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1/. Two hundred years ago, a slab of Purbeck stone was set deep into a hillside overlooking London

Called the Free Speech Stone, it is a place where people have gathered whenever their rights were under threat

On #WorldPressFreedomDay it is time to gather there again. #WPFD2021 Image
2/. #WorldPressFreedomDay is a day to remember journalists who've been harassed, intimidated, jailed or even killed

32 were killed in 2020

But it’s also a day to take strength

The truth is powerful

It’s why they fear it

It’s why they try to silence it
3/. “The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed.” (Hannah Arendt)

These are dark days for press freedom ALL around the globe.
#WorldPressFreedomDay Image
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Britain’s #Political #Media Corruption: A Coalition of the Guilty – Byline Times…
From #Leveson to #Brexit, phone-hacking to #CambridgeAnalytica, Peter Jukes sees a consistent theme – parties on the run from the rule of law. And how Dominic #Cummings could end the cycle of corruption

During the current furore over leaks from Number 10,
and the apparent internecine warfare between Boris #Johnson and his former senior advisor Dominic #Cummings, one piece of information emerged which, if true, does a lot to explain the current febrile state of British politics.
According to Caroline Wheeler and Gabriel Pogrund
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A polling firm linked to #Brexiteer Nigel #Farage faces scrutiny over a short-lived company that its owner used to do political work for Farage’s party and the 12 million-pound ($15.5 million) campaign he fronted to leave the European Union, according to records and interviews.
As part of a broader probe, investigators for the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office are seeking details behind more than £186,000s in payments made by Farage’s U.K. #Independence Party (UKIP) to an entity established by the head of the polling firm Survation.
UKIP leaders have been fighting the demand for that information, and other details related to political operations, for almost a year, including in court.
The fact that the inquiry is looking at what role Survation may have played hasn’t been previously reported.
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From #Leveson to #Brexit, phone-hacking to Cambridge Analytica,
Peter Jukes sees a consistent theme – parties on the run from the rule of law. And how Dominic #Cummings could end the cycle of corruption
During the current furore over leaks from Number 10, and the apparent internecine warfare between Boris Johnson and his former senior advisor Dominic Cummings, one piece of information emerged which, if true, does a lot to explain the current febrile state of British politics.
According to Caroline Wheeler and Gabriel Pogrund in The Sunday Times, #Cummings has feared arrest for the past three years “since details emerged of irregular spending during the #Brexit referendum”. Cummings is not alone in this fear of the rule of law
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HUGE NEWS breaking on #CambridgeAnalytica parent #SCL’s partnerships in the Passports industry: “three separate introduction agreements were found between Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) and Henley & Partners.”
First “dated 25 February 2010, stated that Henley & Partners would act as an introducer for SCL, and would refer potential political client parties to SCL in exchange for a percentage of any resulting revenue from that client.”
“On 22 March that year, Henley & Partners approved the referral agreement with SCL. Another two unsigned agreements, dated August and September 2010, were also found...
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1/. “As far as I’m concerned, this completely answers the question” says @trussliz after refusing to answer @JayneSeckerSky’s question three times.

Liz Truss & the entire Cabinet appear to have been ‘media-trained’ to answer questions dishonestly. #Ridge
2/. The purpose of media training should be to help people to communicate their message

I always tell people I train to:
- answer the question
- tell the truth

These Ministers do the opposite

As viewers, we end up shouting at the TV or switching it off!
3/. Too often over the past year, Ministers have been allowed to not just sidestep questions, but blatantly lie

For example, whenever a Minister claims that “no one knew about asymptomatic transmission ‘til May”, it’s a lie

They knew about it January.
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1/. Let’s not forget, that #DominicCummings - who employed ‘eugenicist’, Andrew Sabisky - was central to the #HerdImmnityScandal which is central to the #PalantirPlan

It puts genomics at the heart of the programme for govt, using the UK as the petri-dish for a ‘brave new world’.
2/. “I feel we’re all paying the price for a girl laughing at his poem in 6th form” @MarinaHyde on Cummings

#DominicCummings imagined the mood of these photos was very James Dean. Instead they reveal his narcissism & complete tone-deafness
3/. Here’s a good #HerdImmunityScandal intro

