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Dangerous Siblings 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

He grew up without a mom
She grew up without a dad

Her mother fell in love with his father
They are planning to get married
With that, they are bound to be siblings

But what will happen if they catch feelings too?

#YeMa #Gotvelvet #au ImageImage
-Purely fictional
-Socmed/ Narrations?
-Don’t mind timestamp unless stated
-Photos I’ll be using in this au are not mine. Credits to the rightful owner
-Expect grammar issues and typo 😅
-Enjoy 🙇‍♀️💚

*Inspired by tw drama Devil Beside You
His Dad
Her Mom ImageImage
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Hello there!
Ru have failed in all their attacks.
Quite a lot of losses yesterday on Ru sides.
#Ukraine remains strong everywhere.
Have a good day friends! take care you all!
2/ Ru are trying not to use as much as heavy armored vehicles as they did last week as they directly experienced the hedgehog strategy (willingly chosen by #Zaloujni #Zaluzhny) so we are still "contemplating" thousands of Ru bodies impacted every single days... #RussianLosses
3/ Gen staff reports :#Zsu grateful for the support and help #Canada and #GreatBritain !
Engineering training is important in identifying places where explosive objects r installed & ways to identify how mines r installed & defuse booby traps.
Saper job all the way babe!
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Don’t you DARE 🫵

Sometimes, there are dares that you just have to firmly say NO to, cause consequence — think of the possible CONSEQUENCES

#gotvelvet #jaegi #au ImageImage
-Purely fictional
-Socmed/ Narrations?
-Don’t mind timestamp unless stated
-Photos I’ll be using in this au are not mine. Credits to the rightful owner
-Expect grammar issues and typo 😅
-Enjoy 🙇‍♀️💚
Her friends since high school ImageImageImage
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Reconnect. Making memories. Fall in love

Special chapter: 🎬 The Artist💄

#gotvelvet #wengyeom #au
-One shot/ short
-Purely fictional
-Socmed/ Narrations
-Don’t mind timestamp unless stated
-Photos I’ll be using in this au are not mine. Credits to the rightful owner
-Expect grammar issues and typo 😅
-Enjoy 🙇‍♀️💚
Di nila tinantanan utak ko so eto na 😫
🌼1. Weeks before the restaurant scene
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🎬 The Artist 💄

He’s a popular artist with an attitude
She’s a freelance makeup artist who will experience firsthand his other side

Different kind of artist fated to work together. Will it be a good collaboration or an absolute disaster?

#gotvelvet #wengyeom #au ImageImage
Prompt for now. Will create profiles pa, possible plot line and most of all — pano ko gagawin masama ugali ng character ni YG for this au 🤧😆
-Purely fictional
-Socmed/ Narrations
-Don’t mind timestamp unless stated
-Photos I’ll be using in this au are not mine. Credits to the rightful owner
-Expect grammar issues and typo 😅
-Enjoy 🙇‍♀️💚
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Interested in what has been happening in the #AU & #EU partnerships since their Feb Summit 9 months ago? Early this week, they met again. Has this brought new life into the partnership, or has any progress been made? A thread 👇
@ECDPM @ettg_eu
1. On peace and security

EU reiterated €600m commitment to AU and Africa-led peace support operations for 2022-2024. But concerns over the sustainability of the EPF are there. 55% of its budget for 2021-2027 has already been pledged to Ukraine.

2. On a positive note the EU announced its support for the AU Human Rights Compliance Framework as part of the EU-AU-UN tripartite cooperation launched in November.

