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13 Jan, 15 tweets, 16 min read
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett You realise that we are now yr by yr are on a steep incline of deaths do you? So, that comparing to previous years averages is MISLEADING. So this is the total UK deaths by all cause - look at the incline over last 10 years, and that was when 1945 boomers hit 65. Now they are 75.
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett So, on that incline, we should expect total UK c 650k, given a normal flu yr. Mild we'd maybe got away with 630k. Severe 680-700k. These would be expected deaths this yr WITHOUT Covid but with flu, all strengths considered. So let's go with average of those 650k. So NI & Scotland
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett need to be added to the figure you furnished Eng & Wales.
So NI its 17, 613
15 932 1st Q
18 201 2nd Q
13 295 3rd Q
So I cant see figures for the last Q so let's say its as high as the 18k it's going to be 65k. So NI
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett added to that it's 82 000 ish.

So, then add the England & Wales figure.
614 114 plus 82 000 = 696k ish.
UNDER the 700k that a very bad flu would have given us this year given the aging boomers. We have NEVER locked down nation to prevent a bad flu yr at cost of millions of jobs
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett Now, a pandemic, we should have expected 15 % extra which they will CLAIM on previous years averages but that is CHEATING because those boomers are getting old and there are a shed load of them. So, lets take middle figure of a 'normal' flu yr expectations given the trajectory.
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett That would be 650k. So, that would be 730k ish. THAT is what a pandemic should have given at the minimum. This has been BAD, but no worse than a really bad flu yr say 68 type would have done. Now, you can argue all you like that lockdowns may have prevented this, but that has NOT
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett happened in Belarus where they had no lockdowns at all, or Sweden, at 155 deaths per mill and 550 deaths per mill respectively FAR lower than our deaths per mill with lockdowns at >1200. So sorry, I am NOT buying it. And, what is more, the MORE they compare it to previous years
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett averages when EVERY single projection of most western nations for this yr & coming 15 or so are on a STEEP upward trajectory. Look at births after 1942 it goes crazy and they are well in their 70s now. That is going to produce the same incline in deaths now and for next 15-20 yrs
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett eg look at US projected deaths curve will be the same there. So again there, unless its well in excess of 3.3 million a/c then its been within parameters of what a real bad flu would do. I think it will be c 3.1 million. So WHY, given health government and statisticians know this
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett full well, why are they comparing it with past years averages, which are way down that incline? I can only assume they are engaged in spin. And, what is worse, I have said since 1980 when I studied public health history at Uni this was coming. Each year it is going to get higher,
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett and that beds should be INCREASED. Instead, both Labour and Tories have cut 100k. That was irresponsible. Yet they increased nurses by over 100k? Hmmm. Get it yet? They are all complicit in failing to prepare and covering their arses. It is going to get worse yr on yr even if
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett Covid vanishes tomorrow. You may get the odd mild flu yr but then bang it will be worse when there's a moderate one as dry tinder. The incline is upwards, regardless of flu or pandemics, and any attempt to hide that is a LIE. IF these were deaths affecting all ages, then that
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett would be quite different but they aren't. We have destroyed the economy & millions of livelihoods, which WILL however manifest in major health burden to all ages in coming years, AND many cancer patients etc have died and will continue to die at home because they haven't got
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett treatment they need. It is all outrageous and when 20k deaths were from alarmist loons like Ferguson (who should be behind bars imho) creating panic that saw elderly thrown in to care homes where it predictably spread. Unreal everyone complicit in this crap narrative to arse
@CoralBlob @TheConstantCook @MichaelYeadon3 @Emmabarnett cover each other and justify draconian lockdowns which appear purely to be designed to get us used to authoritarianism and the Great bloody Reset

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Great move but also don't assume all leather is 'not traceable'. When you attend international fashion trade/leather fair big or small, raw leather & product companies all keen to show you shift to more eco friendly methods- been going on decades: real enemy FAKE leather ALL crap
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Whatever the elite, FEAR historically used to control masses. They haven't got enough people fearful of God now to manage expectations. Scientists, politicians, media, corporate elite ALL secure themselves power, through impending doom thinking they know best how to control us. ImageImageImageImage
Those of you who think scientists are necessarily good guys need to be reminded of how they readily became shills in Nazi Germany: I think can be a danger of arrogant elitism that can attract them to supporting authoritarianism. Don't be intimdated if you see something wrong- ImageImageImageImage
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23 Nov 20
#Sheepskin. From humble sheep, that not only feeds us but produces wool that insulates us for decades & hide that does for generations. If you have't got sheepskin coat don't you DARE talk about #sustainability & meat while you lecture in polyester fossil fuel heating blasting
@UniofOxford perhaps you better tell your students that. TURN OFF YOUR HEATING then see how keen they are to ban meat. Working class kids instinctively learned what else animal that supplies lamb also supplies when freezing ass off on street corners not heated halls of privilege.
Wool crombies, donkey jackets and sheepskin coats for the hard of thinking at your Uni.....
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23 Nov 20
The Nazis had their own Attenborughs in shape of the Hecks and similar concerns about 'certain' humans stewarding the environment wrong. Ironic then that slave lands still have more bear and wolves that Germany.
This time it's African indigenous people the target of #ecofascists
with people like billionaire Jeremy Grantham funding the WWF, and also Grantham institutes in UK academia that are also targeting sheep farmers in the UK. Ironic that red squirrel polecat red kite etc fine in sheep farming areas; & in Africa megafauna in tribal lands doing rather
better than national conservation parks many cases. NOT them that's the problem re sustainability & biodiversity. It's very uber wealthy rogues now wanting to take control, & stuff we don't need to consume. Don't let WEF & their lackey NGOs lunatics run the asylum #GreatReset
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