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Major Update(1): Salma Hayeks husband owns #Balenciaga, Kering is a parent organization of Gucci and Balenciaga brands, lead by François-Henri Pinault, Chairman & CEO.

Everyone knows by now that Kering owns Balenciaga
However Did you know Majority is owned by.. Keep Reading 🐇🕳️ Image
Groupe Artemis which was founded by François Pinault the father of François-Henri Pinault, they own well.. Puma and Christies(This will be important later). François-Henri Pinault sits on the board of Kering and Artemis overseeing the family businesses. ImageImage
Interesting Fact: Scrolling down a little I found one interesting director and no other then the beloved Emma Watson who played in Harry Potter. I am just as shocked as the ones reading. Let's dive deeper into both Kering And Artemis, they are the same so I will write Kering.. Image
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BBC's Jeremy Bowen, pretends to be on the frontline, whilst a woman looks on, seemingly bemused. Image
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UK Government @GOVUK (and governments worldwide) buy weather, created by authorised aircraft, using taxpayers money. If this was made crystal clear to the public, insurance claims would be through the roof! UK Government are being influenced by a third-party (World Economic Forum
@wef) who you didn’t vote for, signing our human rights away to the World Health Organization (@WHO) without consulting you and are working towards Agenda 2030 (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals @UN). Weather modification gives us the illusion of climate change.
They’re the ones harming the environment, not us! Paying off farmers to stop farming, intentionally burning and flooding land in order to buy it up, killing crops and animals in the process, all to create a clean slate for big corporations to replace them, growing GMO edited junk
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Two cardboard boxes are cheaper than shoes and will last a child all week if they avoid playing football. #HowToriesThink
A bin bag full of leaves is cheaper than a mattress and will last all week if you don't move while sleeping. #HowToriesThink
Poor people could always wash in puddles. #HowToriesThink
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Saturday Night Spaces -- 7pm

🗣️Peter Hitchens supports Johnson shock
🗣️The #Saville Attack
🗣️DEBATE: We should NOT #DefundTheBBC
🗣️DEBATE: Reassessing Appeasement and Neville Chamberlain

✅Set a reminder
✅Have your say…
Do join -- but bring your debating chops. Last week, after our weekly politics chat, we had quite the debate on abolishing the police. I wonder if @calvinrobinson would like to explain why we should defund the BBC (and then likely crush my conservative argument for keeping it)?
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A.Philip Randolph proved instrumental in urging #FDR to open up the #Marines—and other #military branches—to African American… #BlackMarines #ReparationsNow-#ADOS #DefundTheBBC #BidenIsAFailure #Bidenflation #USHistory,#TeachUSHistory,#History
It was just a month since the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. U.S. troops were arriving in Europe to join Allied forces in fighting Adolf Hitler’s invasions.The United States needed its people to help win World War II.
And yet,in January 1942,the highest-ranking officer in the Marines, General Thomas Holcomb, expressed contempt for an effort to recruit more marines—Black marines—to the force.
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Says it all about the Woke-Left #BiasedBBC, doesn't it, that Edwards was reprimanded for 𝙤𝙗𝙟𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 to the 'decolonisation'-inspired removal of a statue, on the grounds that its removal was 'censoring history'?…
And to add insult to injury, the #BBC, which never misses an opportunity to ram its own anti-heritage, anti-white woke revisionism down our throats, actually had the gall to say Edwards was risking breaching its internal impartiality guidelines.
You couldn't make it up....
And this only 2 days after D-G Davie in effect 𝘦𝘹𝘦𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘥 the #BBC from responsibility to observe any impartiality or balance whatsoever on 'climate-change', b/c the BBC now regards it as so settled as to be politically uncontroversial.
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Physics teachers are going to go MAD when they start reading up on heat pumps
Ouch Image
Shudder Image
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So the same #BBC that unapologetically beams the foulest language & most extreme perversions at its audience to promote the Woke-Left agenda feels the need to apologise at 3.24. a.m for a double Olympic gold-medallist dropping an F-bomb in exulting at his victory.
No need even to guess. They'd already started.
𝘚𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘯𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘶𝘥𝘦 in abundance as #BBC deluged with viewer complaints at its thus far faltering & disjointed #Olympics coverage, & across several different sports & occasions.
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Just your run-of-the-mill thuggish behaviour, not racism.