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“Our paths may change as life goes along but the bond between friends remains ever strong” -unknown

#au Image
-Purely fictional
-Socmed/ Narrations
-Don’t mind timestamp unless stated
-Photos I’ll be using in this au are not mine. Credits to the rightful owner
-Expect grammar issues and typo 😅
-Possible slow update 😀
-Enjoy 🙇‍♀️💚
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1/: My initial reflections on the #Tigray - #Ethiopia #peaceagreement. First, it is commendable that the parties have reached an agreement. Admittedly, this was surprising. One should sincerely hope that the agreement will pave the way for durable peace.
2/: However, the #Tigray - #Ethiopia #peaceagreement circulating (still not in signed version) leaves many questions unanswered. Although the parties have committed themselves not to question any part of the agreement, it obligates us analysts to point out some issues of concern.
2b/: A huge disclaimer here: there is confusion on which text of the agreement is authentic. The agreement I base my points on is confirmed by several internationals as authentic, but we have to wait for the full signed version to appear before one can conclude on that.
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1/: The world´s biggest ongoing armed conflict is not #Russia ´s attack on #Ukraine, but #Ethiopia and #Eritrea´s massive offensives on #Tigray. Reliable estimate is that up to 1 mil. troops are engaged in the war theater.
2/: The ongoing combined #Eritrea / #Ethiopia offensives on #Tigray use WW1 tactics of ordering massive human wave attacks on Tigray defense lines. The carnage is horrendous. Likely as many as 100.000 have been slaughtered over the last weeks.
3/: #Ethiopia & #Eritrea are continuously shelling & bombing #Tigray towns, indiscriminately killing droves of civilians. The perpetuation of #Warcrimes is standard operating procedure.
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Prime Minister #AbiyAhmed is convening two urgent meetings of the country’s leadership for today, Sunday, Sept 18. According to a source who cited military and political leaders taking part in the meetings, the first meeting is with military leaders, 1/5
and a second one with political leaders including cabinet members. The agenda of the meetings is not clear. #US Special Envoy for the #Horn of #Africa @MikeHammerUSA who was originally scheduled to be in the region between Sept 4-15 is reportedly remains in the region. In a 2/5
recent presser by @StateDept, the Special Envoy’s meetings in #AddisAbaba were listed with no mention of whether he met Abiy Ahmed or not. His #European counterpart @EUSR_Weber met Deputy PM #DemekeMekonnen after #Tigray’s widely lauded public statement on its readiness for 3/5
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closer than before

a #ryejiau wherein ryujin was out for a meet-up at napagkamalan niya si yeji as her photo card seller, little did they know na they once interacted na sa kanilang Stan accounts other than being old classmates sa dance club ImageImageImageImage
— written in taglish
— quote to reply
— don’t mind the timestamps
— fluff 🫁
enjoy :)
main characters:

shin ryujin - mas makulit pa sa makulit (seulgi stan)
hwang yeji - laging galit kahit saan, kahit kailan, kahit kanino (irene stan wanhaf) ImageImage
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MileBible Universe
• Mile dan Bible pasangan menikah yang mengangkat barcode sebagai anaknya.

• Apo adik pertama Mile yang bertunangan dengan Build yang sebentar lagi menikah.

• Jeff adik kedua Mile yang berpacaran dengan Ta.
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#heejake #heejakeau #au

Heejake au where in: Rain is hiding his son Alixyne to his ex Ethan for almost 5years but what if by accident Alixyne meet his daddy again. Mapapatawad at mabubuo kaya ang dating nag mamahalan?

“Je t’aimais non je t’aime toujours” ImageImageImageImage
Note!! Image
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Don’t blame me.

mingyu x oc

Where in Mingyu, a casanova campus heartthrob was forced to be in a relationship with ivy by their parents, who toys with boy’s hearts. Will they fall with each other’s traps? if one’s heart was shattered, who was to blame? Image
please read before you start! :) Image

Mingyu Kim — 2nd year
Ivy Paradis Choi — 1st year ImageImageImageImage
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i think i'd never explained the lore of my AU to you guys, so this'll be a long thread, and it'll be in spanish, pls use translator

