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I worry that @SupervisorCox will be influenced by one of the demagogues that he serves with on #CoronavirusPandemic policy.
Following those who ignore the danger of #coronavirus will get Cox' constituents killed.…
It's more dangerous to the South Bay.…
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#BREAKING: #SaudiArabia’s foreign ministry: #G20 foreign ministers stress the importance of opening borders to stimulate the economy
#BREAKING: #SaudiArabia’s foreign ministry: #G20 foreign ministers pledge to strengthen cooperation to confront #COVID19
#UPDATE: #G20 foreign ministers also pledged to strengthen cooperation to confront the #coronavirus pandemic
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#covid19 | 5 States-Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu account for 62% of the total active cases in the country: @MoHFW_INDIA on #CoronaVirusUpdates
@MoHFW_INDIA India's #COVID19 Deaths per Million Population is also amongst the lowest in the World: Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA

#coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak
@MoHFW_INDIA “The number of recovered patients has outpaced the active cases (8,15,538) by more than 21.5 lakh. The recovered patients have increased to more than 3.6 times the active cases, as on date: @MoHFW_INDIA
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#SimplifySafety | @thrive_india's @docmranney in conversation with @godrejsecure’s @meher1512, Dr. @AnantBhan, Dr. Naresh Kumar Mani & @AshwinRaghunath on the importance of hygiene in the times of #Covid19.…
@thrive_india @docmranney @godrejsecure @meher1512 @AnantBhan @AshwinRaghunath - Use sanitisers
- Maintain social distancing

"Better to be safe than be sorry": Dr. Naresh Kumar Mani on the importance of hygiene during this #pandemic.

@thrive_india @docmranney @godrejsecure @meher1512 @AnantBhan @AshwinRaghunath .@godrejsecure’s @meher1512 raises concern over non-certified products being sold in the market during this #CoronavirusPandemic.

Our expert #SimplifySafety panel is now LIVE, tune in!
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Gross domestic product (GDP) is an important metric for any country. It helps measure the total monetary value of goods and services flowing through an economy over a particular period of time.

#GDP #GDPcalculation
In times of crisis, like the #coronaviruspandemic, the #GDP, along with other economic data points, is an indicator of the Indian economy’s health.
This doesn’t only include goods and services that were produced by domestic firms, but also the output generated by foreign companies in India as a result of foreign direct investment (FDI).
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Nearly 4.8 Lakh Children Infected with #COVID19 in the US: Report…

(📸: IANS) Image
Nearly 480,000 children in the US have been infected with the novel coronavirus since the pandemic hit the country earlier this year, a new report has revealed.

#CoronaVirusUpdates #covid19 #coronavirusoutbreak #coronaviruspandemic
#covid19 | The report by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children's Hospital Association released on Monday said that while children represented only 9.5 percent of the overall caseload, a total of 476,439 kids have tested positive so far, reports Xinhua news agency.
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#ICYMI | #ElonMusk has passed #MarkZuckerberg to become the 3rd-richest person in the world… Image
.@elonmusk just reached a new milestone: he became the third-richest person in the world. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO on Monday saw his net worth reach $115.4 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
He is now wealthier than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has a fortune of $110.8 billion, and comes in behind Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates at No. 2 and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at No. 1, whose fortune has surpassed $200 billion.
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@POTUS speaking to reporters before departing for #Kenosha, #Wisconsin, on the airplane of rioters and looters that were headed to the #RNCConvention @WhiteHouse says, he will ask the person that told him the story if they want to come forward to speak.
Trump claims the "biggest headwind" preventing #BigTen football from happening this fall is "Democrats," not the #coronaviruspandemic. #bigten
#BigTenNetwork #NFL #CollegeFootball #WeWantToPlay

@realDonaldTrump asked about armed militias going into cities says, he thinks a lot of people are "disgusted" by what is happening in democrat run cities. (Fed up citizen. 🙋)
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I've been sick since April, lost hearing in one ear, had "sudden cardiomyopathy" (aka #BrokenHeartSyndrome), then was dxd with #CongestiveHeartFailiure. I fear I will never get well. About 40% of people with #COVID19 have heart or kidney problems happen.
Trump is now shopping the narrative, created for the #RNC2020, that #COVID19 is not that big a deal & that in "99% of cases you just recover." But that is in fact, false. @CNN reported Monday just how extensive #longhaulers are now--and how they are predominantly people under 50.
Also, most #longhaulers had no #PreExistingConditions prior to getting #COVID19.
Part of Trump's re-election strategy is to diminish the impact of his catastrophic mishandling of #CoronavirusPandemic. Hence the revisionist RNC story of how he & Pence saved "millions" of lives.
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#coronavirus: As India eases restrictions on activities this is the time to reiterate that WEARING MASKS NOW IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER. More important than when #lockdown was first imposed on 25 March. Because number of active infected persons (dashed line below) is highest. 1/
As long as active infected persons persist in population - and herd immunity or vaccine induced immunity has not been achieved - chances of spreading pandemic is proportional to number of active infected persons, if containment is inadequate. WEARING MASKS PREVENTS SPREAD. 2/
Number of daily new infections is still rising. We are tracking #CoronavirusIndia at @cessi_iiserkol. When observed numbers (blue bars below) fall below our model assessment (red curve) we would know the pandemic is subsiding in #India (but resurgence is possible). 3/
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Dr. Kelly Sennholz: One of the problems is Trump fans think he did a great job...but they don't know what a great job looks like. South Korea did a great job--they had 310 deaths, which is about 1800 when population is adjusted to be similar to ours.
@MtnMD #CoronavirusPandemic
Dr. Kelly Sennholz: We're at about 1 in 3 people in the U.S. who will know at least one person who has died from COVID-19.
@MtnMD #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdate
Dr. Kelly Sennholz: We have a couple of things coming together now that is very concerning. We don't have adequate tests with quickly available results, not everyone wears masks or socially distances, our tracking system is broken...
@MtnMD #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdate
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🔥Former Rep @JimGreenwood–pro-choice @GOP from #PA–endorses @JoeBiden.

