The Nazis had an entire Muslim division.

Himmler was “personally fascinated by the Islamic faith and believed that Islam created fearless soldiers. “

So was Hitler. His “Yellow badges” to target minorities were inspired by Islamic Caliphs.…
German officials saw close parallels between Nazism (National Socialism) and Islam.

Eberhard von Stohrer, German diplomat, wrote about respect for Hitler in the Islamic world due to the targeting of Jews.

Source: ISLAM AND NAZI GERMANY’S WAR, David Motadel, Harvard Univ Press.
Hitler welcomed Amin al- Husayni, mufti of Jerusalem. and spoke of support for Palestine, just like in the Left-Islamist alliance today.

"Hitler said his “uncompromising fight against the Jews,” also included the Jews of the Arab lands."
Lessons for the Left as well.…
Why does it trigger a "libertarian communist" if Islam is ever held to account?

And presenting historic facts about the Nazi relation with Islam becomes "bigotry"? How about Nazi relation with Christianity or paganism or with the Pope? Is it all bigotry or you have just one religion which must always be defended? (brainwashing?)

Of course, the biggest source of Hitler's prejudice is Christianity. For centuries Christian had persecuted Jews. The problem was theological—their not accepting "Jesus" as the Messiah. Hitler has the "final solution" to Christianity's problem.

• • •

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21 Feb
In Israel it is illegal to name your child Hitler. Why would you name a child after a brutal mass murderer of your people?

In India, some celebrities named their child after mass-murderer Taimur.

It is disgusting this ignoramus doesn't have the sensitivity to call it out.
Taimur is an Islamic tyrant you made a mountain of Hindu skulls—common people, not warriors. His name still evokes terror in collective memory as Taimurlang. Saif is a "history buff" who specifically chose the name for the historical Taimur, per Kareena.…
Saif's act reflects Islamic triumphalism, much like ISIS converted young Yezidi boys and used them to attack their own community. This fanaticism births Taimur from Saif's "conquest" of the native.
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21 Feb
Twitter has no problems trending hate speech. Eh @TwitterSupport? As long as it is against their favorite targets.

Imagine if someone were trending “Islam is poison” or “Jews are poison.” They'd see it as bigotry.

But some bigotry is platformed. Pure hate from Twitter. @jack Image
Brahmanvaad is a made-up term. It is a product of colonialism. No one used it before that. For missionaries Brahmins were rivals and thus targets of hate. That is its origin.

Read 16 tweets
21 Feb
The list of great books grows bigger! @GarudaPrakashan

Which ones do you have? Which do you want?
Yes, this is a shelf of brand new books I asked my team to put in my office.

Maybe I'll have to add to my list. To write. :)

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17 Feb
Imagine a world:

Where our shilpkaras would teach art, not those who passed a few exams.

Our traditional architects would teach in architecture schools.

Where children would learn skills in apprenticeship, and not be jobless after 15 years of education, having learnt nothing.
Can someone described the German apprenticeship model in detail. I've heard about it in passing.

Indian intellectuals, like clockwork, kept studying “caste discrimination”, just like their colonial masters had taught them to.

But the real axis of discrimination today in India is English class and those who go to dysfunctional government schools vs expensive private schools.
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16 Feb
Nice thread by @BharadwajSpeaks. There is a long tradition of record-keeping by the Brahmins at Haridwar etc. This is a rich source of historical record which has not really been tapped.

It will be interesting to find the purohit of the "Sikh" Sodhis and when the records stop.
Exactly, this is what I meant. I suspect that it is only after Macaullife-Sikhi made by the British that they stopped going to Haridwar. Before that all records must be present of their purohits.

Yes, I went and got my ancestral records on my father's death. As a "modern English-educated" Indian I had no idea all this even existed.

Hindus are supposed to have no sense of history. Yet we've preserved meticulous ancestral records for generations.

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13 Feb
Interesting perspective from a long-term RSS Swayamsevak on the deracination of BJP/RSS.

What is the response of others in the Sangh to this? Does aversion to rituals and grihasth ashram deracinate?…
The language is a bit harsh and I’m not endorsing the viewpoint.

But it is true that RSS is largely a reformist and not a traditional org, unlike what its critics allege.

So it is worth a samvad about this issue.
Read 4 tweets

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