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19 FREE Sites You Can Use For Design Inspiration

🎨 Abduzeedo .com
🎨 Webdesign-inspiration .com
🎨 Screenlane .com
🎨 Sketchrepo .com
🎨 Xdguru .com
🎨 UiSpace .net
🎨 Uigarage .net
🎨 Dribbble .com
🎨 UIbundle .com
🎨 UiStore .design
🎨 Land-book .com

more 👇👇
🎨 Lapa .ninja
🎨 Awwwards .com
🎨 FreebiesUI .com
🎨 Behance .com
🎨 Landingfolio .com
🎨 Onepagelove .com
🎨 Bestwebsite .gallery
🎨 Saaslandingpage .com
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@IITHyderabad to support #India #Semiconductor Mission with 1st of its kind #BTech in #ElectricalEngineering {#IC #Design & #Technology}

For details & admission, visit
Electronic Media Release:
Read More:…
●Program will provide End-to-end Learning to create Industry Ready workforce in #ChipDesign & manufacturing.
●Students will be provided strong fundamentals in Elect Engg in 1st 2 years, & students will delve deep into IC Design or IC Manufacturing for next 2 years.
●Designed in consultation with the Industry; In-built Semester long Internship program;

Complimenting IITH’s step, Dr Sunita Verma @GoI_MeitY said, “The Bachelor of EE Course with specialization in IC Design & Technology of IITH is being initiated just at the right time.
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Beckn Protocol is being used by open networks for Retail (e.g. ONDC), Mobility (e.g. KOMN), Health (E.g. UHI), Skilling and Education and similar efforts initiated in other sectors too.

Beckn protocol is maintained through an open community organised through Working Groups. They volunteer their time and thinking to help the protocol recognise the sector-specific needs and update the protocol through its layered design.
+ Beckn Mobility Working Group
+ Beckn Retail & Logistics Working Group
+ Beckn Health Working Group
+ Beckn Skills & Education Group
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Vote D!ONNE Renée @OnElectionDay #Toronto!

Our platform remains the same as in previous Elections.

We march, advocate, peacefully protest; yet, we continue to be harmed trying to ensure that we all have the ability to live & thrive.

Together we succeed!
Save your dollars. This campaign doesn’t ask for donations.
Elections shouldn’t be about who can afford to buy Elections or how much wealth a Candidate has— that’s white supremacy tactic 101.2b.

Your efforts to share the message Vote D!ONNE Renée @OnElectionDay is what is needed
We won’t get what we need without you. Together we succeed!✅

#TORONTO #TOpoli #voteTO
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"#Collectibles market size was estimated at $402B in 2021 and is expected to cross $1T by 2032." -@MarketDecipher

@AmericanaNFT provides an ecosystem for #artists & #creators to interact with #collectors who can then engage with producers and consumers alike.

1/14 🧵
2/@NFTerps, @dozaster, @NPecor, and @musicalnetta of @AmericanaNFT shared insights and alpha around the future of physical collectibles in a digital world at #NFTNYC2022

Vibe? "Buy shit you love."

What is Americana? Let’s peel the🧅
3/Stripping away digital art and using #NFTs for their core value - digital #provenance, #proofofownership & proof of origin. 📜

How does this improve physical collecting?
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*DESIGN EN PERMACULTURE - LES MOTIFS/MODELES/PATTERNS* - via @NemoAuthor (traduit en français par mes soins)
Lire le thread (1/10) 🔽
#permaculture #biomimétisme #motifs #patterns #vivant #3milliardsdanneederechercheetdeveloppement #design #stockerlenergie #limiterlentropie
Je suis enfermé à la maison avec le Covid pour la deuxième fois en deux mois (léger, mais faites attention). Cette fois, nous l'avons tous attrapé, mais la dernière fois, j'étais seul pendant 10 jours et j'ai passé du temps avec ce manuel de conception de permaculture. (2/10)
Le design de #permaculture est une façon de regarder de manière créative comment les humains s'intègrent au monde naturel, en imitant les modèles et les processus qui existent dans les écosystèmes sauvages pour en tirer le meilleur parti pour le moindre effort. (3/10)
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Ikuti saran desain #logo kami, apakah Anda seorang pemula atau hanya perlu penyegaran, untuk mengembangkan logo #design yang benar-benar hebat #PValley.

