"Lady G" is trending because Lindsey Graham is disliked by people on both sides of the aisle.

Is it reasonable to do this?
In uncertain times, people wants things to be black & white.

When people have very little information, jumping to conclusions is extremely easy to do.

A month or so ago someone tweeted "Where is Barr?" Nothing else. Last time I checked, they had 10,000 likes of that tweet.
What IS diplomacy?

Diplomacy is working with people you can't stand. In such a way. That they like you enough to agree with you about one or more things. That benefit both of you.
Spoiler alert: I'm no diplomat

Lindsey Graham is.

Mitch McConnell is.

Bill Barr is.

And of course The President and Vice President (and many others) are.
If you're not POSITIVE that someone is bad

you HAVE TO give them the benefit of the doubt.

Or you're not a Christian.

You're just an asshole.

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25 Dec
#CIA #4amTalkingPoints

Thank goodness The President golfs regularly.

We should all golf, or walk, or run, or bike, or climb, or roll more regularly.

#https://www.rawstory.com/ =
TrumpDerangementSyndrome on steroids

Rockin the deep state message

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25 Dec
#Cycle20201225 -- conditions for all 9 cycles

Your cycle: bMth + bDay + yr + 1

Eg: Lionel Messi (born Jun 24): 6 + 24 + 2020 + 1 = 8 yr

For the Q movement, today is a 4 (test) yr,
9-4 (Test) mth


See any cycle of the year so far:
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1 yr, 6-7 mth, 4-1 day -- Start/active day, but with tests around.

2 yr, 7-9 mth, 5-3 day -- The two most impulsive qualities... AM best.

3 yr, 8-2 mth, 6-5 day -- New thoughts, people+harvest month...test yr looms.
4 yr, 9-4 mth, 7 day -- Depth of thought, seek the Christ Consciousness within

5 yr, 1-6 mth, 8-9 day -- Rest/big picture day. Give/specialize.

6 yr, 2-8 mth, 9-2 day -- 2 can be the best listener. #Empathize
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25 Dec
Kevin Spacey's deep state message for 2020:


"People contemplating ending their own lives"
Bad people thinking of ending it all?

#OhWell #PleasePassTheCranberrySauce

Video length: 7:01

"I believe in America"
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24 Dec
#Cycle20201224 -- conditions for all 9 cycles

Your cycle: bMth + bDay + yr + 1

Eg: Lionel Messi (born Jun 24): 6 + 24 + 2020 + 1 = 8 yr

For the Q movement, today is a 4 (test) yr,
9-4 (Test) mth


See any cycle of the year so far:
"#Cycle2020mmdd" in search
1 yr, 6-7 mth, 3-9 day -- Rest/big picture/plan. Give in all ways.

2 yr, 7-9 mth, 4-2 day -- People day, with tests around. #Persevere

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4 yr, 9-4 mth, 6 day -- The 6 is the clearest

5 yr, 1-6 mth, 7-8 day -- Harvest (of depth of thought) day. PM best.

6 yr, 2-8 mth, 8-1 day -- Strong start day. Action in all ways.
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24 Dec
My Christmas present arrived today and I listened to the first half hour.

What a flood of great memories from when I read it almost 20 years ago.

Harry Truman was, is and always will be the most #underrated President (as President Trump is not underrated by the good people) Image
If I may...

Truman was the + side of the 1 quality. Able to stand alone. Truly alone. And focused exclusively on doing the right thing.

JFK was the + of the 2 quality. The people's President.

Reagan was the + of the 3. The entertainer President.
Trump is literally a 4 (birthday total).

#StableGenius -- stable = 4, genius = various qualities & attributes The President has developed over the decades.

Conventionally, the 7 is thought of as the most mysterious. But really it is the 4.
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23 Dec
Retweeting Santa's thread on Michael Flynn

so that it can be "rolled up"

and thus become "more fully available". Right #Mudge?

MEME GIFs won't be included. JPGs & YT videos will be.

First tweet 👇 was on April 26, 2019...
#Q said FLYNN is Safe. #Q Didn't Say Trust
SAFE adjective
1: free from harm or risk: UNHURT
2a: secure from Threat of danger, harm, or loss
TRUST noun
1a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
b: one in which confidence is placed
#QDrop #260 4 Dec 2017 - 9:24:14 PM
Who knows where the bodies are buried?
FLYNN is safe.
We protect our Patriots.
So You Know It Doesn't Say Flem Knows Where The Bodies Are...Also, Doesn't it seem like #Q is Saying To Us Directly "We Protect Our Patriots" IDK...#SCOTUS
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