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BHO def did NOT facilitate a “peaceful transfer of power” after 2016 election. BHO has been running a SHADOW GOVT ever since. So glad Trump’s reminder of that is now refreshed in everyone’s minds!
2/ look deeper into Romney‘s words… “Without a peaceful transition of power? We have Belarus”. Yes he refers to current electoral chaos in that country.

But what else can Belarus mean?
3/ in Latin?
RUS means RUSSIA .

Romney: “we have BELaRUS”.

We have “War w Russia”?

Are these #comms of what would’ve happened post 2016 victory when Obama was kept “from declaring fraud”? And later via #spygate insurance policy?
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COVID19 THREAD: As we enter September, and start preparing for whatever the second half of the year throws at us, here are my reflections on responding to the covid19 pandemic so far. #covid19 @CMPHN @ADPHUK @FPH @LGAWellbeing @R_S_P_H @PHE_uk
1) Learning, new virus, considerable amount of learning in first 8 months, and more will continue. Learn from both the #art and the #science as it develops, and respond accordingly.
2) National vs local, Leadership at all levels reqd, however local areas have shown they have the knowledge of their communities & their areas, & the ability to respond quickly and effectively. Not either/or, #national and #local need to be working closely together at all times.
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Chief executive officer (CEO) of Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority (#UPEIDA), #AwanishAwasthi visited the #defence industrial #corridor site in #Aligarh to discuss the plan with investors and local district officials on Monday. ImageImage
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1/The mysterious DRAGON FISA... get ready... Image
2/ @NatSecLisa admitted to the DRAGON FISA existence, a FISA warrant the #spygate plotters wanted on a High Level Target, in context of her “hurry the F up” exchange with peter Strzok. But when pressed for more details? NOT in an UNCLASSIFIED setting ... Image
3/ “very high level”.... Dragons.

In Legend, what do dragons do? They stand Guard. For Jewels, treasure, often a CASTLE. in cue drops, CASTLE has referred several times to the White House. ImageImageImage
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The YELLOW VESTS aka Yellow Jackets are emerging to fight off the cabal. #Comms = “murder hornets” coming . FREEDOM !
2/ Yellow Vest protest Movement - the symbol of the vest means Power back to the People.

Started on Q day- 17 Nov 2018

Again: YELLOW VESTS = YELLOW JACKETS = MURDER HORNETS, rising up against the NWO powers of the worldwide Cabal.
3/Yellow jackets & Hornets = same Family, biologically, with Hornets being bigger and always nesting high up.

The metaphor could be that the deadly MURDER HORNETS are the Cabal, "bigger" and "higher up" than us common "yellow jacket" We the People...?

Coming to US from Asia?
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I have a Question. The rioters have been trying to set the Federal Building in Portland on fire for days....

THIS is as close as they're getting...
2/ so? HOW did the Police Precinct in Minneapolis, where the 4 police officers who worked, burn down so easily? This clip answers it: Mayor Jacob Frey said the "symbolism of the building does not outweigh life." He let it go. Evidence burned, mayhap?

3/ WHAT EVIDENCE in Minneapolis might have needed burning? To save being found and exposing the corrupt City leadership? Here's my thread: Potential involvement in COUNTERFEIT RING? involving China?
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👀 ⬇️ RT
#Hawaii #FalseFlag
#Attack #comms

#JimCarrey revisits Missile Alert 7/16?
#JFKJR 1999
Birth of Muslim Era 622AD
Tour Boat Bomb HI 2018

"WINDing" #isreal co
👀 #Apollo (god of #plague ) Energy WINDfarm Big Island


1/ ImageImageImage


Tag Team Prelude to Carrey.

Get ahead of, discredit
@realDonaldTrump about

Biden; "Trump thinks windmills somehow cause cancer"...

2/ Image
@ClimatePower @realDonaldTrump Back to Carrey's revisit of Hawaii Missile on JFK Jr Anniversary.


👀 Canard Cruise Line

CNN Story
Tour Boat hit by 'lava bomb'
Cruise Ship ad had FF Disclosure. Archived : )

Quick Must See Thread…
3/ ImageImageImage
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1/ Grant Imahara, Host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' Dies at 49… via @thr
2/ #comms?