This is the problem with seeing the world through a racial lens, you end up seeing racism everywhere, even where it doesn’t exist.

Let’s see if the MSM apologises for incorrectly reporting on this for the past few days.
Social media, too. Care to retract, @Quicktake @Twitter?
Anything to say, @BBCNews @BBCNWT?

Just because someone happens to be black, does not mean any criticism of that person is automatically racially motivated.

Being mean to a white person is just mean. Being mean to a black person is racism? How’s that assumption not racist?!
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You are not going to believe this one (or maybe you will), but bear with me. I had to triple check my figures on this just to reassure myself it was true.

And what’s more, this is likely to be happening every single day.
More👇🏻 Image
Last night the esteemed @BBCHughPym, BBC health editor since March 2014, ran a seemingly alarming story about the Covid-19 situation in the North East, as you can see below.

With interviews from a respiratory consultant, medical director, elected city mayor, and local resident. Image
It featured as a segment on the 6 o’clock news, 10 o’clock news, @BBCNEandCumbria, as well as being one of the top stories online (see screenshot).

I have no way of calculating the audience reach but we can safely assume it was into the millions, nationwide and regionally. Image
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Quite compelling viewing, this. Three #BBC D-Gs being grilled in succession.
Doesn't always happen, but this particular one is HoC scrutiny working as it should. Irrespective of political affiliation, all @CommonsDCMS members rightly excoriating their studied evasiveness.
Summary (in effect) Lords Hall & Birt:
"We re-hired the guy whom we knew/suspected was a liar with previous form in faking docs, & who'd been sacked for wrongdoing in US media, & who we knew was moonlighting for ITV while working for us.
But neither of us is in any way to blame"
DCMS Chair Knight: "Well, I've heard victim-blaming before, but this is quite something!"
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Chair of Commons DCMS Select Ctte giving ex #BBC D-G Lord Hall-Hall a serious grilling on the re-hiring of Bashir.
Haw-Haw being evasive, in effect blaming subordinates.
Obviously no sign on 𝘩𝘪𝘴 desk saying "The buck stops here" to go with his salary.
Chair: How was this known liar (Bashir) being paid"
Haw-Haw denies knowledge of, or involvement in, Bashir's pay arrangements, on grounds he was trying to run the whole of the #BBC.
"Nothing to do with me, Guv".
Lord Hall-Hall insists no knowledge of how Bashir came to be allowed to, in effect, moonlight at ITV while being paid by the #BBC.
Taking 'hands-off' management to a whole new level, presumably.
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#BarbaraKahan #KiethRaymondKahan
The Famous Duo
Money Laundering #Empire
#London #UK
788-790 #FinchleyRoad

Created this a While Back
Still plenty more to be added

#Youtube & #Bitchute

(2)… Image
Ima Drop a few #Examples under this #Thread

Company number (01514676)

