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When people say Peter obi has no structure, I tell them I am one of his structures.
Several years ago, as one of the popular evangelist in Africa, I move around at airports with lots of people as my entourage.
One day I was traveling back to lagos from Abuja, they had just dropped me at the airport and I was going to board my flight . As I walked through the tarmac with one of the FAAN protocol staffs pulling my hand luggage behind me,
I turned and behold saw someone that looked like governor Peter Obi coming behind and pushing his hand luggage himself.
I turned to the protocol guy and said, that guy looks like governor Peter Obi,He answered and said," yes o na him, e no dey allow anybody help am with him bag”
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The expanded Health & Social care visa application process for international applicants will be rolled out soon.

To apply as a care worker in the UK:
Get NVQ level 2/3 Health and social care Diploma

Get your CV & supporting documents revamped by a professional

Get vaccinated Image
Point to remember:
The expanded #Carer visa application is not limited to #Nigerians alone, we have aspiring applicants from #India, #Philipines, Africa and South America who are competing for the same slots.

Do well to be twice as ready as an average applicant. Come prepared.
For NVQ3 Qualifications @tquk_epa
For personal statement review @HighImpact01
For healthcare cv and cover letters @EmpowerNursez

For free Healthcare related courses:
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I want our people, both the pro and anti agitations factions on the field and the social media, to understand the trend of war.


It is always a trend.
From Libya to Syria to Yemen to CAR to Somalia to Liberia to Sierra Leone to Ivory Coast to Rwanda and Sudan.
Here are the stages:

*PLOT* *1*

People's protests or agitations

*PLOT* *2*

Many try to encourage them based on their conceived interests.
Police & Army are called in to disperse protesters/agitators.

*PLOT* *3*

Mob retaliates and burns down government and influential leaders' assets.

*PLOT* *4*

Army and police withdraw due to international pressure. They begin to guard their barracks only.
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Monday, June 7, 2021

#Port Harcourt based Pastor, Stephen Akinola dies hours after TB Joshua
#Report: ISWAP confirms Shekau’s death, accuses him of corruption
#Oyo herdsmen killings: 50 dead, North wants war in Nigeria - Gani Adams
#Akeredolu fumes over Iganga massacre, orders Amotekun to begin operation
#Akeredolu: Attack on Oyo community premeditated… south-west won’t condone savagery
#Police rifles recovered as security operatives kill ‘gunmen leader’ in Imo
#Gunmen raze home of Imo
#Gunmen attack Delta police station with explosives, six suspected kidnappers killed
#Cop dead as bandits kill 41 farmers in Zamfara fresh attacks
#Bandits invade Katsina village, kill six, steal animals
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Saturday, May 29, 2021

#Ijaw youths suspend protest over NDDC board.
#Again, Okorocha accuses Uzodinma of project demolition.
#Supreme Court dismisses certificate forgery case against Obaseki

#Atiku #Adeherself Davido Image
…as JUSUN members lock journalists out.
#Garba Shehu: Buhari administration healthiest since 1999—we respect citizens’ rights.
#REPORT CARD:Presidency lists Buhari’s achievements in 6 years.
#6 years of failure: PDP cautions Buhari against empty speech, false performance claims

#Reps minority caucus to Buhari: Nigeria becoming a failed state… tackle insecurity now.
#APC group: Nigeria’s problems not caused by our party.
#Nigeria can’t develop without restructuring – Peter Obi.
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Glory be to the One on Whom our souls are in His Hands, avert the Fitnah (temptation, trial; sedition, civil strife, conflict) that we are in. Don't forsake us because of our evil or sins. No one with a conscience wants to see his fellow countrymen in great pain and sorrow.
Our reality indeed is truly excruciating.

“I believe that the world ought to be governed by some morals, no matter what you call it. Without it, I think a chaotic state will ensue. This may be in the form of religion or some form of accepted norm-whatever.
“It must be accepted norms of behaviour.” — Abubakar Gimba

O #Nigerians, we cannot ignore the reality that we need each other… yes, history and geography were imposed on us, but we can liberate ourselves through science and technology, the age we are now celebrating.
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I am about to get a party started! @HenshawKate @OgbeniDipo @DrOlufunmilayo @myaccessbank @GloWorld @DrFeruke @Twitter @jack and everyone, you're all welcome a #thread
This thread started on Thursday well technically some minutes ago, but it started the moment I was robbed of my phone circa 4:15 pm 18/03/2021. Here is the deal, I placed a call through to @GloWorld and @MTNNG to block the lines on the phone circa 6:00pm same day. 1/
I relaxed, the worst is past. "Mumu me" in @lasisielenu's voice. "You ain't see nothing yet", d robbers must have been saying in their den. Well, things fall apart rather too quickly, No thanks to @IBEDC_NG I dissipated the charge on my computer. Bank can't be reached. ish! 2/
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Join the conversation as #theAnalystSpeaks on What #Nigerians need to know about the cost of petroleum products.

kindly click on the link to be a part of the conversation.

