Dear #Corporations -

While we appreciate your well intentioned gesture to cut off the flow of money to #Seditionists who tried to thwart the will of the People by refusing to certify valid vote counts, it's not enough. 1/13
Because nothing stops you from funding their challengers in the next cycle. And that does nothing to stop the corruption of our body politic.

What we need is for you to #CloseYourCheckbook and get out of the politics business. 2/13
You cannot claim to value #democracy while you devalue its purpose to represent the people. And I hate to be the one to tell you this but in spite of what @MittRomney said, corporations are not people. I'll believe they are when Texas executes one. 3/13
So, do us ALL a favor and revise your promise - close down your PACs, #CloseYourCheckbook, shut down the spigot of cash to ALL candidates, PACs, SuperPACs, #DarkMoney groups, etc. 4/13
I know it's hard. You've got the same shopping addiction you've encouraged in the rest of us, only you buy candidates while we buy the crap you have mass produced in China. You've #downsized, #outsourced, globalized and automated away jobs for decades. 5/13
You've put your shareholders ahead of your employees, your clients, your planet, your friends, neighbors and communities. This is YOUR chance at redemption - put down the checkbook, walk away and give us back our #democracynow . 6/13
Let the people decide who we want to represent us without your interference or "guidance". We will elect people who put our needs first but that's ok, that will mean more money in our pocket to buy your stuff. It's a win-win. 7/13
I know the #CampaignIndustrialComplex is freaking the hell out right now. Look, I loved my consultants, I love @ProjectLincoln and @MeidasTouch and we all know those negative ads are effective because it's easier for us to believe the worst about someone than the best... 8/13
But we need to put all of that creative talent to a far better use. All of the money poured into campaigns could be better allocated elsewhere in our society. Hell, let's start with #civics Education for example, that would be a big help. 9/13
There are a lot of people with good ideas - like @AndrewYang's Basic Minimum Income; @katherinegehl nonpartisan primaries and #RankedChoiceVoting and more. Your corporate-owned media silenced the voice of @marwilliamson by creating a false caricature of her true talents. 10/13
If you would #closeyourcheckbooks, get out of the #PoliticsIndustry, and honestly, get out of the #media business - we'd be able to find a common set of facts again, a common view of reality, and find unity. 11/13
You bet on the wrong horse. I'm not talking about Trump and his sycophants & enablers, I'm talking about you bet against Americans. You put your pathological pursuit of profits ahead of common decency - we're asking you to reverse course. #CloseTheCheckbook. 12/13
You've had your fun, but the joy ride is over. This level of income inequality is unsustainable and you know it. This is your opportunity to make things right. Put down your checkbooks and step away from our government. #WeThePeople 13/13

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