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In a workshop I’ve been doing recently, we talk about “thinking big AND working small”. Why is this important?

Some companies are reasonably good at strategy and figuring out where the opportunities are...but they’re not great at working small. Result? ... (1/n)
..they learn slowly, respond slowly, and lack “cadence” around the sense/respond loop.

Other companies are reasonably good at working small, but can’t think beyond two week increments (or quarters even). Result? ... (2/n)
..To quote someone from a famous XP “shop” ... “we’re often chasing local optimums, and I’m worried about our strategy. We’ve relied on one muscle and need to build the other.”

People often equate “thinking big” to grandiose, “innovative”, moonshots. That’s not it... (3/n)
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1. One of the best lessons about #design I learned from working with Steve Capps (original Mac team). We worked on a project together in the 1990s.

I was just a kid but we'd debate ideas - next day he'd show prototypes... including ones I suggested and that he didn't like.
2. He was a luminary reporting to my VP and could have ignored me for 100 different reasons. But he gave me, and my ideas, the benefit of the doubt.

By his actions he taught me if you're going to explore, you sometimes take bets against your instincts. Or in weird directions.
3. He reinforced what I learned from my better bosses - everyone should feel like the best idea wins, or at least has a chance, no matter who or where it come from.

To see his prototypes, which were often built as multi-variate playgrounds, including my ideas was thrilling.
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Last week, we posted about the opening of our new trauma bay @UnityHealthTO, a space that we “purposely designed, extensively tested, revised with end-user feedback.” – @HumanFact0rz #design #trauma #emergencymedicine

Here's a thread with more details 1/
We received considerable positive feedback and questions about the details of the process. This was a team effort from architects, operational readiness, clinicians, sim team to name a few. Here goes... 2/
Once upon a time…(all good stories start like this) 4 yrs ago we ran a study, called TRUST (Trauma Resus Using in situ Simulation for Team training). Using debriefing feedback & human factors expert video review we identified latent safety threats within our old trauma bay. 3/
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Let’s talk about #contentmarketing.

We all know that content is king right? Have the right content and eventually you will be successful is something that I think a lot of people have taken to heart.

If you are a small to mid sized business owner the idea that you can just
#create amazing content that will drive more customers to your #business right off the bat, Is a pipe dream. It is a very easy trap to fall into and one that can become a killer of time and profit. I tend to reference @garyvee a lot in my recent tweets as he is kind of a wiz with
Content marketing online. He knows how and what drives engagement. He also has a #mediafirm backing up everything he produces, making it easier to release the various pieces of #content that is produced. If you are not in the media business, this really isn’t possible.
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With just over a month left in 2020, let’s talk about the #designtrends we expect to see in 2020. I’ve noticed, and this is usually the case, a larger focus on animation this last year. Flat, #material animation especially 2D characters. Also there has been an increased
Social media focus on “lesson” #Instagram style posts with multiple screens. Hell I tried it myself to see how I would go about doing it. The good thing about these types of posts is that they actually do contain some good info, but I think the trend has hit its peak now.
Next year, I suspect the design world will get more into simple #motiongraphics, perhaps even the multi-screen style static pages we have seen but shorter, more focused animated style typography based animations as the tech becomes more widely available through phones and tablets
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Should #ux report into the “new head of product” or “a new CTO” ? “The new CTOs argument is that product finds the problems and UX/Eng find the solutions. The HoP disagrees.”

My (perhaps) constrain advice:

1. If the company is reasonably healthy, go with the CTO... will have to play a longer game, but you are more likely to eventually end up with a design leader at the “same level” as the CTO and CPO. Why? The CTO will become your #1 advocate.

2. If the CPO has a design background, go with the CPO

3. If the company isn’t healthy...
...go where things are the healthiest and you’ll have the most advocacy. This may be the CPOs area. Or may, actually, be the CTOs area. The CPO may be mired in org politics, and you’ll just become a part of that machine.

4. A good test is....
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Some slides from today does talk at #DOES2019

We explored used our secret decoder key to decode MVP

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
We explored a CORRECTED version of the product model .

