K. Crenshaw at @AAPolicyForum: While celebrating historical wins in Georgia we braced for an existential threat to democracy at the Capitol. The refrain "Our country is better than this" weaponizes denial & reconciliation. How do we step back from the abyss? #UnderTheBlacklight January 13 at 8 pm ET: If Hindsight is 2020, Why Are We Stil
@ProfCAnderson: The "Republican heroes of democracy" is a script that needs to be kicked back. Raffensperger & Kemp still engaged in voter suppression--they just weren't cruel enough. The mob was about the addictive power of white supremacy #UnderTheBlacklight 4 hour line of Black votersNews broadcast of billboard that says "Traitor Kemp & T
@davidwblight: "Lost causes" have patterns; they always prepare people for violence. They're rooted in big lies that become big myths that people hold as beliefs in search of history. They need iconography & heroes but this one doesn't have a martyr quite yet #UnderTheBlacklight White man carrying Confederate flag while walking in Capitol
@joelowndes: The modern GOP since the 1960s has been fashioned opposite to Black civil rights and freedom. I don't think it's possible to radicalize them more. We know where this movement is: it's a far-right party #UnderTheBlacklight Man in military gear with rope climbing over auditorium seat
@ProfCAnderson: White rage are policies that undercut Black advancement toward their citizen rights. Resistance to Brown, War On Drugs, voter suppression after Obama. The lie is Black people aren't citizens & these policies legitimize violence against them #UnderTheBlacklight " The trigger for white rage, inevitably, is Black adva
@TheWayWithAnoa: Georgia was a victory for the resilience of collective power & action, where coalitions address community needs. Activists grinded to build long-term civic engagement. We're not losing white people; they're voting against their own interests #UnderTheBlacklight Anoa Changa's Truthout article: "Grassroots Organizers
Crenshaw: Appropriation of #SayHerName is black people being gentrified out of the spaces they made to be heard. Created symmetry between BLM and what happened in the Capitol.

Anderson: This false equivalence is a throwback to "Black violence & pathology" #UnderTheBlacklight Maga is trying to co-opt #SayHerName. It's a "slap in t
@davidwblight: You can't have healing without justice. The great tragedy of the Civil War is that healing or reunion came with the cost of lives and civil rights. Reconciliation is a deep human instinct but it's coalition politics that change this country #UnderTheBlacklight

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2 Jul 20
@mamaazure's manifesto of critical #design education
1. Start w/ positionality
2. Help students see color, oppression, injustice, & bias
3. Forget diversity and inclusion...embrace plurality, pluriversality, and anti-hegemony

#BreakingSilos hosted by @aiacae Forget diversity and inclusion... embrace plurality, plurive
@mamaazure's manifesto of critical #design education
4. Center the experiences and expertise of People of Color
5. Intentionally shift power to
6-7. See PoC as experts and don't just focus on suffering

#BreakingSilos hosted by @aiacae
@mamaazure's manifesto of critical #design education
8. Introduce more critical analysis of problems
Introduce critical theory and language. For example, A Designer's Critical Alphabet: etsy.com/listing/725094…
9. Hire more BIPOC faculty and staff

#BreakingSilos hosted by @aiacae Cards that have terms like Neo-Colonialism, Privilege, and I
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25 Jun 20
It's time to live-tweet my own talk 💪🏼 Let's nerd out over some #userresearch #ethics 🤓

#UXRConfAnywhere The Ethical Researcher's Checklist
I start my #UXRConfAnywhere talk on #userresearch #ethics with the second biggest fuck up I've ever made as a researcher (don't ask what was Number 1):

I exposed a participant's HIV status with a calendar pop-up Google Calendar notification saying Take TDF
When we talk about #design #ethics, we rarely discuss how easily #userresearch can cause harm (if anything, research is the solution and never the problem) #UXRConfAnywhere
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31 May 20
Dear #UX Community, tomorrow is Monday. From your tentative tweeting, it seems like many of you have finally discovered that anti-Black racism is alive and well in America. Don't know what to do? Want to move beyond the hashtag activism? A thread

1. Call out your asshole friends @js_tut: Dark Mode does matter
2. Don't know any assholes? Doubt it in this industry but if not call out your "all lives matter" friends. Call out your "apolitical" friends. "Neutrality" is racism. Silence is racism. Start the conversation on and offline.
3. Don't know how to articulate what you're currently feeling? Read, absorb, and share the work of others:
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13 May 20
@laurenfklein: In today's world, data is power. Data science needs intersectional feminism, which provides models to examine power, to challenge the matrix of domination that continues to oppress certain groups and not others #DataFeminism at @datasociety

@kanarinka: For example, María Salguero's #NiUnaMenos project amassed the largest public database for femicides in Mexico after the Mexican government refused to track these deaths. This is a form of feminist counter data.

#DataFeminism at @datasociety Map of femicides across Mexico
7 Principles of #DataFeminism:
1) Examine power
2) Challenge power
3) Rethink binaries and hierarchies
4) Elevate emotion and embodiment
5) Embrace pluralism
6) Consider context
7) Make labor visible

#databites at @datasociety Image
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31 Mar 20
Love when you learn a helpful tip before an event even begins. To make Zoom calls more inclusive for #TGNC folks, you can add pronouns to your Display Name
1. Hover over your own video (or name)
2. Select the ellipsis (…)
3. Select “rename” & type pronouns after your name

Good freaking question: "Why do we continue to make people go through harmful user journeys?"

@maxmasure describes the complicated & cruel procedure to change their name. The family certificates & husband permission...shocking

#TDOV #InclusiveDesign #CivicTech #SocialImpact 1. French name 2. DMV 3. TLDEF 4. US lawyer 5. Request (ex) Evidence required in France for request to change name: 1. c
@jessi_mons and @MadelenaMak advocate for #userresearch to focus less on demographics & more on what people do and who they are. Gender isn't always relevant and methods should reflect that

#TDOV #TDOV2020 #TransVisibilityDay #InclusiveDesign #CivicTech #SocialImpact
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16 Mar 20
Columbia & UMich recently halted human subjects research b/c of public health concerns. But what are the ethical implications for #userresearch practitioners currently in the field?

(1) If you're in a highly impacted area, is it ethical for you to leave to a less impacted area?
(2) How should you handle projects centered around participatory observations?

If field respondents are expected to keep working during a crisis (e.g., service workers, healthcare providers), is it ethical for researchers to quit their participatory role and leave the fieldsite?
(3) How should you manage broken community access agreements?

If researchers make agreements with community members in exchange for fieldsite access (e.g., volunteering X hours), is it ethical to renege on that agreement and pull out before completing that service?
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