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@NPR is doing its annual reading and tweeting of the #DeclarationOfIndependence. 246 years ago a group of men felt it so important that they risked everything to defy a King & start a path for a democratic republic. Today we’re seeing those values attacked by the stolen #SCOTUS
The #AntiDemocraticParty of the GOP passing laws & ideas to circumnavigate the will of #Americans. On this #IndependenceDay2022, it is time to not celebrate what happened 246 years ago, but to honor it by standing up for our #FellowAmericans ensuring that #Rights and #Freedoms
Are actually for all of us. #Autonomy is a #Right. Not being shot because you look dangerous or are frightened or just went to school #Right. Loving yourself & having your ability to have your own family is a #Right. #Healthcare is a #HumanRight (#AbortionIsHealthcare)
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$1 Million to CPI - Conservative Partnership Institute where Mark Meadows & Cleta Mitchell & many other fmr Trump admin officials landed.

$1 Million to AFPI - America 1st Policy Institute w/fmr acting DNI John Ratcliffe, Stephen Miller, Chad Wolf.
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#JasonBrodeur said he wasn’t aware of Paris’ involvement in Iannotti’s candidacy, which was promoted by GOP operatives in a scheme that helped clear his path to winning the Senate District 9 seat.

“None of this has anything to do with my campaign,” he said.

#FrankArtiles trial is scheduled for September.

Artiles was overhead bragging about his role in Ileana Garcia's race which saw her win by only 32 votes. The ghost candidate received 6,000 votes.
Ryan Tyson, a former vice president and political advisor to Associated Industries of Florida, noted in the texts from September 2020 that polls showed Brodeur had the lead in the race but the “atmosphere is bad.”

“I’m so nervous for Jason,” he wrote. Image
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#InstitutesofMassDestruction literally created to make other IMDs impenetrable by regulation, accountability & societal contribution.

It's this sh¡t that created whatever this melted crayon version of America we see today.

Trump was their Trojan Horse. The rest let it happen.
@sourcewatch's info on Capital Research Center (CRC)
Founded in 1984 to "examine the influence of money in politics".…
#CNP #BradleyFoundation #SNP ImageImage
Facebook ads w/climate change denial viewed over 8mil times in the first half of 2020.
CRC, Prager (who's fav black woman-white nationalist Candace Owens was just w/Orban, Texas Public Policy Foundation (who wrote the #79days wargame w/Claremont), Turning Point USA & others. ImageImage
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1/ "Fear and Loathing in Central Florida" 🧵

I'm pretty fn sick of the corrupt politics in Florida. Casinos, bigotry, Disney, election fraud, Russia, Elon, insurrection...Mormons? That's right, Central Florida has it all.

#Wokened 👀
#OperationAvalanche Image
3/ Here's a couple of the state and federal laws she is helping break. It's reminiscent of Rod Blagojevich...except way fn worse. #HobbsAct

@TheJusticeDept this entire thread is for you. Cheers.… ImageImage
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Let me break something down for everyone here, based on my findings of you, Ryan. What your role is in this, I don't know, but none of it looks good.

1) A non-profit organization called Every Kid Counts Oklahoma (EKCO) was created by another non-profit organization

called Scissortail Community Development - this was in 2011.

2) Scissortail Community Development is run by Rudy Alvarado (President) and Renee Alvarado Porter (VP and daughter of Rudy).

3) Dig deeper and you'll see that these people created

yet another "non profit" called "Choice Matters for Kids" (see pic).

4) Choice Matters for Kids is the group that began the whole "Parents Choice" movement in Oklahoma (a group I am a part of, btw).

Ryan Walters and Ruiz reached out to parents to push this movement

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So some interesting things have surfaced in the last few weeks that I want to share. Be patient with me, I’m slow & get interrupted a lot. But, I think it’s worth it to share this information before the mid-term elections.

😃 Please don’t forget to vote in November…💙
This article from 04/06/2022 has been weighing on my mind…it’s regarding the #RockbridgeNetwork, defined as a coalition.

