1. Before everyone starts celebrating too much, let me remind everyone about #GAMERGATE !

We, women, warned everyone about the dangerous growth of asshole far-right conservative men during Gamergate.

2. Women were harassed in games, on social media platforms, and in the comments under books written by women on @amazon . So much so, some women left social media or gave up writing careers for good. We even boycotted @Twitter . But did they do anything? NO!

We warned you all!
3. The country didn't want to listen to us... now you ALL have to deal with the outcome of a destroyed Republican party, and I'm here for it!!

And liberal men, we see you. WE KNOW which one of you said we were overreacting and we will treat you accordingly!

4. Next f*cking time, listen to women!

That's it. That's the tweet!

Now... get back to work!



• • •

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21 Jan
1. 🚨 Announcement!

I, with everyone, have dedicated my last five years of time & money to crowd sourced projects digging into Republican finances, writing as much as possible, & working to topple the far-right agenda.

I will still do this, but I'm narrowing my messaging.
2. My personal platform is equality, safe access, and inclusion of marginalized communities to natural areas, making marganilized communities partners and stakeholders in the environmental conversation, & including unsafe & dirty living conditions as a mental health issue.
3. I will also teach & encourage everyone, especially children, to tell their environmental story from their backyards & communities by using very basic equipment (such as cell phones) and how to use these stories to gain public awareness & stop #EnvironmentalRacism
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9 Jan
1. I know I've been raging angry since the #MAGA #DomesticTerrorism attack on our nation, but for 20+ years I swore allegiance to the US Constitution, and I'm still so furious that our own POTUS would encourage our very own citizens to attack our nation.

2. The oath of office we vets take isn't something to be taken lightly. I would literally give up my life to protect our leaders, even those I disagree with. I would lay down my life for people like Trump, @LindseyGrahamSC, & even @tedcruz. I would take a bullet for all of them.
3. The fact that they would not only support, but still continue to encourage the #MAGATerrorists doesn't just hurt me as a citizen, but it destroys me as a disabled combat veteran. Their support of those who wish to bring down our country hurts me in ways #ISIS never could.
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12 Nov 20
@matthewjdowd 1. I'm white & I'm sick of white men trying to erase the hard work of black women.

They arranged voting drives, party at the polls, fundraisers, speeches, & all the while educating their children, protesting, feeding the homeless, arranging daycare for essential workers!
@matthewjdowd 2. I watched black women carry this damn country on their backs to save the rest of us, including 1/2 the white men and 1/2 the white women who want to kill them!!

If it was a white man who did this, you would be calling for a statue to be built in his name!
@matthewjdowd 3. When I was ready for bed, black women were still up planning.

When I wanted to do something fun, black women were organizing.

When I was tired, black women were energized!

Fuck your "we all did it" - Black women saved this country & you better never forget it.
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1 Sep 20
1. To everyone! 🔥 I really need your help!! 🔥

Our Manifest Magic Parent Cooperative School has joined forces w/ parents to teach children of all income backgrounds during this trying time!
But we need supplies for our babies!
Please help! 💙

2. When children home learning, think about children w/ no internet, no food, no electric, or parents that must work to pay bills, but they don't want their children in public school due to COVID. This is where this school steps in. Please help!! 🔥🔥🔥

3. This is a school formed by parents, for students who need a school like this the most. Local parents (even those w/ adult children like myself) are giving all we have to make sure children of all financial backgrounds get an even chance. Please help!
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25 Apr 20
1. I explained, to a R, how treating employees w/ respect, providing a living wage & medical insurance, & other family/work balance benefits keeps employee satisfaction higher & decrease the churn of retraining new employees = saving money.

He said I sounded like Karl Marx.
2. Of course, the dig that I sound like Karl Marx was to insinuate that my "liberal ideas" were purely socialist or communist in nature. -
When I pointed out to him that my Republican father taught me these employee values while we worked the farm the guy had nothing to say.
3. For obvious reasons, calling me Karl Marx doesn't bother me as much now then it would have in the 80s, but I'd like to know something. When did "Treat your employees like shit & spend even more money to retrain new employees" become the campaign slogan for Republicans?
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15 Mar 20
1. Let's talk about adult survivors of #childhoodtrauma & #COVIDー19 . There are a few survivors who understandably are triggered by chaos, but I bet, if you ask most adult survivors of adverse childhood experiences, they're doing just fine during the #CoronavirusPandemic . Why?
2. Preparing for the worst is our norm. If we come from poverty, we always keep extra food & supplies in our homes & if we come from chaos, we always keep a to-go bag packed & ready. What everyone is doing now, is what we do normally. So, this chaos is calming to us. #COVIDー19
3. Adult survivors of childhood abuse have always known the status quo isn't reality & life will change. It's not always a healthy way to live, but now that this has come, we smile, & we breathe deeply. Because we know we are in control, prepared, and ready.
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