They are probably hacked or phished or otherwise obtained by Russia or another adversary. Sometimes things can be doctored too. Not always easy to tell.
Sometimes hacks can be material that puts actual operations or people at risk. Some would argue that publishing on documents that have been obtained this way particularly if not careful with reporting/checking is helping foreign propagandists do their job.
Giving them oxygen etc... but once it is in the public domain I think there is a decent argument that it really needs good well informed interpretation. Because otherwise it will be used to polarise especially if only ill informed careless and highly ideological sites report it.
If the only outlets reporting on something are RT or other foreign propaganda that’s not good - such outlets do not have UK citizens interests in mind when reporting and are not public interest journalism.
And audiences will go there to learn about such operations if there is nowhere else to go. Outlets that cannot be trusted.. That do not put the material in a proper context.
It also requires highly specialised knowledge to do it properly and legal resources small outlets struggle. And outlets like @declassifiedUK have experienced blacklisting and other problems or foia refusals from the MOD.
When they are reporting on the military in even a very traditional way. Plus the audience may be fairly niche... there may be events directly impacting citizens and big outlets may be more focused on the pandemic, domestic pol or national security stories focused on adversaries.
Or Prince Harry 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Because that drives viewers...

• • •

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More from @EmmaLBriant

21 Feb
I’d really love to know who made the executive decision in 2016 that all propaganda studies would focus narrowly in on would be #disinformation to the exclusion of a more sophisticated understanding of strategic and manipulative communication.
It’s become so monopolising that one must use it to engage with wider debates going on. Making one subcategory of propaganda a global obsession to the detriment of obscuring how it actually operates in relation to other mechanisms of propaganda is harmful to our understanding.
I’ve come to really hate the word, it’s restricting and skewing the progression of scholarship which needs to be helping us understand power and how it’s abused.
Read 13 tweets
21 Feb
Urgh... looking at recent Grayzone/Anonymous leaked information and ‘reporting’ - because such docs are important for me to be aware of. I want to say the perpetual frustration is that good reporters will not usually touch this stuff. So people who want 2 know about it will...
be inevitably drawn to the Grayzone/Blumenthal appalling analysis of it. We need strong national security reporting by people who understand it orgs with legal backing willing to explain these practices when they emerge and explain them well.
Critical & accurate - Grayzone is not. Often only source to go to tho - and it adds an ill-informed paranoid lens. People need 2 read about things entering the public domain & lack of strong outlets is dire and feeds both lack of scrutiny & misinfo.
Read 6 tweets
11 Feb
IMPORTANT THREAD ON DISINFO: I have working class roots. First hand knowledge of how difficult it is for working & vulnerable unemployed people to make improvements to their position. My attempts to understand power, both concrete and informational & how it shapes organization
of our world led me directly to study sociology, politics, international relations and propaganda as a positive/negative force. I needed to understand why people think and do as they do. My values preceded my education, as experiences of being rich and poor... that gulf
and differing cultures led me to be drawn toward left politics, social justice. I support the underdog our government should protect, I don’t support ignorance. I admire left wing intellectuals who have defined our thought on the basis of evidence... public scholarship.
Read 20 tweets
6 Feb
There’s an unhelpful myth that people who believe in conspiracy theories must be stupid or uneducated. Such theories offer complex explanations for skeptical people about forces that feel outside our control. CTs industrial exploitation for political advantage is a major threat.
The problem is more complicated than education or corrections of individual facts. The main reason they are becoming such a problem presently is because they are being deliberately exploited by the influence industry for political actors and monetised for engagement by platforms.
Many false myths out there astrology for example, are limited in harm. Key questions are ‘at what point do conspiracy theories become harmful?’ The organized deliberate use & development of such theories should focus concern, esp mobilising violence. Not false beliefs as such.
Read 5 tweets
26 Jan
This raises real concerns about how robust the US investigation into Russia and #CambridgeAnalytica was. Appalling they did not ask for the data they needed to investigate then stated they could not get this from UK authorities!!!!
I just want to call attention to impt role of #AU student @zamaanq47 here - after I revealed that @ICONews had quietly abandoned their long-awaited final report on #CambridgeAnalytica, we chased @commonsDCMS & he was successful in pressing them to get Denham to speak today!
@zamaanq47 @ICOnews @CommonsDCMS Everyone should give him a follow as he's very good at compiling and communicating the unfolding information from the community working on this subject.
Read 4 tweets
26 Jan
IMPORTANT - Elizabeth Denham from @ICOnews just responded to question I’ve been asking re senate intelligence committee report into Russia vol 5 statement they couldn’t get #Cambridgeanalytica emails from UK authorities- they did NOT ask her and she WILL provide if they ask (!)
This is incredible not to mention they appear to have shifted blame for non investigation onto UK failure to provide data, which did not happen. The Biden administration must now properly investigate events that ushered in the Trump age which culminated in a violent insurrection!
Read 8 tweets

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