By this logic @Jack, you'd need to ban both @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris for pushing the "very fine people" hoax, funding/inciting riots that led to cop-killings, brutal attacks on citizens, the destruction of thousands of businesses, and the burning of major U.S. cities.
Further, using that logic, @Jack would have to ban @RepSwalwell, @AdamSchiff, most other elected Democrats, @CNN, @NBCNews, @nytimes, @washingtonpost and any other "news" outlet who helped them push the Russia Hoax that led to James Hodgkinson shooting @SteveScalise, and others.
“Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

That's what leftwing madman James Hodgkinson posted to Facebook right before he decided to shoot Steve Scalise and 4 others.

@Jack, anyone banned for promoting the Russian Collusion fraud?
That's the problem with applying arbitrary standards. They are by nature discriminatory, and no amount of phony logic can justify their application.

Twitter and big tech are purging for power, not principle. They're violating civil rights and breaking campaign finance laws.

• • •

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14 Jan
Jobless Claims Soar 181k Ahead of Biden Inauguration
The forward-looking gauges for both the Survey of Consumers and Consumer Confidence Index both began to collapse weeks ago after the election. @NFIB Small Business Optimism fell below average for 1st time since 1973, and jobless claims are spiking.

The economy is taking a turn.
Businesses don't make decisions on the here-and-now. They make decisions based on what they anticipate will happen in the future.

That's why all these indicators soared to record highs after the election of Donald Trump, and that's why they're all plummeting ahead of @JoeBiden.
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10 Jan
Republicans always want to know where it all went wrong for them.

I live in a Trump+30 district, a red county with veterans and active duty. Yet, there’s a Democratic superintendent, and she decided we all needed her to tell us the protest was an attack on our country in a msg.
Point being, even in the reddest of counties, the schools and election officials are dominated by liberals, and not moderate ones.

These are people in charge of education and elections who fundamentally do not understand basic principles in the Bill of Rights.
We received no messages from the superintendent of schools when rioters were burning cities and killing cops over the summer, and I had to explain to my young children what they were seeing on television.

And honestly that’s ok. It’s not their place to talk politics w/ our kids.
Read 6 tweets
28 Dec 20
Doing a review of the accuracy of each survey data collection mode in 2020, as we do basically every year.

The findings are really worth a show, which will be the topic of #InsideTheNumbers tomorrow.

Will drip some preview findings on this thread... but polling must evolve.
Of course, data sourcing itself also had an impact on accuracy — meaning voter files vs. self-reported, etc — but the long and short of it:

Live caller, which is media preferred and typically a last resort for us in reaching groups like millennial males, is just unneeded now...
We reached them and other difficult groups with other modes/methods, for less money, and with far more accuracy.

Strictly sourcing live caller with voter files and applying a tight LV model definitely resulted in missing more GOP-friendly “new” voters. Only spotted new D votes.
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19 Dec 20
Look at this Mask-Wearing Mary, an idiot.

This Yelp review is for one of the ONLY places where you can still bring family to celebrate Christmas Tradition.

If you’re a scared coward who is duped by everything a corrupt and dishonest media tell you, then stay the hell home.
There is ZERO evidence that masking-wearing is effective at slowing the spread. At this point, the human toll — including health and more — far outweighs the risk to taking your kids to see Christmas Lights and drink Hot Cocoa and Appe Cider.

I’m over these simpletons.
Moreover, the Mask-Wearing Mary wasn’t SO offended that they left. Everything inside is available outside too, with the OUTDOOR eating they provide to people.

This turd just didn’t want a private room reserved, and half capacity isn’t good enough for them.

This is a true POS.
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17 Dec 20
You forgot "stunt the education of our children".

All it took for China to get us to sabotage and weaken the future of our country was panic over a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

I fully understand/appreciate the danger for vulnerable/elderly. But we failed this challenge.
Thread Update: Hearing from parents all over that plans to expand in-person school instructions are now being postponed or cancelled altogether.

So much for only returning to normality when there is a vaccine.

What a total con.
We're not protecting our children against public health "experts" — cons with God Syndrome — teacher union tyrants, and their media mouthpieces.

Make no mistake. Our kids will suffer the ramifications for our failures.
Read 4 tweets
8 Dec 20
Don't believe it. I wish I could tell you to believe it. But I can't, so I won't. Of course, you could listen to the excuses of my competitors, who haven't called an election correctly, EVER, but are desperately looking for something to justify their incompetence.
Tell me... what election has Dave Wasserman @Redistrict called correctly? The guy and is his organization is a total fraud, a bunch of glorified poll readers who aren't objective nor intelligent enough to digest "non-consensus" polling data.

There's no such thing as a consensus.
Look at one of Dave's great claims to fame. Pinellas County. Half a million votes and Trump/Biden are about even. No double-digit swing. Duval? Nope. None of that, either.

The guy is a fraud and so is his fake, fraudulent model I can debunk in about 15 seconds. Get your $ back.
Read 4 tweets

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