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Thread 2.20.2019!!
What Mercy Did For Me!
Lamentations 3:22-23 His compassions fail not. They are new every morning! Great is Thy faithfulness!

#ThisIsLove #Mercy #Grace #Love #ThankYouLord #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
President Trump and General
Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
!!NEW Q - 2826!!
10:30:02 EST
When their attempts to silence through 'print' fail, they must now include in TV/video.

Why put so much attention into a so-called conspiracy?
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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@realDonaldTrump Without the cover of Twitter's 280 characters or a speech writer, Trump shows just how mentally unfit he is to lead anything. (From 2015, he's gotten much worse since.)
@realDonaldTrump I'm just going to let this video speak for itself.

Justin Trudeau compared to Donald Trump.

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NEW Q 🇺🇸
See link below to view Q posts.

If you're trying to catch up on Q and news, see next tweet. 1/2
🚨 Addendum
After you read Q, look at statement from @realDonaldTrump. He identifies the Dem land mines that attempt to nullify or restrict his Constitutional authority. Notice how he responds. #TheCoupContinues #StableGenius #TrustTrump 🇺🇸 @Scavino45…
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Thread by @LJT_is_me: "Really important! California Montana New Jersey Alabama South Dakota Mississippi New Mexico Mississippi Iowa Your free begins with making your voice heard! I want everyone to make their voice heard. That said, If they are liste […]"…
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Q DROP #55
Anonymous ID: zGyR4tyi No.147647154 📁
Nov 2 2017 13:44:21 (EST)
Look to Twitter:
Exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us......."
God bless.

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That's not a flu shot. These people are having to get their dose openly on camera at the golden globes. THAT is how desperate they are. #CannibalsAllTheWayDown #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #ItEndsNow #theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS #WWG1WGA #Covfefe…
@POTUS This is not a normal tweet at all. We already know to be on the lookout for FIJI water. This, to me, is a signal to the cannibals that this woman has the "water" they need and is there to SERVE them. I believe this is significant. #QAnon @POTUS #WWG1WGA
@POTUS I'm not watching the golden globes, but these things are standing out to me as very odd.
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Ocassio Cortez & Tlaib are ACTORS. Everything about both of them in the media is PREMEDITATED ENEMY PROPAGANDA, including fake outrage toward them & blaming it on "muh conservatives." #FakeNews #EnemyCombatants #AmericanTerrorists #DeceptionKills #QAnon @POTUS #theGreatAwakening
@POTUS The more we talk about them and the fake distraction narratives surrounding them, the more we play into #HiviteTactics which is exactly what (((they))) want. Don't bite, remain focused. #FISAabuse #Spygate #pizzagate #theGreatAwakening #QAnon @POTUS #WeThePeople #WWG1WGA #MAGA
@POTUS These antics by the hivite terrorists who have made their way into our government Are DESIGNED to draw blow-back. Hegelian dialectics. The blow back is then used against US. even if it's just them creating it all in the first place #HiviteTactics Social engineering & #mindcontrol
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This is called a parallel construction.

he's falling on the sword to show the hypocrisy for all to see.

The Clinton Foundation took fees, rent, salaries, etc…

he takes all the slings and arrows for us
#StableGenius #AmericanHero
In a court of law. It’s called PRECEDENCE

This guy and his daughter are regular gangsters

Can you imagine if you took off their PC leashes ?

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You know. That thing called “trade deals” that ONLY HE worked in OUR favor for once so that we have economical growth instead of billions in deficit annually.

Wall paid for very shortly.

Some people lack basic understanding of the Art of the Deal and Economics

we pay for it by NOT losing billions in trade with Mexico.
We pay for it by NOT paying for illegal immigrants to the tune of BILLIONS annually

Wall paid for very shortly.
Profits in next 4 years.


Mexico paid for the wall the second they signed the USMCA.

Done and done

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A thread on why ObamaCare is unconstitutional!

Some people have ZERO idea how genius Trump is.

The Master of the Kansas City Shuffle: look over here and then BOOM, you never saw it coming

Obama care being called unconstitutional was also a master stroke of genius.

Because of the financial penalty contained in Obamacare the Supreme Court called the law constitutional in 2012 because it fell under congresses powers of "taxes."

But Chess Master GEOTUS convinced Congress to lower the penalty for not having Obamacare to 0$.

#QAnon #ObamaCare
Then BOOM a coalition of 20 republican attorney generals and governors file a case against ACA based on the fact that there is no longer a financial penalty contained within, the law is no longer within Congress's tax powers.

The judge agrees.

#QAnon #ObamaCare
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Step 1. Follow VP Pence Twitter acct
Step 2. Notice picture posted to VP Twitter acct
Step 3. Zoom in on “Q” patch on sheriff’s chest
Step 4. Understand that there are Zero Coincidences
Step 5. Find said “Q” patch match online being sold
Step 7. Find corresponding Q post.
Step 8. Determine that the sheriff is Sgt Matthew Patten from BROWARD COUNTY
Step 9. Come to realization that Q is real and IT’S HAPPENING…

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA
UPDATE: People are so scared of a letter. BROWARD county should be scared.

