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In NYC on Aug 7? Please join me at @TheNewSchool to talk about dark data and democracy. We'll survey the progress of various #CambridgeAnalytica investigations and contemplate what happens next, this coming autumn and beyond. More details TBA!…
wow 75% seats already reserved on a teaser tweet
By popular demand, I added 50 more seats! #DarkData…
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@patel4witham Lying arrogant Patel, either thinks we are all gullible or this waffling right winger is also on Ambien

What democracy?#Leave lied, cheated, committed electoral fraud, had dodgy Russian money...You lot are a bunch of shameless scamming opportunists

Who the flock buys your crap?
@patel4witham "Leading Brexiteer Gisela Stuart has described the #EU referendum an "ABUSE OF DEMOCRATIC PROCESS" .... #brexit #stopbrexit #FBPE #LeaveLies #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw #PeoplesVote
@patel4witham "The #Leave Campaign for what it was - at the heart of the vote to leave the European Union is an entanglement of lies and propagandist sensationalism".

This is NOT Democracy.

#brexit #leavelies #stopbrexit #FBPE #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw #PeoplesVote
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This week’s overshadowed-by-Helsinki news:

Cambridge Analytica's servers were accessed in Russia or from Russian IP addresses AND that access appears to have been Facebook data.

Plus links to Trump #thread…
Discovered in this highly recommended July 19 @npr @nprfreshair interview with @carolecadwalla about #cambridgeAnalytica…
I did not know that Trump introduced Nigel Farage at a Mississippi rally and said “if Brexit can happen in Britain, then I can get elected in the United States.”
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@resisterhood @allanbrauer Kellyanne Conway was interviewed at that time and was very coy about “internal polling.” I’ll try to find the article.
@resisterhood @allanbrauer Here is Conway in late October 2016 saying they were picking out cabinet members based on internal polling.…
@resisterhood @allanbrauer Kellyanne Conway talking about “undercover voters” in late August 2016.…
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Last sentence: “Ms Denham said the data had been accessed from countries including Russia.” 👀
“The ICO was astounded by the amount of personal data stored by political parties.” (They’ve been conducting forensics on hundreds of terabytes from servers seized under criminal warrant.)
Jan-Mar 2017 filed Subject Access Request with SCL (Cambridge Analytica)
July 4, 2017 filed complaint with ICO
May 5, 2018 ICO issues enforcement order to SCL (Cambridge Analytica)
June 4, 2018 SCL fails to comply
July 11, 2018 ICO issues report announcing criminal prosecution
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Last July, Michal Kosinski, the @Stanford prof whose personality quiz was used to scrape #Facebook data of MILLIONS of Americans, **met in Moscow** w/#Russian🇷🇺PM Dmitry Medvedev, Sergey Lavrov & several members of #Putin’s cabinet. 1/…
Kosinski, who described Lavrov as “a guy who starts wars and takes over countries,” was “flattered” that the #Russians🇷🇺would listen to his talk. “Those guys strike me as one of the most competent and well-informed groups. They did their homework. They read my stuff.”😳 2/
Kosinski researches technology, mass persuasion & artificial intelligence (AI), including the use of AI to detect psychological traits👉🏼research that inspired the creation of #CambridgeAnalytica.🤨 3/
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This is actually #AMLO’s re-election: He first won the presidency in 2006. But back then the thieving, scheming, blood-stained criminal gang that rules Mexico (and I’m being polite), declared his dissolute opponent the winner.…
In 2006, rather than concede to vote thievery, lick his wounds & toddle off on a book tour, #AMLO took his supporters into the streets, raised hell, blocked the capital’s central square for months, held a People’s Inaugural & vowed to never, ever concede.…
12 years later, #AMLO has won a crushing, too-big-to-steal victory in #Mexico’s presidential election. And there’s a lesson here. Are you listening, Al Gore? Mr. Kerry and Mrs. Clinton?… #EleccionesMéxico #elecciones2018
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Principle absolutely matters, but in a representative democracy, so does political REALITY. Trump w help from Parscale & #CambridgeAnalytica alum is NOT flying blind. I fear the calls to 'abolish ICE' plays right into their hands. We must be informed.…
Is someone collecting data for progressives or are we just going on gut feel? Eventually absolutely the young people will win, but if the courts are stacked for a generation you just made your fight SO much harder...and the win may not be in your lifetime.…
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THREAD: House Intel Democrat @ericswalwell **hammers** Roger Stone and Michael Caputo👉🏼says both men “lied through their teeth” when they testified before the Intel Cmte & should be investigated for #perjury.🧐 1/