Logo sangat penting kata Mereka mungkin menantang untuk dikembangkan #UFCVegas59.
Tetapi mereka sangat penting untuk perusahaan mana pun dan fondasi merek perusahaan atau bahkan pribadi yang kuat. Jelaskan siapa Anda, apa yang Anda lakukan, mengapa Anda melakukannya, dan bagaimana Anda melakukannya di logo Anda.
Anda akan meletakkannya di postingan media sosial, tayangan slide, barang promosi, kartu nama, dan banyak lagi. Satu gambar kecil tidak mungkin membawa semua beban berat itu, benar?
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Cosmos is one of the best examples of the current web3 design trends across the industry.

Colorful hues, dark mode, space themed 3D elements, planets and orbits - all done so magically well!

Thread 👇🏼🧵
The “Internet of Blockchains” copy is outstanding, and combined with the planetary background really drives the message home - that they are a collection of decentralized ecosystems.

Plus, the planets are interactive on hover! 😀
The space and planet theme trickles down from big background elements all the way to small images and icons.
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I find myself musing once again about elimnating design-to-dev handovers. Visual #UI #design tools certainly have their place, but I think they are used far more than they need to be.

I see so many cases where a wireframe (even a doodle on a whiteboard) would be...
...perfectly sufficient to explore ideas and convey the designer's intent.

And if "realistic" mock-ups or prototypes are really needed, tools that let you visually assemble actual code components (e.g. UXPin) are better suited. Their output is inherently more true-to-life as...'re working with the "real" components rather than visual approximations (or aspirations) of them.

For fine-tuning a UI's styling, there's no substitute for pairing with a dev and doing it live via their dev tools. Once you're both happy, the result is saved back to the...
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So helpful in this hectic moment 🙌
Thank you @VismeApp
design tool that you can rely on, so rich in features even on free mode 😀

can't download for high resolution in free mode but the detail still look clear on this 3 meters banner 🙌
Need no more design software that hard and long time to learn and understand 😅

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Learn UI/UX Design for free 📚
#uiux #design #tech #uiuxdesign

Thread 🧵 RT

1) Baseline HQ 📚
2) Cousera: Intro to UX Design [Georgia Tech] 📚…
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Why has reinforcement learning not been adapted to the design process?

I believe the RL problem and the design process are pretty similar, and the RL community should embrace the design process as a potential application for RL algorithms. (1/N)
In this thread, I will shortly elaborate on why these two are similar in my eyes.

Design is a crucial step in making things, but it is not easy to find a single definition for it. In the context of architectural design, ... (2/N)
... one might define the design process as a series of steps followed by the designer to iteratively find a solution for a given design scenario.

In his book, Notes on the Synthesis of Form, in 1964, Christopher Alexander wrote:

"The ultimate object of design is form". (3/N)
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Best websites to apply for remote jobs. 👨🏾‍💻👩🏼‍💻 #tech #design #remotejobs

Thread 🧵 RT
1) Just remote
2) Remote
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Graphic Design Resources for free 📚#graphicdesign #design #tech

