In its current condition of being in dire need of major structural reform, the Hand Of Hancock should finally seal its fate.
His interventionist but incompetent micro-management will merely increase producer interest capture, but decrease patient outcomes.…
Fluoride in water, health warnings on sausages, & 'orders to prevent obesity'.…
With #lockdown-fanatic control-freak Hancock in direct charge, the #NHS will become the vehicle for authoritarian behavioural 'nudge'-Govt.
Whatever its ostensible healthcare rationale, also cynical political move leftwards by Tories.
Obviously calculating that with voters softened up, by success of Covid-scaremongering, for greater State role in public life, they can reap electoral benefit by taking direct control.
But, of course, when, as they will, things come unstuck, it's a poisoned chalice.
"At the moment, health secretaries can distance themselves from the NHS when things go wrong. But if they are in the driving seat in future, there is no hiding place."…
Though Johnson's fast-diminishingly 'Conservative' government appears increasingly enthusiastic about Big-State interventionism, such a policy is riddled with pitfalls for which, of course, they'll take (and deserve) the blame.…

• • •

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5 Feb
Clear derogatory inference towards Britain intended by @vonderleyen's 'speedboat vs tanker' analogy in her desperate, self-serving attempt at self-defence.
Ocean greyhound vs rusty tramp steamer, more like.…
Responsibility for Europe’s vaccine debacle lies indisputably with the European Commission president herself.…
Coming from a source which usually is fairly well-disposed towards the #EU, that's pretty damning.
Only 10 days old, but this hubristic assessment to #Davos-Man from @vonderleyen, viewed in the wake of her responsibility for the #EU vaccines debacle, isn't exactly ageing well, is it?
Pot. Kettle. Black.…
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3 Feb
Rightly trenchant condemnation by Gary Oliver for @TheConWom of the #BBC for continuing to give a platform to the malevolent left-wing hack who traduced Scruton by blatant misrepresentation and mendacity.…
Though Oliver, also rightly, doesn't spare from (wholly justified) criticism fake-'Conservative' MPs like Brokenshire & Mercer who couldn't wait to condemn Scruton & sack him from a quango on the strength of a lie, just to curry favour with the censorious, intolerant Woke-Left.
Neither can the #BBC, as a public corporation reliant for its funding on a State-approved regressive tax, use the excuse trotted out by Big-Tech social media, namely that it's a private corporation which can air or not air who it likes.
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24 Jan
Just typical Nippy Krankie bluster & BS for her gullible domestic audience.
Without #IndyRef2 enabling legislation passed by the Westminster UK Parliament, it would just be an opinion poll, & could legally be ignored.…
As @Effiedeans so lucidly explains here, the latest 'road map to independence' put forward by Sturgeon & the SNP is neither a road, nor a map.…
UK Constitution expert: #SNP plan for #IndyRef2 without UK consent 'deluded and pointless'.
Unilateral vote would be vulnerable to court challenge to its legitimacy, and its result could be ignored, anyway.…
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24 Jan
Yes, this was always on the cards, as many of us correctly surmised, but for me, this has to be arguably the most anti-consumer, politically cowardly, wimping-out decision that the compulsively orally-flatulent Johnson has yet taken.…
Wonder what alleged 'feminist' Carrie-Antoinette thinks of her PM paramour's decision to keep the #BBC coercively funded by an illiberal regressive tax, non-payment of which accounts for one-third of all criminal convictions against women?…
Don't be fooled for one moment by our Wet-Lettuce 'Culture' Sec'y Dowden's promise the issue 'will remain on the agenda'.
What that means is 'right at the bottom of my Pending-Tray', and most unlikely to do anything other than remain there indefinitely.
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15 Jan
The BBC boat is not about to be rocked by its newly appointed Chairman; but the blame for which lies with a blustering, but backsliding & bottling Boris Johnson.
My latest for @TheConWom:…
"The BBC needs a chairman committed to demolishing its institutional groupthink. . . . . . .it isn't going to get one, thanks solely to the timidity & duplicity of Johnson and his flaccid government"
As pretty much confirmed by @Madz_Grant's perceptive sketch of the new BBC chairman's not so much grilling as gentle warming by an unthreatening DCMS Select Ctte.…
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26 Dec 20
Moore is correct in his reminder of the logic of Brexit.
Less so, however in his a-little-too-fulsome praise of Johnson, whose current shine may start to dull quite quickly when the fine details of his deal start to emerge.…
Already being reported that, as price of an ongoing deal with the #EU on security, UK has had to agree to remain bound by the ECHR, this ruling out any re-write or alteration for domestic purposes of human rights legislation.
That also means still subject to decisions of the judicially activist & expansionist European Court of Human Rights, which though not part of the #EU, nevertheless replicates several unappealing features of the ECJ.
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