Turning $134 into $12,500/mo. without the fluff.

// THREAD //
This is NOT gambling on hot stocks.

You are going to learn how to build an online business from the ground up.

DOZENS if not a lot more have already shown their success with this.

I will explain every step.
Business model

You are going to create an agency and offer one of these:
>> fb ad lead gen
>> web development
>> cold email as a service

Here are the only 4 paid subs you need:
>> google domain
>> kleanleads
>> email warm up
>> zapier (free version)

Let's begin.
0. Market research

Arguably the MOST important part of this process is this step.

- Find a niche (I have a thread on like 40+ of them)
- Research their problems/current solutions
- Understand their awareness levels
- Can they afford $2k/mo services?
- Can you target them?
1. Domain + Email set up

- Head over to google domains
- Purchase a domain ($12/yr)
- Get the gsuite email ($6/mo)
- {{firstname}}@{{domain}} format for email
- Head over to carrd
- Buy the yearly sub ($19/yr)
- Connect domain to carrd

Boom now set your site up.
2. Set your site up

Three elements you NEED on your site
>> Video explaining your pitch (VSL)
>> Clear copy of your services (benefits)
>> Appointment booking (calendly)
>> Testimonials!

Follow youtube guides to design this right.

-> 1-2 hours and boom you have your site.
3. Get kleanleads

This is a must have if you want to get leads AND filter them to get only the emails that matter.

>> go to "Find B2B companies"
>> click on your country of choice
>> choose your niche
>> choose the company size
>> download the file with all the contacts
4. Filter to get the right emails

>> head over to "Find B2B contacts" tab
>> name your list to save
>> paste the company domains from the downloaded file
>> filter by "Give me only employees with the job title that contains..."
>> type in "CEO, Owner, CMO, Founder, Creator"
5. Local business lead finder

If you're targeting local businesses:
>> go to "B2C local businesses"
>> enter the Country and city
>> type in a niche
>> click search
>> click "launch automation"
>> view the list
>> paste list into step 4
6. Warm up email

Your main form of outreach to start is cold emailing.

Extremely powerful when done right.

Before you start sending, you need to warm up your email so your emails don't get blocked or sent to spam.

Kleanleads or Warmupinbox will do the trick.
7. First lines

You need a personal first line to get the person to read your email and book a call with you.

Single handedly the most important part of your email.

Just copy this and you'll be fine: gumroad.com/a/301593715

Write 1000 first lines to send out.
8. Send emails

You're going to send cold emails to book appointments.

Short and sweet with the first line = MONEY.

If you send 1000 emails over the next 6 weeks you should book at least 75-100 meetings.

PLENTY enough.
9. Sales call

No matter what service you're offering, the sales call should not sound like you're selling that service.

You are a doctor diagnosing a patient.

If you see fit for a prescription, then and only then do you offer a solution.

Dive deep into their practices.
10. Closing

Let's say you close just 5% of those 100 meetings.

(I would aim for 10%+)

You just closed 5 clients.

You should not take any calls with clients making <$10-15k/mo.

You should charge $2.5k+/mo. MIN.

5 clients = $12,500/mo.
11. Automation

Zapier will save your life.

Use it to automate all the manual tasks you need to do.

Use it to track leads on spreadsheets for your clients.

Use it to send emails or send txts.

Use it to schedule appointments.

Use it...
12. Scale

You can't take on more than a few clients before you need more manpower.

Just what it is.

Hire VAs to write the first lines and send the emails.

Hire a sales closer to take sales calls for you (15% commission).

Hire experts for service fulfillment (15% commission).
13. CEO status

Now you have a team.

You are at 60-70% profit margins.

Focus on quality work.
Focus on client communication.
Focus on team communication.

This is the ENTIRE formula for success.

The rest is up to you to execute.

Get kleanleads.com and start today.

Get gum.co/theagency to learn this whole process from scratch and launch your agency today.

400+ already rated this 5 stars.

Thanks for tuning in! :)

• • •

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