What is a “political coalition” in the US?
Not much. It’s basically a verbal, non-regulated agreement to finance an agreed upon political agenda.
While #RockbridgeNetwork is being considered a “new GOP coalition”, it isn’t, think #CambridgeAnalytica. Plus, it is not the only “new GOP coalition” popping up before mid-term elections. #ChestnutStreetCouncil has been started by Matt Schlapp, think #KochNetwork
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@SpeakerPelosi @TeamPelosi @SenSchumer @WHCOS @POTUS @JoeBiden @dccc @dscc @RepSeanMaloney @DemGovs @DLCC @DemocraticAGs @VP @KamalaHarris @DNC @harrisonjaime
Please read this thread and listen to what I have to say.
We have a serious problem in our country. The GOP is fascist. 1
You need to come up with a united messaging strategy & go on the attack. I'm a lifelong Democrat. I'm incredibly disappointed in the lack of defense of: #JudgeKetanjiBrownJackson; the #LGBTQIA community; abortion rights; voting rights; and civil rights of Americans.
It's time 2/
To have daily press conferences pointing out the danger of the GOP to Americans.
The GOP has been taken over by white, fundamentalist, 'Christian', nationalists, who don't believe in multi-culturalism, democracy, or separation of church & state, aka #Dominionism.
#Ziklag, #CNP 3
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If you have to read one article today: @walkerbragman and @alexkotch reveal the timeline of Koch dark money from March 2020 to today. First, Koch saw profits in homeschooling/private school models, then later, they decided it was time to "get back to work." #ProfitsOverFamilies🧵
After decades of fighting #TeachersUnions, pushing #DefundPublicEd, and #SchoolPrivatization, in March 2020 Koch's Cato institute advocated for school district choice (virtual v. in-person), local control, and even advocating "unschooling."…
Other Koch dark $ groups pushed this message: Yes Every Kid, Heritage, Mercatus (free market at GMU), Koch Institute, Americans for Prosperity, State Policy Network, and the Independent Womens Forum. #IWF is local #DarkMoney central: Zoldak, Nomani, Rosiak, Langton, Gunlock, etc.
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Let’s talk about “elites”. When you see this word used by wealthy #Conservatives, you know a con is afoot.
Now let’s talk about wealthy conservatives who’re behind the #January6thInsurrection & how that same group is openly trying a similar op on 🇨🇦 & our Prime Minister #cdnpoli
The fact that a sitting US Senator from #Louisiana, goes on right wing disinformation media to attack 🇨🇦’s Prime Minister, ISN’T about messaging to Canadians. It is about manufacturing a bogeyman. One whose gov’t successfully steered a democracy through a global crisis. #cdnpoli
Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is a multimillionaire, rabidly anti-choice, pro-gun, supported by white nationalist, who voted against every bill that benefited ordinary Americans. He’s also one of the growing list of 1/6 insurrectionists using Trudeau in their propaganda #cdnpoli
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#TraitorConvoy2022, didn’t just invade our cities. It invaded our time, our energy, our peace.
Its weaponized assholery, man-spread across the seats of our civility, took a dump on the floor & tried to gaslight the world by calling it “freedom” & “patriotism”. #FluTruxKlan ImageImageImageImage
They inflicted harm with noise-torture & choked with fumes. Harassed & threatened, then claimed it was “a party 🎉”. The #TraitorConvoy2022 even co-opted the Canadian flag 🇨🇦. Turning it into an emblem of a hybrid warfare op, funded by #DarkMoney manipulators & gullible rubes. ImageImageImageImage
#FluTruxKlan op & grift, chose “trucks” consciously or instinctually. They needed a macho symbol (acts of fascism love macho symbols), but also because trucks are giant & loud & intimidating. And because they could all lie & claim 121 trucks were really “50,000”. #cdnpoli
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Pierre Poilievre worked to oust #ErinOToole just as a large scale info-ops attack is launched in 🇨🇦. Now Poilievre says he’s “running for Prime Minister of 🇨🇦”. He hasn’t even won #CPC leadership, yet foreign troll farms are retweeting him en masse. None of this is coincidental.
The past week+ I noticed a huge uptick in troll accounts amplifying Poilievre. It was creepy. Poilievre routinely gets boosted by fake “Canada Proud” & “Rebel” type troll networks. But this was different. Foreign troll networks amplifying the same messaging…& PP. #cdnpoli #CPC ImageImageImageImage
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This is about establishing a RW insurgency.

