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#design #FrontEnd #coding #programming #100DaysOfCode #UserExperience #userinterfacedesign
01- Blobs app.
Generate beautiful blobs for your design.…
02- UI design daily.
1073 open-source UI design, updated daily.
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Some thoughts on #design in interiors.
I am renovating a house for myself and during the course of this whole exercise, I have seen a few houses.
Doing interiors of a house is suddenly fashionable and people are spending huge amounts on the same.
There is just too much being crammed in houses without much thought. There are wooden panels, fancy false ceilings and designs in it, loads of LED lighting and absolutely unnecessary complicated accessories everywhere. Perhaps this increases the project cost and margins.
No one bothers to ask basic questions like
1) usage
2) utility
3) lifestyle needs
4) maintenance viability
5) upkeep issues ( dust, termites, scratches, polishing )
6) most important your city’s climate & weather.
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[Thread ↓] How to start your own product (if you’re a programmer).
1/ 🛵 Do: Learn (more) about #design
Design is about looking deeper into the essence of things, defining their purpose and utility. Try looking up what Dieter Rams did, read some Donald Norman, plunge into the history of graphical interfaces, wander around in design museums.
1.2/ I believe that comprehending design is a straightforward way to create your own products. It makes finding flaws in existing processes and applications much easier—and these flaws often turn into excellent opportunities for new products.
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Thanks for being brave and helping us learn @AryaCampaigns! Here's my redesign!

Your focus is ACCESS. Currently that is buried and obscured. Suggest a #stackedbarchart #infographic to show your avg access, then break down by low and high health literate.
cont... Redesign of graphic showing support for eHealth intervention
honestly, in this case, your graphics are fighting your message, and I'd just get down to clearly showing your data. I'd also rather have labels than icons here, because I'm struggling to understand exactly what some of the icons are.
Possible to bring some images back in what I've labled demographics, but you may want to ask yourself what those are doing to help your message. Some of the side info could be cut.
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#Design for #Sciviz tip #8:

Add contrast!
Color is an easy way to do it.
Be careful of using full saturation elements-will battle each other on the page.
Grays are your base, desaturated hues are tools for differentiation and categorization, and your brights are for emphasis! Saturated color palette labeled "emphasis", graysc
Or course, you need to be mindful of colorblindness! There are lots of materials you can check on making your #sciviz accessible!…
It is important to check your tone
(if you made your image black and white, would there be a range of whites to darks? Would your key elements read as the same or different shades of gray?)
as an additional differentiating factor!
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#Design for #Sciviz tip #7:

Don't forget your labels. Often I think people treat labels as an afterthought, but they're very important.
Try and consider these early in your design of a figure or slide.
What does your audience already know? What is obvious and can be cut?
Can I confess something? Nothing bothers me more than a figure with A-K or something labeled in the caption. You're going to make me look down there 11 freakin' times?
Hardly any instances where this is okay. If you can fit a letter, you can fit a label.
#sciviz #scicomm
Maybe science caption craziness is a vestige of old print techniques with type and image setting or something or something, when changing a label in your graphic was HARD! Now it is so so so EASY. So put those labels on the stuff where they belong.
#sciviz #scicomm #design
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#Design for #Sciviz Tip 1:

Keep it simple (as you can). No.1 issue I run into with clients is they want to put every bit of their research in every image. Maybe ok for numbered figs, but not in your visual abstract, not in your PPT presentation!
At each step, whether working with a #sciart designer, or DIY, ask yourself "what is most important here" and "how can I #communicate that most clearly?"
Ask yourself what is noise in your message, and may prevent your audience from understanding (or even reading) your work. If it is unreadable, there is NO POINT in having every detail in there!
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These 5 practice will help you make the most of every dollar you spend on ads.

Thread 👇

#advertising #marketing #branding #digitalmarketing #design #marketingdigital #copywriting #copywriter #creative #advertisingagency Image
1. Display  high-quality images: 

In any ads you're running You want people to pay attention to your image at first sight.
Remember that's the first advantage you have in grabbing attention, we call that the pattern interrupt @ our agency.
Use the correct image spec and
make sure you use bright and eye-catching images.
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How to improve the mobile input experience of your digital product - A thread

Data input on mobile and desktop is substantially different.

Therefore, applying the same principles will lead to a catastrophic failure.

This is how we improve mobile user input experience:
1. Minimize data requirement

It is a lot more comfortable to input data on a desktop than on mobile.

Thus, the best thing you can do for improving the mobile input experience, is minimizing the amount of data required.
2. Defaults over custom input

If you know that 80% of your customers are from the US, 15% from the UK and 5% from the rest of the world, it makes sense that the US and UK be the default/top options when it comes to selecting a location.
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How to create effective user personas - A thread

User personas are key to #UX.

They help you answer one of the most important questions in #design - “Who are we designing for?”

Here’s how to start creating user personas that will help you make relatable designs:
1. Collate all existent information

The first step is to start collecting everything you know about your users in one place - it might be in a spreadsheet, a doc file, a whiteboard, an affinity diagram - whatever suits you best.
2. Research and listen

Find your way to directly interact with the users of the software.

If time and the budget do not allow then at least track the Internet footprints of the target audience and listen to what they say.
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The rewards of investing in #UX - A thread

If your business has a digital product - website or app - and you still haven’t invested in UX, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Read on to find out why investing in UX has a high ROI for your business.
1. Reduce cost down the line

With any new digital product, ⅓ of bugs identified are actual problems; most others are simply usability issues.

