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1⃣ Heroes of #Libya 🇱🇾

The straggle against #Italian 🇮🇹 Fascism,

the use of religion as tool,

the Heroes that defy human pain to give their fellow humans


a thread
2⃣ ʿOmar al-Mukhṭār Muḥammad bin Farḥāṭ al-Manifī

(Arabic: عُمَر الْمُخْتَار مُحَمَّد بِن فَرْحَات الْمَنِفِي;

20 August 1858– 16 September 1931),

called The Lion of the Desert,

known among the colonial Italians as Matari of the Mnifa,
3⃣ was the leader of native resistance in Cyrenaica,

currently Eastern #Libya Libya under the Senussids,

against the #Italian🇮🇹 colonization of #Libya 🇱🇾.

Color: Cynical, first ever.
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Sound familiar? @BenKTallmadge @SidtheKidd87 @BabeReflex_8 @AaronDaboul
*Many of these subsidiaries were in 🥁🥁🥁🇨🇳🤫
Jones Group International on tap in #Libya right before the the expired interior minister drama, ramp up of more NOC fairy tales and protests in the East.
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Usual suspects are attempting to rebrand the expired interior minister #Libya
Yes.....this guy 🤭⬇️
Also worth noting the 🐷expired interior minister is also a 🐷NATO critter i.e. the 🐷"interagency" are his amigos and explains why 🐷ROGUE ambassador Norland snuggles with him. #Libya
Has the expired interior minister done ANYTHING about stabilizing the electricity in Libya? No.

He bought a new airplane though and millions has been spent on importing terrorists from Idlib. 🐷🦃 thanks @USAEmbassyLibya @UNSMILibya for their silence.
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September 11, 2020
ROGUE 🇺🇸Ambassador Norland + terrorists that attacked the 🇺🇸compounds in Benghazi have what in common?

Both protecting the UN selected EXPIRED GNA occupying Tripoli #Libya

+Norland ignores 🐷🦃invading 🇱🇾 w/pets from Idlib
The same critters assisting 🐷🦃 to further destabilize Libya have also been involved with the ongoing attempted coup in USA.
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Oh! This is why the expired interior minister snuggling w/rogue ambassadors as they are all agents of the "interagency" ⬇️ @BenKTallmadge @RevisitedRick @Tarzan35715351

June 20, 2011
🐷"NATO liaison" + military spokesperson for the "rebels" in Misrata 🤭🐷Fathi Bashagha #Libya
What is the "interagency"? I think it is NATO.

All the witnesses at impeachment hoax talk about "interagency" - 45 interfering with "interagency" policies - whatever it is - it is not controlled by Americans.
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Big #Janjaweed mercenaries meeting in #Sawknah/#Libya , they are shouting in arabic "freedom-peace-justice" .

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Did HRW just admit that expired GNA's critters fired machine guns at protestors in Tripoli?! What is the catch?

There is ALWAYS a catch with these as*hats OR something bigger about to drop #Libya…
deliberate revelation of some information (e.g. about malfeasance) to try to confuse and/or prevent discovery of other information @BenKTallmadge @BabeReflex_8 @RevisitedRick
"By presenting some true and useful information, a source may gain credibility, which can be put to use later, if a credible source is desired to disseminate disinformation."…
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🛑🛑 Eye Opener Thread🛑🛑


Why @RTErdogan of @Turkey hijacked the Syrian revolution ??
2️⃣ Turkey passed #ISIS Terrorists from its lands to Syria and then supported them with the aim of destabilizing the Syrian revolution! but the question is still standing, Why?