White Rabbit Project?
"I wanted to be Q"
3/ WHOA! White Rabbit project was a literal 10 episode REDPILL!

mind control, remote car navigation, spying, ponzi schemes, "too smart" tech, derman regeneration, Hitler drugging, El Chapo drug/human trafficking, droning, holograms.

=I'm a HARE?
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@POTUS was on @seanhannity tonight. Comms? Have a watch:

"I could name 19 names"...

Q drop #19. Relevance? DEFINITELY.

All eyes on globalist bought and paid for shills like Al Sharpton.

@hmcd123 @Bruno062418 @cjtruth @love4thegameAK

More comms from Q+ during @seanhannity townhall with @realDonaldTrump? A few more numbers brought in: 18, 45, 49 and 55. Relevance?

You decide.

Q drops are posted in the following tweets.

18 mentioned in video clip above. Relevance? Let's look at Q drop #18.

Well what do you know? @POTUS mentions #Mueller in the video clip...

All eyes on conflicted Mueller.

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Patriots: Read this from the boards and tell me this doesn't indicate /read like some hella warnings for this week/weekend. #Thread Image
Some small things today. Should be quiet tomorrow through Thursday. But Friday...FRIDAY the real storm hits.
They'll think the worst is over. But pressure from anxiety, others getting caught, etc will lead to "small leaks" and small growths in people waking up as the combined pressure becomes too much. #Drip #Drip
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1/ #comms in THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED song from the musical Hamilton?

Ties to MERCER?

Bolton's Book coming out June 23? Now comes the Pain?

Read Gina's thread first...

then the song lyrics.
2/ Bolton's Book,

The Room Where it Happened…
3/ The ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED Song Lyrics in full:…
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I’m seeing a lot of #PR and #comms people tweeting support for #BlackLivesMatter and in the last 24 hours a few things have happened that I want to share… Before I go into details I wanted to touch on why I share, what I share on here.
Talking about race and racism you’ve experienced can be both traumatic and, weirdly, humiliating. I say “weirdly humiliating” because it shouldn’t be. As I’ve always said, racism shouldn’t be an ethnic minority problem but society’s problem.
But I recognise if you don’t talk, people can’t learn and people can’t do better. I always think about those with platforms even smaller than mine and feel a duty to do my bit.
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“I’m going to go to a very special place and pay my respects. “

Potus WALKS to St Johns, Bible in hand, taking back the Land, so desecrated by the terrorist mobs.

And of COURSE the sound went silent. Loss of #comms .

These people are sick!
2/ the democrat leaders WILL establish order in their cities via the NATIONAL GUARD TONIGHT.

Or POTUS sends in the military.

Their choice. Simple.
3/ It's going to be BIBLICAL.
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A non-lethal weapon of "heat" to disburse rioters. You can "shoot first, ask questions later".

Is this why POTUS said for now they were "very COOL"?

2/ Are we waiting for these Democratic Leaders to admit they cannot control their cities, and bring in the NG with its "very cool" non-lethal weapon to disperse?

Call the Ball?
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the cat "George" was a "she".

Anyone else find that odd?

The #comms here appear to refer to someone that isn't all he/she appears to be?

is a BIG REVEAL upcoming?
"in the FAMILY" for 16 years?


The Chair Serves the Master
Who is the Master?
P = C
3/ "bye George"?

h/t @neeneenat who's handle is "georgia girl" ironically enough!

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In today's #DySiWebinar, @GOLINglobal's @bsniz and I talked progressive #PR and building brands from the inside out with a focus on people and #purpose. We mentioned some thoughtful leaders who are educating the market, and brands that lead by example. Wanted to pass those along.
@GOLINglobal's client @DoleSunshine put their #SunshineforAll purpose into action during the COVID-19 crisis. Teaming up with partners like @lyft, @kroger, @FeedingAmerica, and @SmoothieKing they created a powerful movement supporting frontline heroes.
And when it comes to your employees @DoleSunshine has seen the power of being people-first and purpose-driven. Read more from global CMO @rupendesai in @Lindsay_Stein's @CampaignLiveUS article.
(I'm not crying, you're crying.)
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14 days, 14 years. Pretty easy to remember right?