It’s long, but gripping & it has #Cummings’ grubby fingerprints all over it

#HerdImmunity is an outcome not a strategy. Every scientist will tell you that

This thread starts to unpick WHY the govt knowingly went against the science.
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1/Story @BylineTimes needs to be looked at.
We need to understand what happened, who all was involved & there must be accountability to restore trust & integrity for the sake of Democracy.
Did #CambridgeAnalytica Collude w/Russia's Intelligence Svcs TO INTERFERE IN US ELECTIONS?
2/ Cambridge Analytica, had a degree of intersection with and proximity to Russia, and specifically Russia's intelligence services". -- Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
#KonstantinKilimnik #PaulManafort #Ukraine #RickGates #SteveBannon #CambridgeAnalytica
3/Three foreign-based "Influence for Hire" co's that played a role in the 2016 Election:
#PsyGroup (Israeli based - founded by Joel Zamel)
#ColtVentures (linked to Michael Flynn)
"micro-targeting social media messaging" much like those of the IRA.
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3 years ago my #CambridgeAnalytica and #SCL evidence was published by @CommonsDCMS Fake News Inquiry. You cannot know how hard, how terrifying it was. 3 years on I still live, write, publish in constant threat but I grow stronger, fight harder with a little help from my friends.
I’m being told to share the new link as my evidence moved you can read it here…
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[[[Thread]]] on Racialisation and the Media
Reckoning: Journalism's Limits and Possibilities
Candis Callison and Mary Lynn

#media #decolonizemedia #decolonize
Yukon Morning host resigns over lack of Indigenous, Black representation at CBC…
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by Edward L. Bernays

Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”—Edward Bernays
#EducationDialogue #disinformation #computationalpropangada #propaganda…
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1/. “How is it that scientists are not mystics? Cosmologists not poets? Biologists not shamans? How is it that those to whom the universe reveals such wonders, are not enraptured each day? And each night, how do they close their eyes on this?” (E Warner)
2/. “In the testes of every man are 200 million sperm

& each of those sperm is capable of producing a human life

& each in of those lives will be a soul

& in each of those souls will be a universe

& overnight, each man will produce 200 million more.”
3/. “You ask what I would do with those men who believe themselves to be Gods

My answer is simple

I would take them to the ocean & sail them three days out to sea in my rickety skiff, & I would watch their faces as a whale breached & barreled beside us.”
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1/. “Some may argue decisions made by the Dutch govt were just a series of errors of judgement. They were not. They were deliberate decisions. To allow the maximum number of people to get #COVID without overwhelming hospitals.”@SylvanaBIJ1

Sound familiar?
2/. The Dutch #COVID19 strategy mirrors the British👇

Described as “a masterclass in framing & gaslighting” PM Rutte announced in March their ‘strategy’ was #herdimmunity then tried to deny it

Is the involvement of shadowy company, Palantir, in both strategies pure coincidence?
3/. Palantir, who rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalytica about data scraping, are in charge of the #COVID Data Store in the UK together with #FacultyAI the firm Cummings used for the #VoteLeave referendum campaign

Palantir are doing the same in dozens of other countries #PalantirPlan
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THREAD: Yesterday's upgraded @USTreasury Dept sanctions against Russian agent Konstantin Kilimnik confirm what we knew all along, that #CambridgeAnalytica engaged with Russian intel services (indirectly or directly) for the benefit of the Trump Campaign in 2016. I'll say it
FOIA challenges from @JasonLeopold helped to reveal that #CambridgeAnalytica's psychological polling was lumped together for the Trump campaign and then Paul Manafort instructed Rick Gates to pass that information along to Russian operative Konstantin Kilimnik [2/3]
This sentence from SSCI report gets overlooked. The "degree of intersection" with Russia and CA was more than just Kilimnik but he was the conduit for it all.

Sam Patten claimed that Kilimnik had no relationship with CA...said the guy who was deleting files the FBI wanted [3/3]
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We are live tweeting @d_jaishankar in conversation with @BradSmi @Microsoft. The two will discuss @BradSmi’s latest book “Tools and Weapons: The Promise and the Peril of the Digital Age” #Raisina2021
.@BradSmi: Tech is a quintessentially global industry, but is also remaking every aspect of societies around the world. #Raisina2021
.@BradSmi: As data is fundamental to our lives, our book begins in one of @Microsoft’s data centre campuses. It brings to life the sheer scale of infrastructure that goes into these centres. #Raisina2021
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In this chilling 2013 interview, @BorisJohnson admits he’s not really bumbling

“I’m hard as nails” he says

He also tells us “a terrible truth about politics & human nature”

That you can “make a good case for any course of action.” #HerdImmunity #COVID19
When the subject moves to ethics, @BorisJohnson becomes more guarded

Asked whether he believes one "can derive the ethics from the science" he avoids answering

Perhaps he’s aware that discussions of genomics can easily slip into the subject of eugenics.
I know!

Most of us switch-off at the mention of “genomics”, but it is crucial to understanding how the world is transforming & how “super forecasters” see the need for society to transform too

This thread👇offers a potted summary of just some of what is going on. #GenomeUK
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“This is a report produced by a govt that would rather belittle the realities of institutional racism in this country than take steps to address it”

Truth bombs being dropped by @RunnymedeTrust’s
@kapoor_alba to @CliveMyrieBBC @bbc5live re #RacismReport
“The problem has been diagnosed, it has been given a name: it’s called institutional racism.”

