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#reverseAI: I can't reveal any of my sources or network, untill the system provides me #trust.

Since #Asimov, powerstructures, today's kleptocracts, expressed in #marketcap in broken coin, #Petrodollar, became really visible.
He undervalued the essence of the #trust part in network(relations) which brings you to #ZeroTrust, which unites lot's of cybertags.
Only way out of #ZeroTrust (#Transformation) is via #BioSphereHackers, @AnonSuperPAc, making my #DigitalStrategy, which is

#MirrorAI: Mirroring Broken Digital Agenda #G7 #UN #EU #USA, system of Western Colonisers.
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Q responded to this above tweet by saying, "Time travel is fun, or..."
Does this Naval Institute tweet suggest what the 'or....' is?
Comms are fun

Was the POTUS double Q proof a marker for "The Final Countdown"?
More wheels down and landings.
There are MIL comms going off galore!
Had the feeling earlier something BIG was about to drop.

Now I feel it more.
But what?

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1/Does this "news article" smell of black hat #comms?

-Author & timestamp = MS13 (SM initials & 2:21 26)
-photo staged?
-Ship imprinted SAFETY FIRST
-23 reverses to 32 Cabal. Q trolls with Now comes the pain 23!!!
-Green 'go light'?
2/ Astara and Shabahang both mean "star". Is this code for a STAR about to "fall"?

Shabahang can also mean nightingale, a bird who's song is a "LAMENT" and sounds like a "frog-like ALARM call' [wikipedia]
3/ Short article also codes 9/11, shown below.

Photo link oddly shows another ship, and Draws attention to FLAG of Destination Russian port city of Makhachkala,
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Wikileaks Document : a “Secret US Base on the Moon”… - this thread, my pinned tweet and a few other threads go over Moon symbolism and "base on the" - not talking about the literal moon. #Qanon #MoonLanding #Moon #Symbolism #Comms #Wikileaks
Note the connection in that last tweet regarding moon and Russia "A document published by Wikileaks clearly implies that the U.S.A. had a "secret" base on the Moon that was destroyed by Russia." - thread connects a few dots #Qanon #Russia #China #CIA
Given the lizard person on this site next to a pro #Qanon symbol it's prolly safe to assume this is a tinfoil psyop… but that doesn't mean it can't be useful for dissecting #Symbolism #Comms So what happened in 1977? "on the moon" #Psyop #CIA #MKUltra
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I suspect this could be the day I finally alienate myself & make enemies for life but here goes.... 1/ I’ve never been of 99% of international development charities cos like @comicrelief they’ve peddled poverty porn for years ignoring complaints by Africans & Asians #ComicRelief
Many have been happy to humiliate, disempower and degrade Africans and Asians for the sake of securing funds from Dorothy donor & perpetuated the beasts w/no clothes myth to “raise awareness”
It was my utter contempt for Comms work produced by international development charities that made me start thinking of #Diversity in #comms and lead me to eventually launch @bmeprpros
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Q has said the following:
"It's always been out in the open."
"Symbolism will be their downfall."
"Symbolism = END"
Why end? Because the elites use a language of symbolism: colours, poses, mythos, etc to hide from you in plain sight #Qanon
It's the end because when people learn this language we win. It's like this clip from They Live (We Sleep)

To see the world like this requires learning hundreds of symbols. An entirely new language, and thinking in a new way, it's not easy!
Colour Coding System
Orange/Sunset = End
Red/Fire = Punish
Blue/Water = Info
Tiffany Blue = Secret Info
Green/Trees = Ally
Yellow/Sunshine = Reward
Brown Dirt = Nourish
Purple = Communication
Pink = Weak
Dark = Hidden
Light = Visible
e.g. Dark to Light = To Make Visible.
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