#Encanto #encantotwt #brunomadrigal #mirabelmadrigal #bruno #mirabel #encantofanart #au #alternativeuniverse #papabrunoau
Bruno conoció a la madre de Mirabel desde que eran adolescentes, ya que era amiga de sus hermanas. su nombre era Marina, y Bruno desarrolló un crush hacia ella entre los 16-20 años, pero no era correspondido. ella es un año y pico mayor que los trillizos, así que llegó+
al Encanto cuando era una bebé. jamás conoció a su madre porque fue asesinada, y toda la vida vivió con su papá. a Alma no le agradaba del todo la idea de que Marina fuese tan cercana a sus hijas mayores porque no era nada recatada y femenina pero tampoco se oponía a su amistad.
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#allcheng #jc #jwy #fixit sort of #timetravel #pregusu #au #canondivergent I'm exploring different alternatives. Bare with me because some of the basic ideas are already out there. What if Jiang-zhongzhu gets somehow back time. Let's say that it would be something like a course +
Or a device that sent him back to LP before they went to Gusu. WWX would have come and eveything would have developed the same until that moment. JWY is around 11 or 12. He has his chore. His shixiong, his chore. And his parents, their quarrels. JWY is surprised and after +
Spending the whole day in his room, pretending his I'll, he comes to the realization that the best he can do is to run away. He doesn't do it out of cowardice or selfishness, but he doesn't know what else to do in order to prevent some events and to avoid enduring so much pain.+
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MileBible / JeffBible AU

bible udh punya cowo, tapi kok temennya agak keliatan sus?

#MilePhakphum #JeffSatur #BibleWichapas #MileBible #JeffBible #AU
© plapoddgawin Image
A day after
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— 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐳𝐢𝐧𝐠
perkara jalan sama Jeff, ngambek, trus dibikin nangis.

MileBible AU

#milebible #au #milephakpum #biblesumettikul
© plapoddgawin Image
lah? ImageImage
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#KDDI #au
SIP registrationの前
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au、attach requestから何も返ってきてないのか。MMEが死んだ?データ通信出来たからservice requestはできてたと思うんだが。。 Image
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#AU #Сероптица #Сероволк (упоминание)
#Птица #Тряпка #Сергейразумовский
Когда Серёжа подружился с Олегом - Птица стерпел. Когда те стали проводить все свободное время вместе - смолчал. Когда Серый стал пропадать ночами, а возвращаться со счастливым блеском в глазах и опухшими
от поцелуев губами - злился, но не встревал. Когда узнал, что Олег забрал документы из университета, выбрав армию, и оставил Сергея в Москве одного - готов был убить.
Злость и обида с каждым днем становились все сильнее, сжирали изнутри, особенно когда Серый впервые за долгие
годы позволил себе показать слабость. Птица знал, что он просто оказался рядом в нужное время и в нужном месте. На его месте мог быть любой другой. И, о, счастье , что не был. Серый плакал. Не тихо всхлипывая как Тряпка, а отчаянно, навзрыд, выплескивая на брата всю свою боль.
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#heejake #heejakeau #au #heeyunki #heeyunkiau

A heeyunki short au: Dash (hs) is being dramatic when Dwane (sjy) is having a business trip and their son, Zied (Nk)

(1/9) ImageImageImageImage
2/9 ImageImageImage
3/9 ImageImage
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Feb 23 2022: "#WHO facilitates 194 member states to introduce digital #vaccination certificates... WHO will make it easier for its member states to introduce digital vaccination certificates in the future... It is intended to serve as a standard procedure..." #DigitalID
"#WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national & regional trust networks & verification technology. The WHO's gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future #vaccination campaigns..."

"Digitization keeps the world running. Digital #vaccination certificates like the EU's are key to this...The gateway will interact w/ other parts of the system already developed by WHO...This will also give hints for regional & national setups to be followed by the implementers."
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#heejake #heejakeau #au

“Treasure” short au (?)

Heejake au where in…Dwane and Dash will be a parents soon ImageImageImageImage
Notes!! Image
•Lee Zeidash
27 yo
Own a restaurant: Z&S’s ImageImage
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