(SO51 8BZ)
788-790 Finchley Road
(1)… Image
Another Mix of Examples =
#Foundations #Formations
#Ladders #Rackets
788-790 #FinchleyRoad 🔍🧲⬇️ Image
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Rightly trenchant condemnation by Gary Oliver for @TheConWom of the #BBC for continuing to give a platform to the malevolent left-wing hack who traduced Scruton by blatant misrepresentation and mendacity.…
Though Oliver, also rightly, doesn't spare from (wholly justified) criticism fake-'Conservative' MPs like Brokenshire & Mercer who couldn't wait to condemn Scruton & sack him from a quango on the strength of a lie, just to curry favour with the censorious, intolerant Woke-Left.
Neither can the #BBC, as a public corporation reliant for its funding on a State-approved regressive tax, use the excuse trotted out by Big-Tech social media, namely that it's a private corporation which can air or not air who it likes.
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The BBC boat is not about to be rocked by its newly appointed Chairman; but the blame for which lies with a blustering, but backsliding & bottling Boris Johnson.
My latest for @TheConWom:…
"The BBC needs a chairman committed to demolishing its institutional groupthink. . . . . . .it isn't going to get one, thanks solely to the timidity & duplicity of Johnson and his flaccid government"
As pretty much confirmed by @Madz_Grant's perceptive sketch of the new BBC chairman's not so much grilling as gentle warming by an unthreatening DCMS Select Ctte.…
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Shocking that £75k of licence fee payers' cash is used by the BBC to bankroll the Orwellian post of Director of Creative Diversity. June Sarpong works a 3-day week in which she plots to reduce the number of white British in broadcasting.…
How dare she & the BBC talk about "white privilege" - that's a Marxist term. White British people are still the majority in this THEIR OWN COUNTRY & the majority anywhere tend to exercise the most power and influence. That's not racism, that's force of numbers. It's plain logic.
We need to do our best in the New Year, to stop the percentage of our population which is white British from falling further. Not because we're racist but because our left-wing enemies are using a waning white population as part of a bid to overthrow our society. #WakeUpToWoke
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Can't help feeling the 'could lead to a new, harsher, debt system' argument is just Johnson's excuse to break his promise.
The really simple answer would be to announce the definite abolition of the 'licence-fee' as part of the 2022 mid-period review of the current Charter.
But this would require some promise-keeping & political courage, both of which appear sadly lacking in Johnson's administration, and quite possibly also in his own psyche.
If an allegedly 'Conservative' government, despite a parliamentary majority of 80, won't even abolish an illiberal regressive tax, paid via the coercion even of folk who don't want to consume the product that it funds, then what's the point of a 'Conservative' government at all?
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@bbcbitesize deleting your tweet & then retweeting with replies disabled is not a solution to you promoting political ideology to children. This is against new @educationgovuk guidelines. We will be writing to @GavinWilliamson & @BBC to complain. @Baroness_Nichol @Tanni_GT #LGBT
The image chosen to illustrate the article on twitter & Facebook appears to show a mixed sex changing room. Mixed sex changing undermines #safeguarding.Here is the full article from @bbcbitesize. There are a number of concerns with the article itself.
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Thread. Latest alarmism by BBC reports of #Siberia (duh cold) burning! Except, what they don't tell you is its normal for Siberia to hit high 90s in summer, & LONG history of cyclical EXTREME #fires seasons going back centuries. Arson also factor last year for eg.
#DefundTheBBC ImageImageImage
Now notice that latter graph is from their OWN report last year looking at satellite date which concluded
"although fires this year have wrought significant damage to the environment, they have been worse in the past"
But you know, the Ministry of Truth changes its mind from Image
time to time just as in the Orwell book. Fear & moral panics sell news after all, and perspective doesn't. Particularly with the 'agenda' driven by the Davos elite atm. Now not this means climate change may not be a factor, but this is pure propaganda for dramatic effect playing
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This is what goes for @bbccomedy now:
"White power is Trump Tower..when we say we want to kill whitey we dont really mean we want to kill whitey (we do) *laughter* but when we say we want to kill whitey, it's like but not today. Whiteness is a capitalist structure"
I've got no problem with edgy comedy, & this was on a comedy show, the problem is it isn't comedy. It isn't remotely funny, it's what someone who's occupying the student union refectory that has no handle on reality reckons.

That & we have to pay for it via taxes.
Last week new @BBC Director General #TimDavies said they were going to "radically overhaul" their output to tackle "perceived left wing bias".

This week on @BBCTwo:"Kill whitey"

Don't believe them, don't reform it, don't get a new Chairman-get rid of it ENTIRELY
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Originators of #ecofascism liked #pangolins photo opps too.
Like now, aim to evict indigenous & rural peoples producing food etc from their lands, & put everyone on plant based diet. Current elite invested much pretending they aren't racist. They are.
#DefundtheBBC #DefundtheWWF ImageImageImageImage
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Conservation & associated biodiversity alarmism in current manifestations is nothing but eco fascism for its Davos paymasters to financialize nature and control it. If you think indigenous people & livestock farmers wordwide are threat, and Davos saviours you need a new brain
Don't support these rotten Davos bastards like Gates…
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Despite @BBCNews & @BBCPolitics being full of right-wing editors & presenters who worked tirelessly to stop Corbyn, right-wingers have relentlessly attacked the @BBC for being left-wing, paving the way for two new Fox News style TV channels.…
One group is promising a news channel “distinctly different from the out-of-touch incumbents” & has already been awarded a licence to broadcast by Ofcom, under the name “GB News”.

Its founder has said the @BBC is a “disgrace” that “is bad for Britain on so many levels".
'GB News' is the work of company All Perspectives, controlled by two British-American executives associated with the US billionaire John Malone - yet another libertarian billionaire, seemingly intent on replacing governments with 'more efficient' (& profitable) corporations.
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