@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari U called me a fool for demanding that Kanu not focus his energy on inciting violence but rather find ways to better our Nation.

I was shocked when I saw, you retweeted @TracyZille tweet. Saying exactly what I said.

Is she correct bcos she is white

@NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe Image
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe If you didn't get @TracyZille tweet b4 retweeting, I will explain it to you.

The western economies of d world (US, UK, EU and now India & China) use the long found weapon of tribalism and ethnicity to keep us where we are. And Mr Kanu strategy is playing into their hands.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe I have never claimed to have all the knowledge of the world no one does. When you insult others online it shows your character. I am open to superior arguments that helps us better understand our Nation so we can excel.

One thing we do not do as Nigerians is ask questions.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe We don't question our parents, elders, mentors, religious leaders, traditional leaders, political leaders.

We don't ask the question Why.

Why is Nigeria where it is today? Is a question that even those who want to exit must ask. Why? If they don't they most likely will repeat..
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe ...the mistakes of d Union and end up in d same state. Tracy asked a good question, why do we all give money and not demand result. We would only give to an NGO who has a track record bcos we want our money to have an impact on society.

What makes churches or mosques different?
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe In the eyes of d Law they are NGO's and do not pay tax. So why can't we demand accountability from our religious leaders.

There isn't any difference with our attitude with everything, we would prefer to insult leader's than hold them accountable.

Insults doesn't get results
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe A deliberate attempt to hold leaders accountable gets results.

I may have a blocked brain bcos I blocked out lots of precolonial materials that was shared in my classes because my father believed in being questioned, so when I questioned my parents of my friends I was seen...
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe ...as forward, aggressive, overly expressive, combative, rude. These weren't traits the school system was use to.

We had two great Eastern leaders but in Nigeria but one is seen as as regional Hero while the other has been relegated to the background.

Ojukwu and Zik.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe When you study both men it's easier for Kanu to want to be more like Ojukwu. Ojukwu praise won't leave the lips of the people for his bravery and courage against Nigerian forces and desire to liberate his people.

One freedom Ojukwu overlooked was d freedom from d western world
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe He didn't realize that the Nigerian people mindset was affected by almost a century of British occupation.

Secondly that the British were exiting as colonialist in 1960 and emerging same year as allies who wanted puppets as our leaders. This has played out for d past 60 yrs.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe One person who saw this was Zik, Balewa, Awolowo, Ahmadu or Okotie-Eboh couldn't see the writing on the wall, keep African Nations unstable. Use ethnicity and religion to keep them apart since they can't see above this. Same weapon is still being used and we are too brainwashed..
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe ...to see it.

We are not supposed to think for ourselves bcos our education system as left for us by d British was to produce docile citizens who will work in d companies they will set up in our country.

Why can't we stop their economic recolonization?

Zikism answers this.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe If you think I formed it, check the link below.

Zikism which has five principles, is an ideology for African renaissance emphasizing the restoration of the dignity of the black man after centuries of colonial imposition and exploitation.

@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe If I compare again Ojukwu and Zik while many of you will pick Ojukwu bcos he reminds you of your childhood hero; I will pick Zik bcos he reminds me of what Africa has lost, thinkers who develop philosophies that future generations can build on.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe Zik 5 principles were:

1. Spiritual balance
To show empathy for other peoples views, and recognize their right to hold such views.

2. Social regeneration
To expel from one's self national, religious, racial, tribal, political-economic, and ethical prejudice.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe 3. Economic determinism
To realize that being self-sufficient economically is the basis for rescuing the Renascent African.

4. Mental emancipation
To be knowledgeable of African history and accomplishments, and to dismiss any kind of complex exhibited by any race or tribe.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe 5. Political resurgence
To regain the sovereignty that Africa has lost to colonialists.

Zik was trying to preach respect each other, resist the hate the western world is orchestrating, build an independent socio-economic and political system that is for and by you not them.
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe The western economies of d world (US, UK, EU and now India & China) are only after one thing our raw materials. They want it raw and cheap so they can export it back to us in millions of dollars.

That's why the @WorldBank and @IMFNews are selling to us a borrowing economy
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe @WorldBank @IMFNews Where we borrow the future of generations unborn away. We make capitalists and their nations wealthy while our people remain in poverty.

Have you ever ask yourself the question who are orchestrating the crime of insecurity, poverty or even election rigging?
@James40192029 @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @TracyZille @NnadozieOmire @bishopwythe @WorldBank @IMFNews It's easier to tag them Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo but because we are docile we are not ready to think deeper than the surface we see.

Our resources, oil, gold, coal, iron ore, timber are being shipped away daily and we make nothing from it because tribeless and religionless...

• • •

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13 Jan
@bishopwythe @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @NGRPresident @nassnigeria I totally agree with you but the right question is how. Just off the top of my head, groups (SE & SW) calling to exit the union have 3 main methods.

