The world’s most powerful tools against respiratory infections is good health, individual health and population health. Both metabolic and mental.…

“heightened fears that the coronavirus is quickly finding ways to elude the world’s most powerful tools (vaccines) to contain it.”…
What we have heard loudest from Government, mainstream media and med/scientists with vested interests, is we must: “socially distance, lockdown to slow/lower spread rate, protect the health care systems, wait for vaccines before life has any hope of returning back to normal”.
Aside from a smaller section of the public and a relatively small population of medical professions/scientists who are doing everything they can to spread the word on the role of metabolic health in resilience against respiratory infections and methods to improve it,...... as to truly work as the most powerful tool to survive and thrive in a world that has and will always have respiratory infections.
This is not to say do not pursue an immunisation option, however, it should not be the dominant and almost exclusive strategy.
It is to say, through the last 10 months, it has been clear that those at higher risk of poorer outcomes from catching COVID-19, are those with hyperinsulinemia:
•insulin resistant
•Elevated: HbA1c, BP, ferritin, D-dimer
•Low vitamin D
I have not included “> 70 yrs old”, being being over 70 is not the actual causal risk factor, it is that those over 70 tend to have higher levels/rates of hyperinsulinemia (all the markers aforementioned), so ergo, people in the category of over 70’s are more at risk.
In the past 10 months, the public announcements (from government, healthcare inst/associations, mainstream media) should have put a heavy focus on what the risk factors are, then prioritise on what can be done to improve those risk factors, thus reduce morbidity and mortality…..
…..This should be implemented effective now, it is never too late.

It is interesting that governments everywhere are happy/fine to mandate lockdowns and mask wearing, but will not mandate bans on sugar sweetened beverages, ultra-processed foods such as cereals, candy/sweets,..
….processed grain based foods, toxic inflammatory vegetable seed oils that produce the highest amount of trans fats and cyclic aldehydes - all because “people have the right to choose and should not be told what they can and cannot eat”....
.... yet that rule does not apply when it comes to being able to leave your home and whether you want to be forced to wear a mask irrespective of your individual health condition.

I sniff a potential financial conflict of interest when it comes to big food/lobby.
To be clear, I do not think government should be given powers to control people in what they can or cannot eat, look at what the government food nutrition guidelines have done since their introduction...I am only pointing out hypocritical practices.
Perhaps government subsidising certain sectors of the food industry has negatively skewed pricing on poorer quality foods (cheaper).

This doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mental health and the impact that has on the immune system as a whole.
I am equally concerned that from the start of human trials for COVID-19 vaccinations, animal studies could have been initiated concurrently.

Yet they weren’t. There is no reasonable excuse.

Why were they not initiated?
We could have had a significant increase in information available right now had they been, such as any signal on effects on:
•postnatal young,
•spermatogenesis and much more.
It is one thing to jump straight to human trials because of urgency, the argument was given, however, that does not negate the fact that animal studies could and should have still been conducted concurrent to the human trials.
The most powerful tools in LIVING with respiratory infections, such as corona virus colds and other influenzas, is metabolic health.…
Reversing/improving the markers of hyperinsulinemia, results in decreasing one’s individual risk of a poorer outcome if you do catch a respiratory infection, and likely decreases rates of catching respiratory infections too.…
It is also likely to decrease:
•duration of infection
•viral load which leads to less spreading or at least spreading lower viral loads
•aid in natural biology of viral attenuation to become either commensal, or they don’t hurt us as much or we become pretty immune to them.
I am personally disappointed in how little attention governments, media and medical establishments/associations have given towards spreading the message about what can be done about the co-morbidity risk factors, the underlaying risk factors, the markers of hyperinsulinemia.
Each person can reduce their risk of poorer outcome from COVID-19 by reducing dietary carbohydrate load consumption to below one’s personal tolerance threshold, this single factor has the greatest impact (but not only) on markers of hyperinsulinaemia.
Thus effecting a genuine change in individual and population health, and consequently our robustness against respiratory infections.…

• • •

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An uncomfortable topic:

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Retrospective analysis:
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The greater the comorbidity burden, the greater effect high-dose vitD treatment…
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