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- Un système de stockage moléculaire de l'énergie solaire permettant une restitution sous forme d'électricité ... beau potentiel
- #PaLM le nouveau modèle d' #IA de #Google : expliquer des blagues, corriger du code informatique… rien ne lui résiste. Derrière ces perf. : 540 Mds de paramètres et 9M$ pour l'entrainement…
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People ask me how is the emergency department these days, is there much #COVID19 anymore?

My observations below in a short🧵

TL/DR = the healthcare system is a disaster and it will be years before it buckle up.

The short answer in my experience/observation is, no we're not overwhelmed with #covid19 patients requiring ICU level care in the hospitals.

But...that oversimplifies the current state. Let's look at it from the hospital, clinician and patient/family perspective...

At the system level

Healthcare leadership, running large multi-million dollar organizations have spent the past 2.5yrs devoting most of their effort towards managing a crisis of epic proportions.

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🌍 Our 2022 #Science Board Symposium on "The #Emergent #PoliticalEconomy or #ClimateChange" kicks off with opening remarks from President David Krakauer.

Follow this 🧵 as we provide live coverage of this event all day...
"For those of you who think behavior change can prevent #ClimateChange...behavior WILL change when climate changes. Shutdowns from the pandemic resulted in a reduction of #C02 emissions of about 7.5%."
- SFI/@Harvard Prof Dan Schrag opens our speaker series today
"We *used* to talk about #ClimateChange used to be something that would happen to people in Bangladesh fifty years from now."

Re: #ClimateJustice,
"Children born today are going to deal with climate change they had no role in causing."

- SFI/@Harvard Prof Dan Schrag
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With #Raisina2022 in full swing, @orfonline is delighted to announce the #RaisinaEdit— a selection of commentaries that unpack, interpret, & problematise contemporary global developments.

Edited by @anahitakhanna95 & @PreetiLourdes.

#Putin has clearly underestimated the resolve of the #Ukrainian leadership & citizens to fight back, while also receiving widespread criticism in the form of major sanctions from the broader European community and beyond: @AlicaKizekova
Julia De Clerck-Sachsse: Beyond #Europe’s immediate allies, support in defending the current order will be hard to come by. But convincing these countries is crucial if its geopolitical awakening is to translate into a more prominent geopolitical posture.…
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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion with @AHuitfeldt @anuahsa .@MathiasCormann @SantiagoCafiero @amitabhk87 and @IlaPatnaik.

Stay tuned for updates!

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Watch it LIVE here:

.@IlaPatnaik: The next industrial revolution cannot be based on #fossil questions. The question is how can we meet the #SDG goals while shifting to a greener economic system.

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“Storytelling is Life.”

Our power constellation of Imagination, Empathy, Connection; all revolve around it. It is the most human and most essential tool for innovation and for social change.


#storytelling #fiction #innovation #metaverse
The ability and power to create and believe in mass fictions - money, geographical boundaries, religions - and then use them to organize & in turn to shape & change our reality is what differentiates humans from other animals. Brains 🧠 manifest.


#storytelling #innovation
Yuval Harari. Neil Gaiman. Kurt Vonnegut. Leslie Marmon Silko. Amanda Gorman.

@harari_yuval @neilhimself @Kurt_Vonnegut @TheAmandaGorman

I think they all believe this about the great power of our stories and fictions.

I sure do. 🤷‍♂️

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1. [Thread] Pourquoi les inégalités d'accès à l'info vont-elles s'accentuer ? Concentrations, fragmentation des usages média, polarisation et politisation... Voici les tendances que j'entrevois et quelques préconisations… #medias #trends #usages #business
2. La conso média française se divise entre, d'un côté des mass médias de plus en plus puissants, et de l'autre une foule de petits médias indépendants (ou de "réinformation"). Les concentrations favorisent les 1ers… #medias #trends #usages #business
3. Ces concentrations sont d’abord le fait d’une poignée de milliardaires. Bolloré, Arnault, Pinault, Niel, Dassault et autres... contrôlent un nombre impressionnant de titres et médias français. Le timide rapport sénatorial a étudié la question… #medias
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Who else attended today's @OECD Development Co-operation Report 2021 launch event on shaping a just #DigitalTransformation?✋

Panelists expanded upon some of the report's key themes, including:

📅 Acting now!
⬆️ More #coordination
🖼️ Strong #frameworks
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 #InclusiveDevelopment
But we also heard a lot about #DigitalPublicGoods (#DPGs). Like... A LOT a lot.

