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Along with Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, most abused & overused Sanskrit verse is:

"Ekam sad viprah bahudha vadanti"

Sitaram Goel in his book "Defense of Hindu Society" explores the psyche of "Hindus" using this verse out of context & the immense harm they have brought on themselves
Sitaram Goel dwells deep into what makes Hindus, especially leaders from the sangh often quote such Sanskrit verses. He lists two reasons

1) Psychology of surrender
2) Psychology of imitation.

He also give a road map to snap out of this situation.
Regarding the verse itself, it is from the Rigveda 1.164.46.

The full mantra reads as:

Indram mitram varunam agnim ahuh,
atho divyah sa suparNo garutman, ekam sad viprah bahudha vadanti,
agnim yamam matarivãnam ahuh.
"They hail him as Indra,as Mitra,as Varuna,as Agni,also as that divine & noble winged Garutman. It is of One Existence that wise ones speak in diverse ways, whether as Agni,or as Yama, or as Matarivan"

SRG asks : Why do modern Hindus quote only one fourth & not the whole mantra?
The first of the two problems which SRG dubs as "Hindu psychology of Surrender" is one where the modern Hindu wants to stake a claim for admission to the exclusive club of Monotheism maintained by the abrahamic religions.
The modern Hindu, SRG says goes to extraordinary lengths to convince the monopolises of monotheism that the earliest Hindu shastra, the Rigveda, also supports and sanctions what is supposed to be the ultimate goal of religion according to x'tian & mµslim theology.
This is a pathetic appeal from modern Hindu to monotheists that they should not be appalled by the multiplicity of gods & goddesses in the post Vedic Hindu pantheon & that they should judge Hinduism in terms of original aspiration rather than in terms of the latter day aberration
SRG says the Hindu psychology throughout this exercise is one of apology & of shamefacedness. The psychology of surrender is best symbolised by the well intentioned Hindu slogan of "sarva dharma samabhava" when it is extended indiscriminately to abrahamic cults.
Despite the modern Hindu's attempts at appeasing the abrahamics with such nonsense, the orthodox among the monotheists dismiss with contempt the Hindu claim of sharing the same faith with them fundamentally.
Craftier among monotheists take pity on this plight of poor Hindu & invite him to renounce his counterfeit religion in favour of the fully developed abrahamic doctrine

What basically SRG says is no matter what you say or do,they are out there spitting on you for being pathetic.
The second problem is the one which SRG identifies as "Psychology of imitation"

He gives the example of modern Sikh scholars who have, over the years, forced the message of the Sikh Gurus into monotheistic moulds.
SRG says Hindu society will never be able to combat or come to terms with abrahamic monotheism so long as Hindus continue to clothe Hindu spirituality in concepts borrowed from Monotheism. He says slogans like "sarva dharma samabhava" will fail spectacularly.
Sitaram Goel's solution to this:

1) Hindus have to re-awaken to the spirituality of our own Sanatana Dharma & base our evaluation of other religions & cultures on its premises. That will give us the requisite self confidence to counter all misinformed & malicious criticism.
2) Hindus have to study & scrutinise the sources from which abrahamic creeds derive their inspiration.That will give Hindus an insight into why the monopolises of monotheism have always been so impervious to appeals for goodwill & understanding among different sections of society
Do your homework Hindus, even those who you think to be the most clear headed amongst you might not actually be.

He donated to his blood to save a life, yet in the end all he got was a knife in the back.

If only we do our homework properly....


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Surya Temples mentioned in the map are no ordinary teerthas. They find mention in the Skandapuranam.The sthalapurana of each one of these temples is explained in detail by Skanda to Agastya muni. Its worth having a look at the puranic description of each of these teerthas
Lolarka is considered to be the foremost among of Surya teerthas at Kashi. It came to be known by that name since Surya was very eager to see Kashi when he came down to test the then ruler of Kashi, Divodasa. Its exact location is given in the below shloka (2)
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The Darkest Chapter of Indian History : The plunder of Vijayanagara.…

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No quarter was given and no pity shown.
Neither age nor position nor sex was excepted. Day after day
the slaughter of civilians went on unchecked till blood ran into
rivers. Then the victors turned to despoil the palaces and dese-
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