1. Insurgency
2. Referendum
3. Elections

Insurgency: Create a militia that fight your cause, hitting military facilities..
@bishopwythe @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @NGRPresident @nassnigeria This means they will have to go underground, train the militia and equip them. Take over state by state till the complete 5 SE have their flags. Then they can declare themselves a Nation.

1. Fight and die for what you believe in
2. Prove to others you are not a coward
@bishopwythe @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari @NGRPresident @nassnigeria CONS:
1. Lose more lives than the Nigerian Civil war(1967-1970)
2. Socioeconomic collapse of the SE, SW and Other regions
3. A war-torn refugee nation
4. A state of insecurity for women and children (Our present insecurity will be a childs play)
5. No recognition by UN (Taiwan)
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13 Jan
@NnadozieOmire @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari Same precolonial profiling you complain about is what you are held down with. I believe the Malaysian didn't want the Singaporeans but look back in history, not being wanted may be in your best interest.

You continue to fill forms like
State of origin, LG of origin etc.
@NnadozieOmire @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari Nnadozie who cares about your ethnicity when you step out of Nigeria?

Sadly No One.

No one cares about Kanu's ethnicity in the UK, only his nationality. And if his present country is tag terrorist, armed militia, prostitutes, drug cartel, 419. We all are tagged also.
@NnadozieOmire @MaziNnamdiKanu @MBuhari I want to leave the union as much as you but I am not fool by mere words I need concrete plans on how we are to achieve this. Hating others in the union isn't also the plan bcos them would be tomorrows trading partners when you exit the union.

What is the #BiafraExit plan?
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10 Jan
@jidesanwoolu Dear Gov, we appreciate your concern for Lagosians. I believe Lagosians know it's not a hoax but their doubts came when @followlasg and @lshaofficial remained silent when an assembly-woman allegedly misused Cacovid19 palliatives. People lost their trust in d govt's #COVID19 tale
@jidesanwoolu @followlasg @lshaofficial They found it difficult to reconcile a govt sharing info about the severity of #COVID19 and it socio-economic impact on lagosians then on the other hand giving these relief material to the most impacted in Lagos.
@jidesanwoolu @followlasg @lshaofficial While a plant producing 300 cylinders per day isn't adequate giving the fact that Lagos population is estimated at 25mill, we must commend your efforts to take some action.

I must point out that you must take action on those responsible for not distributing palliatives timely..
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9 Jan
@channelstv Dear @DrIsaPantami, I and other #Nigerians would love to know what protocols @nimc_ng put in place at all thier centres across the country. Your ministry @FMoCDENigeria is responsible for @nimc_ng. Who is responsible for ensuring that #COVID19 protocols are put in place?...
@channelstv @DrIsaPantami @nimc_ng @FMoCDENigeria “The greatness of a leader is measured by the achievements of the led. This is the ultimate test of his effectiveness.”

— Omar N. Bradley

This quote simple tells us that your statement "You know how our citizens are, we need attitudinal change" measures your achievements...
@channelstv @DrIsaPantami @nimc_ng @FMoCDENigeria If Nigerians need attitudinal change then you Sir, the leadership of @FMoCDENigeria needs attitudinal change also.

Sir, Nigerians are not mad people. If you give Nigerians a disorganised registeration process, Nigerians or any other national will give you chaos, vice versa.
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3 Jan
@Afrikanomics @MYANC @ayittey I slightly disagree that its western style that has caused our National issues as African nations but rather poor leadership, a rotting value system and greed. Our culture's in their own right has also mitigated against our own growth. I will use Nigeria to question his position
@Afrikanomics @MYANC @ayittey D title is appealing to Africans because we naturally refuse to take d blame for our own demise rather place it on other externalities other than ourselves. But many questions arise as I consider Mr Ayittey suggestions? Let's imagine #Nigeria makes d switch before 2023 elections
@Afrikanomics @MYANC @ayittey Q1. How many persons will be elected to d National council? Will it be one person per ethnic groups in Nigeria or will it be based on ethnic size.

My take is that the major ethnic groups will make claim to majority seats in the National Council as we have it today. No change
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2 Jan
Are @jidesanwoolu directives being enforced by @followlasg? How effective is public adherence to #COVID19 regulations and is @NCDCgov effectively building itself as a credible govt agency ?

Are govt MDA at the Fed, State & LG levels observing these protocols.

Stopped at Domino's pizza #ikorodu to get pizza for my in-laws. Made use of the app so I only had to pick up. Got in to pick up and there was a crowd at there and at #Coldstone.

If the govt believes that #COVID19 is serious then why is it slack with enforcing it's protocol.
On my way to Ikorodu almost all the BRT's had 3 - 10% of commuters using their nose mask. In smaller buses almost no one wore nose mask. No @PoliceNG or @followlastma officer wore a nose mask.

I think private establishments enforce some of these regulation better than the govt
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