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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/21/2020…
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations rhyme with 21C Complexity | by Simone Cicero | Sep, 2020 | Stories of Platform Design…

#organizations #design #complexity #ecosystem #platform #entrepreneurial
Income inequality: RAND study reveals shocking new numbers…

#income #rand #inequality
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When your students and teachers need to project their work during Zoom sessions from home. These will go out to all our middle schoolers and their teachers. #remotelearning #documentcamera #laptop #3ddesign #design #designthinking @tinkercad
Hi everyone, wow didn't expect such a response. Just posted the files to Thingiverse, I made three versions to fit different laptops, slight changes really affect view. Happy making!
Hi all, people have asked about purchasing. I’m not in the business of selling these. Maker at heart and encourage others to make too. As many have pointed out, there’s already a similar product on the market by Ipevo.…
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Thread on #graphicdesign
“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” –Adam Judge
Designed by our inhouse creative design team.
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#animation #ArtistOnTwitter #artwork #design #DigitalMarketing #Digital
Thread CONTD.
Asking right question, always helps in better understanding of client's need.
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#FridayMotivation #fridaymorning #ArtificialIntelligence #SEO #PPC #marketing #DataScience #marketingstrategy #MachineLearning #socialmediamanagement
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#informational #latesis
Working with the concepts of low-level and high-level programming languages.
IF we make an analogy between #architecture #design and software engineering, I'd say that coding, even visual-scripting, is like an architectural low-level language. 1/n
It has very little abstraction but can produce a lot of geometrical actions.
From this standpoint I postulate that #architecture would benefit from a high-level concept system (don't say language to architects) with a high level of abstraction for the production of #space. 2/n
From this point, I posit that the way is to design thought strategies to help us decide "how" to think whatever it is we want to think
#informational, #stratification, #relationality, #metastabilty, #posthumanity ...the same #architecture thought in a new frame of mind. 3/3 eot.
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Design Thinking A Funny Take, Coach’s Persona Study.
Life Coaches
They do what they do best! Makes you super motivated on every aspect of the idea. Everything seems.. (#designthinking #leadership #coach #management #business #agile #mentor #humancentered #startup #entrepreneur)
possible. Your heart pumps fast and you feel like an adrenaline rush. Occasionally gives you magic templates to fill. “Do now, Right now!” is the motto. High chances of passing out of extensive exhaustion if you are a normal human being and not on energy drink diet. By the end
of the session, you may silently contemplate to leave your current domain and take up life coaching design thinking as your full-time career.
Corporate Trainer
Take you through the whole syllabus without actual implementable learning. A Very relaxing session, you may topple
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Recently i have started to learn #color theory.
What color schemes should pick for the next website? This is a frequent question that a lot of people are asking me so i will start to post some advice here on Twitter.I hope that this may help you! A thread🧵
#100DaysOfColour #web
Tip no 1:
Picking the right #Colors for your website is very important.
Your colors must reflect your design’s goal and brand’s personality. You should create a positive psychological impact on users. So, you should determine how the color temperature reflects your message.1/2
Picking the right color is related with the purpose of your website. For example if you want to sell a product the right color is blue because it represents trust and strength. Make a colour scheme with blue in it and that's it( not100% blue maybe light blue)
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Posting some reflections on the #ACTT & #RECOVERY trials related to #remdesivir & #dexamethasone for the treatment of #COVID19

Those results feel like definitive advances, but we need to realize their limitations and need for confirmation despite everyone's #pandemic fatigue

1/ Image
There are lot of skeptics in and outside of #Twitter on the results of both trials, strong emotions regarding big-pharma made medications, the way the #EUA was made, also about use of #steroids in the #ICU that has a quite rocky history among those who run those units.
And we need to acknowledge from the outset all sorts of basic, and not so basic, emotions that come in the doing clinical trials, exacerbated by academic cliques, national defense issues (and nationalisms) that can get exacerbated with the strains in health systems. Image
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Here's a trap I always fall into (and I see others fall into).

Are you an:

A: Advocate for a certain meta-approach/process
B: Advocate/detractor for a specific idea

Without being careful, you can seem like B even if your focus/passion is A. This happens to #design...(1/3)
...a ton. Most #designers I know are passionate about the overall approach to design (A). Yet they juggle that with sometimes having a horse in the race (B) or people not believing in A.

The problem? It is easy to be pigeonholed as B. Or for B to be confused with A. This..(2/3)
So what is the answer?

You have to be extremely, extremely deliberate. Being B is not bad! You actually cloud that with juggling A and B. Being A is not bad either. But easily confused.

