1. This is a great international leadership initiative by Canada that, though it did not at all mention #China, had #DishonourableChina leaping out its seat to protest.

Someone appears to feel 'targeted' by this; hmmm, #GuilyConscience, perhaps? 😘

2. “Let me tell you what this declaration is. It is a statement by 58 countries that the practice of #ArbitraryDetention is totally unacceptable. It goes against human rights and it is immoral and it has to stop." - Cdn Foreign Affairs Min. Marc Garneau.

3. The ONE thing #BullyChina fears most is concerted action by a collection of nations against it, because that takes away their Sun Tzu "I will crush the small nation to get the rest of you to fear me/Divide and conquer" strategy.

4. It is also now permanently removes the exit ramp #HostageDiplomacyChina desires most when it does something evil from which it needs to back out: Saving Face.

#China no longer gets to #SaveFace.

It has been indulged enough.

5. #DeplorableChina hid a killer virus from the world; runs concentration camps; steals secrets; intimidates; by what it is doing in #HongKong, has shown the word its word means nothing and has no honour; and engages in hostage diplomacy, etc.

#CdnPoli #TheTwoMichaels
6. The world opened it arms to #China with early admission to the WTO and WHO, as well as by granting TWO Olympic Games.

#China made a choice to spit in all of ours' face.

China needs to fall on its ass and taken it down a peg or two... or ten.

#China is a #BadFriend.

• • •

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18 Feb
1. @erinotoole is fixated on #China as a bad global actor.

That's fine.

However, on this issue, he keeps stupidly, demanding #PMTrudeau extend his neck for his (and Canada's) decapitation.

2. First, one never confronts #China, alone, walking in chin up/ass out.

You get knocked on your ass.

#CdnPoli #ErinOToole #ErringErrin #PoliticalSuicide

3. Exhibit A: #Harper tried that already in '06 (he didn't show for the Beijing '08 ##Olympics Opening Ceremony)

A few years later, when that (predictably) didn't work, he went to #China tail between legs and, as thanks for his visit, China did this:

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16 Feb
1. There's a HUGE difference between legitimately critiquing the government/offering solutions to make things better and actively trying to hinder progress/convincing Canadians they are in more danger than they really are (aka lying).

2. With the temporary vaccine production slowdown, our nation's opposition parties (including, surprisingly, the "we do politics differently @CanadianGreens) have slipped into doing more of the latter than the former.

This is unhelpful and it needs to stop.

3. This incredibly dishonest offering from @erinotoole is a perfect example of this.

Read 4 tweets
16 Feb
Does anybody know of any home remedies to relax muscles?

I've had a pinched nerve in my neck/clavicle/jaw for about two weeks now.

It is excruciatingly painful and I am starting to go crazy from the searing pain when it acts up.
RE: ⬆️

Thanks for all the good advice, friends.

Current look: I've got a bag of frozen cherries that I use for smoothies wrapped in a dish towel tied to me with a scarf.


#WalkWalkFashionBaby! Image
RE: ⬆️

UPDATE: Pain has subsided long enough to get to the ER.
Read 4 tweets
6 Feb
1. Those who do not have to #MaketheToughCall have the luxury of being sanctimonious about #PMTrudeau, upon learning of yet more #Moderna delays, going to Plan D (?!?) to access the portion #COVAX that serves as an emergency bank in exchange for the ~$440M we've put in.

2. But when you do have to #MaketheToughCall in an emergency, we all know the rule is "First secure your own mask before you help others."

We are NEVER told anything different.

#PMTrudeau is doing that which he needs to do so that we secure our own mask.

3. Why is this strategic?

Given widely varying global capacity to produce, transport, store, and administer mRNA vaccines, the more strategically these are directed to those most able to help others in places with ready infrastructure to give shots, the better.

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4 Feb
1. So Campaign Research devises this polling question [notice: "vaccine manufacturers" is not an option, and given the federal government is in charge of procurement, the choices available naturally steer the answer in one direction]...

#CdnPoli #PoliticalLiteracy #medialiteracy
2. "How could this escape quality control?", you ask. "Why would a 'reputable' polling firm go out in the field with a leading question such as this?'

Perhaps because Campaign Research is run by... Image
3. Well when such a question then gets taken up by the Toronto Star, that then uses it to comment upon the Globe and Mail doing something remarkably out of the ordinary...

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3 Feb

1. Dr. Caroline Quach-Thanh, Chair of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, and biologist Robert Van Exan explain the vaccine acquisition, administration, and manufacturing super simply.


2. The 2 pieces of information that most stuck out for me were:

a) that it was a bit luck of the draw for which vaccines would be approved first.

Given this, being 1st to secure #Moderna and 4th to secure #Pfizer means that Minister @AnitaOakvilke did an exceptional job.

b) that provinces gave the federal government a rollout plan for 300,000 vaccinations a day.

If provinces/territories have done this, then are 🐂💩 the @erinotoole "conclaims" of certain doom and gloom if vaccined arrive in bigger batches slightly later in the quarter.
Read 4 tweets

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