More truth bombs on the #RacismReport, this time from

She tells @katierazz on #Newsnight “the denial of its existence is a complete whitewash”
This report into institutional racism - run by Tony Sewell who, 15 years ago, said he doesn't believe in #institutionalracism was designed to demoralise

Don’t be demoralised

These are their tactics

Tactics designed to get you to switch off the news & apply for an allotment. Image
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Blistering introductory monologue by @maitlis on standards in public life covering the #AcuriAffair #BorisJohnson #DavidCameron & #PritiPatel

The last time #Newsnight did such a
powerful opening was in May in the midst of the Barnard Castle scandal
“A great journalist puts into words the things people feel. They seek truth & speak truth & are never seduced by the gilded strumpet of power”
(E. Warner)

Following her monologue on Cummings, the govt complained to the BBC

Instead of backing @maitlis, the BBC issued an apology!
“What is spectacularly gutless is that these ministers have avoided @GMB , @Channel4News, @BBCNewsnight & anywhere they might get rough ride. That’s a dereliction of their duty as govt ministers. It’s completely shameful.” @piersmorgan

It’s a national scandal & nothing is done!
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#Anon #Legion Worldwide
Thank you for your success so far in #OpMyanmar

Now my country #Scotland and our comrade @CraigMurrayOrg needs #HELP

@AlexSalmond was smeared and charged in the #SalmondStitchUp like #Assange

His friend #CraigMurray exposed truth.

We need #opScotland
#opScotland to bring the #truth to #light

Only journalists reporting truths have been charged while the #MSM who was against #Salmond and help spread the #lies got away with much more identifying info #jigsawsarefun

#TheSNP leadership cabal lead by #NicolaSturgeon continues
To spread #disinfo #smear and #censor the evidence, even from the #ScotParliament #SGHHC Committee set up to #investigate their mistakes.

@DavidDavisMP recently exposed this in WM using Parliamentary Privilege

Our @COPFS has threatened prosecution to anyone, inc our MSPs
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1/. On 5 March 2020, the PM was asked why Britain hadn't locked down

He replied saying "one the theories is that we could #TakeItOnTheChin"

A year ago today - briefed by No.10 - @Peston revealed the govt strategy was to “allow the virus to pass through the entire population”. ImageImage
2/. It was clear that @Peston & his “senior No.10 source” had not understood #HerdImmunity which - as every virologist will tell you - is an OUTCOME never a STRATEGY

Allowing #COVID19 to spread
without a vaccine would be madness & result in mass deaths.
3/. Rather than correct @Peston & his “senior No.10 source” @uksciencechief came out publicly to defend “the strategy”

#HerdImmunity without a vaccine is, by definition, not a preventative measure

What was going on?!!

The was no lockdown & the #CheltenhamFestival was starting! Image
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1/. “Not so long ago, Britain was the envy of the world

It had the world’s best healthcare system...the world’s finest public broadcaster...growing wealth & happiness...& was part of the world’s most successful political union

Now it is a failing state.”…
2/. Britain became afflicted by a fever dream of nationalism: the biggest lie of all

Nationalism says: “we’re better off on our own. We’re better than them. We should be competitors with everyone. Our only motivations are greed & self-interest”

But none of that is true
3/. British people might not know it, but they’re going to be getting American-style healthcare bills soon

GP practices have been sold off to an US “health insurer” who aren’t in it for human kindness, but for money

We will be billed - $4,000 for a X-ray
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#Datacracy | India’s new #DataProtectionBill makes a good show of user rights — but can it deliver on its promises?…


By @pabsgill
@internetfreedom @pabsgill India’s Personal #DataProtectionBill, 2019 is likely to be placed in front of Parliament sometime this month. The underlying goal of the proposed laws is to assign rights to users over the collecting, storage and usage of their information.

#Datacracy @internetfreedom
@internetfreedom @pabsgill When it comes to #dataprivacy it looks like users have every option available to them except for the one they want — control over their data. This includes knowing who’s collecting data, where it’s being stored, how it’s being used and what can be done if it's misused instead.
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Q-anon Scalability
Even if the number of users to be evaluated is bounded, would it be practical to calculate q over, say, a million users for every API call?

"...such minimization generally scales linearly for the Facebook data that was tested..."
Let's posit that #QAnon is not a 'person' but 'an algorithm'; a 'process'.

For harvesting and defining 'affinity groups'.

To 'influence'.
Calculating Q
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[🚨Event Announcement🚨] As Director of the @mit_ide (and on behalf of our amazing team) I'm so proud to announce the launch of The First Social Media Summit at MIT (SMS@MIT)! #SMSMIT… 1/ Image
SMS@MIT brings together the world’s leading thinkers on social technology to examine the impact of social media on our democracies, our economies, and our public health — with a vision to craft meaningful *solutions* to the social media crisis. 2/ Image
The Summit is a FREE virtual event that will take place on April 22nd, 2021, live streamed from @MIT around the world. Register for FREE now to reserve your spot!👇 3/…
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