So communicate very deliberately and double-check understanding. (3/3)
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More and more persuaded that B is a viable approach.

* Apprenticeship model
* Less overburnening junior PdMs (sets them up for success)
* Growth opportunities
* Teams encouraged to be self-sufficient
* More #ux!
* No artificial products
* Less overloading of prod manager role
Side note before #design twitter swarms ... I didn’t add design leadership to keep things simple for now but I invite you to extend the diagram.
Also...I think this only works when teams have direct access to customers, analytics, etc. The senior PdM can't be a bottleneck.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/27/2020
CT scans might offer a more accurate way to diagnose Covid-19 - STAT…

#COVID19 #coronavirus #scans #testing
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So, one of my product babies was retired this week - the #EchoLook - and I’ve been posting about it on TikTok because that is apparently What I Do Now. Here’s a thread.

Short intro, for those not in the know:
Next on my #EchoLook thread: How I found myself qualified to be the 4th team member and first designer on the project. #Ux #design #career
The first of two posts speculating as an outsider as to why it had to be shut down, not speaking for the company. This one largely speaks to the realities of hardware dependent on a cloud service. Music turned out a little loud, focus on captions.
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📹 #ATIBoeingAccelerator going live in 10 minutes at #FIAConnect! Join us on YouTube 👇
… and we’re live! 🚀 Kicking off with an intro from Nour Eid, Programme Lead at the #ATIBoeingAccelerator and Senior Technologist at the @UKAeroInstitute sharing more about the ATI and the programme objectives
Programme Director, Gabriela Matic, introduces our first cohort and the 9 incredible #startups, how we've supported founders and their teams and some of the programme highlights incl. @nadhimzahawi attending our launch event and the cohort traveling to @GKNAero in Filton
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1/n #Thread on excerpts from an #essay "A #group is its own worst enemy" by Clay #Shirky ( #Social #software)

Original article can be found here -…

2/ hardly anybody really studies how to #design #software for human-to-human interaction.

so many of them just throw things together and allow themselves to be surprised by the social interactions that develop around their software.
3/ As soon as the Internet happened, s/w stopped being solely about computer-to-human interaction and started being about human-to-human interaction. We had new applications like the Web, email, IM and forums, all of which were abt humans communicating with 1 another through s/w.
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As a designer and an Indian citizen, I am deeply disturbed by the message #JioMeetApp and #jiochat are sending for #AtmaNirbharBharat .
Are we saying that we are only good at copying what others have already created? Can we not do better them?
This is only of the biggest reasons why most of us designers feel #india as a country is not ready for #design . When brands like #JioMeetApp are idolised by people, #DesigninIndia can never flourish.
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Love these early morning chats w/teams.

Fun presentation this morning on being "product-led" in larger orgs. @Amplitude_HQ #analytics #design #prodmgmt

Quick version

To start, it isn't about being product manager led. And it isn't about not doing marketing. None of that 1/n
rather... it is about the potential of design and technology to support sustainable growth ... the potential of teams ... teams as more than builders (as opportunity harvesters) ... and "everyone as the business" / "everything is the product" 2/n
Instead of pure funnels (MOFU, TOFU, BOFU) ... we focus on lifetime value and elevating our customers. Helping them move up a ladder of sorts. Of course you still market, but the real step changes / asymmetries are explored by empowered teams 3/n
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Reliance Jio is in "Technology Commodity Market". Design ripoff by JioMeet & JioChat affirms this underlying message in the market. Technology as a commodity is different from (1)(#JioMeet #JioChat #commodity #Commodities #RelianceJio #Jio #UX #Design #Market) ImageImage
Software as a commodity. White-label apps, framework & platform were in the market since a long time that are the example of Software as a commodity. Commodity trading is one of the oldest practice. Traditional companies environment are well equipped with (2)(#trading)
commodity legalities, so as India Trade & Legal Ecosystem. Reliance Jio have turn the table in their favor from bureaucracy, regulatory & legal perspective. It could also be possible that (3)(#trade #legal #bureaucracy #regulatory)
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@mamaazure's manifesto of critical #design education
1. Start w/ positionality
2. Help students see color, oppression, injustice, & bias
3. Forget diversity and inclusion...embrace plurality, pluriversality, and anti-hegemony

#BreakingSilos hosted by @aiacae Forget diversity and inclusion... embrace plurality, plurive
@mamaazure's manifesto of critical #design education
4. Center the experiences and expertise of People of Color
5. Intentionally shift power to
6-7. See PoC as experts and don't just focus on suffering

