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👨‍💻 ¿Cuántas veces has compartido pantalla en una reunión, conferencia, directo, etc y la gente no veía el editor?

TÚ: "Espera que subo un poco la fuente"
ASISTENTE: "Desde aquí no se ve, un poco más"
TÚ: "¿Y ahora?"
ASISTENTE 2: "Un poco más"

Te traigo la solución.
🧵 1/6
👀 Desde hace más de medio año uso las herramientas de @jetbrains para desarrollar:
Android Studio para #mobile
IntelliJ para #backend
WebStorm para #frontend

Todos tienen una vista que se llama modo presentación o "Presentation mode".

🧵 2/6 Opción del menú de WebStorm para activar el modo presentac
👨‍🏫 Con este modo: limpias toda la interfaz de símbolos y botones, paneles auxiliares fuera, aumentas bastante la fuente, eliminas el árbol de directorios, ... Todo ello para centrarte en lo que importa, el código.

Os enseño antes y después.

🧵 3/6 Vista del editor WebStorm antes de activar el modo presentacVista del editor WebStorm después de activar el modo presen
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[1/14] Недавно посвятил много времени подготовке к собесам в западные компании. За это время перелопатил большое количество самых разных материалов. В этом треде хочу поделиться наиболее классными ресурсами, которые точно вам помогут. Погнали =>
#interviews #mobile #Backend
[2/14] Общее техническое. Если вы чувствуете просадку с network, не до конца знаете/понимаете TCP/IP и тд, то очень рекомендую вот этот курс - .
[3/14] Плаваете в теме сертификатов, не понимаете, а как же именно HTTPS обеспечивает защиту и тд, то вам сюда -
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To make technology promises into reality, we must recognize Africa as a continent with 55 countries that are all different. Let's work with them to build what is required rather than serving them with one solution.
-Teki Akuetteh (@hub_adr)
Thank you to our great panel, everyone who contributed, and to all who attended.

Access the full "Development Co-operation Report 2021: Shaping a Just Digital Transformation"
👉 Image
@DIAL_Kate @Robert_Opp @SwarayRahman @SLMIC3 @MFAestonia @SocEcoCulDig_MW @BMZ_Bund @hub_adr @GSMA @UNDPDigital (1/3) Want to hear more about #DPGs and #DPIs from DIAL? Check out some of our resources!

Priya Vora and Jonathan Dolan's recent paper for @brookings asks, What is 'good' digital infrastructure?…
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Conseguir el primer trabajo en la industria #tech es difícil.

Empresas como @Mercadolibre y @Globant tienes programas para programadores sin experiencia.

❤️ RT para ayudar a más programadores

👇🏼 ¿Quieres saber más? Sigue hilo...
Mercado Libre tiene bootcamps para contratar programadores en:

- #Java
- #Go
- #Mobile
- #Frontend

Para entrar al programa no necesitas experiencia previa, solo saber programar.
Al finalizar el bootcamp te ubican en un equipo de Mercado Libre dependiendo de tus skills y la demanda del momento.
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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How to quickly learn what a good design should look like.

#Mobile App

A Thread 🧵
Let’s go!

Getting Started
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Yes it's true...Pegasus Spyware is using Chinese Code, Chinese (Malware), and NSO Group is simply the middle man, packaging it up and reselling it.

Google Accepted My Pegasus Spyware C2 Vulnerability
Priority: P2 - High
Severity: S2 - Major

#spyware #PegasusSpyware #mobile
I don't know everything, but I know a lot about #mobilespyware

Please stop dismissing my work and calling it fake...
What you think you know about #Pegasus...its only scratching the surface

If we are to fight this #spyware we must shift our mindset @citizenlab can we unite?
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1/9 - Selon @EmmanuelMacron, s’opposer au déploiement de la 5G nous conduirait tout droit au pays des amish, adeptes du retour à la lampe à huile. Image
2/9 - Derrière ce mépris mal placé, n’y aurait-il pas une peur panique d’ouvrir la controverse autour du type de société que dessine la #5G ? Un monde fait d’#algorithmes, de profilages et de surveillance -
3/9 - -un monde où les rapports humains sont conditionnés à l’omniprésence de prothèses communicantes, où les stimuli publicitaires permanents ne laissent aucun répit, épiant nos moindres faits et gestes.
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Available in 2024: Snapdragon ride system platform
Cristiano Amon, CEO, Qualcomm

#CES2022 #CES @CES @Qualcomm @cristianoamon #mobile #5G #smartphone #MWC22 #auto #automotive
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Don't show this to Flutter devs 🙈.