You can send in your questions by using the hashtag #theAnalystSpeaks #AskProshare
"An increase in the price of #PMS would result to increase in the cost of conveying goods" - @TeslimBey
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How smart #Nigerians withdraw their Bitcoin without using a Bank
#Nigeria has seen the largest influx of activity in peer to peer transactions since the recent directive by #Nigeria's central bank
In the #Crypto market, the term #P2P usually refers to the exchange of #Crypto or via a distributed network
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How to withdraw your #Bitcoin in ##Nigeria
You can withdraw your Bitcoin through peer to peer is the exchange of #Bitcoin between parties (such as individuals) without the involvement of a central authority.
This means that peer to peer use of #Bitcoin takes a decentralized approach in the exchange of #Bitcoins between individuals and groups
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Why #Nigeria is #Africa’s biggest #Crypto market
#Cryptos are fast becoming more popular for #payment transactions around the world and #Nigeria has emerged #Africa’s biggest market
#Nigerians are fast adopting the world’s most popular crypto – #Bitcoin
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@channelstv Dear @DrIsaPantami, I and other #Nigerians would love to know what protocols @nimc_ng put in place at all thier centres across the country. Your ministry @FMoCDENigeria is responsible for @nimc_ng. Who is responsible for ensuring that #COVID19 protocols are put in place?...
@channelstv @DrIsaPantami @nimc_ng @FMoCDENigeria “The greatness of a leader is measured by the achievements of the led. This is the ultimate test of his effectiveness.”

— Omar N. Bradley

This quote simple tells us that your statement "You know how our citizens are, we need attitudinal change" measures your achievements...
@channelstv @DrIsaPantami @nimc_ng @FMoCDENigeria If Nigerians need attitudinal change then you Sir, the leadership of @FMoCDENigeria needs attitudinal change also.

Sir, Nigerians are not mad people. If you give Nigerians a disorganised registeration process, Nigerians or any other national will give you chaos, vice versa.
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A Thread📝


2020 was an amazing year, a lot happened in every sector, and especially in the Crypto industry.

We saw a lot of developmennts, changes, upgrades on #blockchains, #DeFi trends ATL's and ATH's of various #cryptocurrencies
I remember telling some "Big Men" in April to buy #bitcoin, these were guys who had the means to buy 2 BTC at that time when it was less than $5,000🤭 they responded like "Who is this small girl talking"?

Well we know the story, now #BTC is over $37K at the time of writing.
I remember when I started BitSave as a platform to educate and help people save in #bitcoin, and beat the inflation in the ₦.

I remember having classes with a few set of people to show them how to beat the inflation in ₦.

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Are @jidesanwoolu directives being enforced by @followlasg? How effective is public adherence to #COVID19 regulations and is @NCDCgov effectively building itself as a credible govt agency ?

Are govt MDA at the Fed, State & LG levels observing these protocols.

Stopped at Domino's pizza #ikorodu to get pizza for my in-laws. Made use of the app so I only had to pick up. Got in to pick up and there was a crowd at there and at #Coldstone.

If the govt believes that #COVID19 is serious then why is it slack with enforcing it's protocol.
On my way to Ikorodu almost all the BRT's had 3 - 10% of commuters using their nose mask. In smaller buses almost no one wore nose mask. No @PoliceNG or @followlastma officer wore a nose mask.

I think private establishments enforce some of these regulation better than the govt
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I am very better this morning, I belong to the movement #BUHARIST, not that we have a meeting point or any appointed leader, it's just a personal movement believed in by many #NIGERIANS to make this country great. But my bitterness this morning is in the man @MBuhari himself /1
Sir @MBuhari your body language and your outright silent on every issues of corruption against members of your cabinet most especially those closer to you or from your clan is becoming unbecoming. I begin the see no difference between your body language and that of our.../2
Erstwhile President @GEJonathan.
How should we explain the level of impunity going on right under your watch and you tend not bother about us who risked our life, integrity, loved one just to ensure we give you a re-election. We all put our reputation on the line.../3
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#EnoughIsEnough #MrPresident #Buhari #Nigerians #IFB
Petroleum pricing is a sensitive issue in Nigeria because the various past governments got it all wrong abinitio, and this has been because of the wrongly perceived and sustained notion that 'we are a rich nation'.
In truth, no government has any business selling or retailing petrol, diesel and kerosene to its citizens.
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#Nigerians protest online and off to demand #JusticeForUwa, #JusticeForTina and #JusticeForJennifer, three women and girls who were killed or raped in incidents activists say showcase the widespread sexual violence and police brutality in #Nigeria.…
In April, an 18yo known only as Jennifer was attacked & raped by a gang of 5 men in Kaduna, in northern #Nigeria.