This is the testimony of a Turkish terrorist who is one of the leaders of ISIS👇
3️⃣After the incursion of ISIS and the exodus of many Syrian refugees, who were used by Erdogan as a pressure card on the European Union, the forces of the revolution floundered, dispersed and quarreled with Turkish intervention
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Zero mention of the pets terrorists arriving at the same airports since December from Syria on behalf of the expired GNA + 🦃 in this report #Libya @BenKTallmadge @LibyaReview @10101001010110l @Tarzan35715351…
Nor mention that it has been disclosed multiple times that Qatari intelligence is doing meet + greets at airports
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Ενδιαφέρουσα τα όσα είπε ο Λαβρόφ για Κυπριακό κατά την επίσκεψή του, από την Συρία, στη #Cyprus. Προτεραιότητα ωστόσο της #Russia παραμένει το Συριακό λόγω της οικονομικών στη χώρα που δεν μπορεί να αντέξει η Μόσχα. Εξού και οι πιέσεις προς #Assad για εφαρμογή του 2254
Η ρωσική εξωτ. πολιτική για την #EastMed έχει ως βάση (στρατιωτικά, λογιστικά & γεωπολιτικά) την #Syria όπου πλέον η Μόσχα επιδιώκει περιορισμό & σταδιακή παραγκώνιση του Άσαντ καθώς & διαβούλευση με την #Turkey λόγω Ίντλιμπ. Η Μόσχα δεν θα πληρώνει έναν "rigorous" Άσαντ
Επιπλέον ο χρόνος μετά τον Νοέμβριο & η αλλαγή (ή μη) παραδείγματος στις ΗΠΑ κάνει την Μόσχα να τηρεί στάση "wait & see". Η σύγκλιση συμφερόντων Ισραήλ-ΗΑΕ-Σ. Αραβίας δεν επηρεάζει ιδιαίτερα τις στρατηγικές της επιδιώξεις. Η Τουρκία ωστόσο παραμένει κλειδί για την Μόσχα
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Vlad + King Salman spoke on the telephone Re "green corriders" [really #Libya] @BenKTallmadge @RevisitedRick @SidtheKidd87 @BabeReflex_8 @Tarzan35715351…
Followed up shortly after with some more virtue signaling #Libya…
Worth noting the wannabe sultan had not called the Kremlin since August 17, 2020…
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"caught a lot of people by surprise because of the ➡️diplomacy that we were able to do was to keep things private⬅️obviously we had some great discussions in the region..." #ToldYouSo
"listening to a lot of people tell us and the administration all of the things we were doing wrong while we were looking at this the wrong way and what the president's done is he's 🔥reversed now 20 years of bad foreign policy in the Middle East..."
“the notion that people are divided and leaders will exploit divisions and religious differences to try and keep people divided to cause conflict often to maintain power for themselves that they mask in an ideological way.”
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#Turkey Image

•In this particular case, while the Netherlands and Denmark were defending “equal distance”solution, Germany opposed and offered another solution overcome the dispute via application of equitable principles. >>> Image
>>> The court the justified Germany by issuing changes to the dispersion of the continental shelf. Consequently, the German maritime jurisdiction area has surpassed the Netherlands and Denmark.

#Germany #Denmark #Netherlands Image
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Sometimes information warfare can be details omitted and sometimes flat out fairy tales. USA + China re engaged in both state side and abroad. Time to pay attention as the press is worthless @BenKTallmadge @BabeReflex_8
THREE TYPES OF WARFARE *please note the author 🤭
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@1yelocat @POTUS Yes, there were explosions & talking about it cost #BarryJennings his life

#911Truth #WTC7
@1yelocat @POTUS But back to #911Truth evidence. Testimony of the #CIA asset covering #Iraq & #Libya at @UN. Her pre-9/11 #intelligence for #WeThePeople

#Bush #Cheney #Rumsfeld KNEW about 9/11 in April 2001

9/11= #Iraq pretext

Any questions?

@SLindauer2011 @AbbyMartin
@1yelocat @POTUS @UN @SLindauer2011 @AbbyMartin I recommend to watch this to everyone who has spent 2 decades figuring out the #911Truth. I sent this many @nytimes to @FDNY firefighters; Patrick their colleague lost his best friend on 9/11. He talks about a phone call in the 'buncker' (°°) @AE911Truth
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Prophetic & very astute.

On 16 August 1953 the #Israel/i Amb to #Turkey Maurice Fisher wrote, inter alia, the following to Jerusalem:

"Our relations with #Turkey have been extremely good of late...[but] these good relations could deteriorate overnight ... >>>
[2/4] ... and we should learn from the bitter experience of others.
The Turks have yet to achieve a standard by which, in the event of disagreement with another state, they can weigh up the positions of both sides ... >>>
[3/4 ] ... For them, there exists one sole principle: in any conflict with a foreigner, whether a private individual, a company or a state, the Turk is always right.»

(Pls go to [4/4] for the source. Thx)
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🇨🇳China Virus Hoax has taken it hold on #Libya

Interim Government Adopts Series of Decisions During its Wednesday Meeting
The Council also decided to issue a binding decision to enforce the 🤬wearing of masks, social distancing...
What does the criminal cartel at the United Nations get every time a new "crisis"?
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