#FluTruxKlan #DomesticTerrorists #BorderCrisis #cdnpoli
Look at who the players are, promoting this #RollingInsurrection. I can only attach 4 pics at a time, so I’ll include a bunch in the 🧵.
#FluTruxKlan #OttawaOccupation #InfoOps #CdnNatSec #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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With the official arrival of MAGA in Canada - that's what all these trucker demos are about - the Libs should immediately institute Proportional Rep. MAGA is a populist movement & they are energized & could win a majority & we are screwed. Look no further than the U.S.1/
If you look at the US, it's easy to see that Progressives & environmentalists have zero power & the Dems will lose their one-vote majority in The House in '22. America will move even further back to the previous century under the MAGA run GOP. Same here if the Cons get in. 2/
Many Greens are into the ant-vax thing & the NDP is useless re enviro-issues. There are good people in both parties, but without PR they won't stand a chance. Liberal corruption & general disgust with Trudeau will mean many voters will stay home & an energized Right will prevail.
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This Sept 2019 Amicus Brief sure has some names on it doesn't it?

Americans for Prosperity
Thomas Moore Law Center
Texas Public Policy Foundation
Foundation for Michigan Freedom
Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence
Public Interest Legal Foundation…
They argued in the Supreme Court case regarding disclosure of #darkmoney donors stating they shouldn't have to disclose them.
They claimed donor disclosure is a tool used for personal attacks... 🙄
Americans for Prosperity = #KochNetwork
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Florida GOP bill would further shield names of dark money donors
Some political groups have come under increased scrutiny recently as a result of a Miami-Dade County “ghost” candidate investigation.
Two versions of the so-called “Personal Privacy Protection Act” & records show language was provided by a lobbyist working on behalf of 2 nonprofits whose tax-exempt status allows them to engage in a restricted level of political activity & doesn't require they disclose donors.
People United for Privacy & Opportunity Solutions Project. Wouldnt provide who was behind groups.
Gruters, Overdorf & Chamizo said the proposed legis is in response to a SCOTUS ruling challenged by Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a conservative political org w/#KochNetwork.
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The political right is a Ponzi scheme using grift, disinformation & malign influence. It promotes bad faith actors like #PierrePoilievre - who spews his economic illiteracy the way anti-vaxxers spread covid disinformation. No surprise Poilievre & trolls promote cryptocurrency. ImageImageImageImage
This isn’t a benign problem. Bad faith actors like #PierrePoilievre, Keean Bexte, “Rebel” so-called News (both of which solicit “donations” in cryptocurrency), are part of a larger issue affecting #CdnNatSec #CdnEcon.

#cdnpoli ImageImageImage
It isn’t just the volatility of #crypto. Although that too poses a multitude of problems.
As Vivaldi CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, points out, crypto is rife with issues. To say nothing of its environmental destruction.…

#cryptocrash #cryptocurrencies ImageImageImageImage
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1/ No one has to believe it, but it's a fact that Florida's elections have been badly rigged, and it's been happening for over 20 years. 🧵

2/ Gerrymandering is one of the ways that Republicans cheat. It allows them to have 2/3rds of the legislative seats when they only get about 50% of the votes.

3/ The gerrymandering is perfected to the local level, which entrenches corrupt political power because it removes accountability to voters.

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What happens in Florida is coming for you.

Let's play a game, shall we?
First, find out who has funneled in millions of dollars in #darkmoney to political campaigns across the country.

More specifically who funded the #ghostcandidates that led to Republicans in Florida maintaining power over #redistricting.

Then, check the lists here:
Next, look at DeSantis's appointees on education boards and cross-reference contributions to Friends of Ron DeSantis.

Then, check this list here:
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Ladies & Gentlemen,

@AnnaForFlorida GETS IT.

👇This right here is what all Dems must be doing. Corruption, pay-to-play & #darkmoney is a problem for all Americans. Reps, Dems & whatever the fringe identifies as, all agree politicians shouldnt be bought & paid for. #TrackThePAC
.@AnnaForFlorida There’s more than just three ghost candidates, and no one is talking about Leroy Sanchez, District 42.
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1/🧵 Tina Descovich is the ringleader of the "#MomsForLiberty" circus. She is a former school board member in #Brevard, and she was defeated by #JenniferJenkins for her seat in 2020. The same Jennifer Jenkins who State Rep Randy Fine is being investigated for threatening.
2/ The "small office" she claims to work out of is also home to many other interesting things, including an org she had with the other founding "mom", Bridget Ziegler, over 2 years ago.
3/ Before she was a school board member, her website says she was a marketing/PR/HR professional who has close ties to the defense industry. With Randy Fine, we can add casinos to that list.

Playing russian roulette with kids' lives during #Covid makes a little more sense now.
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