During the 2016 campaign, Stone met in #Florida w/a #Russian🇷🇺immigrant & sometime FBI informant Henry Greenberg who offered Clinton dirt.🤨

We’ve heard this story before from Don Jr and Kushner.🙄 2/

Neither Stone nor Caputo mentioned the meeting when they testified last year before House Intel about their contacts w/#Russians.🤨

Both men have attributed to the fact that they had “forgotten” about it.🙄



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Arron Banks, the businessman who bankrolled Nigel Farage’s LeaveEU campaign, had multiple meetings with high-ranking Russian officials in the run-up to the #Brexit referendum, contradicting his denials @carolecadwalla @peterjukes…
"The documents raise urgent and troubling questions about Arron Banks' relationship with the Russian government"
#CambridgeAnalytica whistleblower @chrisinsilico confirms: "I have personally seen these emails/documents and informed both British and American intelligence about them months ago"
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The colonialist blood runs deep in this one.…
At the parliamentary committee hearing pictured, Mr Nix acknowledged previously undisclosed Russian clients prior to him joining SCL. He was presented with documentation obtained by @CommonsCMS #CambridgeAnalytica
EXPLOSIVE: Emails given to @CommonsCMS show Bad Boys of Brexit had “extensive web of links” with Russian officials.…
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THREAD: Alexander Nix, the 'gentleman' who ran @CamAnalytica, also helped himself to $8 m on his way out the door. 1/3…
He's testifying before parliamentary committee again today but if Alexander Nix's last performance is anything to go by, the truth will likely not be joining him at today's hearing. 2/3…
And now there's more evidence #CambridgeAnalytica discussed the U.S. election with Julian Assange, according to whistle blower Brittany Kaiser. /END…
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THREAD: Mueller is asking about flows of money into the #Cyprus bank account of PSY Group, an Israeli company specializing in social-media manipulation. Founder Joel Zamel met w/Trump Jr in Aug'16‼️

Cyprus specializes in #MoneyLaundering.🤨1/…
More specifically, Mueller is probing #Treason Meeting #2 at Trump Tower, arranged by Erik Prince👉🏼George Nader (assoc w/#SaudiArabia & UAE) & Zamel (Israeli social media expert) offered to help **THROW THE ELECTION*‼️ 2/

PSY Group (Israeli social-media firm) pitched its services to super PAC s & other entities👉🏼infiltrating target audiences w/elaborately crafted social-media FAKE personas & spreading DISINFORMATION via websites meant to mimic news portals.🤨 3/
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#Zuckerberg | You remind me of “Kalden” in the book “The Circle”; the founder of a big data company, growing out of his control, influencing elections.
#Zuckerberg | Nearly every year since 2003 there was a wrongdoing or problem for which you had to apologise; twice in 2017 and three times in 2018 and we are only May! Are you capable to fix it?
#Zuckerberg | You said you will apply the new #GDPR, but are you telling the truth? Since the outbreak of the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, you transferred European data of non EU citizens to servers outside Europe, which is forbidden.
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Hop c'est parti pour #Zuckerberg au Parlement Européen, à suivre ici en live… (et commenté ici)
Mon italien est un peu rouillé mais en gros on introduit l'audience et on fait un petit rappel sur l'affaire #CambridgeAnalytica. J'espère qu'on va vite switcher en anglais ^^ #Zuckerberg
A.Tajani qui Préside le Parlement EU, après un petit rappel des faits et un point sur les risques (avantage politique sensible, fake news, divulgation d'infos perso) indique que l'idée est de légiférer et agir pour réguler les activités de FB (abrégé et tronqué) #Zuckerberg
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Hi Donald junior!
It wasn't JUST Russia
Or JUST #CambridgeAnalytica

You guys were so lame, you needed them AND two wealthy Arab princes who said they were eager to help your father "win" the election.