Shit Umbrella
PdM is Idea Generator?
PdM as context adder

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
We explored the magic tropical paradise of "product thinking" which can range from "product managers do the thinking" to "whole company as the product"

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
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Having been late to Design Twitter's latest implosion over #design #ethics, I have several questions about how our community defines (un)ethical design. A (potentially unnecessary) thread... (1)

For context, see @round's per-usual excellent RT roundup 👇🏼
@round (2) Are certain organizations or institutions (e.g., Facebook, ICE, the military) inherently unethical and therefore any design work produced for them is unethical?
@round (3) If not all design work for such organizations is unethical, what are the characteristics we can use to define the boundaries of ethical vs. unethical design projects?
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1. It's interesting as a rough measure of what most people think the word #design means to search various systems and see what comes back. Here's Amazon Prime Videos. Mostly interior design and remodeling living spaces.
2. Netflix, Hulu and most video services I've tried return mostly the same kinds of results. User experience and UX return almost nothing. The one hit I got for #ux on Amazon Prime was this (although some user experiences are like defusing bombs!)
3. Searches on Google and Bing unsurprisingly return similiar kinds of results: definitions, logo making apps/services and interior design - and TED and WIRED are often in top 10 or 20 results. Not sure what to make of that.
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Great discussion of reasons why the trolley problem is not the right discussion for #AI #ethics

"If we want to make ethical AI, we should be... training self-driving cars to work in ways that we, as a society, can approve of and endorse." via @qz
Decisions for what an #AI system will do are determined long before they are in use.
If the people making the AI aren't ethical, how can we expect the system to be?
Ethical, diverse teams are need to develop ethical, safe AI systems.
Excited to talk about this topic, self-driving and AI ethics at #WorldUsabilityCongress in a few weeks in Austria!
🤖 🚗 🤖 🚙 🤖
@worlduxcongress #ux #ai #ethics #design #uxresearch #usability
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1. The architecture world has this term *starchitecture* - meaning a focus on an individual as a lone genius creator - to the exclusion of reality.

#Design and most fields have the same problem. It's in our romanticized history of what creativity means. And how stories work.
2. Our brains really like stories - and simple stories are easy to learn, remember and share. Hero myths (insert fav. Campbell reference here) work because our brains like them...

...but not necessarily because the (creative) world works the way these stories tell us it does.
3. Shows like Netflix's Abstract (Art of Design) focus on individuals - why? it's a "better" story. We can focus on ONE person and ONE point of view. All of the good things about whatever gets made we can attribute to a singular identity.

This is much simpler than the reality..
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A *parti* or *parti pris* is the central idea or concept of a design. Often represented by a simple sketch or drawing.

(Source: 101 things I learned in architecture school, Frederick. Image source at link).

#design #designmtw…
From the architecture books I've been reading, the #ux world is underread: likely because "it's not tech" which dodges fundamental similarities - architects design things that require engineers.

There's a 2000+ year history we can learn from. I'll keep sharing salient gems.
"An architect knows something about everything, an engineer knows everything about one thing." - Frederick (101 things)

Which is reminiscent of all the unicorn / t-shape / specialist vs. generalist discussions that often happen in the #ux world.
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Another favorite book find while researching #designmtw is Are We Human: Notes on an Archaeology of Design.

It's wonderfully written - explores the nature of humanity through the lens of design.

It's also beautiful - print only, but worth it.…
"Design is what you are standing on. It is what holds you up. And every layer of design rests on another and another and another. To think about design demands an archaeological approach. You have to dig." - Colomina/Wigley
"Design capacity: when other species have figured out a way to do something, they repeat it forever until changes in the context reinforce a different direction. Humans continually imagine different ways even in the same context, to the point of malfunction." - Colomina/Wigley
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1. While visiting my Mom in Florida, one day we came home and there was a bee swarm right outside her house. I’ve always been fascinated by insects, but bees in particular for how they #design things as a group. Here's a fascinating lesson.
2. Usually a swarm means there's a new queen looking to start a new hive and a bunch of worker-bees go w/ her (thus, the the swarm) - they're moving!

But in our case it was a bee-emergency. Their old hive fell out of a tree.

It was huge - the size of a large watermelon.
3. When they swarm, honey-bees have a fascinating system for relocation.

They send out 20-50 scout bees to find a new pad. They return and report (doing the wiggle dance) to explain what they found. Much like with people, there is a discussion of which one is best.
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Yesterday my @UWSoHE #matcult #childhood seminar visited @HLATC_Textiles to study objects related to #histchild and we connected objects to #childrensrights #humanrights as discussed through #UNCRC @jhcy @shcy Here are a few highlights...
We looked at and compared this lovely, warm Swedish cap with this highly embellished Pakistani hat, both 20thC, and thought about children’s #rights to safety, protection and care #article19 #UNCRC
We examined two amazing samplers, one made by a 10yr old girl in Wisconsin in 1832 and the other a colorful 1898 #darning #sampler, likely initialed by 10 different students, and considered changing ideas about children’s rights to an #education and #community #article28 #UNCRC
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Here are some great reasons to attend @Amplitude_HQ 's #Amplify2019 conference on October 8th.

1/8 1 day. 10 speakers. 1200+ product/growth nerds. Some highlights...

