I randomly looked up the bio of Itzhak Rabin, the prime minister of Israel, who was assassinated in 1995 - at the age of 73!

What a badass way to go!

When you're young, assassination sucks. Too soon. If you're lucky, your kids get a box of 100's from Tony or Igor.
But to get assassinated at 73 or 80? What a compliment! To still be considered relevant or a threat at that age!

"They still care, they really do!"


In a way, it's your last surprise party. Surprise! No prolonged suffering. No diapers. No grandkids forgetting your birthday. No watching your friends go.

There will be investigations, Wikipedia pages, Alex Jones conspiracy theories. Talk about legacy! You will be remembered.
Plus, there's zero chance of getting VD at the retirement home. Or, ODing on Cialis, as they cart you off with that final, forever-stiffie.

You are a badass.

Die old, die dangerous, my friends.
Getting cancelled and impeached is another option.

A bit sadder, if you ask me. For the rest of your days, you get to wonder what might have been...Tweeted.

• • •

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11 Jan

I've worked with countless CEOs, senior execs & professionals across industries like finance, tech, consumer goods. I've hired, employed & promoted dozens from every background.

This is the relationship between discrimination & power I've observed.

1/8 Image
Undoubtedly racism, sexism & other biases still exist. I've heard some crazy stories from female & black colleagues. However, their incidence is fading. I'm profoundly optimistic about our trajectory for one simple reason: SURVIVAL.

We talk about tolerance. In business, one thing that's rarely tolerated (for long) is failure.

EVERYONE wants to do a good job, get promoted, get a raise, look good in front of peers & bosses.

THAT impulse is the single most powerful anti-racist tool we have.

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14 Dec 20
This is really important and everyone should understand how economists are directing the US economy effectively towards MMT (eg unlimited money printing).

I'll take this on point by point.
Until now, we've been living under perverted Keynesianism, where govt spends during busts but fails to save during booms.

The prevailing alternative, austere Austrian economics of limited debt & balanced budgets got hot air, but no liftoff.

Even perverted Keynesianism once feared inflation. Print too many dollars, prices go up, interest rates skyrocket, debt servicing becomes impossible & we default. This has not happened for many reasons. The biggest is debt & $'s are our #1 export.
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14 Dec 20
#IWasWrong, a running thread

It's easy to get caught up in our own dogmas & biases. It's also unfashionable to admit mistakes, not knowing something, evolving on an issue, or dismissing someone you shouldn't have.

Here, I'll try to track my mistakes, changed opinions & lessons.
I didn't know much about Malcolm X, nor did I try to learn. I knew of his 'by any means necessary' mantra but defaulted MLK's vaunted alternative. Having watched hours of his speeches, I realize how much truth there is in Malcolm & his ideas.

Despite going to Yeshiva, I thought atheism, scientism & skepticism were more evolved than faith. As I watch them devolve into soulless, unforgiving dogmas, I now value faith as a vessel for meaning, values & compassion. Albeit from a distance.
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2 Dec 20
The Apple strategy with its new M1 computer chips is analogous to iPhone vs Android.

iPhone's integration of hardware + software + app store has a cohesion that dozens of 3rd party hardware manufacturers can't have with multiple Android versions & loosely-regulated app store.
Google has tried to reign this in by mandating manufacturer standards to get Google Apps, but it leaves much to hardware makers, who are also desperate to differentiate.

#tech #strategy #mobile #innovation
The M1 chip w/integrated RAM/GPU/APU performs better, lets Apple retain premium pricing, but unlikely to shift share.
-market is mature
-*most* software runs well on 6 yo PCs
-new ones are cheap

The 1 exception: if Apple goes HARD after gaming market, where performance matters.
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23 Nov 20
Now that YouTube stuffs ads into non-monetized videos, been thinking of uploading to alternatives.

Looking at Peertube, BitChute, DTube & DailyMotion. Trying to figure out how good/bad performance & discovery are.

So I've looked into alternatives to YouTube. Here's what I found.

Overall, there is no alternative to YouTube, unless you have a very narrow use case.

I'll sum up my thoughts on each:

1) DailyMotion
2) BitChute
3) DTube
4) PeerTube
5) Vimeo
1) DailyMotion is the closest YouTube alternative

+ease of use
+mass-market content (music & entertainment focus)
-depth by category is low

For creators not looking for discovery:
+good place to park public or password-protected videos
-some uplaod limits ImageImage
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13 Nov 20
Hear the enslaved, heed the emancipated

I explored why profit-seekers are unreliable truth-tellers:

I didn't say what to do about it...until now.

A thread on finding TRUTH...
The Emancipated

Very few in society are truly FREE.

Even the richest & most successful are bound by
- social norms
- personal/business obligations
- their perceptions of themselves (remember this one...)

But some are closer to speaking - or SIGNALING - truth than others.
Qualities of The Emancipated:

✅Wealthy (don't have to work)
✅Perpetual learners
✅Public (seek media/social media attention)
✅Clear motivations

People with this profile are *best positioned* to speak truth & model essential patterns.
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