Who else?…
Aug 3, 2016
2 mos after the 6/9 TT mtg

DonaldJr met with
▪Joel Zamel, an Israeli specialist in social media manipulation
▪George Nader, an emissary for 2 wealthy Arab princes
▪Erik Prince
The meeting was arranged by ERIK PRINCE primarily to offer help to the Trump team.

Relationships between the men & Trump insiders developed from it, past the election and well into Trump’s first year in office, according to several people w knowledge of their encounters.
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THREAD: In summer 2016, George Nader (representing Saudi Arabia & UAE) and an Israeli specialist in "social media manipulation" offered to help **THROW THE ELECTION** in a meeting w/Trump Jr arranged by Erik Prince‼️ 1/…
At the Aug'16 #treason meet, Nader told Jr the crown princes of #SaudiArabia & #UAE were "eager to help his father win." The Israeli social media expert's (Joel Zamel) firm had already drawn up a multimillion $ proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help Trump.🤨 2/
Zamel's social media company #Wikistrat, which employed several Israeli former intelligence officers, specialized in "collecting information & shaping opinion through social media."🤨

Gee, that sounds familiar‼️🤬 3/

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When it rains it pours. ⛈️

Wednesday was an outrageously busy day in #TrumpRussia news & revelations, so we did our best to summarize for you.

This THREAD is formatted as:

🔹A) What happened?
🔹B) Why is it important?

In conclusion, we remind you what YOU can do to help.
1A) The Senate Judiciary Committee released all transcripts/documents (some redactions) from its investigation into Russian interference and potential Trump campaign coordination.…
1B) The release of 1000s of pages casts light on the Trump Tower mtg, including coordination of stories by attendees, inconsistencies in Don Jr.'s testimony & hints of Trump's knowledge of the mtg & involvement in the false story Don Jr. initially put out.…
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Must see TV.
.@ChuckGrassley: Public unaware of data collection practices, and the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal exposes these serious policy issues to confront. CA declared insolvency so cannot participate in this hearing. Says this conversation could've taken place in 2015 or earlier
.@ChuckGrassley: Runs thru the requisite whataboutism while decrying partisanship. Doesn't seem to be drawing attention to the internationalized (and militarized) distinction between CA/SCL and formerly domestic and civilian voter analytics industry, nor UK enforcement response.
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THREAD: the DOJ & FBI are investigating Robert Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica and have sought to question former employees and the BANKS that handled its business‼️ 1/

Prosecutors have questioned potential witnesses in recent weeks, telling them that there is an “open investigation” into #CambridgeAnalytica and “associated U.S. persons.”🔥

US persons, meaning Robert & Rebekah Mercer and “Whiskey Steve” Bannon⁉️🤔 2/

The US probe is focused on #CambridgeAnalytica’s **financial dealings**👉🏼investigators have reached out to the Cambridge Analytica’s BANKS.😎

Robert Mercer was the major financial backer, along with prior backer, Vincent Tchenguiz.🤨 3/
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@Secy_State_US Senate Intel report: Russia waged an "unprecedented, coordinated cyber campaign" against US voting systems.

Russia-linked hackers were in a position to "alter or delete voter registration data" in a small number of states before the election
(ht @Gus_802)…
@Secy_State_US Shot.
Senate Intel: Russia conducted "unprecedented, coordinated" campaign against US voting systems, successfully penetrating voter registration databases

NSA Bolton pushing to eliminate White House's top cybersecurity job…
@Secy_State_US Full cache of over 3,000 Internet Research Agency (Prigozhin) #Facebook ads released to public, show how pro-Kremlin effort to sow discord around the US election grew increasingly sophisticated and inflammatory…
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1/ Here's a roundup thread of today's coverage on the #CambridgeAnalytica closure announcement
2/ WSJ: Cambridge Analytica Closing Operations Following Facebook Data Controversy: The data company had lost clients in recent months…
3/ Gizmodo: Cambridge Analytica Is Shutting Down [Updated]…
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The results of the independent internal investigation are out.

#CambridgeAnalytica #MRDA
CC @carolecadwalla
The report is released by #CambridgeAnalytica as they commence insolvency proceedings.…
> Earlier today, SCL Elections Ltd., as well as certain of its and Cambridge Analytica LLC’s U.K. affiliates (collectively, the “Company” or “Cambridge Analytica”) filed applications to commence insolvency proceedings in the U.K.

CC @WendySiegelman
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