Here are some of the @CDCofBC's "COVID-19: Viral Testing Guidelines for British Columbia" that details who should be tested. The first line says people in hospital should only be tested when a positive test impacts care AND they have Covid symptoms.… General guidance for people with new or worsening symptoms c
It may have taken a couple of days for this new #COVID19 testing guidance to make its way to the health authorities and hospitals. On Jan. 19, the updated guidance was sent to Island Health staff in a Medical Staff Bulletin. #COVID19BC Island Health Medica Staff Bulletin, January 19, 2022.  • common. The updated inpatient testing recommendations will b
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!!! From a HCW in a #BCpoli hospital just now:

"They are now making it difficult to test people in hospital - they're refusing to authorize PCR tests on people who become symptomatic. There's a NAAT PCR machine in ED but inpatient can't use it without special authorization.."
..I ran this past a nurse who replied: "And we all know why that is! Families are threatening to sue if their relatives get nosocomial [hospital-acquired] COVID" ie. from infected patients placed in the same room. Hospitals covering rears? If you don't test, there's no proof...
Respond to this news please, @adriandix. You're the health minister! I have an elderly aunt with a broken hip, with preexisting heart trouble, in a Vancouver hospital in a shared room with a Covid patient right now. She has stayed uninfected all pandemic, but it won't last now.
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On their #COVID19 policies this gov't likes to say “we follow the science."

But our policies are not based on the raw data, they are based on the values viewed as important by gov't & used to interpret the science.

Today I want to talk about those values. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
Yesterday the BCCDC updated their guidelines to say that public health is balancing preventing illness and going to work & socializing.

That is the crux of the growing frustration we're seeing. Increasingly the @bcndp are choosing to value work over people. /2 #bcpoli #COVIDBC
This has been done under the guise of ensuring we “rebuild” our economy - and there lies the misunderstanding. @jjhorgan himself said in a not too distant past “People are the economy of BC.” 3/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
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