Were these comms from @POTUS?

Of course they were....they always are.

A short thread that others may be able to use...

@Bruno062418 @hmcd123 @stormypatriot21 @love4thegameAK @cjtruth @Sun_Q_Tzu @martingeddes

Let's look at Q drop #1414 first.

Message sent...and received.


Are we nearing the end? The end for the Cabal?
@GenFlynn mentioned in drop 14

14+14 = 28. Drop 28 clarifies drop #14.

A natl emerg must be declared b4 MI can take over 3 letter agencies.

Flynn and @POTUS know where the bodies are buried.

Martial law = military law applies to civilians

Moles active.

WH are 5 steps ahead.
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If they are reenacting Geo Washington’s crossing the Delaware in his DURHAM boat?

Delaware =Joe Biden
Who is scared to death? #comms
Look closely. A white hat in charge. Empty file placeholders (unsealed) a Z for zero hour on the shoe? And jumping the shark?
I’ll go farther. This⤵️⤵️ symbolizes MOAR than just being in charge.

This is an arrest. Of a “blue” hat
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There were #comms during @POTUS's presser today. Trump was asked about ceasing US funds to the WHO. When answering, he mentioned several different numbers...

@hmcd123 @Bruno062418 @love4thegameAK @stormypatriot21 @martingeddes @Sun_Q_Tzu @LisaMei62 @prayingmedic

In terms of US funding to the WHO, @POTUS mentions: 500, 452, 400 and 401 million. What does Q tell us about these numbers?

Q drop 400 & 401 are trip code verification/authentication comms that are most likely meant for military personnel and not anons.

How about 452 and 500?
Q drop 452 looks to have a [G][O] order in the phrase "Enough is Enough". This was followed by some kind of alphanumeric string of symbols most likely meant for the military.

OWLS say "WHO".

GO Time? Time to hunt the WHO players and stop these stupid #COVID shenanigans?
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Madonna video. Is that an R on her forehead? Does the overlapped words below spell out stop q? Her behind bars. More below...

#Madonna #comms #Qanon #Pedowood
Handwritten letter even tho she's using a "Corona" typewriter? What looks like a baby at the end of the letter, another tweet addressed. See below...

#Madonna #comms #Qanon #Pedowood
Keith Haring was an artist. I don't know what message she's trying to get across by using that handwritten letter.

#Madonna #comms #Qanon #Pedowood…
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What the hell is up with #Hollywood celebs having hideous meltdowns on social media right now? Anons know. Almost certainly #adrenochrome withdrawals. These people are sick.
Then of course she went full #occult in this desperate bathtub rital like show of #withdrawls commenting that "if the ship goes down we all go down together."
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Tom Hanks to be "Arkancided" soon?
Maybe just sacrificed for the good of the Crown.

"Something BIG is coming."
#QAnon #NewsUnlocks #LTC #Comms ImageImageImageImage
Perhaps Ellen was talking of Chet Hanks, not Tom.
You cant make this stuff up.
Check out Chet's tattoo.. The Hanged Man! Image
Now it makes sense.
Ellen was waking up the sleeper. Enter Chet.
You truly are watching a movie.

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Buckle up Patriots- timestamp is 8:54 eastern.

Matches HRC drop, is the stage set for a toxic drop? Nail in many coffins? Impossible to defend?
2/ and this on the heels of @HillaryClinton posting a video about PLEA BARGAINING for criminals...
3/ The law professor is doing a Quarantine video for instruction U of Arkansas Law school. @hmcd123 dug it out yesterday...

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Comms people, here's a free to use coronavirus and COVID–19 #ClearLanguage list.

• These are my interpretations, check meanings are accurate!!!
• Ask me to "translate" more, I'll update list
• Will do asap in GMT…

#PlainEnglish #ContentDesign #Comms
Addition to doc – thanks @carriehd for highlighting this:

"Please put dates on your content, and times if possible. Things are changing fast and we all need to know when something was published."
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