So, what's the connection between #DPGs and a just, #inclusive #DigitalTransformation? Why have so many #donors, national #governments, and #tech experts alike expressed interest in #DPG solutions?
Well, they all agree that #DigitalTransformation is at a tipping point globally, with the divisions between wealthy and developing nations especially stark: 96% of the world's unconnected people live in developing countries.
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1/10 Ten Tips for Creativity. 🧵 👇 "A good poet will usually borrow from authors remote in time, or alien in language, or diverse in interest." T.S. Eliot. Diverse sources and experiences help create better ideas. #Creative #Insights
2/10 In a world of AI, humans are more important than ever. AI can provide a space and support for human creativity. Technology is driving the need for greater creativity. We are on the road to even more creative developments. #AI #Tech #Creativity
3/10 Creative insight is often unstructured, sometimes chaotic; it needs time and space to daydream and look at things differently. It can be unpredictable and random, and other times more planned. Some create on-demand, others on the fly, and some at rest. #CreativeInsight
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Where does the New Whole State System 新举国体制come from? To what extent does it help advance China's innovation in strategic sectors like semiconductors? How does it inform about the global concurrent expansion of state capitalism? Here's our new article… Image
Instead of perpetuating the geo-imaginary of Western liberal democracy vs. Chinese authoritarianism, we situate the p-2008 expansion of state capitalism in China as part of the worldwide response to the crisis of global capitalism (over-production, excess liquidity, slow growth) Image
Focusing on the NWSS as an assemblage of discourses, policies, and practices, we show how it builds on/departs from the old socialist whole state system. We argue that the Chinese state is not monolithic, unchanging, and culturally essentialist. Image
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Here are a few thought-provoking statements and phrases I noted (not all verbatim) from the discussion @fortelabs @visakanv @danshipper had on note-taking and information management as part of 1/
T: The bottleneck of your creativity is not that one feature in a tool 2/
T: People like @vgr seem to use Twitter as an idea laboratory, not adopting a specific tone or projecting a carefully selected image 3/
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"In Deutschland wird sich das vor allem auf die Preise und weniger auf die Versorgungssicherheit auswirken" (@bmel)
<kurzer Thread>
#Versorgungssicherheit #Ernährungssicherung & #Wettbewerbsfähigkeit sind drei Wörter, die auf dem #Agrarkongress des @BMUV vor wenigen Wochen
nicht gefallen sind.
Stattdessen #Transformation #Agrarwende #Extensivierung
Ich begrüße es, wenn Landwirtschaftsminister @cem_oezdemir sich dieses Themas nun annimmt.
Ideologisch motivierte Ökoausbauquoten (30%) und pauschale Pflanzenschutzmittel-Senkungsziele (50%)
müssen neu bewertet werden! Und das muss natürlich europaweit im Fokus stehen.
Hier in Deutschland und Europa werden die Lebensmittel teurer, in ärmeren Teilen der Welt werden sie nicht verfügbar sein!
Solidarität mit den Entwicklungsländern bedeutet auch, die heimische
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When I first started at the Glenrose, I had no idea it was the LARGEST rehab. hospital in North America

No idea it was BETTER KNOWN AROUND THE GLOBE than it is right here in #yeg

No idea about the incredible patient journeys

I know now. More Edmontonian's should know too...
I now know that applied innovations and health technology are driving exceptional outcomes at the Glenrose.

These outcomes help get your son, daughter, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, and grandma back to living their fullest lives possible...
I now know the Glenrose is an ideal incubator site, well-positioned to inform health technology transformation projects across the entire Alberta healthcare system.

But what does transformation even mean?

The word has become cliché, used mainly as a euphemism for "change."
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Dr. Wong's recent MS is 1 of 31 papers authored+co-authored by our T32 post-doctoral fellows since 2016. Grateful to @nih_nhlbi for funding our Training Program (T32 HL129949), given a pressing need for physician-scientists and scientists in pediatric pulmonary medicine. 1/3
Thankful for our T32 fellows -Drs. Tim Perkins, Anjani Ravindra, @catarmbruster, Rob Abood, @EricaLStevensMD, Soyeon Kim, @jeremy_landeo, Bo Zhai, Kristina Gaietto, + Matt Wong, our outstanding mentors and faculty, and our Exec. Committee-Drs. @EForno+ John Alcorn+ @morrisa1668
And very appreciative to our External Advisory Board - Drs. Tom Ferkol + Ed Silverman + Ben Gaston, @PittPediatrics + @ChildrensPgh. @NHLBI_LUNGDir
#BestGeneration #FundTheFuture #HealthEquity #Innovation #Discovery #Asthma #CF #ALI
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am sonntag findet in berlin die #bundesversammlung statt, sie wählt den:die #bundespraesident:in. 1.472 menschen aus allen teilen des landes bilden diese „größte parlamentarische versammlung“. die 7-tage-inzidenz liegt bei… 1.472,2. ein🧵👇
seit anfang 2020 steht die frage im raum, inwiefern die pandemie die organisation & durchführung von wahlen verändert. die #bundesversammlung ist auch eine wahlversammlung, eine diskussion um etwaige #corona-effekte findet bislang noch kaum statt.
zum hintergrund: heike merten von der @HHU_de düsseldorf hat in einem paper die herausforderungen & probleme von „präsenzveranstaltungen in der hochphase der pandemie“ skizziert und auf lösungswege hingewiesen.
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New IMF Document Released Jan 26, 2022.

Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms - A primer for global IMF supervisors.
Differences between PoW, PoS, DPoS, & fBFT ($XRP $XLM)

#XRP #XLM Mentioned! #regulated #research #blockchain #DLT #XRPCommunity
--Thread of important quotes--
1. This is a very important document as the IMF represents a consortium of 190 countries and pushing for carbon-neutral countries by 2030.

They are sharing their views in which supervisors around the world will read and use this information to help form their opinion.
2. If you want a video overview I took 4 hours to edit and record this full document overview.

Timestamps and info are in the thread / Video description to make things easier as well!

#XRP #XLM #Cryptocurrency #XRPCommunity #XRPARMY

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Want to be in the top 1%?

Find the blockchain projects 99% aren't looking at.

I've done 1000s of hours of research on some of the best projects and compiled them into educational threads for other citizens to research

Here are some of my deep dives🌊

--Thread of Threads-- Image
My focus is on long-term utility blockchain/ DLT projects⛓

Not short-term meme coins

These threads will cover:

• CBDC's
• IoT + IoV
• Innovation
• Supply chain
• Data protection
• Paperless trade finance
• Cheap payment infrastructure
• Interoperability of DLT ledgers Image
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#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

😡: Almost no students who are exposed are being told directly of exposures or quarantined.

We encourage parents w/COVID+ kids to DIY your own reporting to parents and families where you can; assume APS isn't going to notify exposed. It's up to you. Image
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

The worst school, with >13% of its students catching COVID in Jan, is #Montessori Public School.

MPSA was found to be one of the worst schools for ventilation + parents reported a lack of implementation for outdoor lunch in Jan. for some classes. ImageImage
#Arlington #COVID19 #Cases

So far, YTD, two dozen Arlington public schools have had more than 10% of their student body test positive for COVID-19.

In such an environment, removing masks when community transmission is so high seems like the ultimate folly. Image
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Everyone knows the term cryptocurrency

But few understand what blockchain technology is and how it's revolutionizing industries across the globe

A list of information on why you should research blockchain technology

--Thread-- Image
1. Blockchain is the underlying technology that cryptocurrencies are built upon.⛓

Yes, it's more than a digital currency.

Blockchain / DLT (distributed ledger technology) provides an immutable, digital ledger that is always updating with transactions happening in real-time. 📖 ImageImage
2. What are the benefits of using Blockchain or DLT?🤔

Check out the pictures below to see how DLT technology will revolutionize industries. 👇

Shout out to @MikeQuindazzi for his awesome benefits infographic

#blockchain #DLT #innovation #financial #cryptocurrency #education ImageImage
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I've read through 100's sustainability newsletters

Here is a list of the top 8+

Here are the best↓🧵
1/ Drilled by @emorwee

A newsletter for people who frustrated about the climate crisis.
@emorwee 2/ Hothouse by @MJ_Coren

Most climate stories are doom and gloom. Hothouse offers solutions you’ll really want to read, with an evidence-based plan for action
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A citizen's vision on the future of the global trade finance industry and some of the main players leading the 4th Industrial Revolution in the global supply chain🌎⛓️

This is a technical deep-dive thread on regulated technology initiatives

#globaltrade #Finance #DLT #fintech
Digitalization of documents will automate and remove the mess and expense of paper (eTRs). It will also create an auditable fraud detectable ledger of transactions in which will collect big data that AI can learn from to improve efficiency
#DLT #Blockchain
Digital documents create a "Digital Twin" that is fully trackable through the lifecycle of the trade documents journey. Paper documents could not do this.

This will allow ports and shipping companies to see where their items are in transit and what to expect

#Supplychain #dDOC
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