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Lede: @realDonaldTrump picks a fight with the one judge on earth authorized to preside over @Trump's upcoming US Senate impeachment trial. 😎#StableGenius @maddow @Lawrence @MaddowBlog CJ Roberts
CJ John Roberts is really the only federal judge who can speak on this. He's drawing fire from his courts. It's an historic moment: When people in justice, military & intelligence communities were reassured the Russian mobster fascist dictator wannabe isn't getting a free pass.
The real threat is the @SenateGOP who refuse to defend the Constitution. If they took Russian money in 2016 and have not reported it to @FBIWFO they should be presumed to be agents of a foreign power engaged in clandestine activities for an enemy under #FISA. @FBIWFO @NSAGov
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That moment when Mueller discloses the findings of his investigation & all the guilty will want to parrot @realDonaldTrump saying "illegal witch hunt" but then recognize their conundrum because they have orders to constantly disagree with him & have been defending the probe= 💥😁
@realDonaldTrump Trust the plan. You are watching a movie. #StableGenius tactics. #WWG1WGA #QAnon @POTUS #theGreatAwakening
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS Even if the investigation into Trump Russia collusion was illegal (therefore unable to be used in court against the target of illegal surveillance, Trump), the probe itself spurred the legitimate initiation of investigation into the actions done by actual bad guys. #ByePhoenicia
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"If [Dems] do that, it's a WAR LIKE POSTURE" - @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

This is not a game. This is not a test. Do your job or make your last play. Choose wisely. #ByePhoenicia
"These people are sick... They are the ones causing the division" - #StableGenius @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

He said: "THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK" #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #FutureProvesPast #ByePhoenicia
"How do you catch a fish?" ---> with BAIT
#ByePhoenicia #TheGreatAwakening #EnjoyTheShow
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Trump: 'We do need' prison reform via @politico
🇺🇸❤️This is what is going to bring the country together..Preach Ye 🙏☯️
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1. An explosive set of connections found by our Trump Warrior Sundance. Read the article and then ask how corrupt are our @FBI & @TheJusticeDept. It wasn't just the people at the top and still isn't. @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @mitchellvii…
2. We met Monica McLean in the letter from Ford's former BF. Grassley was sent the letter and released it curiously with her name unredacted which allowed our internet sleuths to look up McLean's history. #StableGenius
3. Ms McLean is a high school friend of Ford's. Makes me wonder, did she attend the party, what does she know of Ford's past, and if she knew of Kavanaugh's supposed acts or reputation, why has she remained silent?
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On Sept 5 I posted my theory regarding the Op-Ed. I ran the Essay through, the Uber powerful online plagiarism-thwarting tool used by schools, universities & researchers. The OpE-Ed popped 100% Match to a USC student essay.
I pondered all the questions previously- maybe this was just a student writing ABOUT the Op-ed. No. I’ll show you why. 1. The student essay included the entire Op-Ed. Not an excerpt, not a quote. The whole piece NYT essay with one sentence revised.
Now why would a student turn a paper that is plaigiarized into a plaigiarism checker? That bothered me. At first I thought it was a student. I even found that Nancy Pelosi’s grandson attends USC, majoring economics. But his writing style scores 7th grade Lexile. It’s not him.
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Yes, this is my pinned tweet and my motivation for joining twitter October 2016..
#SaturdayMotivation ❤️🇺🇸🌹courtesy @realDonaldTrump and @Solmemes1
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1) All about timing.

It’s coffee time.
September 8, 2018.
2) If you drink the coffee fast, it's good because it's good and hot.
Wait a few minutes and it's cold, or worse, bitter.
3) Why did Hillary Clinton share an article three months old?

"I was a Trump troll," says David Weissman, "until Sarah Silverman engaps://
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@POTUS The recent National Preparedness month declaration was not a coincidence. This is WAR. #WeThePeople have a Constitutional obligation to be ready & able to defend ourselves/communities. Remain vigilant & alert, but also faithful & brave. It may get weird for a bit. #WWG1WGA #QAnon
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1) The Virginia Governor hatched a plot to turn Charlottesville into a riot last year by marching 2 paid Soros groups into each other. @realDonaldTrump could have unmasked the plot. However he knew it would cause more riots (paid).
2) Instead, @POTUS did the hard work of appealing to America to be an honest & moral Nation. Donald Trump is not the President by accident. He prepared spiritually, emotionally and strategically for 30 years to finish what JFK started.
3) The pre-meditated Charlottesville riot represents all that is dark in America and all that is dark in Satan's plan for mankind.
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“Trump was worried about revealing the full extent of his involvement in the delicate - and explosive - subject. ‘I’m dealing at a very high level on this.’” #FutureProvesPast #WWG1WGA #WhoIsQ #SpyGate #CrossfireHurricane
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
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NIXON: “I’m not a crook”

TRUMP: “Collusion is not a crime”
UPDATE: Collusion is a crime again! #StableGenius
TRUMP: "Collusion is not a crime" *

* (unless I'm accusing Hillary Clinton of doing it, in which case it's definitely a crime)
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