The case only gained attention after her relatives -scared the accused would escape justice -released a video online of family comforting her.
In May, 16yo high school student called Tina Ezekwe was shot and killed after police opened fire at a bus stop in Lagos, the country's during a nighttime coronavirus curfew.

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cw: rape

Men who rape don’t care where they rape - sacred space or secular space.

The rape and murder of 22-year-old Vera Uwaila Omozuwa in church has sparked outrage across #Nigeria. And is a reminder that women are safe nowhere.

Osai Ojigho, the director for Amnesty International in Nigeria, said the horrific incident “resonates because even in the spaces that women and girls should be safest from gender-based violence, the home, the schools and now places of worship, it is getting there”.
The rape and brutal way Uwa was murdered was one of several cases in the past week which have led to street protests, an online petition signed by thousands and the Twitter hashtag #WeAreTired #Nigeria…
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Nigeria has made a lot of progress in preparing and responding to disease outbreaks and epidemics. I remember my early days of public health; some 15yrs ago it's @WHONigeria that prepared and shared the #weeklyepidemiological report for Nigeria... a thread!
For every outbreak or public health emergency in Nigeria, we heard more about @WHO who appeared to be at the forefront with @Fmohnigeria and its agencies; old #NPI which merged with @NphcdaNG fought #polio with the support of @WHO @UNICEF @Rotary etc.
#Clap4NCDC 2/20
With time the #Epidemiology unit of @Fmohnigeria grew in strength and capacity to lead the response. They also produced and sent out the weekly epidemiology reports for Nigeria, which hitherto was shared by @WHONigeria in collaboration with FMOH for sure. #Clap4NCDC
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Here is a briefing for all those "impressed" by the #tearsandswindle enacted by #LittleNapoleon in this clip in Calabar yesterday. It's not the 1st time: On 17 Jan 2017, @ben_ayade announced abolition of all forms of taxation for low-income earners in Cross River state.
According to his spokesman, Christian Ita, @ben_ayade made the order after signing the 2017 budget of the state into law, saying: “I am sounding the last warning that henceforth I don’t want to hear any1 who earns less than N50, 000 a month being taxed in any form in the state."
On that occasion, @ben_ayade also cried. But if he had occasion to "abolish" again in May 2020, the same taxes he had abolished with the same words & tears in 2017, it is because the 2017 abolition didn't work & the 2020 abolition won't work. Let's stick with the tears 1st....
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A key element to my argument is that Nigerian political parties represent the different interests of elites divided on an economic cleavage. Given the conflicting interests among the elites, parties look to disenfranchised Nigerians for the necessary political support to
implement their preferred policies. In ads, elites may extend the franchise in order to quell revolutionary threats from the disenfranchised. In my Analysis, the only motivations for electoral reform come from disenfranchised groups.
Those groups must therefore be sufficiently organized to pose a credible threat. Can #Nigerians stand up against mediocrity?
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Many have wondered why Nigeria has failed to build health infrastructure comparable to the West despite our oil wealth. While the answers often point to poor governance & official kleptomania, I hereby present a usually ignored co-culprit, population explosion!
Below is a historical comparative of the economic/population growth of #Nigeria & our erstwhile conquerors, #UK, from 1860 to 2019 as publicly available on the internet:

UK: N/A (42.08m)
NG: N/A (18.15m)

UK: $73.23B (50.23m)
NG: $4.2B (48.26m)
UK: $1.14T (56.36m)
NG: $49.12B (88.99m)

UK: $2.66T (59.11m)
NG: $410.33B (162.47m)

UK: $2.74T (63.18m)
NG: $446.54B (200.96m)

From 1960-2019, econ growth was NG-10,500% & UK-3,600%! We outperformed them. So why isn't this glaring in real life?
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Last week, I was very engaged with enhancing our efforts in the fight against #COVID19 in #Nigeria. @FMoHNigeria started with the daily situation room on Mon. 6th, and inaugurated the accreditation team to accredit additional #COVID19 isolation and treatment facilities
Tue. 7th was #WorldHealthDay and @NigeriaGov is fighting to secure national health and security. I visited @FollowLaSG, with #PTFCOVID19, to inspect response preparedness. @JideSanwoOlu is an exemplary incident commander and @LSMoH has met the #COVID19 response commendably
On Wed. 8th, on behalf of @NigeriaGov, I received generous donations from @OfficialMESL: medical equipment, PPE, generator and accommodation for #healthworkers in UATH and Minna Isolation Centre @NigerStateNG...
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How prepared are you Post-Covid-19
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