We ran a few benchmarking algorithms with our React Native JSI project to compare Flutter vs React Native performance.
See following tweet for results and source code 👇 1/3

#reactnative #jsi #cplusplus #flutter #mobile
React Native faster for Borwein and Gauss Legendre algorithms. Notice how Factorial algorithm is slower probably because of JS calling C++ overhead (Thanks @terrysahaidak) 2/3

@terrysahaidak Related link. We checked their benchmark source code, it seems like they use milliseconds on React Native and microseconds on Flutter. Probably a human error but the benchmark can be misleading to new mobile engineers. 3/3…
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We're nearing the end of 2021 & what a year it's been! I said 2021 would be the year of the public cloud in telco. Was I right, or not?

Check out my top 10 telco cloud stories of 2021! 👇
10. First up, it’s @SpaceX Starlink + @googlecloud to deliver data, services & apps to the #networkedge via its #satellites. Not surprised @elonmusk skipped @awscloud; he hates @JeffBezos. 🚀…
9. OF COURSE I'm going to mention #CLOUDCITY at #MWC21. We took over @Ericsson’s booth and #publiccloud took over the show! It marked a turning point in #telco, the public cloud is here! Watch my keynote all about it:…
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Telenor Pakistan is outright scamming its user base by auto subscribing to some 'Nazara Gaming' thing. They deduct 20rs or more each week even though you never subscribed to it. Telenor users keep an eye on your balance history!

#telenor #scam #nazara
Caught them stealing my balance because it always zeroed after some time even with no phone usage. Was suspicious since weeks, talked to their Live Chat agent who confirmed that they are deducting balance each week but would not tell me when it started!
#telenor #pakistan #scam
And #telenor agent said there is no possibility of any refunds. Telenor Pakistan is being run by thieves. I told this to my relative who uses Telenor as well and he found out he was being charged for Nazara gaming thing too without his consent. #telenor #pakistan #nazara #gaming
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Why it is important to equip day-care centres and #schools with mobile #air #filters: #Aerosol researchers launch position paper!

The scandal about the still insufficient equipment of day-care centres and #schools with #mobile #air #filters suggests that…
decision-makers in the ministries and administrations have still not understood how infections with the #coronavirus occur. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (#DFG, German Research Foundation) is now countering this
with an information paper that explains the correlations in simple terms.
It clearly states that it is ⚠️#negligent to rely solely on window ventilation in educational institutions.⚠️
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Key difference between #Web #PWA apps and #native

#coding #nocode #startup
Check the thread 🧵 👇
#PWA is good for lite versions of apps and search engines availability if you need organic growth you can use also #webstories to distribute your product for consumers
Example of #nocode platform for web/pwa development 👉@bubble

#Native apps are good when you need mobile features (double, long touches, touch is/face recognition, heavy processors runs etc)
Example #nocode platform for native #mobile apps development 👉 @flutterflow

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3 steps
How to start your idea (#startup) from scratch
No needs:
- #hiring #engineers (product developers)
- #UI/#UX #designer
- #PM
- #Marketing #teams
- #angel or #vc #investors

- increasing curiosity
- #skills growth
- intentions for great

Check the thread 🧵 👇
Step #1
Use #nocode or #lowcode solutions to build your #product from scratch (needs $15-30 for domains and nocode platform)

You don't need funds or hire engineers/designers to build your product just grow your skillset.
Build on @bubble by single person 👇
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1. Le temps passé sur mobile a cru de 20% en moyenne dans le monde en 2020 (pandémie). Aux US, il dépasse désormais le temps devant la TV (4h versus 3,7h/jour)
2. Toutes les générations sont concernées par cette augmentation du temps passé sur les applis mobile. En France, de manière assez égalitaire pour tous els âges #mobile #business #usages #trends
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Das @Umweltbundesamt bestätigt die Wirksamkeit von mobilen #Luftfiltern!!!!!!!!!
1 Das krisensichere Klassenzimmer: Im Rahmen des Bildungsblocks kommen die Experten
#Prof.ChristianKähler(Universität der Bundeswehr München)
zu folgendem Ergebnis:
2 Das @Umweltbundesamt hat schon vor 10 Jahren im Schulleitfaden empfohlen, beim Neubau von Schulgebäuden raumlufttechnische Anlagen #RLT einzubauen. ...Das kann doch nicht in Zeiten mit gefährlichem Virus als verzichtbar angesehen werden!
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On Monday morning, @MatsGranryd, @GSMA's Director General, took to the stage to deliver the first keynote of #MWC21: Our Connected World.

