To the backdrop of an international PR campaign, recall that 34 members of the "LPDF" voted to empower Fathi Bashaga -and failed spectacularly.

MB-backed Bashaga is one of the architects of the "Operation Dawn" militia alliance that sacked Tripoli in 2014 and onwards. #Libya
With "Operation Dawn" capturing #Tripoli+dividing #Libya, this militia alliance armed by #Qatar+#Turkey coerced the toothless GNA to appoint Bashaga as Interior Minister of a UN-recognized gov -illustrating how violent coups translate to political coup.…
Flashback: "Reminder: Those who claim things are great in Tripoli are most likely to be on Fajir (Dawn) Libya's side," wrote one tweeter. "It isn't great for those who had their homes burnt down or had to flee Fajir (Dawn) #Libya's terror."…
March '14: "Libya’s parliament agrees on little, its interim government has no army to enforce security let alone impose its will.."

After #Libya Dawn Coup (Aug '14), elected parliament appoints KH. An army would eventually be rebuilt (ongoing): the LNA…
With relentless backing of powerful Islamist regimes of #Turkey+#Qatar, these armed militias continued to hold #Libya hostage, capturing its institutions by force, terrorizing its people+gutting the CBL. By '19, the new Gaddafis gripped the capital:…
Deceiving the Obama administration, this was the strategy of #Qatar from the outset of the revolution, cloaking itself under the popular movement against Gaddafi as to ultimately hijack it by arming Islamist extremists -their proxy of ex Afghan Arabs+LIFG.…
The euphoria of many Libyans-who failed to see the writing on the wall from the outset, naively believing that a regime like #Qatar was actually promoting democracy in other countries while suppressing it at home- quickly soured to anger.See 2 FP articles:…
"The move reflected longstanding grievances expressed by Libya's non-Islamist forces about Qatar's sponsorship of extremists in the war-torn country..while the meddling in #Libya doesn't get a lot of coverage, it remains one of the key grievances.."…
Meantime KH, who launched "Operation Dignity" to battle "Operation Dawn"+#Libya's special forces (AlSaiqa) tried to defend the parliament+failed. They moved to the East to "second capital" Benghazi where a sister menace likewise armed by QA had established…

• • •

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19 Feb
Al Jazeera is that you?

The @nytimes spectacular descent to becoming premium fish-wrapping paper as told in many parts:
Surprise, surprise.

Indeed, in the past few yrs, @NYT has proven itself so diligent+reliable in publishing such transparent pieces of propaganda at the expense of its reputation that the Qatari state channel @AlJazeera has just announced it struck a deal…
Highlights from @nytimes's crash: "New York Times opinion contributor..arrested earlier this month and charged with acting as an unregistered foreign agent of the Iranian government acknowledges that he was paid by the Iranian mission.."…
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7 Feb
Context: They kept their embassy open to arm and assist the Islamist Operation Dawn militia alliance that staged a violent coup in 2014 that forced the parliament and all other embassies to leave, organize weapons and mercenary trafficking and of course, the occupation of #Libya.
Indeed, not only did he grant Libyans the right to "travel freely", he also enabled domestic and international terrorists to travel freely and created a notorious Jihadi Highway between #Syria and #Libya.…
Flashback to "Operation Dawn," the #Turkey and #Qatar backed Islamist militias that overtook the American embassy and began its reigh of terror in #Libya. Bashaga -along with Sadiq Ghartiani and Salah Badi -was one of the architects of this coup.…
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1 Feb
The Corruption Cooperative

Along with Badi (UNSC war criminal)+Ghariani (banned from UK), Bashaga was one of the architects of Operation Dawn that invaded Tripoli in '14 following loss of elex by Islamists. For her part, SW packed the LPDF with Islamists to rig the vote. #Libya
"It is seen as a naked piece of political concession by Serraj to the city of Misrata and its hard-core elements. Bashagha..was a supporter of the Libya Dawn Tripoli militia coup of 2014 which has led to the current political split of #Libya."…
Backed by militia, Bashaga forced his appointment by the toothless and already expired GNA. And when he was suspended last fall following the machine gunning of protesting civilians by militias, that is exactly how he returned to his ill-acquired post.…
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30 Dec 20
I believe it was not long ago we'd read shrill and deranged drivel on the threat of Madkhalis! in #Libya's east. Except these red herring merchants got the side completely wrong and appeared to have been projecting #Tripoli onto #Benghazi. No small feat.
A few months ago, #Libya's own fledgling franchise of the Taliban passed draconian measures against women in Tripoli-greeted with a heroic silence by Libyan self-styled feminists and human rights *activists based abroad.…
In the same month, AFRICOM revealed that #Turkey's Syrian mercenaries imported by the "GNA" to fight alongside the Islamist Tripoli-Misrata militia cartel (Fajr #Libya) were sexually abusing Libyan women: Also met with silence by otherwise vocal *activists
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9 Nov 20
For context, also read @FightExtremism's reports to learn about the Muslim Brotherhood's country-specific operations and activities, the extremist group’s origins and ideology, and its relationship to terrorist movements operating today.

Also read Lorenzo Vidino's book "The Closed Circle: Joining and Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood in the West" (March 2020)…
Resources ref the UK:…
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29 Oct 20
Thread. Decades of non-Muslims carrying the water for Islamist extremists whose primary victims are Muslims.

More insidiously, such obscurantists conflate Islamism with Islam -directly tarnishing the faith and stoking Islamophobia- while camoflaging Islamists in the West.
Oct 2020: Aside the "copy and paste" journalism on display below, this is the grossly misleading headlines reporting on the beheading of French school teacher Samuel Paty. These are two major mainstream outlets - not fringe alternative media, Al Jazeera or satire site.
Two terrorist leaders of the world's most brutal, extremist, leviathan regimes that oppress and behead Muslims, hang them from cranes, throw them off buildings, enslave, mass rape Yazidi women and girls while carrying out attacks globally are headlined in these Kafkaesque terms:
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