"Donald Trump has proven himself to be a small-minded, uncaring, self-aggrandizing, compulsive liar—a @POTUS who divides our nation by inflaming fear, suspicion, and contempt."💥…
"The #CoronavirusPandemic has laid bare & magnified how unfit @realDonaldTrump is to serve...His failure to read, to lead & his refusal to heed the advice of experts, and his consistent denial of scientific reality has resulted in...incalculable, preventable suffering and death."
"By his erratic & unconscionable behavior & by virtually every word he has spoken or tweeted, Trump has clearly disqualified himself for a 2nd term.

We must put party politics aside & change course. The risks...are too grave to continue to blindly support a man so unfit to lead.
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"It didn’t matter that no #drugs were found—nothing but a hydroponic #tomato #garden and loose tea leaves. The search and #SWAT raid were reasonable, according to the courts."
by John Whitehead #gardeningtips #WarOnDrugs #DrugWar #TuesdayThoughts
Civil discontent leads to civil unrest, which leads to #protests and #counterprotests, and instead of restoring order, local #police stand down. Tensions rise, violence escalates, and federal armies move in.
by John Whitehead…
The real purpose of qualified immunity is to rig the system.
by John Whitehead… #PoliceBrutality #jakeblake #TuesdayThoughts #KenoshaUprising #KenoshaProtests #JacobBlake
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Thread CONTD.

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Thread CONTD.

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A new survey published today highlights the vast gaps between public perception and the reality of the impact of #COVID19 on the world.
by @AlanRMacLeod #Covid_19 #CoronavirusPandemic #Corona #coronavirus #MondayVibes
#TikTok is not just #China’s revenge for the century of humiliation between the Opium Wars and #Mao’s #revolution. It is the opium — a digital fentanyl, to get our kids stoked for the coming #Chinese imperium,”
by @AlanRMacLeod…
“We are not your enemy,” a high-ranking strategist in #China told me, “but if you [in the West] decide we are, we must prepare without delay.
by John Pilger…
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Update: a thread. Please read! My mind is blown at all that has happened, good and bad.
I talked to my sister who learned a lot in the last few days about my nephew. I’m sorry if this is a bit more jumbled than my last post about this situation; she called multiple times with a few updates and I tried to get it all.
First and foremost, my entire family again thanks each and every one of you who shared our story, tagged people who might be able to help, and followed up asking for updates.

Second, what we’ve done so far is helping and changes are being made!!!
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.@GovHolcomb announces Indiana State Police will begin wearing #bodycameras, and will commission an outside revies of training practices, including the use of force. 1/
Holcomb:"We now stand at an inflection point, & we have an opportunity to acknowledge past wrongs, learn from our history & admit where we’ve come up short of
our ideals." He'll create a new chief equity, inclusion & opportunity officer to look at ways to get rid of barriers."2/
If reelected, Holcomb will ask the new Secretary of Education to prioritize recruiting minority teachers and closing educational attainment gaps. 3/
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Conservatives have always had a functional misunderstanding of how government works and what it’s for— the idea that a government should operate under business principles of profit and loss begs the question: profits for whom, and defined how?
The “profit” good government produces is the health, prosperity, and security of its citizenry. That form of profit isn’t measured in dollars and cents. Using business metaphors to critique government is about as helpful as using sports metaphors to critique medicine.
“Good governance” isn’t and can *never* be “good business.” Government isn’t a business, it isn’t a household— it doesn’t and never has operated by supposedly “traditional” economic rules.
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#JustIN | #JEENEET2020 will be held in September, Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking postponement

#BREAKING | #JEE and #NEET2020 will be held in September, Supreme Court dismisses plea seeking postponement… Image
#NEET2020 | The Supreme Court of India dismissed a plea seeking postponement of Joint Entrance Examination and The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2020.
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PM #NarendraModi remembers #SriAurobindo - whose birth anniversary is also celebrate 15th August - at the start of his #IndependenceDay speech.
#PMModiOnIndependenceDay As expectedly - PM Modi begins in his speech the #CoronaWarriors but also expresses his sympathies for families who have lost relatives to #Covid19
#PMIndependenceDaySpeech PM #Modi speaks of the need to renew our resolve as we approach the 75th anniversary of Independence. 4/n
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@narendramodi "Today I cannot see small children sitting in front of me, coronavirus has stopped them all": PM @narendramodi in his #IndependenceDaySpeech from the ramparts of the #RedFort

@narendramodi "I also salute all #coronawarriors who have proven that duty comes first, no matter what. We are indebted to them forever": PM @narendramodi in his #IndependenceDaySpeech.

#15August Image
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