Thread 🧵 RT
1) Graphic Design Mastery: The Complete Branding Process (Mp4) 🎥…
2) Free Graphic Design Ebook:…
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How to create an isometric design using #figma #design #uidesign Image
Page one ImageImage
Take your design and rotate it by -15° Image
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#design #branding #designer #logodesign #logo #branddesign Image
1) Branding: In Five and a Half Steps 📚 [ Author: Michael Johnson ]
2) A Blueprint for Building Brand Strategy 📚…
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Recherche #IoB sur les Tattoos électroniques :
1 thread qui présente la maturation lente mais décidée de cette idée de capteurs de peau souples & radio-connectés
1/ Au démarrage, une preuve de concept de 2011 par la fondation nationale 🇺🇸 pour la science…
Recherche #IoB sur les Tattoos électroniques :
2/ De l'importance du #Design dans la mise au point de tout capteur destiné à un usage corporel conscient et permanent... ex du proto #biostamp en 2015…
Recherche #IoB sur les Tattoos électroniques :
3/ Synthèse début 2022 sur les très nombreuses applications de bio capteurs de peau (non invasifs) : #Esanté bien sûr, suivi de soldats, pilotage par influx nerveux & Arts créatifs...
par @TheTecia…
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I'm staying in a 5 star resort. It's early evening and I'm sat at an outdoor bar with my girlfriend having a couple of drinks.

It's generally pleasant, but the scene could be better.

And once you see it, you can't unsee it


#designthinking Image
I can't not notice these kind of details.

It's a hexagonal shaped 'tropical cocktail' bar hut with a central drinks display island.

Over this display, highlighting the bottles of spirits, are some pendant lights. But it's not as good as it could be.

Something's a bit off.
For hospitality, particularly at night, it's absolutely crucial to get this stuff right. Elementary design.

Here's a quick breakdown of the visual experience.

Top 3 things I'd improve asap.
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Just bought some nice comfy cushions from here

#sofa #furniture #cushions #upholstery #home #design
Needed to get some new cushions for my #couch much better now. Would reccomend these guys if you want to do the same. My #cat loves them as well lol
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We love this #seating area shared by Jen, a recent customer of ours. Thanks for choosing GB #Foam 🇬🇧👍
"I am so happy with the foam I bought from you that I feel motivated to send you the attached pictures of my finished project. Thanks again for your fabulous service. I've no doubt I'll come back for more at some point!"
Need high-quality seating foam? Look no further than GB Foam Direct!

#upholstery #seat #upholster #design
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Ever feel like you want to throw your phone across the room? No? Just us? 😳

If you’re like us (constantly fighting distraction), this might explain why. 🧵
People receive an average of 60-80 daily notifications on their phones.

While notifications have become a standard part of our lives, a constant barrage of information is also linked to ⬆️ anxiety, depression, and attention disorders.
Too many notifications make us feel tired, alter our perception of time, and harm our decision-making abilities! Why?

Notifications increase our #CognitiveOverload (the amount of information processed by the working memory).
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#programming #code #UX #design

A mock up of a way to visually organise code in a more intuitive way.
I also use value (brightness) to establish a heirarchy of importance to draw your eye function decs like titles of a chapter.
The value of the line numbers also reflects this, keeping our focus on the code.
Even just dimming any line with no characters helps you connect the code to the numbers.
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"Of course I stole it!
Who never stole a UI design concept hands in the air... No hands!"

It's totally okay to imitate design seen on the internet.

"Imitation is the Mother of invention" ImageImage
Here is a list of websites to get User Interface design inspiration from:
On this note, I humbly demand that you follow @Yemyjerry like, retweet and comment.
#uiux #figma #design ImageImage
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I was on the flight before my bday March 27.I wanted to land for my party in #Dubai with family & see #Expo2020 before closing in 2 days.
25mins in air! @aircanada Captain announced in low voice,bad news-No Dubai tonight,mechanical problem,but you'll have a nice view of ...
dumping fuel from the wings though,which I've never experienced in 20 years of traveling.I teared like a baby and so as the mother near me-cried a river.Passengers took videos of the fuel dumping.Good job @GretaThunberg. Lets dump over North Bay and breathe it with #COVID19
North Bay-hazardous waste out of #Ontario landfills and waterways,which I later learned.
Rude Old Hostess said "High Alert fasten seat belt.What does high alert mean? I say.She replies "we are going back, I DONT KNOW." then I replied "who does?Batman?God?You're Jesus?...
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