These issues can be avoided by relying on #UX tools like #prototyping and #usability testing.
2. Increase conversions

Humans are impatient.

Those complex websites with intricate structures are actually driving your users away.

Designing a simple website/app with an easy-to-navigate IA and
site structure can actually enhance #userexperience and increase conversions.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/13/2021…
Poverty in 2021 looks different than in 1964 – but the US hasn’t changed how it measures who’s poor since LBJ began his war…

#poverty #usa #measures #relevance #alternatives
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Here's to the top level data points on Indian designers' salaries. As promised by the end of June! 😅

#salary #design #job
Yes!! A whopping 650+ participants
This one needs improvement in the industry I guess!
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Journey of the Mercedes logo. In a thread.
#design #logodesign #graphicdesign #webdesign
1902, Mercedes registered the name ‘Mercedes’ to represent its business empire, creating its first brand identity. The logo only featured the title at the time. The font design looked both elegant and sophisticated at the same time.
After seven years, Mercedes decided to add the iconic and world-known logo of the three-pointed star. The year 1909 saw the creation of the famous symbol, which continued to grace the car industry from that day to this.
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#CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec is Live!
@li_fuxin is opening the 1st "Workshop & Challenge on #ComputerVision in the #BuiltEnvironment for the #Design, #Construction and #Operation of #Buildings"
The winner of the 2D challenge is the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The winner of the 3D challenge is Purdue University

Congrats! #CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec
First Keynote talk by Prof. Derek Hoiem @Illinois_Alma @reconstructinc #CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec
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1. All of the ideas in How Design Makes The World are encapsulated in these four questions every product team should ask regularly. #design #ux #designmtw
2. Many projects have requirements, schedules and cool ideas, but forget to focus on improving something specific for real people. Or get lost along the way.

Good teams refresh the real goals often, like a lighthouse.
3. We're all prone to forgetting our biases and designing for ourselves.

If we don't go out of our way to study our customer's real needs, and how they differ from our own, we will fail them and possibly not even know until it's too late.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/05/2021…
A complete human genome sequence is close: how scientists filled in the gaps…

#HumanGenome #GenomeSequencing
A Japanese Novelist’s Tale of Bullying and Nietzsch…

#BookReview #nietzsche #power #morality #novelist
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1/ When I started researching DAOs ppl said, "they're just Discords and shared wallets." I wanted to know more. What were the mechanics? How do you join a DAO? What's the tech stack? @jackgecawich kindly invited me to @prtyDAO. Here's how joining @prtyDAO works 👇
2/ PartyDAO initially minted a fixed # tokens, $PARTY. You need 10 $PARTY tokens to access the member-only Discord channels. In the member channels people vote on investment decisions, like bidding on NFTS, and team decisions, like hiring.
3/ I didn't have any $PARTY tokens, so @jackgecawich gave me 5 of his and got a friend to give me 5. He sent them to my MetaMask wallet. I needed to add a contract address as a custom token to see the tokens (it doesn't just show up like when someone sends you ETH)
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1/ I think saying that NIH financially sponsored #WuhanLab is same as saying that #China, a #world superpower, could not afford it. So who did the #money really go to? Let's look at the interests of the main #actors here. Just a thought #experiment based on insufficient data. 🧐
2/ Enter "A" (the U.S.), "B" (#China) and "C" (NIH/UNC/EcoHealth GoF Network):
- A is all high-tech and #scientific breakthroughs;
- B (naturally) partially emulates that and got a permanent hard-on for blueprints;
- C loves grants, fundraising, publications, #fame and new toys.
3/ C reaches out to B and says "how about we get you bleeding edge #virus #design #tech and make it look completely legit?" What was #China supposed to say? "No, thank you, we're good?"
What's in it for A? Well, the U.S. can provide grants to C to work on how to get more grants. Image
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I've tracked 1500+ startups (seen 10x more) and talked to 100s of investors in the last year.

Here are some of the exciting trends and startups I've noticed or come across. It's a mix of early & late stuff.

Check 'em out 👇
#NoCode: This year was big! @airtable & @zapier are king, then @webflow & @bubble. Tools that sit on top include @MemberstackApp/@memberspace (memberships), @StackerHQ (app), @obviouslyai & @levityai (AI/ML). Jump to @makerpad to learn more about this space.
#Productivity: @NotionHQ looms large. @coda_hq & @clickup have a bit more data capabilities. @retool to go straight to your back-end. @raycastapp & @getcommande are like @Superhuman UI for your mac. @commanddot_ for calendar. @usemotion for browser
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Quando pensiamo al gioco degli scacchi abbiamo tutti in mente una forma particolare per i pezzi in questione.
Una forma è così radicata che basta vedere un dettaglio di un singolo pezzo per capire che si parla di scacchi.
#thread #scacchi #design #staunton #bauhaus
In realtà questo tipo di pezzi ha una storia abbastanza recente, mentre il gioco ha una storia antica.
Il design di cui stiamo parlando risale a poco meno di 2 secoli fa. Ha a che fare con un giornalista, un maestro di scacchi, e un negozio di giocattoli.
Il punto chiave è che è chiaro a tutti che, sebbene la cosa fondamentale sia identificare in maniera univoca i 6 diversi tipi pezzi sulla scacchiera, è anche opportuno avere un design identificabile da tutti, a prescindere dalle culture di provenienza.
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