PS: There might be a promo code down there, somewhere
#prodmgmt #design #growth #mktg
(2/8) @zoom_us is a textbook example of product-led growth (and great collab between product, marketing, and engineering),

We're so excited to have founder and CEO @ericsyuan talk us through that journey.…
(3/8) @merci, Partner @lightspeedvp, former DoPdM @SlackHQ , and founder of @womeninproduct, will be returning to Amplify. Here's an amazing post from Merci that digs into @SlackHQ service-centric approach & her own personal journey into prod leadership…
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hurry hurry ... create small teams

(meanwhile, teams are highly dependent on each other, #design and #PdM, #testing, #ops shared and maxed out)

"why isn't this working?"
...."I know why! We need project portfolio management. It is a planning problem. And another layer of human load balancers!"

(meanwhile, kingdoms grows, dependencies obscured, people 'deal')

"this is a low accountability environment!"
..."We've got to fix this. OKRs! Fix the managers. Even BETTER quarter packing and tetris"

(meanwhile, passionate problems solvers are leaving, burnt out, sad, and hardened souls with the right incentives are digging in for the long haul)

"we have to figure out how to innovate"
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Are the product managers in your org generalists, experts, or T-shaped? I see this discussed frequently for developers, but not as much for PdM.

Image from @jchyip (…)
@jchyip One observation ... PdM's are often "forced generalists". They may be more T or | (or desire to be), but the role as defined involves *everything*
@jchyip Another observation ... as the organization adopts more product thinking overall (and #design is more empowered), there may be pressure to become more of an expert or T-shaped contributor.
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"You don't see radio changing gradually and suddenly become radar. #Darwin's theory doesn't work for #technology, and we have to make a new observation."

- W Brian Arthur at SFI today

#evolution #innovation #invention
"Novel technologies are constructed from existing technologies. These offer themselves as components for the construction of further technologies."

- W Brian Arthur at SFI today

#evolution #innovation #invention #technology #engineering #design
Unlike the two-parent #inheritance typical to (but not ubiquitous among) #complex organisms, #technology inherits features from n parents - a "vast ancestral #network" more like horizontal gene transfer networks in #bacteria.

W Brian Arthur on sumulating #invention on a chip:
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1. A new #design hero for me is Chuck Harrison, one of the first black designers, and executives (1961), in American corporate history. He spent much of his career at Sears, and designed 100s of well known objects, some of which you probably know.
2. He redesigned the View-master from a bland, clumsy device, to something kids and adults loved to hold and use.
3. He developed the idea to make garbage cans out of plastic (much quieter when the garbagemen emptied them at 5am), and they stackable, easy to ship and store.
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0/12- So... you feel devalued at work. That your work (craft, perspective) isn't appreciated. You feel diminished and pushed to the side. I've been there. It can be paralyzing.

What can help? #design #ux #prodmgmt #testing
1/12- Empathy... all of your coworkers probably feel, to some degree, that their work is not fully valued and understood. Only one of your coworkers actually has *lots* of power...the CEO, and even she reports to a board.
2/12- Realize that often efforts to "get a seat at the table" without closer collaboration actually makes the problem worse. We all imagine we will be *more responsible* once we get "power". And then realize we were solving the wrong problem.
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1. More than background, it's employment. It shows when designers have only had #design jobs, compared to those who have wider work experience: telemarketing, teaching calculus, bagging groceries... any other context. And it's never too late to get wider life/work experience.
2. The reason is design, as a worldview, is rarely at the center of how work is done. Designers who studied design and worked in design, usually enter the workforce baffled by how little anyone cares about design, even though that's the majority of work environments there are.
3. Designers with other experience, or who enter design thru an indirect path, aren't as surprised/upset about this. They knew it before they got deep, and they're often (not always) more pragmatic about being effective -willing to do "non-design" tasks that facilitate design.
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I was speaking with an executive with 20+ years of experience recently. And I asked them if they had ever seen a feature/effort “flop”. And they said No. And I found this very curious. So I dug... (1/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops many cases, they claimed “poor execution” had left the “on their back foot”. Meanwhile, new silver bullets had emerged. So they didn’t really know — or weren’t focused on — whether the original idea worked or not (2/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops other cases, they described competitive pressures or “market shifts” that again left them “late to the party”. Notice the trend: it is all about speed and time in their mind. Perfect ideas that couldn’t be executed on quickly enough. (3/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops
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IBM is accused of firing older workers. This is really about money - and doesn't just apply to IBM. Many companies sneakily create practices, communications & policies (like not subsidizing family health coverage)to discourage hiring older workers.

Age discrimination is especially common in #tech, where appearing "cool" carries a premium for recruiting top grads & younger talent.

In most careers, there comes an inflection point where junior employees can do the same job (or ~80% of it) for way less.

Sadly, to companies we're no more than "human resources," so employees must make themselves indispensable, esp. as their salaries creep up.


1) Develop a unique expertise: be known for it. Could be anything from a coding language to ideas generation to great #design.

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