#BreakingSilos hosted by @aiacae
@mamaazure's manifesto of critical #design education
8. Introduce more critical analysis of problems
Introduce critical theory and language. For example, A Designer's Critical Alphabet:…
9. Hire more BIPOC faculty and staff

#BreakingSilos hosted by @aiacae Cards that have terms like Neo-Colonialism, Privilege, and I
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1. Ilham Tohti
2. Rahile Dawut
3. Halmurat Ghopur
4. Tashpolat Teyip
5. Chimengul Awut
6. Arslan Abdulla
7. Dilmurat Ghopur
8. Jemile Saqi
9. Abdukerim Rahman
10. Abduqadir Jalalidin
11. Zulpiqar Barat
12. Alim Ehet
13. Nurbiye Yadikar
14. Mutellip Sidiq Qahiri
15. Gheyretjan Osman
16. Abdurehim Rahman
17. Ababekri Ablet
18. Perhat Behti
19. Abdusebir Shukri
20. Tursunjan Behti
21. Dilmurat Tursun
22. Erkin Omer
23. Qurban Osman
24. Kamil Metrehim
25. Nijat Sopi
26. Sattar Sawut
27. Abdurahman Ebey
28. Abdurazaq Sayim
29. Abduletip Abdurehim
30. Hebibulla Tohti
31. Muhemmed Salih Damolla
32. Gheyret Abdurahman
33. Qurban Mamut
34. Tahir Nasir
35. Ehmetjan Momin
36. Alimjan Memtimin
37. Ablimit Bilge
38. Ilham Weli
39. Kuresh Tahir
40. Tursunjan Hezim
41. Omerjan Nuri
42. Muhtar Rozi
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Oq fazer para melhorar seus projetos no @Behance? Segura na minha mão e vamo lá!
Ñ vou falar nada mágico, nem definitivo, só algumas coisas que aprendi nesses anos por lá e quero compartilhar. A intenção ñ é cagar regra, ok?
#portfolio #design #designgrafico #ilustracao #behance
Bom, deixa eu me apresentar: sou designer gráfico e ilustrador, com quase 15 anos de atuação profissional. Tô no @Behance desde 2011.
Depois de rodar por outras plataformas como DeviantArt, Blogspot e Flickr, acabei encontrando lá um espaço legal p/ expor meu trabalho.
Esse é o meu perfil no @Behance, caso queiram dar uma olhada:
Ah, meu site pessoal tbm tá ligado ao meu Behance pq uso o @adobeportfolio:
Para saber mais sobre mim:
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It's time to live-tweet my own talk 💪🏼 Let's nerd out over some #userresearch #ethics 🤓

#UXRConfAnywhere The Ethical Researcher's Checklist
I start my #UXRConfAnywhere talk on #userresearch #ethics with the second biggest fuck up I've ever made as a researcher (don't ask what was Number 1):

I exposed a participant's HIV status with a calendar pop-up Google Calendar notification saying Take TDF
When we talk about #design #ethics, we rarely discuss how easily #userresearch can cause harm (if anything, research is the solution and never the problem) #UXRConfAnywhere
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2/3: More integration of #environmentaleducation (facilitated through organizations like @KACEEandKGS) in mainstream curriculum IMO would add intellectual frameworks & emotional connections beneficial for creating a sense of urgency to address #climatechange.

3/3: The work of Dr. Laura Cole at @Mizzou on integrating sustainable building practices into curriculum is also relevant here. Expanding that to include indigenous practices (i.e., @julia_watson_'s Lo-Tek…) would be even better.

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THREAD: This wk, @SickKidsNews published a proposed approach to return to school. It generated a spectrum of opinions on social media & TV/radio.…

I'll discuss how this is a wicked problem and a #design approach should be used, at least in part.
My disclosure: I am certainly no ID physician or expert on COVID disease transmission but as I’ve written about previously I am interested in decision making under stress, #design and behavior nudges during uncertainty
And I have 2 kids who go to school. So this matters to me
I'll discuss how kids returning back to school is essentially a wicked problem. Not a term I made up, but rather “a problem that cannot be fixed, where there is no single solution”.…
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Thread about working on a single product for too long :

1. You get to know the product in and out totally. you will know what features are on the roadmap, what can be improved, what will work for the future, what wont, etc.
But, any random person outside of the product circle will 'definitely' have an out of the box idea that you've never thought of. keep your ears open.

2. you know all the design styles, you maintain a perfect style guide, you stick to the rules for all new features.
But, rules are meant to be broken. Make sure your design system evolves with the product. Any design system for sure will get outdated over a period. Keep updating it.

3. Every design you do, will 'suit/fit' the existing layouts and screen. Nothing looks new.
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