Here are just a few stand out quotes from his speech...
"The measure of a good leader is equal parts durability and new beginnings. With the pandemic, the world has tilted so dramatically in such a short period of time. The #mobile industry was there, a steady hand, showing leadership every single day." #MWC21
"Our industry is now one of the most powerful and public platforms in the world. By the end of 2021, #5G networks will cover a fifth of everyone on this planet." #MWC21
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Internet + Telco veteran & investor #BlackRock @KSenanu shared great piece from @BCG on agility in the context of #telco #Mobile . Worth a read given that many are struggling with the move @PeterNdegwa_ has made @SafaricomPLC. It does have its challenges BUT upside is great!
As agile has expanded beyond its origins in software development, telecommunications companies have actively explored taking agile ways of working beyond their software delivery teams.
Approximately 2/3 of telcos globally have run agile pilots or developed port­folios of agile teams. But only a few have made the transition to agile at scale—applying agile to the operations of a full business unit, to their network delivery, or to the enterprise as a whole.
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I'd starting working on a co-op #wordgame in the year of the void (2020). It was a mashup of #scrabble & #tetris and though the idea seemed like it'd be fun, the gameplay felt too slow or too fast. On top of that, the logic I implemented for checking strings for valid words 1/5
was expensive and prevented players from easily making the words they wanted to make. For example, the only way to make the word RATES would be to place RA_ES and then hope you get the T by the time you needed it. 2/5
So the #unity project sat in its folder for a few months, until last week, when I had a couple of ideas for it. I was supposed to have ideas for #sandsofchaos, but of course that didn't happen. Need idea for A? Here are three ideas for B. Thanks Brain! 3/5
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«Гори-гори ясно».

Во Франции ПятьДжиХадисты подожгли 230-метровую вышку сотовой сети. По некоторым оценкам излучала Covid-666. Улучшили.

#5G #PR #mobile #ТеорияЗаговора
Строго говоря, проблемы 5G — они не про конспирологию. Я сам Специалист по Заговору, Заговор и пылающие вышки не связаны. Проблемы 5G стали закономерным итогом игры в выдуманных абонентов сотовой сети, в «любителей сотовой сети». В людей-героев рекламы.
Индустрия жонглировала цифрой и ровнялась на сверкающих дурачков с экрана. «Такие» купят что предложат. Ходил с четвёртой версией? Показали пятую? Воображаемый дурачок из рекламы гыгыгыкая потянулся за бумажником. Но среди живых людей никто не любит саму по себе сотовую сеть.
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Hari ini, saya akan berbagi sedikit tentang proses pembuatan strategi #DigitalMarketing, baik untuk #brand/corporate maupun untuk #politik. Semoga bermanfaat. Sila komen atau DM jika Anda tertarik.

A thread - part 1. Image
Kita mulai dengan memahami apa itu #DigitalMarketing?

Adalah metode #marketing (pemasaran) dengan memanfaatkan #internet dan teknologi digital berbasis online guna mempromosikan produk, layanan atau tokoh tertentu sebagai #brand.

A thread - part 2. Image
Lalu, mengapa perlu #DigitalMarketing?

Beberapa alasan:
* Biaya lebih ekonomis dibanding marketing tradisional.
* Akses ke audience lebih luas.
* Jangkauan lebih personal, e.g. via #mobile.
* Tracking jelas terkait hasil.
* Trend kontemporer & masa depan.

A thread - part 2. Image
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Since the advent of App stores (2008) the global gaming industry has been evolving consistently every 2 years either on the content or platform side of the industry. A dynamic shift that creates opportunities to build large companies. (1/n) #Gaming #Mobile #India
These Shifts are from Premium Mobile Games -> Mobile Freemium -> Midcore Freemium -> HyperCasual + Ads -> Alternative distribution channels for PC gamers -> VR/AR
-> Metaverses/Cloud Gaming and more. #Mobile #Gaming #India (2/n)
Even though a large of these do affect all geographies including India -we have to make peace with the fact that Gaming industry in India at any sizeable scale took off only 6 years back. Hence the industry has been charting its own sort of different content dynamic shifts (3/n)
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